May 2015

The Hand That Helps

It is imperative for people to help themselves before others can help them. A group of people suffering with the heartbreaking Alzheimer’s disease are currently working hard to make sure that they can rely on themselves for help. While these patients know the need to stay in constant communication with their doctors, the need to stay consistent with their medication, and the need to be aware of their symptoms, they know that they best mouth pieces for their fight belong to them. It is very easy for people to research a disease and make up their minds about it. Alexei Beltyukov agrees that it is entirely more convincing when a patient is using their own experience to expose their disease for what it is and what it feels like. Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects 3 million people every year. These are mainly thought to be elderly individuals but the disease can affect younger people too. The neurodegenerative illness has reached multiple spotlights in recent years. Movies and TV shows in particular are depicting the lives of those who suffer with this disease. Those suffering with the disease in real life are the main reason that these shows are going through such lengths to depict the disease. There is a huge push in getting people to discover the massive world of neurodegenerative diseases and other brain ailments. These diseases are going to affect more people in coming years if people aren’t made aware of diet and lifestyle changes that can help deter them.

Massages, Toxins, and Myths

The human body is constantly at risk for absorbing toxins. Even when we watch what we eat in a meticulous manner, the potential to ingest harmful substances exists. Environmental hazards also contribute to the unwanted presence of toxins. Some even believe that a good massage causes the body to release toxins. If that is the case, then a good massage isn’t so good after all!

In all seriousness, should we drink water prior to a massage to further reduce the presence of toxins? Water has been noted for its ability to flush out impurities and toxins from the body according to Crystal Hunt. Drinking water after a massage should address the nefarious issue of toxins in the body.

We need to take a step back here and point something out: massages do not automatically release toxins in the body. Where this notion comes from is likely unproven theories from the wellness community. In terms of clear, established scientific fact, nothing shows massage is the root of any troubling release of toxins.

Considering the fact massages help relax you, undergoing a decent massage could aid in reducing the presence of stress hormones. Those hormones are known for presenting the presence of toxins.

Would drinking water after a massage hurt? The truthful answer here is no. Water keeps the body hydrated and does aid in getting rid of unwanted toxins. While you should not feel you must drink water to flush out your system after a massage, there is no reason not to do so. Drinking a proper amount of water per day comes only with benefits.

Futuristic Coffee Roaster Is Controlled By Smart Phone

Smart phones can do almost anything, aside from doing your chores for you or filling in at your job. There are apps to help mothers track breast feeding schedule, turn on/off lights and security, save money while shopping, and so on. A new home kitchen product will harness the power and convenience of the smart phone with a coffee roasting machine, it is almost like an early version of the robot. The Ikawa can custom roast green coffee bean in under ten minutes. There are a variety of preset options for the novices as well.


Smart appliances are definitely something out of the future, and those at Gravity4 use them quite a bit. The device will be controlled by an app that will allow users to easily control their roaster to get the desired results. The company has been raising funds to begin massive production, etc. They have wisely offered Ikawa machines and loads of coffee to investors, sounds like a great deal, we all can’t wait to see one of these futuristic machines in action.

Nail Care Products Can Pose Serious Health Consequences

As glamorous and appealing nail polish may be, there’s a hidden danger lurking that may lead to fertility problems and even cancer, so says Dr. Thu Quach, of Stanford University and the Cancer Prevention Institute of California, in an interview with the publication The Conversation. Quach wants to bring awareness to consumers, of the toxic chemicals, in nail care products and the consequences they pose to one’s health and well-being.

Research on chemical formulations of nail care products has found toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate, referred to as the “toxic trio”, dangerous due to their impact on salon employees and clients health. As well, many products have been found to contain formaldehyde, that is a compound that is known to cause cancer, and others that affect hormonal balance. Employees can come into direct contact with these products, which can cause skin irritation, vision issues, as well as respiratory issues, from close proximity inhalation of these the volatile products.

Research conducted at the Cancer Prevention Institute of California has confirmed that there are many side effects when exposed to nail care products, such as headaches, nasal irritation, and inflamed skin tissue. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital hopes that can be toned down a bit in the next few years.

