American Addiction Centers: It Begins At An Early Age

When it comes to college, it is all about how the student handles it. For many students, they look at college as a time to learn about themselves. They learn what they are interested in, what their hobbies are, and how they can grow as individuals. It’s a pivotal moment in the growth of a young adult.

However, if they fall down the wrong path, it’s only going to go downhill from there. It is why the AAC (American Addiction Centers) is taking the time to educate parents and students alike on what is really happening on some college campuses when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Now, they are not looking to scare parents or young adults. They just want them to stay alert to the many of the dangers that are awaiting them if they are not careful. Read more: American Addiction Centers Reviews | Rehabs and American Addiction Centers Reviews | Glassdoor

When it comes to the various colleges across the United States, it’s happening everywhere. They are doing their part to prevent it and make sure it stays away from their campuses, but they can only do so much at the end of the day.

They can’t be around 24/7, and they don’t want to have to babysit them as well. The reason they don’t want to babysit them is because they want them to feel like college is a chance to learn about their various passions and interests. However, they know how quickly drugs and alcohol can derail them for what they came to college for in the first place.

One of the biggest issues on college campuses is the drug, Adderall. It is all too easy to obtain on campus, and in many cases, they do not even try to hide the fact they are passing it around from student to student.

It’s right out there in the open. It had a major effect on Missy Pollack, who is now the alumni coordinator at Recovery First Treatment Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL. She saw firsthand what it could do to someone, as she is now five years in recovery. She has talked about how she wished someone had noticed her using it and abusing it. She’s hoping to use what has happened to her to properly educate other students on the dangers of it.

In addition to that, the parents of college students need to look for the warning signs, and they need to talk to their kids. They need to be in constant communication with them.

They need to make sure they are sounding and acting like themselves. If anything seems off, they need to have a talk with their child about it. The AAC is hoping to stop the problem at its core before it turns into a lifelong addiction.

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Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group :

Sheldon Lavin leads the OSI Group when it comes to production for sustainable food. He follows the corporations continued his expertise effort of taking on challenges and using the most available advanced technology. Sheldon Lavin and OSI is not new to being a leading innovator regarding work in the food sector. They are known to millions of consumers as one of the top leading producers of food in the entire world. It all stared in Chicago as a small butcher business that enveloped into a competitive supplier for the popular chain known as McDonald’s.

They have immersed themselves inside this network for the chain that has a strong presence in the Midwest and seen as a large conglomerate on a global scale. Since the last century, the business has created a lot of success stories. Sheldon Lavin has been right there since the mid-70s managing the growth. Sheldon Lavin took on early in his professional career to lead OSI Group to implement bold strategies and find the right technology to bring up efficiency and lower the environmental harm from the operations of the business. The core thought process is about sustainability in which all operation decision making is done by OSI management.

As the world changes, OSI is constantly facing the challenges to come up with most innovative techniques and ideas for the growing need that is happening globally. It’s about keeping with responsibilities to the environment when it comes to food production. Shelodn Lavin along with OSI has received numerous awards such as the California Green Business award and the Global Visionary Awarded to name a few. Shelodn Lavin, before working at OSI in the 70s, was working as a bank executive and investment manager. He was instrumental in getting OSI Group the funds they need to expand on their plans of growth. Once a deal was struck with the financing, he came on board in a financial consultant capacity.

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Andrey Andreev Is A High-Tech CEO Who Knows His Way Around A Commercial Kitchen

In today’s fast-paced world, lots of people meet other people socially through the use of dating apps. One of the world’s largest and most popular dating apps is Badoo, and its founder and CEO is a man named Andrey Andreev. The Badoo app is especially popular with users in Russia, South America, Spain, France and Argentina (Forbes).

Born in the Soviet Union in 1974, Andrey Andreev has been interested in technology since an early age, and has started several companies besides Badoo. As a forward-thinking person, Mr. Andreev has a lot “drive,” or motivation, and Andrey Andreev is always thinking about what his next endeavor will be. Badoo is headquartered in the Soho section of London, England, and the site now has more than 60 million active users. The company has steadily grown in size, and now has more than 550 employees. 

Even though he is a very successful business person whose products are regularly utilized by many people around the globe, Andreev remains humble and does not like to talk about his own accomplishments. One aspect of Andrey Andreev’s life that has been amply covered in the media is his passion for food and cooking. This CEO normally eats lunch on weekdays at a Michelin-starred restaurant, and he is a creative cook in his own right.

At some of London’s most highly ranked restaurants, Andrey Andreev is allowed access to the kitchens, where he sometimes cooks his own special lunch. At one prestigious eatery, his recipe for the sweet onion soup on their menu came from the Badoo CEO.

At another London eatery, Andreev has created a special cocktail, as well as a number of seafood dishes, including a lighter version of sushi. Being the technologically brilliant person that he is, you never know what type of new business venture Andrey Andreev will launch next. 

