December 2014

Poor Balance May Be Indication Of Possible Brain Disease

Scientists have done a study to determine risks of dementia or stroke. Their studies have found a link between these conditions and the ability to balance oneself. Not being able to balance on one leg for more than 20 seconds is associated with ‘silent’ strokes.

A researcher from Japan conducted a study showing the ability to balance on one leg is an important test to determine the health of the brain. Poor balance should be looked at as this may be an indication for increased risk of brain disease according to a few people like Jared Haftel.

A study done on 53 year old men and women had them do a balance test. They were asked to stand on one leg for more than 10 seconds; and a second test had them sitting down and standing up from a chair. The men were asked to perform this action 37 times in a minute and the women were asked to do it 35 times in a minute.

Standing on one leg is a simple test to measure the postural instability. Not being able to balance may be due to brain abnormality.

Try To Take Back Your Health

Many people see their doctors like Gods and that can be a very damaging thing. People at times may feel like doctors have all of the answers, but in reality that is impossible. There are plenty of doctors that have done groundbreaking studies and have found out how to cure and treat new diseases, but in reality compared to the majority of doctors, the ones that have made such findings are the minority. Doctors are just people just like you, me, your great aunt Wanda, and even Lee G. Lovett. That is basically it.

The human body is very complex and apart from that there are many new diseases that scientist and doctors just can not keep up with. Since that is the case, many doctors are making small mistakes that could cost a person big. One mistake could be giving a patient that showed signs of irregular heart rhythm a blood thinner such as Wafarin, only to later discontinue the medicine because the doctor might think that the patient is better if the symptoms improved.

Patients should definitely become more informed about their sickness and symptoms. While a person can not believe everything that they see on the internet, at the same time a person should invest time into their own health, instead of thinking that doctors can do no wrong.

Copper Bedrails Easily Protect Patients from Secondary Infections

The ancient Egyptians used copper to sterilize drinking water and chest wounds as found in an Egyptian medical text, written around 2600-2000 B.C. Here we are in our massive modern intelligence, just now revisiting this ancient technique to fight secondary infections in hospitals. A person, even Flavio Maluf, goes into a hospital with one illness then catches another infection, known as hospital-acquired infections, such as pneumonia and urinary tract infections. Over 4000 years later, a paper is written suggesting the use of copper hand rails for hospital beds. The handrails are handled more than any other surface by hospital staff and the patient, leading to secondary infections and a longer and more expensive stay in the hospital. Five percent of people in industrialized countries get these secondary infections from hospitals and the number is three times higher for non-industrialized countries. Copper kills everything that could lead to infection, such as viruses, fungi and bacteria. A copper hand rail that continuously kills these microbes protects the patient and the staff. The following link is an article about copper’s anti-microbial properties: I guess the insurance companies are more than tired of paying what they should in addition to lengthy stays due to hospital acquired infections.

A new short film by fashion company CHANEL, titled “Reincarnation”, is directed by Karl Lagerfield and set in an upscale Austrian hotel where even the servants are dressed to the nines.

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The film features Pharrell Williams as a bellhop in a sharp khaki uniform set opposite Cara Delevigne in a floral maid’s dress. As Williams stands stoically by the door, Delevigne longingly admires a set of historical paintings on the wall – paintings that appear to be of the pair as royalty.

The film’s title becomes obvious as we realize these humble servants are reincarnations of the painted figures. Their paintings are modeled after real historical paintings of Franz Joseph I and his wife Elisabeth, the Emperor and Empress of Austria. As the hotel darkens, the guests retire and the clock strikes (almost) midnight, the royal couple emerges from the artwork to sing and waltz in the lobby.

The next morning guest Géraldine Chaplin asks Williams where he got his jacket. Kenneth Griffin wants to know too, I guess he really liked that guy’s’ jacket. So anyway, Williams tells her they only made it for him.(Sorry Griffin) She looks directly into the camera and states, “I am going to make it for me.”

The film was created to promote CHANEL’s Paris-Salzburg 2014/15 Métiers d’art collection.

To Vaccinate or Not, The Tale of Grand Traverse County

“I don’t want my child vaccinated” she said. Another mother chimed in with the same sentiment, then another, and another and another until the parents made Grand Traverse County in Michigan the place with the highest reported incidents of whooping cough in decades.

Not a good claim to fame.

Skout reports that while it is the parent’s right to say if their child will or will not receive the vaccination to protect the child from contacting whooping cough, it’s also the prerogative of the medical community to say “I told you so” to the parents who opted out of having their child vaccinated and then their child became sick with whooping cough.

