Matt Badiali Reveals Requirements for Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali is an investor and an author of an investment newsletter known as Real Wealth Strategist. He is a specialist in natural resources investments. He is a geologist and therefore his understanding of the mining sector is good. He does not need anyone to guide him on how to make correct predictions on which metals or commodities will be good for investment. He analyzes raw data he receives from the mining companies and comes up with a conclusion on the best step to take. Looking at the Work that has been carried out by this investor, one is convinced that he means well for his followers, he strives to look for the best opportunities which he then shares with the average investor.

Matt Badiali attended Penn State University where he graduated with a degree in Earth Science. Later, he joined Florida Atlantic University and graduated masters in Geology. He has applied his expertise in analysis of the best investment opportunities. Through the initiatives he has created, Badiali has helped numerous people to create wealth passively. Many people do not consider natural resources as an investment method, but Badiali knows that it is a lucrative investment. Matt Badiali was behind the Freedom Checks investment idea. He brought up this idea after studying statute 26-F and realizing that there are companies in the United States which are exempted from taxing because of the nature of activities they involved in.

There are companies which deal with natural resources found in the United States. These companies are given special treatment when it6 comes to taxation. They are allowed to conduct their operations with tax cuts. However, they are supposed to meet some condition. These businesses are known as master limited partnerships (MLPs). These businesses are supposed to generate 90 percent of their revenue from the United States. They are also supposed to pay most of the profits they make to the investors. Matt Badiali believes this idea have been used by cartels before, keeping a majority of the people out of the loop. He has now revealed it and will no longer be a secret.

Shervin Pishevar’s tweetstorm on America’s declining Economy

Shervin Pishevar is an Iranian-American entrepreneur and founder of Sherpa’s Capital and many other multi billion tech companies. He broke his silence from social media by causing a 21 hour tweetstorm giving his thoughts on the decline on America’s economy. It was no surprise since he is known for being a man of many words and free spirited.

This was his first public statement he made ever since he stepped down from multiple allegations of sexual misconduct that he explained was getting in the way of Sherpa’s Capital success. For this reason, the very first tweet Shervin Pishevar posted caught the attention of many of his followers.

Shervin Pishevar expresses his 50 message tweet points of view on the ‘financial storms’ which he predicts coming ahead. He goes ahead to tackle on topics such as cryptocurrency claiming that bitcoin will crash but will eventually have a more stable range of $2000-$5000 as gold will rise in response.

The 17th tweet on America’s history of importing inflation has caused a tremendous aftermath from other countries. He also blames the government’s short term thinking on decaying and decrypt infrastructure. In addition to stock markets crashing, underemployment continues to harden under systemic economic stasis.

According to an essay he wrote in 2009 in his 30th tweet, Shervin Pishevar insights that nine years later as much as Americans build walls to keep out immigrants, they no longer need them because they have evolved above and beyond.

Being an investor of Uber company, Shervin Pishevar concludes his last tweet by stating that the modern “Ma Bells” such as AT&T need to be restrained from their absolute power. If caution is not taken, the chances of seeing another Uber or Airbnb business will be in the next 10 years or so.

The monopoly the modern “Ma Bells” have over start-up companies have made them vulnerable especially now that their cash is repatriated abroad and own the power of a nation-state.

It is not certain that Shervin Pishevar’s tweet storm of every trending topic that he discussed in the 21 hours will come true. However, it would be wise for one to carry out research given past success stories and tremendous track record of predictions.

GreenSky Credit soars to more than $4 billion valuation

Back in 2006, serial entrepreneur David Zalik bet everything he had on the future of his new startup. Called GreenSky Credit, the company represented a completely untested model that Zalik hoped would revolutionize the way that point-of-sale lending happened for big-ticket items. In fact, the business was so unproven that Zalik had difficulty finding outside financing to help him launch his business. It was for this reason that he was forced to effectively reverse mortgage his entire $12 million commercial real estate fortune, which represented the fruits of his entire life’s work to that point.

