January 2015

Beneful Dog Food

As any dog owner can attest, dogs will eat almost anything, and do so with great enthusiasm. But just because your dog will eat it, doesn’t mean it’s good for them. Paying attention to the nutritional value of your pet’s meals is as important as those for your family.

Purina, a name that has been known and trusted for pet care and feeding for over 80 years, brought out the Beneful line in 2001. Beneful continues the company’s standards and quality assurance that has kept Purina as the number one pet and animal food company in the world. Their motto, “Your Pet, Our Passion,” is exemplified in the Beneful line of dog foods based on wholesome ingredients and balanced nutrition.Beneful’s dry dog food is not only protein-rich and full of wholesome whole-grain goodness and vitamins, it comes in fun shapes and colors. This makes feeding time as fun for your dog as it is nutritious. Beneful dry dog food comes in a variety of blends for every size dog and stage of its life, as well as formulas that can help with weight loss and creating a lustrous coat of fur.

Beneful’s wet dog foods are also made and blended with a variety of healthy and wholesome ingredients. Knowing how much dogs love meat, they contain a variety of proteins, such as pork, beef, chicken and even lamb. There are twenty healthy varieties of Beneful wet dog foods with different textures and sized of packaging. Beneful has the right wet dog food for any breed, and it is available on Amazon right now.

If you care about your dog’s help and happiness, you want to feed them Beneful dog food.

A Large Collection of Wine from The Antique Wine Company

Knowing where to turn in order to locate antique wine that is no longer sold to the general public can be extremely difficult, but not impossible. Thanks to The Antique Wine Company, it is possible to locate just about any bottle that is desired, as long as it is old and rare. This company specializes in helping clients find exactly what they desire, and while not all wines are available still, The Antique Wine Company can help an individual find some of the very best wines out there.


The Antique Wine Company has been around since 1982 and is based out of London. Stephen Williams started the company, which now boasts over 20,000 different clients. While the company does not give out any sort of client information, many of these individuals range from wealthy business owners to celebrities and many world leaders as well. The company has collected exceptional vintage wines and has over 10,000 different bottles of the very best vintage in stock.  So, even if it does not have the wine in stock, it can help an individual locate the wine.


The Antique Wine Company works along side Viscount David Linley, who produced something that is known as the Grand Chataeu Series. These are specially handcrafted wine cabinets that are designed for the very best chateaux in Bordeaux. Each of this containers hold around 18 bottles from the different estates, which were produced either in the 20th or 21st contrary. These different collections of wine are designed to fit the needs of the purchaser as not every single container is going to be the same. The individual purchasing the container is able to work with The Antique Wine Company in order to determine what works best for them. Generally, when someone just wants The Antique Wine Company to make the selection for them, the price is going to be 149,000 pounds. However, it can go up from there. In fact, back in 2006, The Antique Wine Company sold a collection that cost $1.5 million, which is the highest amount of money ever paid for a collection of wine. One of the bottles dated back all the way to 1860, so there is a reason behind some of this.


However, The Antique Wine Company does not just sell large collections of wine. It also sells individual bottles. In fact, The Antique Wine Company holds the world record for selling the most expensive bottle of wine. It was a 1811 Chateau d’Yquem, which they sold for 75,000 pounds. The bottle ended up an individual who owns a few restaurants in Bali. He allowed the bottle of wine to be on display for patrons to look at, although he is going to eventually drink the bottle of wine.

The Antique Wine Company continues to purchase more wine and to grow its collection, in order to offer the very best wine selection for its patrons and ensure they are always happy.

Beneful Is Best

Beneful is one of the best dog food companies around. I have used Beneful for years feeding my dogs and it’s a great product. There are many different brands of Beneful that can be purchased. One is the dry dog food. The dry food comes in many flavors to include Healthy Smile, Healthy Fiesta, Healthy Growth for Puppies, Healthy Radiance, Healthy Weight, Incredibites, Original and Playful Life. The wed food is made with Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Turkey, Pork, and Salmond and comes in many more different varieties. They include Chopped Blends with Beef, Chicken, Lamb and Beef; Mediterranean Style Medley With Lamb; Romana Style Medley With Chicken; Tuscan Style Medley with Beef; Beef and Chicken Medley, Beef and Chicken Stew; Beef, Pork, Turkey, Roasted Chicken, and Roasted Turkey Medley; Savory Rice & Lamb Stew; Simmered or Chicken Beef Entree. My dog’s favorite brand is the Tuscan Style Medley with Beef. I often serve his this treat when I am having a special dinner and he’s around.

