OSI Industries’ Everlasting Effects in the Food Industry

Without the food industry, life would generally come to a complete halt. Billions of people worldwide depend on food services, and this is how we get access to best food products. The food industry works hand-to-hand with food retailers across the board, such as grocery stores, restaurants and bodegas. One of the leaders in this field is known as OSI Industries, and this food processor has rewritten the books on professional food services. OSI Industries offer an abundance of services for its many clients. This includes management, distribution, development and sourcing. In other words, OSI takes the stress away by making the logistical process easier.

So, what kind of foods can a food retailer order? First and foremost, OSI doesn’t use catalogs to sell its products. The company focuses more on direct interaction. This global food juggernaut produces a wide array of tasty treats, including desserts, cookies, marinades, cooked sausage links, beef patties, lettuce, hot dogs, onions, pasta, Tofu, beans, chili, soups, tomatoes, meatballs, pizza, fresh dough products, bacon bits, slices bacon, ribettes and many more. In addition to that, OSI has become a custom food producer. Yes, this is absolutely right, and the company will work exclusively with its clients to produce an ideal product.

With growth comes change, and this food juggernaut has certainly grown at an astounding rate since its inception. OSI Industries also has some of the best R&D specialists on deck. These professionals have many years of education, and they can be found at all of the company’s major locations. OSI is basically a conglomerate of test kitchens, culinary innovation centers and pilot plants. The company has also merged with a plethora of warehouses and farms, which keeps the business fully stocked at all times. OSI Industries is on top of its game in 2019, and it has set a new standard by which all other top food processors are measured.

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Igor Cornelsen insights on gaining financial stability

Igor Cornelsen, one of the active Brazilian investors who currently works at Bainbridge investments, believes that success can be achieved when people work passionately. He is dedicated to helping people work smartly to achieve financial freedom through in-depth, insightful, bold economic predictions.

He maintains that investors in any sector ought to research deeply to achieve financial strengths; investors should avoid making emotional decisions. People can only get about the current trends on the news but with intangible future predictions that are helpful for the growth of companies. Investors can only have a foot forward by studying historical records comparing the present situation and creating possible future trends in the financial sector.

Investors should conduct financial research

Although Igor Cornelsen advises investors to conduct financial and economic analysis, he believes that hiring an investment expert is priceless. A professional will review a business portfolio, give recommendations that enable investors to make a sound decision, acquire more skills and knowledge that will go a long way in their career. Igor Cornelsen also believes in using credible sources such as Reuters. Moreover, people should focus on diversification as a means of getting financial security on their investment.

Investing at a younger age

Igor Cornelsen believes that successful entrepreneurs start investing at a younger age and would not wait till they are forty years to start investing. Investors who start at a younger age are able to gain any possible loses that come with any business. Business people can also invest the little they get in other business projects which could grow over time to be meaningful investment opportunities. At a younger age, people can take more risks that can be rewarding in the long run for business investments. At a younger age, people are also very energetic and can achieve more than old age.

Andrey Andreev Has Had An Impressive Internet-Based Career That Has Seen Him Become One Of The Foremost Figures In Online Dating

Russian entrepreneur Andrey Andreev has forged a successful legacy as a successful businessman in the internet sector, an area that he has engaged in since the late 1990s. His early successes were with businesses such as Begun, Mamba and SpyLog but he is the best known today for his role in founding the online dating site Badoo. He is also one of the entrepreneurs behind the rapidly growing, female-centric dating site known as Bumble which he helped to co-found in 2014. Much of his current time these days is spent pursuing the area of development of products as well as finding ways to continue to be innovative with his wildly successful Badoo platform.

Today, Andrey maintains his role as CEO with his revolutionary dating app known as Badoo. The success of the company is undeniable as it is currently the most heavily downloaded app in the online dating sector in twenty-one different countries. It was during the year of 2006 that Andreev first founded Badoo. The initial incarnation of the company was as a site that worked on a user’s computer desktop. These days, Badoo operates as an app. He has also partnered up Badoo with another innovative dating app that he has become heavily involved with known as Bumble.

In 2014, Andrey helped to co-found Bumble and put up a large amount of startup capital into the enterprise. The initial $10 million that Andrey Andreev put into the Bumble project allowed him to obtain 75 percent of the company. The platform has grown rapidly using a model that puts an emphasis on women and has quickly built up a user base in excess of 40 million. With the possibility of doing an IPO in the future, it does look like there are great things in store for Andrey Andreev and Bumble and he also recently launched another dating app for the gay community known as Chappy which kicked off in 2017. This work has all contributed to making Andrey Andreev one of the most important figures in today’s online dating industry.