But Zalik believed strongly in the business that he was creating. Today, that $12 million bet that would have put Zalik into the poor house had he lost it has fueled what is now a company valued at more than $4 billion. This incredible rise from a tiny startup that no one had heard of to the darling of the fintech industry has made Zalik a star. But more importantly, 12 years after its founding, GreenSky Credit has introduced a completely new lending model that has proven to be eminently viable. This is especially impressive given the dismal results that so many other fintech companies have experienced. GreenSky Credit is likely to become the model upon which fintech is based well into the future.



GreenSky Credit is more evolutionary than revolutionary

One of the things that someone might notice about Zalik and his company is that both are completely devoid of the pretention and pomp that often comes with technology startups. Nowhere throughout the GreenSky Credit headquarters will one find beer dispensers, foosball tables or any of the other excesses that have become an accepted part of tech culture. At the same time, Zalik himself has never sought to violently uproot the existing banking system, unlike many of his fintech competitors. Instead, Zalik’s vision has always been to compliment the existing infrastructure through efficiency-gaining technology, connecting borrowers with lenders and adding tremendous value in the process by pushing deals through that otherwise would never have materialized.

GreenSky Credit has proved that often the biggest successes result from building on a system rather than tearing it down.

The Brain behind Southridge Capital LLC’s Success in the Financial Industry

Southridge Capital is one of the most popular financial advisory firms in the world. For over two decades now, the firm has been helping its portfolio companies to secure the sufficient financing they need to operate. In fact, the financial advisory’s management reports that it has directly invested over $1.8 billion in public companies.

Besides financing, Southridge Capital collaborates with a team of financial experts who specialize in financial analysis, bankruptcy advice, and legal settlement services. These financial services are fundamental for the success of any company that wishes to advance into the top position. In addition, Southridge’s experts help its portfolio companies to increase their creditworthiness, as well as maintain a reasonable equilibrium between debt and equity.


Different from most financial advisory firms, Southridge Capital delights in giving back to the community, as well as supporting the charity organizations that work to impact the society. In fact, the firm’s CEO is a member of Daystar Foundation which gives monetary resources to charity organizations.

Some of the charity organizations supported by the CEO’s foundation are; Eric B. Huss Memorial Scholarship Fund, Lounsbury House, the Ridgefield Visiting Nurses Association, and the Bridgeport Rescue Mission. Moreover, Daystar supports the Western Connecticut Health Network Foundation.


Who is the brain behind the success of Southridge Capital LLC?

Southridge Capital’s success is accredited to Stephen M. Hicks, its founder and Chief Executive Officer. He is a professional business administrator with over 30 years of industry experience. Besides the CEO role, Mr. Hicks develops and executes policies that drive Southridge Capital in the right direction. You can visit


Before launching his company, the CEO served as a financial expert in a hedge fund that was based in New York. In 1996, Stephen Hicks decided to launch Southridge Capital LLC, based on the investment skills he had acquired while working at the NY hedge fund.

Today, Mr. Hicks’ company has developed to a major financial advisory firm serving over 250 public companies. It runs under the management of other able executives like Narine Persaud, Laurence J. Ditkoff, Henry B. Sargent, and Linda Carlsen. The administrative team has an intuitive understanding of the financial and investment market.



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Gareth Henry From Math to Manager

Gareth Henry trained to be an actuarial scientist during his academic years. He crossed over into business management, eventually working for Fortress Investment Group in the United States. As his skills sharpened,he found himself stationed in London, managing fund procurement in vast regions like Middle Asia.

It takes s certain ability to manage funds in such large quantity. Gareth Henry’s analytical talents,and business savvy, indicate Gareth’s results oriented drive to succeed. He rates as a top notch investor with keen predictive qualities, These qualities can enhance the employer’s portfolio without any doubts.

Fortress Investment Group receives tremendous benefits with the training,and advancement of Gareth Henry. His pursuit of excellence, manifests into greater responsibilities. Gareth meets these challenges head on, and puts up numbers Fortress Investment Group demands. He demonstrates a high quality return on investment. He not only manages and knows money, he can do the math. Investment portfolio experts with highly tuned skills on money matters ,from hedge funds to stock options, can make the Earth tremble. Be it so cliche, business managers,like Gareth Henry, raise funds knowing negotiations can be tough, but compromise could mean success for all.