However, since I have been feeding him Beneful he’s much more energetic and healthy. He’s an overall much happier dog and I strongly feel that the brand of food you feed your dog makes a big difference. Having had feed my dog regular dog food and then switching to Beneful I’m able to see the difference. My dog’s coat is also shinier and much more easier to manage. I would have to say my overall experience with Beneful has been great and I would highly recommend this product to whoever has a dog and has a genuine love for it. To get a happy dog, we must feed this good food, like we do ourselves.

Infograph With Pictures And Information, Released From North American Spine

Everyone knows that if you’re not informed about something, you should learn from someone who is. When it comes to spine, neck, and back pain, North American Spine is very well informed. PR Newswire reports that North American Spine has released an infograph, detailing how to have proper posture. The infograph is several pages long, and shows pictures, as well as information about how to have proper posture. Not only is proper posture pointed out, but readers will learn the negative effects of poor posture, and how to detect if you currently have poor posture.

The infograph is one of the many ways that North American Spine is helping those who currently have back and neck pain. Poor posture can cause pain in the neck and back, and many may experience insomnia, as well as headaches. The infograph is a great tool to use, in order to learn how to correct your posture, and avoid certain pains. North American Spine performs the AccuraScope procedure, which is a highly recommended procedure to help minimize or permanently relieve, neck, and back pain.

The procedure can take as little as under 45 minutes, with a high success rate of over 82%. Most will feel permanent pain relief, or at the very least, minimal pain after having the procedure. North American Spine has seen over 8000 patients, and many of them are satisfied with the work performed by the treatment centers, in an effort to relieve their pain. North American Spine recently celebrated its sixth year in helping to relieve their patient’s pain.

Click here to visit the North American Spine website.

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich: Plastic Surgeon Extraordinaire


Working in beauty we often deal with lots of different personal beauty styles but some people are looking for permanent solutions and sometimes cosmetic surgery is the solution. Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is an extraordinary plastic surgeon. But he is much more than just that. He is an educator, an author who has written extensively for text books, and a man who has made significant contributions to the field of reconstructive and plastic surgery, aging and facial aesthetics. Currently he is the Chairman of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center where he is also a professor. Dr. Rohrich simultaneously holds the Distinguished Chair in Plastic Surgery of the Crystal Charity Ball and the Betty and Warren Woodward Chair in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,

As if that were not enough, he’s currently the Editor-in-Chief of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ official medical journal, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has also been awarded the Rod J. Rohrich, M.D. Distinguished Professorship in Wound Healing and Plastic Surgery. For most professionals that would represent a very successful career, but for Rod J. Rohrich, M.D., that is a mere fraction of his work and accomplishments.

Born in Dallas, Texas on August 5, 1953, and raised in rural North Dakota, the American Board of Plastic Surgery plastic surgeon completed his graduate and postgraduate degrees at North Dakota State University and then the University of North Dakota with the highest honors possible. He then attended the Baylor College of Medicine where he earned his medical degree and again graduated with high honors. Next Rohrich moved on to The University of Michigan Medical Center where he completed his residencies in general surgery and plastic surgery.

Even after such rigorous training, Dr. Rohrich felt his preparation was not complete. Upon completing that program, he moved on to Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School where he did a fellowship focused on microvascular and hand work. At that point he finally felt he was prepared to give his patients and students the type of service they deserved, so he accepted a position at UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Division of Plastic Surgery.

All that preparation has paid off. Dr. Rohrich has published landmark papers on everything from facial fracture repair and nasal anatomy to medical education, injectable fillers, and patient safety initiatives, and delivered over 900 scientific presentations.

Eating Less Meat Found to Have Health Benefits

Vegetarians have long been touting the health benefits of their dietary choices. Increasing numbers of doctors and hospitals are recommending that we consume less meat. This advice is even more geared toward red meats and highly processed meats. Those who lean toward fish or poultry when craving meat tend to fare better overall than those whose tastes lean toward steak or burgers. The Mayo Clinic has recently observed that vegetarians have a lower risk of heart disease and weigh less due to getting less fat and fewer calories in their diet.

Many of us simply cannot take the leap to give up meat entirely. We may even sympathize with the arguments of vegetarians who feel that eating meat is wrong, but the call from our stomachs for that occasional burger or steak is sometimes just too overpowering. The Mayo Clinic gives the rest of us hope of improved health by letting us know that just by reducing our meat intake with one or two meatless meals a week we can see some health benefits. This is a feasible strategy for those of us, like Zeca Oliveira, who generally try to eat plant sourced foods to help extend our lives but who need that occasional steak to make life worth living.