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Greg Blatt Discusses His Great Success

Greg Blatt has spent the last three years in the high profile position of CEO of Match Group and as CEO of Tinder. Before that he was Executive Chairman of both companies. Before working for Match Group and Tinder, Blatt was CEO of IAC and CEO of IAC’s Match segment. Greg had a series of jobs in other fields since he left school. He has lived in places as varied as Budapest, France and San Francisco. 

After law school he started working at New York, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. He then moved into entertainment law. Greg Blatt moved again and he ended up at the Match Group. It was an unconventional path but one that he has found to be very rewarding. (Available information about Blatt´s academic background at Wallmine articles).

He has some thoughts on how he has attained such success. Greg believes in personal interactions,and he makes sure that many of his meetings are face to face. He also encourages asking lots of questions to make sure he is getting the best ideas. One question he feels is very important is ‘why?’ He wants to know the reason behind doing everything. With that being said, once a project has reached fruition, he stops asking those questions as nothing more can be done (Tvguide). 

He surrounds himself with the best people, and he encourages them to bring him their new ideas. However, he does not like to schedule too many meetings as he likes the freedom to move around. Video meetings are one way that Greg Blatt saves time in traditional meetings. One thing people might find interesting about Greg is that he misses using his Blackberry. As the world has turned to Apple and Android products, he still prefers the older style Blackberry. He has embraced Google Calendars and Gmail to make his life easier.

Although Greg Blatt has had several ventures fail, he sees each of those failures as a way to improve. He is using that wealth of knowledge and experience to make his new projects greater than ever. 

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Organo Gold Shares Creative Ideas To Spice Up

To spice up your daily dose of coffee you should get Organo Gold. This coffee was founded in 2008. It’s organic coffee that tastes great, but it’s also good for your vigor.

To spice things up, although the taste is not at all spicy, Organo Gold contains a special ingredient that has been used by the Chinese for centuries. It’s a special type of mushroom that contains diverse health benefits and antioxidants. View Organo Gold’s profile on

The Reishi and Lingzhi mushroom, belonging to the Ganoderma mushroom family are kidney-shaped, soft and cork-like. This delicious new version of coffee is known today for what it does as Organo Gold pushes the limits of coffee culture into a new dimension.


How Stansberry Research has Revolutionized Investment world through Research

Did you know that the world spends more than $68 billion in research every year? According to pundits, the global research budget is becoming bigger, and this growth illustrates the importance of research in the global economy. Stansberry Research is one of the entities that are making research more accessible to individuals and companies in the USA and around the world (LinkedIn).

Created twenty years ago, the research entity is a perfect illustration that financial information can be accessible and at affordable rates. In order for Stansberry Research to be effective in its mandate, the company has a huge interest in finance research and more specifically in investment.

The following are some of the reasons why Stansberry Research is unique.

It is the first research firm with a vast scope of research. The research firm deals with all types of studies in the finance world. Some of these areas include natural resources, mining, alternative investment, and all the relevant investment niches. The founder of this company points out that the main idea of diversifying their target market was to democratize the availability of information. Some of the markets mentioned above were previously disinvested, primarily because there was no information on the market structures. Fortunately, Stansberry Research has opened up doors for investment by providing the investors with meaningful information and more importantly the future of these niches.

Stansberry Research has a brilliant workforce, which ensures that all complex trends are simplified for their clients. Since the company deals with diverse clients, the company has diversified its research teams. According to Stansberry Research management, the availability of diverse talents enables them to help more clients in the financial world and more importantly, these talents help clients to make accurate predictions. Thanks to the diversity of its teams, the research company is able to advise their clients based on the available data and more importantly, predict the future.

Finally, the research company understands the importance of a comprehensive approach to research and decision-making. The company has three comprehensive portfolio solutions for different businesses. Depending on the client’s needs, the company provides solutions based on the company’s capital, income, and overall business well-being.

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Andrey Andreev Is The Creative Mind Behind The Dating App Known As Badoo

Andrey Andreev is an entrepreneur from Russia who has built five dating apps. The app he is known for the most is Badoo, which is the largest dating app on Earth. He is also the creator of Mamba, which is a dating app for Russians that has become the most well-known of its kind in the country. The billionaire also owns a large part of the dating app Bumble and is known for being a low-keyed individual who doesn’t embrace the limelight as much as some other people in his industry do.

Andrey Andreev was born in Moscow, Russia, but he now calls London his home. He has been interested in technology for a good part of his life and studied at the University of Moscow. In the mid 1990s, he created the e-commerce site Virus, which catered to a Russian audience who bought computers and computer accessories from the site. He later sold the company before founding SpyLog, which was a company that offered services very similar to Google Analytics (Bloomberg). 

After leaving the company he built a few years later, he decided to create Begun. He almost sold this company to Google in the late 2000s but never did. He left Begun in 2004 and has since moved on to accomplish a whole lot more. Andrey Andreev founded Badoo in 2006 but officially launched the company in 2009. Today, Badoo offers employment to hundreds of people and is headquartered in London. 