Whatever kind of sale, He knows his material. Investments are made for profit. Customer satisfaction,of course, goes without question. Business managers don’t normally manage so large a geographic area as himself. His concentrated effort puts him in the position as one of Society’s best, now and into the future.Fortress Investment Group has maintained high standards over the years, and I in no way want to embellish about any individual investor. Here is a chance to give credit where credit is due. Gareth Henry stands on principle, and while the never ending battle to win continues, He reaches his set goal,and some efforts even more so. Gareth Henry is a tremendous asset to his firm and to the business community.

Healthcare Investing Hotshots Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod Reunited

Merlin Bio Med Group was an investment management company that specialized in healthcare. This company was co-founded approximately 20 years ago by Stuart Weisbrod. Weisbrod was a pro when it came to healthcare and biotechnology. Weisbrod had previously held positions at Prudential-Bache Securities, Oracle Partners, Harpel Partners and Merrill Lynch before starting his own company. His professional experience assisted in providing him with the skills that led to him hiring his all-star team. In the year of 2000, Jacob Gottlieb joined this all-star team as a portfolio manager. During this, time Merlin was at the peak of the biotechnology revolution. Gottlieb assisted in this company’s impressive achievement of returns that reached over 100 percent. Even though at this time they were not equal partners Weisbrod and Gottlieb were still a force to be reckoned with in the world of healthcare investments.

In 2007 Merlin went out of business and returned all the funds to their former investors. Although Merlin closed up shop the years spent there were not a total waste of time due to the results of the experience Gottlieb and Weisbrod gained. Gottlieb created his own investment firm after Merlin went out of business. Gottlieb’s firm, Visium Asset Management was worth 2.5 billion dollars in 2008 around the time of a recession. Thousands of business’ suffered and closed for good during this recession. With these almost inevitable odds against him, Gottlieb managed to pull through and managed to a score a hedge fund of $8 billion dollars for his company. However, this triumph plummeted in 2016 because three executives were accused of mismarking and insider trading. This caused a negative chain reaction for Visium that resulted in public destruction and the involvement of the FBI. Just like Merlin, Visium went out of business, however, Gottlieb has not. As for Weisbrod, he followed in the more successful footprints of Merlin by modeling his subsequent investment firm, Iguana Healthcare Partners after the investment strategies that worked well with Merlin.

Weisbrod and Gottlieb are still kept busy with their current independent funds but the two have decided to reunite under the same offices and rejoin forces for a future project. As of July 2018, Gottlieb is still trying to settle his unsettled business with Visium. Simultaneously Gottlieb is also deeply involved with his recent company Altium Capital. It has not yet been revealed when or what they are working on but judging by the results of their previous projects it is safe to say that whatever it is will make quite the statement.

OSI Group Expands Production Capabilities in Spain

OSI Group is continuing their expansion around the world as the demand for their products increases. In 1909, the butcher shop in Chicago owned by Otto Kolschowsky that would eventually grow to become OSI Group was opened by the German immigrant. Like many other businesses in the German-immigrant community eventually, the business was passed down to his sons who devoted their careers to growing the company into the multinational corporation that it is today. In recent years OSI Group has made considerable efforts to increase their presence and production capabilities in Europe and surrounding areas through various expansion and acquisition efforts.

One of the main products in high demand in that region are various chicken products, especially in Portugal and Spain. In the last ten years, studies have shown that there has been at least a 6% increase in demand for the protein every year. One of the main efforts to increase production capacity in the region by OSI Group was an expansion of one of their existing facilities located in Toledo, Spain. While the plant could process around 12,000 tons of chicken a year that has now been increased to 24,000 tons. In total, the plant can process 45,000 tons of meat products including chicken, pork, and beef. The expansion did not just include areas to increase production of their products, it also included features such as storage, a shipping area, refrigeration rooms, and a social area.

One of the most interesting features of the expansion includes a testing kitchen that will help the company improve their current products as well as develop new ones that will meet the needs of their growing customer base. Food manufacturers including OSI recognize that the preferences and tastes of consumers will constantly change over time and they must be prepared to meet these demands to stay successful. The local economy has also benefited from this considerable expansion as well. To meet the staffing needs of the expansion OSI Group needed to add 20 new people to their workforce. This addition brings the staff count at the Toledo, Spain plant to around 160 people.