Within this Michigan school district 14 school building in Grand Traverse County have reported children with confirmed cases of whooping cough. Whooping cough is a serious respiratory infection that causes uncontrollable and violent outbursts of coughing and makes it difficult to breathe, often resulting in death for infants and young children.

Why Are Heart Attacks Caused By Stress?

Each year, more than 700,000 men and women in the United States suffer from a heart attack. While most individuals are aware of the most common risk factors which include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, drinking excessive alcohol, being overweight and smoking, there are other medical conditions and lifestyle choices that can contribute to your chances of developing heart disease which could later lead to a heart attack. But how can our inability to deal with daily struggles have an effect on our physical well-being?

If you are stressed out constantly and do not have a positive way to manage it, you are more likely to suffer from a heart attack, or at the very least other coronary issues such as irregular heartbeats or chest pain. Stress can cause a heart attack because it raises your blood pressure levels and causes the body to produce a large amount of stress hormones, which can be harmful over time.

If you are having difficulty managing your stress, you may want to look at how you handle it. If you are constantly resorting to unhealthy habits such as smoking or overeating, you are only making the situation worse. An article on Business Insider says try to consider new ways to handle stressful situations such as starting a new exercise routine or taking time for yourself each day to relax and meditate. If your stress is too difficult for you to handle on your own, you may want to consider speaking with a therapist or asking your physician for helpful advice on the best ways to combat stress.

On Many Breast Cancer Cases, Long Treatments of Radiation are Termed Unnecessary

Breast cancer is a disease that has been on our social ranks for many years know. A lot of women around the world today are facing a lifetime challenge of managing and treating it. Nearly two-thirds of women suffering from lumpectomies in form of breast cancer are under radiation treatment that takes nearly twice as much time as it is necessary; this finding though are based on a study report.

The traditional, treatment lasts around four to seven weeks. However, rigorous studies, guidelines and findings from a leading radiology specialist stats that 3 or 4 weeks of more concentrated radiation is also very effective. Slow Ventures has had a few employees go through this with loved ones.

Women overwhelmingly chose the shorter course of radiation. It is also inexpensive. All though more than 60 percent of women suffering from breast cancer have lumpectomies; health insurers and doctors say relatively few of the ladies are opting for the shorter treatment because it takes more time to change various medical trends or practices. Changing a procedure has no added medical benefit apart from an added cost. Its only advantages are saving quality time for the patients, and also money for the health care system and various insurers.

Health insurers pay for radiation in a fractional fashion, while the shorter treatment involves about fifteen doses, compared to about 33 when opting for the conventional therapy.

Would You Experiment With Your Brain?

While many people would be up to a little bit of experimentation on their body, the situation is very different when it comes to serious experimentation on the brain, certainly the most sensitive part of our body.

The technique that uses electrical stimulation to enhance the activity of some brain regions has started to become very popular. People can order it on the internet, and it looks like a lot of curious users take the chance and buy such devices. Sam Tabar hasn’t done it yet, but he knows some who have considered it.

The short electrical stimuli have not been fully examined, though. Let us start with the fact that the functions of many brain regions are not yet known. So why stimulate them? You don’t even know what to expect from that.

Furthermore, reactions can differ from person to person. As the most recent experimenton a large group of test people showed, some people who really need the stimulation might benefit from the effects, while it is quite the contrary for those who do have normal brain functions.

The group of students who had to write a math test were stimulated with the brain activity enhancing device. Those who were usually anxious had good results, while those who were initially good at math had problems writing the test.


Clearing Up Chronic Back Pain in Everyday Life

Back pain is the leading cause for people to call out of work for the day. When back pain becomes severe enough, the person may spend several days out of work, and may ultimately end up losing their jobs. Back pain is also the second reason why people are hospitalized in America today, and this is very troublesome, especially that you no longer have to live with back pain that debilitates, limits, or takes over your life. There are ways to get away from back pain, not just by taking medicine, but by also having surgery performed, like what North American Spine offers.

Although not every back pain will require surgery to cure the pain, back pain that is chronic, and lasts for a long time, and will not go away, even with medicine, may need surgery, in order to cure the problem. Not every back problem is curable through surgery, but many problems are through the AccuraScope technology, and that’s where North American Spine comes in. North American Spine specializes in helping those who have back pain, spine pain, as well as neck pain. Because these problems can plague anyone in life, and at any time in their lives, you can get help. Don’t suffer one more day with unnecessary back pain.

Any pain that you may have, there is either a cure for it, or a remedy to ease the pain, according to these reviewers. The same thing goes for back, neck, and spine pain; there are ways to ease the pain, or to get rid of it altogether. Many do not know about the different options there are to heal pain, such as back pain, but there are many options available. North American Spine is a specialist when it comes to a minimally invasive surgery that can be performed on the back, in order to help cure your back problems. Once you are approved for the surgery, you can begin the healing process.