Consumers are advised to take a proactive approach towards educating themselves of the dangers associated with the nail care products, that may choose to have applied. For do-it-yourself applications, always ensure there is adequate ventilation and protection for the exposed areas of skin.

The QNet Philosophy

QNet Ltd is a direct marketing company based in Hong Kong. The original name of the company was GoldQuest and offered collectable coins, usually designed by commission. Today, under the name of QNet, the company is one of the leading direct sales companies offering business opportunities to people in more than 100 countries. The opportunity, embraced with a willing spirit, marketing savvy and determination will allow participants to become self reliant and raise their standard of living.

The founders of QNet were inspired by the life and work of Ghandi, one of the greatest humanitarians and leaders of all times. Ghandi embraced RHYTHM – Raise Yourself to Help Mankind. This method and strategy empowers others to work hard and become successful and that has become the core of the QNet business.

Based on that strategy, QNet advocates for the In-Service concept and regard it as a very important characteristic element of leadership. Serving others before self is the true benchmark of a leader and has become the hallmark of QNet.

QNet offers its independent sales representatives the necessary tools and education to achieve financial success and independence. Through the education process, QNet representatives learn more about the products being offered and establish trust and a level of expert authority which is essential to the selling process.

The philosophy behind QNet is to offer a variety of products via e-commerce. (Twitter) The strategy includes direct selling, as well as multi-level marketing. The strategy allows everyday people with the entrepreneurial spirit to start their own business. Success of the individual business owner depends on independent sales representatives referring consumer products to customers. Compensation for the sales force is based on volume of sales and referrals, in addition to recruiting other sales representatives to build a sales team around.

QNet was founded in 1998 and offer a variety of product that include personal care, nutrition, weight management, luxury goods, fashion accessories and home care. In 2002, the company began offering vacations and travel packages. In 2005, the company branched out in telecommunications and in 2006, the company added Bernard H. Mayer watches to their repertoire of products.

QNet is a leader in providing Internet service for both residential and business customers. The company is committed to reliable service and excellence in customer service at affordable and competitive pricing. They also offer web hosting, web design services, DLS and dial-up service and dedicated circuitry.

In addition to Hong Kong, the company also maintains offices in Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Philippines and Indonesia.

Be Aware of the Probiotics That You Buy For Gluten

Probiotics is a healthy supplement that provides your body with good bacteria that is beneficial to your health, and especially the digestive system. However, recent studies have indicated that probiotics may have trace amounts of gluten even with labels that say it has no gluten. This can be quite a troublesome situation for people who take these supplements but are sensitive to gluten in their body. Boraie Development LLC noted that this is especially problematic for people who are under the symptoms of the celiac disease.

Celiac disease can cause a number of problems in the your body’s systems such as pain in your joints, diarrhea, and nausea just to name a few. So people should be aware of the risks they take if they are regularly taking probiotics but may be susceptible to increased amounts of gluten. This can cause a a bit of a distrust in what companies can put into their labels when it comes to ingredients. Research still goes on but it seems that to have the gluten-free label; it needs to have a certain amount below what it’s stated to be considered to have the label gluten-free. More troublesome is that it’s been discovered that four brands have been found to have over that amount.

Be aware of the probiotics and do some research before your body starts paying the price of negligence after having already consumed gluten.

Why Psychology Has Long Been the Black Sheep of Science

Psychology is often referred to as a “soft science”, a term many practicing psychologists and researchers find somewhat offensive. A recent report explored why psychology is considered to be the black sheep of the scientific community, and why psychological research is often dismissed by fellow scientists who work in other fields.

An argument commonly made by those who are dismissive of psychology is that it is a largely subjective field of study, relying on unreliable results for their data which are based upon personal accounts and studies which are unable to be reproduced. While there is some truth to these claims, researchers in psychology analyze data as scientifically as possible considering they are studying one of the most elusive subjects possible, human consciousness.

However, with the growing field of neuro-psychology scientists are now beginning to provide physical and reproducible evidence with advanced technology used to study the brain. Recent findings in neurology by Kevin Seawright are making it hard for the rest of the scientific community to continue to be extremely dismissive of psychological findings, a stigma scholars have been fighting against for decades.

Also, with recent findings in fields like quantum physics we are starting to understand all of science is a subjective field of study to an extent. Discoveries such as “the observer effect” have provided strong evidence that every scientist has a direct and personal effect on whatever they are observing.

