Steve Ritchie Papa Johns: What the Company Should Do to Deal with Customer Outrage

Since its establishment in 1984, Papa John’s has grown to be the third in terms of popularity in the U.S. According to the third-quarter earnings report, Papa John’s has been experiencing a decline in same-store sales, earning per share, and revenue. This is because Papa John’s has lost most of its consumers. Businesses and universities have ended their relationships with the company. If something is not done soon, the franchise might lose its stores.

Steve Ritchie, the CEO at Papa John’s, believes that the company has a lot that it needs to do so as to win back its customers. In a conference call with Mr. Ritchie, he claimed that the executives have already recognized that the improvement measures of the organization are already working. The executives are also optimistic about future opportunities. The major move of Papa John’s is rebranding and shifting its focus to the employees. The move has had a positive impact on consumer sentiment.

Steve Ritchie (@stevemritchie) claimed that various research firms have proved that the customer perception concerning Papa John’s is moving from negative to positive. This is after the company introduced its “Voices” campaign. Papa John’s recently restructured its executive suite which Mr. Ritchie believes will help the organization get back and shift its focus on customers.

In the restructuring process, Mike Nettles was made the chief operating and executive vice president officer to lead the restructuring. There were also four other vice president roles that were created in the organization that revolved around interaction points or customer touchpoints: customer experience, innovation and branding, analytics and technology, and menu strategy. The restructuring will enable Papa John’s shift its focus on its key areas.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns is optimistic that the improvement actions of Papa John’s are working as the number of customers is increasing, even though the challenges still exist. The company has improved customer sentiments in some regions such as North America. It has also received support both externally and internally. Steve Ritchie and his team are committed to creating the momentum and ensuring the company moves forward to greater success.

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Quality Standards Is the Key Priority at OSI Group

OSI Group is a food company that deals with a wide range of food products. It manufactures, processes, packages and sell to other companies around the world who in return then sell to the final consumer. It has been in existence for more than 30 years now with a proven record of selling premier food products.

David McDonald, who is the OSI Industries Chairman and Chief Executive Officer puts it categorically that this company has been able to compete favorably because it values its customers. Other than providing what the customer is in need of in the market, it is fully committed to ensure quality standards are not compromised in the face of increased demand for its products and services. In addition to this, good customer service is an emphasized value at OSI Group.

The economy is fast changing and so has it also affected the food industry. Mr. McDonald has been innovative to sway with the tides, evolve as the international market evolves and develop effective business strategies. This has not been sole effort but teamwork has helped a great deal. This company has opened branches in many parts of the world which goes to show the amazing strides the company has made under the watch of this able leadership of McDonald. OSI Industries has just closed an expansion strategy where it bought Baho Foods, a Dutch Company. This makes the company rank among the top food processing company in the European market. Read this articles at

About OSI Group

This is a food processing company that supplies its products and services around the world. OSI Industries started out as a small company that desired to surpass the customers’ expectations in the market by offering food variety and efficient delivery with quality uncompromised. It growth has been realized thanks to being dynamic, innovative, quality products and most importantly being able to make good relationships with its stakeholders. OSI Group has been able to understand what the customer needs are in their diverse location, how their culture is and only provide them with what they want. This has been the most valuable asset as told by David McDonald. Sheldon Lavin has also been a key figure to OSI Group’s success and growth.


HCR Wealth Advisors: Providing the Financial Assistance You Need

There has been a rapid growth of wealth management sector as more and more people are looking for financial assistance to manage their money. If you are one of those, who can do with some professional financial support to manage their money, taking the help of the professionals at the Los Angeles based HCR Wealth Advisors may be a good idea. The company has grown in the last few years and has ensured that it provides exceptional service to its clients. It can be challenging for a layperson in today’s time to decide where to invest and which investment products to trust. However, the advisors at HCR Wealth Advisors have spent years in the industry and have been able to craft personalized strategies for its clients that can help its clients reach their financial goals.