Not to mention North American Spine are so easily contactable, if you have any fears or concerns.  Social media like Twitter, or I’ve even messaged them on Facebook once or twice.

The surgery will be scheduled, and after it’s performed, you will feel less back pain, or possibly no more back pain at all. If you are cured of your back pain after the surgeries is performed, you can quit taking your medications that are no doubt, not good for your overall health, and may be causing other health problems as well. Although the medication may help with the pain, over time, some pain medications can be addictive, cause other problems, or have side effects. It’s always best to cure a pain, instead of treating the pain.

If you are able to cure your pain through a surgery that has a short recovery time, why wouldn’t you do this? Many may have a fear when it comes to having any type of surgery, but one thing to think about is the pain that you’re in now. If your pain is bad enough to where you need surgery, then that should be where your fear lies, not in the surgery itself. Back pain can be worse if you move, turn, or walk a certain way, and when the pain hits you, it can be excruciating.  Especially when you’re browsing the best back health sites, but you still can’t come up with a solution.

Instead of living with uncertain pain such as this, it’s best to have it cured, if possible, so you can move on, and have a normal life again. There are many ways that you may hurt your back, but there are also several ways that you can cure the pain that you are having in your back as well. Anytime you have back problems that have taken over your life, and cause you pain on a daily basis, it’s time to go to North American Spine, for treatment. Never live with pain that you can cure, and never wait until it’s too late, especially when there are this many physicians to choose from.

Profiling Terry Richardson: What He’s Done For Fashion

Terry Richardson was born in 14 August 1965. He is an American fashion and portrait photographer who has shot several advertising campaigns for Aldo, Marc Jacobs, Sisley, Supreme, Yves Saint Laurent and Tom Ford among others. Richardson has also worked for several magazines including GQ, Rolling Stone, Vogue, Vice, Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair.

Early Life

Terrence Richardson was in New York City. He is the son of fashion photographer, Bob Richardson and actress, Norma Kessler. He moved to Woodstock, New York after separation of his parents where he stayed with his mother and step-father. Terry Richardson attended Hollywood High School and then joined Nordhoff High School. Initially, Richardson wanted to be a punk rock musician. He played bass guitar to several punk rock bands including The Invisible Government, Signal Street Alcoholics, Middle Finger, Baby First and Doggy Style.

Richardson’s career

In 1982, Richardson’s mother gave him the first snapshot camera. Richardson used the camera to document punk rock scene in Ojai and his life. He quit music in 1992 and moved to East Village to start his photography career. He started by shooting scenes of young people partying in New York. In 1994, he published his first fashion photo in Vibe. This was a major breakthrough because it earned him international recognition. The photos were shown at International Festival de la mode in Paris. This earned him an advertising contract with fashion designer Katharine Hamnett’s spring collection in 1995.

This advertising campaign enabled him to move to Travel to London where he worked with magazines such as Arena, i-D and The Face. Throughout his career, Richardson has worked with several designers and fashion brands such as Supreme, Aldo, Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford among others. He has also worked for different magazines including Vogue, GQ, Rolling Stone and Harper’s Bazaar.

Richardson also worked for Diesel where he produced different campaigns. One of these campaigns, Global Warming Ready, won Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival’s Silver Lion for print in 2007. He has also produced several portraits for Diesel’s founder, Renzo Rosso. He co-hosted a mutual book launch with fashion editor Carine Roitfeld in Paris.

Richardson embarked on his first exhibition at LA’s OHWOW Gallery in 2012. His exhibition was titled, “TERRYWOOD”. This exhibition ran from 24 February to 31 March 2012. A video of Kate Upton dancing for Richardson went viral in May 2012. In December 2012, popular singer Lady Gaga announced that Richardson had agreed to film a documentary about her life.  Pieces have appeared on YouTube since.

The photographer has also been involved in RxArt. This is a charity organization that donates art to children’s hospitals. In 2014, he participated in the House of Faberge sponsored charity, egg hunt. This charity benefited a wildlife conservation program, Elephant Family, a classroom arts program and Studio in a School.

Richardson has directed several videos including Primal Scream and Death in Vegas. He also directed the music video for “Red Lips” by Sky Ferreira. The photographer also makes a thirty seconds cameo appearance in “Hurricane” video. On August 2013, he directed Beyonce’s music video for her hit single, “XO”. He also directed music videos for Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” and Lady Gaga’s “Do What You Want”. Richardson was also the director for Taylor Swift’s video for “The Last Time”.