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The Amazing Ryan Seacrest Foundation

The amazing foundation created by Ryan Seacrest has so many benefits and has been thoroughly thought through. The foundation simply named Ryan Seacrest Foundation, is a non-profit that is intended to help and inspire today’s youth through entertainment and educational means all while lifting the spirits of the youth and those participating and volunteering their time. The main purpose of this foundation is to basically help uplift and distract the children that are being treated, giving them higher hopes and also optimism which ultimately speeds up their healing process.

Ryan Seacrest also incorporates many different means of reaching his audience.

By allowing the children to be involved and by allowing them access to the multimedia and o the broadcasting and production scenery promotes such healing energy by lifting the spirits of those being treated. As Ryan Seacrest sees it, the second way that children receive such a positive outcome with the foundation is because children from local schools are allowed to come in and have hands-on experience with journaling, programming and also operating a multimedia center in general!

What an honor, the fact that Ryan Seacrest’s other company named Seacrest Studios is where he hosts and allows these students to come and get hands-on experience with the industry. He also works with other artists and public figures allowing them to “lend their talent,” where musicians, authors, hosts and other people come and make special visits to the studios (Positivethefacts).

Ryan Seacrest foundation allows for the donations to be accepted, donations of monetary value, as well as merchandise and people, are also given the option to donate their time. The foundation also accepts partnerships and internships too which are expanded but not limited to activation campaigns and donations, creative ideas that are new and super original. Seacrest has made such a huge impact on the industry and his network within the communications realm that it is amazing his legacy is sure to carry on long after his retirement which in fact does not seem like it is taking place anytime soon. The foundation already has many celebrity ambassadors such as Sabrina Carpenter and Charlie Puth to name a couple. There are great things to come in the future for Ryan Seacrest and his business ventures!

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R.A.W by Dan Bethelmy-Rada

Dan Bethelmy-Rada has been working on the creation of R.A.W.The idea of creating R.A.W came about when Dan realized that consumers all over the world needed natural products. Dan Bethelmy-Rada recognized that consumers were not satisfied with products that were not entirely natural but wanted products that are 100% natural, durable, and with less effect on the environment. R.A.W was therefore brought to life so that these consumer needs could be met. They set a goal to provide products with excellent credentials on climate in every aspect.

The product was made using formulas that were entirely natural, efficient, and highly eco-friendly ingredients. All formulas are designed in a way that they reduce the number of resources needed for production. Ingredients are derived from minerals and plants as well as fungi, honey, and seaweeds. The products are also packaged in a way that they do not negatively affect the environment. Containers are fully recycled from plastics.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team prioritized naturalness and never compromised it despite the challenges they came across. The group worked together to cater for the huge costs incurred. The team was faced by the problem of time whereby it was limited, and yet they were supposed to meet deadlines. They jointly pushed the launch to another date so that they could release authentic products.

To ensure that they created an awareness of the product to the consumers, Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team created an educational program. They informed people about the importance of working with more environmentally sustainable strategies in their premises. They also taught salonists on how to minimize water and power use to enhance the sustainability of their daily activities.

After launching the product, Dan Bethelmy-Rada was pleased with the reviews given. 90% of the reviews were positive, and this encouraged the team. Consumers acknowledged the quality of the R.A.W products saying they created a positive impact on their hair. Dan Bethelmy-Rada is hoping to release their products to the European market. Dan Bethelmy-Rada, together with his team, always find some time in the morning to find motivation. This way, they can be more productive and get an idea of what others are doing so that they can advance on their projects. Dan advises his team to always interact with other people to discover new skills.

OSI Acquires Rose Packing Co

OSI Group has recently said that it has acquired Rose Packing Co., Inc who is a Barrington, Illinois based company that produces a variety of meat products (primarily pork products) for retail and excellent food services. While information about the acquisition can be found fairly public, financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Rose Packing, now owned by OSI, was established in 1924 and they currently operate a production facility with over 700 employees. Located in Chicago, the company produces a variety of products such as ham, sausage, Canadian bacon, beer brats, meatballs, burgers, breakfast sausages, loins, chops, turkey, ribs, pork shoulder, and of course, salad and pizza toppings.