HCR Wealth Advisors is an SEC-registered investment advisory firm. If a person wants to learn how to manage their assets and finances and want to be able to take advantage of the new tax laws, the professionals at HCR Wealth Advisors can guide individuals in the direction they are looking for. Portfolio management services have become highly popular among some people these days so that they can understand better how to invest. Many people want to invest in mutual funds, and some may lean more towards safer investments. However, an investment portfolio typically needs to balance risk and security to achieve most people’s financial goals.

The financial market has become more complex in the last couple of decades, and it has become more challenging for some people to understand where to invest and which investment products to stay away. Investments need time to mature, and HCR Wealth Advisors can help you build a financial plan appropriate for you.  The guidance of the professionals at HCR Wealth Advisors can help you meet your financial goals with time. Retirement planning or sale of the business or a luxury vacation, no matter which life transition you are going through, HCR Wealth Advisors can be by your side to help you out and stay financially prepared.

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A Credible Short Summary of The Activities of Oren Frank In Growing Talkspace

Some companies don’t pan out because they are not addressing the real needs of the people or their clients. But there are also companies today like Talkspace that succeed and grow because of the way they give value to their clients or the people they serve. The value for the needs of the clients may well be the secret ingredient why Oren Frank, the co-founder and CEO of Talkspace, is able to grow his ventures and attract the best specialists and experts to work for him.

In an article from CNBC, people can read that one of these specialists and experts that Frank hired would be Neil Leibowitz, who used to be the senior medical director at UnitedHealth. The hiring decision has been timely in the company’s decision to grow its enterprise big enough to warrant an IPO position. There’s already a rich response from the clients of Talkspace. In fact, it is able to generate tens of millions of dollars already in revenue from delivering the assistance and ventures of Talkspace. It even claims to have already 1 million users that regularly pay for the online therapy services available in Talkspace.

It should also be noted that the fact that Leibowitz is now part of Talkspace’s team through Frank’s hiring decision means the physicians from Talkspace would soon be able to start prescribing the kind of medicines needed by their patients. Under the leadership of Leibowitz, the independent consultant-psychiatrists will be able to prescribe medications using a video tool because of the regulations from states and the federal government.

Engagement with People

Another thing that people may have to know about Oren Frank is the fact that he’s very much active on Twitter. He shares there some of the problems, challenges, issues and setbacks that the industry his company belongs in, are facing. He also shares some of his stance on the political challenges and issues confronting United States.

About Talkspace

Talkspace has been established to be an internet app that helps people deal with many of the mental health issues today. It is founded in 2012 in New York City with the help of Oren Frank. With its access to a network of licensed therapists through its mobile app or website, it is able to help a lot of people dealing with mental stress.

Jeunesse Global Luminsce and M1ND

Jeunesse Global was founded by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray after they both decided retirement simply wasn’t for them. The couple had already created several successful companies together when they decided to create Jeunesse Global in 2009. Yet, they hadn’t always been successful. In fact, Randy grew up in poverty in rural Tennessee. However, through optimism and hard work, they were able to create one of the leading direct selling companies in the world.

Jeunesse Global has grown more than 518% for four years running, growing to one of the top companies in the Global 100. According to Direct Selling News, the company was also one of the top ten that had more than a billion dollars in annual sales. The company has thousands of distributors in more than 140 different countries. Through their success with Jeunesse, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis have inspired thousands to improve their circumstances and make their dreams a reality.

One key to their success is with their innovative Youth Enhancement System. The synergistic approach to antiaging uses skincare lines and supplements to help the body look and feel young. The Y.E.S. system has nine different product lines to help their customers improve the appearance of their skin while also protecting the body against the effects of aging.

One of their top lines is the luminesce skin care line. This uses ADT-200 to help improve the appearance of skin through stem cell research. It improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while also restoring the youthful glow and radiance to the skin.

One of the more interesting supplement lines that Jeunesse sells is the M1ND supplement. This dietary supplement uses Cera-Q and l-theanine to help the mind retain its memory while also reducing stress and anxiety. L-theanine is found in tea leaves and several different kinds of mushrooms. Many studies reveal that l-theanine can improve the body’s immune system and can help reduce inflammation in the body. It also allows the mind to let go of whatever is causing it to feel anxious, decreasing stress and anxiety without causing drowsiness. Cera-Q is an interesting protein found in silkworm cocoons that helps the brain stay sharp. It provides energy and support to the brain, acting as an anti-aging compound.