The Benefits That Come from Expressive Writing

Scientific research has shown that expressive writing can have surprisingly great effects on people’s health and their mood. Writing about your personal experiences and then rewriting these experiences can produce positive behavioral changes and increase a person’s happiness.

Some of the benefits that scientists have seen that come from creative writing include reducing the symptoms that individuals experience when they have cancer, improving memory, and reducing the amount of times that a person has to visit the doctor.

Why does creative writing seem to have such great positive results, wonders Sultan Alhokair? It seems that the idea behind these great results is that every single person has a personal narrative that affects the way they view of the world and themselves. Unfortunately, the inner voice doesn’t always see these things right. When a person writes about their personal experiences and then edits them, they can change the way they see things.

However, the facts prove that individuals who write and then rewrite their personal experiences fare better than those who do not. For example, college freshmen who were asked to write about their personal experiences, read the personal experiences of others, and then rewrite their personal experiences had a much lower dropout rate than college freshmen who did not do this.

The Successful Navigation Of The Business World Through The Eyes Of Vijay Eswaran

One of his Thought Of The Day quotes read: “I do not need to call into question a man’s weakness in order to learn from his strength.” Because as with all human beings there will be a weakness. However, when you are in the presence of someone who has lived a public life due to the nature of their success, all you want to know is what they did to succeed. And Dr. Eswaran goes to great lengths in order to help others navigate the learning curves of the business world. His written works speak of the principles that help to keep a person’s mind in tune with their spirit and personal values.

Every country needs business and commerce, but they need reputable people who will be the link between building a future that benefits human beings and the process that can be a slippery slope. Network marketing has paved the way for many business people, but Vijay Eswaran is one of the few businessmen who has made it a point to define success instead of letting it define him. In the 12 years since he co-founded the QI Group, which is a multilevel marketing company, their e-commerce based conglomerate has established businesses in seven industry markets, regional offices in 4 countries, and a business presence in at least 10 other countries. As Executive Chairman of the QI Group and a graduate of the London School of Economics with a degree in socio-economics, he understands what issues are hindering developing countries.

Vijay Eswaran was born in Malaysia to parents who knew the value of a decent education. His mother was a teacher and his father was a government employee. Although his home life was stable, his family had to move frequently to various parts of Malaysia for his father’s job. So, within that stability there was also instability, which can wreak havoc on a child, unless they learn constructive methods to self soothe. I can only guess that these were some of the earliest instances where Dr. Eswaran learned how to find the peace and quiet within himself. His two charitable foundations are his arms of outreach into the communities of Malaysia and around the world.

Brain Scans May Lead to Better Mental Health Treatment

According to a recent study, there may be new ways to predict mental health issues and perhaps even the best method to teach a child. CNN reports that this new study shows that scanning the brain for abnormalities, blood flow and more, can give insight into such things as depression, learning disabilities and overall brain function.

Brain scans are currently being used when a person is sick or injured, but it is not the standard method when approaching a person with depression, for example. Currently, the success rate of treatment for depression is only 50%. The person may not respond to treatment or may have an adverse reaction to the medication needed for treatment. By using the information gathered from a brain scan, there may be more options available.

If brain scans were more consistently used, much like blood work is today, then perhaps a teenager can be steered away from addiction, for example, if their brain showed a tendency toward addictive behaviors, according to this study.

Researchers such as Jennifer Walden have found biomarkers that are present in patients with depression. With this knowledge, treating a patient with depression may be easier and more successful than the current studies are showing.

Maybe We Should All Be Vegan

Certain test may prove that a vegan diet may actually be a better diet for persons got health. There have been many studies that have been done about the micro bacteria that is found in a person’s stomach. Because of this micro bacteria a person can either suffer from many issues with their stomachs and in turn suffer from issues with other parts of their body. If the bacteria in the stomach is in the correct balance, they can have a healthy gut and in that way they will also be living healthier lives.

There was a study done to explore the connection between micro bacteria and a vegan diet.  They showed that greater amount of protective bacteria was in the stomachs of those people that were following vegan diet.

The study is still being explored, and investigators are not sure if eating a vegan diet would be able to improve a person’s long-term stomach health, but the information that has been found has been very promising. As a health-conscious professional, Ben Shaoul may consider trying it. He discusses wanting to “live forever” in this article in the Observer.