Sameer Jejurikar, Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a board certified plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas. His focus is on cosmetic surgery of the eyes, nose, face, breast and body. He is a member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the Dallas area including Pine Creek Medical Center, Dallas Medical Center and Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.

Dr. Jejurikar was born and raised in Minnesota. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He earned his medical degree from the University of Michigan Medical School, and he performed his residency at the University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers. He then received a year of sub-specialty training in aesthetic training at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. He is certified in plastic surgery through the American Board of Plastic Surgery, is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and is a member of the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons. He holds a state medical license is Michigan, New York and Texas. Dr. Jejurikar has contributed numerous book chapters and journal articles to publications such as the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, the Journal of Surgical Research, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, and Microsurgery; and has given several national presentations.

Patient reviews rank Dr. Jejurikar among the top doctors in the nation. He received the 2012 Compassionate Doctor Certification from Patients’ Choice. He was also honored by The American Registry when they added Dr. Sameer Jejurikar to The Registry of Business Excellence.

Southridge Capital: Cyrptocurrencies and the Digital Market

Pretty much everyone has heard about cryptocurrencies. Most know that they do have a geeky reputation and that many are confused by the technology to say the least. However, there are organizations that realize the importance of cryptocurrencies such as banks and governments. A U.S Senator by the name of Thomas Carper stated that virtual currencies are the most well-known Bitcoin that has not only created imagination but also has placed fear and confusion in many.


According to Newswire, it can be very difficult these days to discover a major accounting firm, bank, well-known software company or government that has no intentions in getting into cryptocurrencies let alone being apart of their own personal blockchain project. For years, the media coverage has created a hype when it came to the digital currencies, but there are still many questions that remain and go unanswered.


Cryptocurrencies hit the market very unexpectedly as a sidekick product that was from another invention. Bitcoin’s inventor and founder, Satoshi Nakamoto says this is a decentralized digital type of cash system that involves a large network of peers. Each would have a record and a full history of many transactions and even the balance on every account. Once all of that is confirmed and locked in it immediately becomes a digital record and what is called a block chain. You can visit for more.



When it comes to cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is the digital standard that is used. It’s volume is well over 200,000 transactions in a single day. No matter if the market is volatile, this new digital currency will certainly change the world and is here to stay. It’s rise and popularity was been seen when several institutions begin implementing Bitcoin into their organizations. Some of the biggest banks out there such a Citibank, Desutsche bank, Barclays and more. Southridge Capital has made it clear they are highly aware of cryptocurrency and has offered to assist in their public debut by providing them with advice. Southridge has an executive team with strong skills and a firm understanding of the marketplace when it comes to executing financial plans.



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Peter Briger: An Influential Principal of the Fortress Investment Group

The Fortress Investment Group is a private equity firm established by three financial experts – Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffman. The business was built in 1998, and it has grown to become the largest private equity firm in the United States. As the business grew, the founders hired individuals who have shown exceptional skills in managing the company. One of those who joined the Fortress Investment Group’s management team was Peter Briger. He is from San Francisco, California, and he has extensive experience in managing a business focusing on the financial industry. He is presently serving as the company’s principal, and he contributed a lot to the company’s growth.

Peter Briger was born and raised in the West Coast, and as a child, his dream was to become a successful businessman. To realize his dream, he started to move out of California and traveled to the East Coast. He enrolled at the Princeton University and took up a Bachelor’s Degree related to business. He decided to take up an MBA Degree, later on, enrolling himself at the University Of Pennsylvania – Wharton School of Business, considered as one of the top business schools in the world. Peter Briger learned a lot about business while he was studying at the prestigious business school, and used it to his advantage. After he graduated from the University Of Pennsylvania – Wharton School of Business, he started to look for a job, and he worked for different financial firms until he found out about the Fortress Investment Group.

The management at the Fortress Investment Group knew that he was a great asset to the company, and he proved to them that his expertise in managing the business would positively help the company. In 2007, Peter Briger was one of those who pushed for the company’s debut at the NYSE, and it became beneficial to the Fortress Investment Group because their assets grew to more than $65 billion. Today, the Fortress Investment Group is under the Softbank Group, and Peter Briger still works as one of its principal, and he keeps on working hard to keep the company on top. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group