James River Capital: Paul Saunders Advises On Leadership Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Improve On

Good leadership is the key to business success, regardless of its is, however, important to note that mastering the art of leadership takes time and effort. Like life, leadership is an ongoing learning process and an art that requires a lot of patience and dedication to master. Having passed through the different stages of leadership and founding one of the most successful alternative investment companies today, James River Capital founder and CEO Paul Saunders advise entrepreneurs and business leaders on the key pillars of leadership each must strive to acquire and how to improve on them.


How to improve leadership according to Paul Saunders


  1. Stop leading and start supporting your team


Rather than boss up and just delegate duties, leaders should focus more on supporting their employees as this encourages them to achieve more. They should take more time to understand the teams they and how to approach each player.


  1. be more approachable by encouraging communications


Opening up to employee ideas and encouraging their listening to their employee ideas makes it easy for their juniors to approach them when they have critical feedback. Employees are often hesitant to approach their bosses even when they have information that could help the business thrive due to the fear that they might say something that will cause them to lose their jobs.


  1. take time to learn and respect the opinions of each team member


Leaders should give every team member an opportunity to speak out their minds as this helps bring together various ideas that push the business forward. Giving each employee and team member an opportunity to have their concerns heard improves the productivity of the different brainstorming sessions while at the same time instilling a sense of belonging in every employee.


About James River Capital


Previously known as KP futures management group, James River capital started off as an alternative investment department for Kidder, Peabody & Co Inc. This however changed in 1995, after Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt completed its acquisition and moved its headquarters to Richmond, Virginia. Since its privatization, the company has undergone several key business changes that helped shape the giant it has become. Currently, the fund has over $570 million in assets under management.


The Saunders firm is registered as an advisor with the SEC and as a commodity trading advisor with CFTF. Today it specializes in corporate and distressed credit, equities, fixed income securities, and futures. Saunders many years of experience dealing with different business challenges, mentoring, and training staff into productive team players has made him an authority figure in the industry. More importantly, it equips him with the necessary skills needed to educate other budding business leaders on how to navigate the murky waters of corporate leadership. Learn more:


Gulf Coast Western, Oil and Gas Producer from Dallas, Texas

Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western is a company that manages joint venture explorations for the purpose of drilling oil in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Colorado and Oklahoma. Gulf Coast Western has operated thousands of acres in areas they believe contain gas and oil for major yield. Their efforts of producing oil and gas are also accompanied by their affiliations with their venture partners. Gulf Coast Western has acquired numerous drilling systems and programs in order to expand their company efforts in all areas. The goal of Gulf Coast Western is to expand their industry success with efforts in company funds.

Gulf Coast Western has been exploring and drilling for oil and gas in areas across Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Colorado and Oklahoma. The goal of the company is to expand strategically for opportunities in the market space they operate. They have engaged in development activities for their market and their industry. Gulf Coast Western has been involved in geological attributes in order to support ultimate success of their company and business growth for their sector. Gulf Coast Western has made a number of strategic decisions in order to appease their partners and continue business for more success within the industry.

Gulf Coast Western has been involved with oil and gas drilling since 1970. The company has efforts based out of Dallas, Texas. The company has been linked with many partners over the years and have been affiliated with all efforts from their parterns. The company has purchased land in areas they believe will be successful for drilling and extracting oil. The purpose of Gulf Coast Western’s partners is to advance the company’s efforts and create more business for dual success in both markets. Their partners have been influential for the company’s growth and expansion as a result of funds.

The Life of Harry Harrison                           

Harry Harrison was the head of Barclays Non-Core in London from 2014 to 2017. He has worked in trading and investing at Barclays for more than two decades. Harry holds a BS in economics from the University of Warwick. He attended the University of Cambridge where he graduated with masters of philosophy in finance. Harry is married to Amy Nauiokas, and they live in New York.

Harry shared about his life and how he ventured into his company during a recent interview. Harrison revealed that the idea behind his company was as a result of an intense curiosity about how firms operate, how they interact with macroeconomic forces, and how companies translate ideas or business models from theory to practice. Harry admits that after graduating from Cambridge University, it was difficult to imagine venturing into any other career besides the financial services sector. He worked as a derivatives trader for several years before being tasked with the role of managing teams of trading traders and fixed income sales.