According to Kevin Scott, who is the senior, executive vice-president, of the OSI group in North America, the merge is bringing together two longstanding, large leaders in the food industry. He said that OSI Group is “excited to have Rose join”. He also talked in length about how the Rose acquisition complements the existing business model and that the company believes that strategically acquiring Rose Packing Co will support their long-term growth plans and strategies. Kevin Scott says that the acquisition provides “new processing capabilities, additional capacity and a strong sales presence in attractive channels”. He also talked about how OSI Group shares with Rose Packing Co. a deep commitment to the customers and innovative solutions making this “a great partnership”.

As for restructuring: At this point it’s being said that the chief executive officer, Dwight Stiehl, along with the entire management team of Rose Packing Co. will be staying on board to help with the integration. In a note Dwight Stiehl said, “I look forward to working closely with OSI, as Rose becomes part of the larger OSI Group,”. He also echoed Scotts sentiments in regards to the complimentary business structure of the two companies “This is a great fit because Rose and OSI share a commitment to excellence and the importance of strong business relationships. Between the two organizations we’re proud to possess more than two centuries of expertise in the prominent meat industry with deep roots in Chicago.”.

Ara Chackerian: Healthcare Stocks as a Long-Term Investment

Ara Chackerian is one of the most renown investors in health care business. Majorly, he is committed in investing in early stage companies and producing the best out of them. According to Ara Chackerian, the healthcare stocks will continue to being some of the best in long-term investments. They cover an array of businesses in the medical field. Most companies have preferred investing long-term in healthcare stocks. They are always considered to be safe due to their adaptability to the changes of these sector. According to recent study, 18 percent of the U.S economy is comprised by the medical sector.

Also, these estimations have been declared to rise substantially in the next several years. Through the increasing number of people retiring daily with an estimation of ten thousand, the sector may have some massive growth. Therefore, the combination of opportunity and demand will create an ideal gap for investors to venture in. In addition, several companies have poised to increase gains in the coming decades. Despite being faced with unpredictability, many companies in the healthcare industry still find the opportunities in preventing these barriers.

Several companies in the United States have been providing dividends which are similar to biotech firms, healthcare stocks and pharmaceutical companies. Companies such a Biogens will create a growth opportunity for investors to safely invest in the economic cycle. Large companies will continue investing in smaller companies thus boosting their portfolios. This can help such companies withstand any economic troubles through cash flows.

Also, Ara Chackerian advises investors to seek opportunities in companies that are more aligned to the retailing business. Companies practicing these ventures will always have strong performances in terms of finance being on their own. Consequently, they can also work together to gather audiences and increases in sales. Partnerships will always increase substantial profits within the healthcare sector.

The Success Story of Nitin Khanna- A Tech Investor

Nitin Khanna is a U.S. based entrepreneur who hails from India. Most of his family members were also entrepreneurs. As a result, Nitin Khanna was able to learn more about entrepreneurship at a young age. His childhood experiences contributed significantly to his success as an investor in the marijuana and also the technology industry. While moving to the U.S., Khanna’s main goal was to further his studies so that he may secure a job that paid well. While studying for his doctorate, Nitin Khanna saw it fit to seek employment first.

Nitin Khanna landed his first job in the paper industry. With time, he realized that the technology sector was set to grow further in the 1990s. He seized the opportunity to invest in the industry by launching Oracle Corporation. Although he was serving in senior positions within the company, he felt the urge to achieve more. After his brother relocated to the U.S., they began working together, and they were able to launch Saber Corporation.

Saber Corp. was working with the U.S. Government on different projects including voter registration, unemployment registration, and driver’s licenses. They were one of the reliable service providers who were able to provide different solutions to the government. There came a time when Nitin Khanna sold the firm to EDS. Although the company was worth $120 million, he was happy to finalize the transaction at $460 million. EDS tasked Nitin Khanna with managing Saber Corp. even after the acquisition. Under his tenure, the company’s annual revenue grew further.

Nitin Khanna later founded a firm that dealt with M&A transactions. While at Saber Corporation, he had overseen some M&A transactions. As a result, he was confident that by founding MergerTech in 2009, the firm would prosper under his guidance. MergerTech has also been providing banking services. The corporation has focused on linking sellers and buyers. Many US-based technology start-ups have fetched a good price from non-technology and non-US buyers since they were offering a substantial amount of money. The company has overseen numerous transactions successfully. Additionally, MergerTech was recognized as one of the leading institutions in the mobile banking sector. The firm was competing against firms such as JP Morgan and Bank of America.