Because of these recent discoveries, the definition of psychology is starting to get a much needed make over.

Sleep the Day Away

Researchers are releasing data every year to prove the importance that sleep has on the body. On average most adults recorded getting no less than 5 to 6 hours of sleep a night. And some extreme cases participants recorded having less sleep. The World Health Organization regulates that the average adult needs at least 7 hours of sleep and no more than 9 hours of sleep per night. The happy medium would be to get 8 hours. The medical community has often preached getting 8 hours of sleep. One columnist released an article chronicling her discovery of what sleep should really look like. Our ancestors were never on an 8 hour consistent sleep cycle. They traditionally practiced first and second sleep. A common night of sleep for most people would look like a 6 o’clock bedtime. At 10 o’clock, people would wake up and this time would be considered Watch Time. People would bring in their livestock, pray, visit neighbors, clean or prepare food for later meal, and married couples would engage in intercourse. Around 12 am or 1 am, they would go back to sleep and arise when the sun came up. Alexei Beltyukov has learned that a recent 16 years study has concluded that these four hour blocks are actually how the human body should respond to sleep. When the body sleeps, it is essentially in a comatose state. Forcing yourself into an 8-hour induced coma, can make the body more lethargic. It is still recommended that adults get 8 hours of sleep, but the blogger who studied the sleep case notes that the 8 hours should be broken up into 4 blocks. There are numerous websites and blogs pages dedicated to advising people on how to incorporate 4 hours sleeping blocks into their lives. One thing is for certain, those who swear by the 4 hour sleep blocks have nothing but good things to say about it.

Can One Woman Beef Up the World of Modeling?

Can one woman beef up the world of modeling? Ryann Hoven is going to try.

You may know her as Tess Holliday, but Ryann is her real name. She’s the size 22 social media sensation known for #EffYourBeautyStandards campaign. Holliday, size 22, is the largest model ever to sign on with a modeling agency. She has a larger social media following than any plus sized model with 650,000 followers on Instagram and 820,000 people on Facebook.

Since the news broke earlier this year that Holliday had been signed by a modeling agency, she has gotten work with companies like Torrid, Yours Clothing and Simply Be. All the attention also brought out the haters who had lots to say about her weight and health. Holliday doesn’t care according Jaime Garcia Dias. She admits she is a large lady and says if someone calls her fat, they are speaking the truth, but it doesn’t mean she isn’t also beautiful. She’s ready for the fashion world to stop obsessing about size and numbers, and just focus on beauty.

With her in charge of the movement, it won’t take long.

Why Consumers Choose Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee is a popular beverage that is made from the best coffee beans. After consumers taste this coffee, they usually drink less coffee that is brewed at established coffeehouses. A cup of Bulletproof coffee takes people on a journey because it has a fruity aroma and a hint of different fruit favors. In addition, the coffee is bright and clean, so consumers can drink it with their favorite meals.

What makes Bulletproof Coffee unique is that Bulletproof Coffee manufacturers carefully select and test new and old coffee brewing methods so that they can target various content levels. At the end of the process, Bulletproof product developers blend key ingredients together. The formula gives the product all of the benefits of traditional coffee without the harmful side effects.

Bulletproof manufacturers harvest every coffee bean from Central American in a location that is above sea level. Because the harvest site is 1250 meters high, every coffee bean always produces a great cup of coffee.

The process of harvesting coffee is a complex task. This is why Bulletproof Coffee manufacturers select highly trained coffee harvesters. These workers only pick the best berries that are ideal for brewing.

Most manufacturers process their coffee beans by leaving them under the sun for several hours. They also press the beans and ferment them so that they can remove the beans’ outer layer. Both techniques help the manufacturers enhance the flavor of each bean. Bulletproof Coffee beans, however, are processed mechanically in cold water. This is a great manufacturing technique because it reduces the development of bacteria and mold.

Bulletproof Coffee offers storage advice for your coffee. Bulletproof coffee produces fresh coffee for office employees, but the bags must be stored properly so that the bean will remain fresh. A cool, dark area is the best storage location for additional bags of coffee.

To learn more about Bulletproof coffee, visit the official website or contact the customer service department.