When asked about how he spends his day and how he ensures that he has productive days, Harry was quick to note that he doesn’t have typical days. Harry notes that he decided to take the opportunity after the end of his job at Barclays to take a break and venture into the world without focusing on the large financial institution. Surprisingly, Harry loved staying at home looking after their children. Besides, he tried Pilates and yoga, and he plans on trying French and golf. Harry further reveals that a combination of collaboration, diversity, and humility are the ingredients he uses to bring ideas to life. He believes that a diverse and committed team innovates strong ideas. Harrison notes that he loves Waze because it is developed better than other navigation applications in the market.

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CEO Matthew H Fleeger


Matthew H Fleeger is an incredibly skilled business professional who earned a Bachelor’s degree in business from Southern Methodist University. As he worked towards the completion of his degree, Matthew Seeger ensured that he studied both finance and marketing so that he could become a leader in the business world. His focused studies immediately paid off as he began to work on his first job.

Following his 1986 graduation from Southern Methodist University, Matthew Fleeger worked for several oil and gas companies. These experiences led him to creating his own holding company in 1993, named MedSolutions, Inc. Within nearly two decades, MedSolutions, Inc became one of the leading healthcare waste management companies in its region. Following his service as Chief Executive Office, President, and Chairman of the company, Matthew Fleeger sold MedSolutions, Inc to Stericycle, Inc for nearly $60 million.

Matthew Fleeger was essential in the development of Palm Beach Tan Inc, which is now a nationwide tanning franchise. Though he did not create the company, he served as the company’s Director from 1999 to 2000. Since his work with Palm Beach Tan Inc, the company has expanded from six stores to several hundred stores across the United States. Matthew Fleeger was also crucial in the development of Mystic Tan, which has since grown into a worldwide franchise.

Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western is an oil and gas company that was founded in 1970 by Matthew Fleeger’s father. Since its founding, Gulf Coast Western has been responsible for handling numerous oil and gas reserves in the Gulf Coast. Prior to getting a position in 1990 as the Vice President of Kinlaw Oil Company, Matthew Fleeger worked for Gulf Coast Western. After several years of completing numerous business ventures, Matthew Fleeger has returned to Gulf Coast Western where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Jason Hope, a Futurist and Tech Enthusiast

Jason Hope is a leading futurist who is very passionate about technology and giving back to the community. Jason hope is originally from Scottsdale, Arizona. Hope is an alumnus of Arizona State University where he graduated with a degree in finance. Hope also has an MBA from the W.P Carey School of Business. Hope began his entrepreneurship immediately after school where he founded a mobile communications company.

Jason Hope is popularly known for his stand on the Internet of Things and his in-depth knowledge of technological innovations. Hope as a futurist can predict future technological trends. Hope believes that the Internet of Things will be the next big thing in the world of technology. Hope has written many publications and blogs on the Internet of Things. Hope has authored an eBook touching on the benefits and risk factors of the Internet of Things. The internet of things according to hope will have a significant impact on the world of technology especially in the automotive industry and the medical industry. The Internet of Things will completely revolutionize the world of technology by enhancing the inter-connectivity of devices. Visit

Jason Hope is also very passionate about anti-aging research. Aging and aging-related illness has been an area of concern, especially in the medical industry. A lot of resources and time is being spent on finding the cure for age-related diseases such as Alzheimer, dementia, and diabetes. However, there is little attention to research and prevention of aging-related illness. Research on the prevention of age-related illness is something that is so dear to Hope. Hope has dedicated his time and resources towards the cause of anti-aging research. Hope as part of his philanthropic activities has donated millions of dollars to the SENS Foundation. SENS is a nonprofit organization that is committed to combating age-related diseases. SENS was founded in the year 2009 and has been on the forefront in the anti-aging campaign through research on Rejuvenation Bio-technologies. Hope in the year 2010 donated 500,000 dollars to the SENS foundation for the construction of a laboratory and fund some research initiatives. Hope does not only donate funds to SENS but is actively involved in the organization outreach programs. Read more on