Andreev was responsible for motivating Whitney Wolfe Herd to create Bumble instead of pursuing other company ideas she had. he dating app puts women in control and has been wildly successful. To this day, Badoo is the largest company that Andrey Andreev is continuing to be a part of. The app recently released a facial recognition feature that allows people to find users who look similar to people they like. It is very likely that Badoo is earning billions of dollars in revenue, but he has decided to not release his company’s financial earnings. The future looks bright for Andreev as he continues to grow his very popular dating app. 

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews Shows Her To Be The Best

If you were to take a look at Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Reviews, you will see that she is very well appreciated by her patients. Dr. Jennifer Walden is the founder of Jennifer L. Walden, M.D., PLLC and Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC, based in Austin, Texas. She and her staff are very nice and thorough when it comes to giving information about the procedure, according to some reviews. Some say Dr. Jennifer Walden and her staff’s bedside manners were amazing. But, most of all, her patients were more than happy with the results of her work. Dr. Jennifer Walden expertise as a plastic surgeon has changed many lives. And according to the reviews that patients have given, it is a change for the better.

Dr. Jennifer Walden, daughter of parents in the medical field, was born, raised, and received her educational background in Texas. She attended the University of Texas, where she received an undergraduate degree in Biology and received her Master’s Degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch. She also did her residency at UTMB as well. After completing her residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch, she obtained a fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York in the medical field of aesthetic surgery. That is where Dr. Jennifer Walden gained the experience she needed to return to Texas and start her own practice.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is recognized and held in high regards for the way she addresses female physical issues by her peers by being one of the first doctors to use laser machines to do surgery. Dr. Jennifer Walden’s reviews are the results of her hard work and dedication to her skills as a plastic surgeon. When patients were asked to give their reviews of Dr. Jennifer Walden, many have said they were completely satisfied and amazed by how they were treated by her and her staff. She listened to their concerns and showed them professionalism, compassion, and patience they needed. And that is some of the reasons why Dr. Jennifer Walden gets the recognition, the recommendations, and the great reviews she deserves.

The Work of Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

For well over a decade, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has been changing the way people think about cosmetic surgery. Currently a member of the Dallas, Texas community, Dr. Jejurikar is a member of the renowned Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas, Texas. During his career Dr. Jejurikar has developed a reputation for being a patient first doctor who is focused on using innovative and safe procedures.

Dr. Jejurikar completed his education at the University of Michigan Medical School. He graduated with honors and was a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. His training would also include more than a year working at the acclaimed Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. His years of study have made him an expert in cosmetic surgery of the face, breast and body. He has served the Dallas, Texas community for nearly a decade. During that time he has worked for several well known hospitals in the area which include Forrest Park Medical Center, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas and Baylor Medical Center.

Outside of the operating room, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is focused on using his talents to give back to others. During his career he has gone on more than twenty medical mission trips. These trips are spent providing services to people who otherwise would be unable to get them. Dr. Jejurikar has worked closely with a group called Smile Bangladesh, a non-profit organization based in New Jersey. Together these two have brought cosmetic help to thousands of people around the world.

The work of Dr. Jejurikar is published in several major medical journals. These journals include the Journal of Surgical Research, and Microsurgery. He is also the recipient of the Compassionate Doctor Award in 2012.

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A Vision for Gwinnett County Public Schools

There is something novel about Gwinnett County Public Schools. This Georgia County school district is ranked not only the 13th greatest school in the United States of America but foremost amongst all the schools in Georgia. Gwinnett County Public Schools is known for academic achievements, and the strength of its community support is powerful and unique. Needy students are provided for, sports associations are well supported, and everyone works together to provide wonderful opportunities for the county’s children. All this has been made possible by Aaron Lupuloff, a successful businessman and leader spearheading the efforts of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation. It is thanks to Aaron vision that Gwinnett County Public Schools has achieved such phenomenal success.

According to, with the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation as its nerve center, Aaron Lupuloff provides for his community by effectively organizing Gwinnett County school fundraising efforts. The Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation supports the efforts of teachers, donors, and community members alongside the sponsorship of local businesses and the charity of nearby church groups. Because of these resources, children from across ethnic and socioeconomic groups are able to receive school supplies, meals, and access to supplemental academic programs. In supporting all Gwinnett County children, the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation allows all students to have the opportunity to be successful.

Fundraising is also provided for art, academic, and sports programs outside of school. Extracurricular activities allow children to develop the self-reliance, interpersonal skills, and self-confidence they need in both the classroom and their future workplaces. Aaron Lupuloff and his team at the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation have been able to leverage the support of local organizations and charitable non-profits in order to bolster resources for its many sports programs, among them its new girls flag-football team. Strong extracurricular programs have been a key foundation in supporting Gwinnett County Publics and has contributed greatly to its success.

Which the quality of Gwinnett County Public Schools setting a new standard for quality, there is much promise for America’s students. To know more about Aaron you can visit