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Financial Strategist and Business Guru Maarten de Jeu

Maarten de Jeu is a well-known financial advisor and business strategist from who has made a successful career for himself from his financial expertise and real-estate businesses. He graduated from the University of Oxford with an MBA in Business Education, Finance major, at the top of his class of 2005. He had previously studied Social Science at Leiden University and graduated with an M.A in Public Administration. Maarten de Jeu initially worked at TVDK as an analyst. The company provided management consultancy for international corporates. Mr. Maarten gradually climbed the professional ladder, and within no time, he was the Senior Associate of the company. He also worked at Aviva plc as the international strategic manager in London, and he was also the Director of Strategy and Corporate. Maarten de Jeu has since then worked as a strategist and has offered various financial consultancies for many corporations. He has been a board member in several councils including the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Maarten de Jeu, with an overwhelming accomplishment in his profession, founded and has been the managing partner of SVM Business Advisory. He also helped in the starting up of a corporation, SpeakUp, which is a technology company that is very successful in Europe, and which offers solution to leading- ethical and compliance issues for the companies that are listed publicly,mostly in Europe.

During his free time, de Jeu spends time with his family and likes to play tennis. Above all that, he takes part in community development associations. He has been part of the Museum of Science and Industry as a chair of the Science Spin program which had the aim of helping the visitors of the museum understand the history of bicycles. The Museum established the Farrell Fellows internship program whose main objective was to rapport with teenagers from Chicago on matters Science. The internship program also helps the teenagers develop skills in leadership development, public speaking, and other science. The interns take part in interactive science activities as the program ends towards the end of the summer. The program enables the students to be innovative and creative and help them work in teams. Maarten also spends his time engaging in other philanthropic activities. Learn more: https://about.me/maartendejeu

Mr . de Jeu possesses diversified skills. In-terms of his profession, he is well informed in the industrial and manufacturing capabilities, technical skills and has invaluable experience in handling global business networks with his understanding of various cultural settings. He has been able to handle strategic plans for businesses all over North America, Asia, and Europe. In the multiple companies that he has worked for, Maarten has shown dexterity in managing and overseeing projects that have contributed to the success of these company. Follow Maarten De Jeu on Twitter

OSI Group COO David McDonald Reveals Key Factors That Led To 20 Years Of Business Success

September 12, 2012 marks the day that the OSI as group celebrated their hard work of 20 years as being ranked the number one food processing company in China. David McDonald OSI Group has come a long way since its first operation in Beijing in 1992. At that particular time the company began to distribute food to McDonald’s for the first time. Since then, the OSI group has supplied products to many other well-known companies such as Saizeriya, Starbucks, Papa John’s, Subway, Burger King, and Yum. Historically, the David McDonald OSI Group had received most of its new clientele in the year of 2008 in Beijing. It was during this time when Beijing held the Olympic Games and the David McDonald OSI group was the contracted food supplier for the events. To say the company did an awesome job is an understatement…more like the impossible.

The company is remembered for serving 113 tons of five varieties of meat and vegetable produce. The food products consisted of chicken, pork, beef, eggs, and dehydrated onion with no complaints. When asked about factors that made his business so successful, his response was very inspiring. David McDonald stated that him looking to be a local success business is what made him be a success internationally. Both he and his company made every effort to provide solutions within China before branching out. Being flexible as a business was another important quality to have. Though being flexible served to benefit his company and his clients, McDonald is clear that there has to be limits. A company should never compromise its values. Food safety and customer quality are two values the David McDonald OSI group never sacrificed on.

David McDonald went on to say that it is important to be patient and to have an open mind. You cannot be go into business assuming that you know all the answers. You have to be patient and have a willingness to listen first and provide solutions second. Another factor David McDonald wanted the public to know is that successful business relationships take time. No matter where the location. You have to invest time into building business relationships to be fruitful. Having long term partnerships will help you be that much more a success than what you could ever accomplish on your own. Therefore, it’s okay to partner with other agencies as long as you both have a common goal. David McDonald said a lot in this interview and I am certain future businesses can achieve great things by applying this concept. Building a successful business is a lot like building a strong staircase. Sure it would be okay with only having one to three steps, but if you had more steps to work with, you could go a lot further up.