June 2015

Missouri Law Expands and Clarifies Coverage of Eating Disorders

When it comes to health insurance, mental health has not really been on a parity with physical health ailments. Yet, they can be just as debilitating as any physical illness to being able to live our lives or earn a living. According to Lime Crime, depression is probably the most common problem of this kind out there, and it can diminish a person’s productivity on the job and have other negative effects. There are also mental health problems that can contribute to physical problems. Eating disorders are a prevalent one in this category. The most common of these are binge eating, bulimia and anorexia. Eating disorders affect over 20 million people in the United States. Depression and eating disorders are actually related as depression can sometimes lead to this other disorder.

The state of Missouri has made news as becoming the first one to expand health coverage to include eating disorders. In theory, such mental disorders were already covered, but in practice it was left up to insurance companies to interpret federal mental health parity laws and what constitutes medically necessary treatment. The Missouri law has codified what disorders require treatment and the extent of the treatment so people are not getting kicked out of therapy before handling their disorder because the insurance coverage lapsed. It remains to be seen how many other states will follow Missouri’s lead, but it is likely that many will.

Let Slyce Help You To Implement Image Recognition Into Your Current Software

Those who are very particular about certain fashions, or if they like certain products, they may have a difficult time finding a product that they see when they’re out and about. There are certain scenarios that may render it necessary to use what is called “image recognition software.” Say for instance you’re outside of a closed shopping mall, and through the window you see a really nice purse. The purse is so captivating that you feel the need to take a picture of it, so you can remember to ask about it when the store opens.

If you use image recognition software, taking a picture will be the first step to helping you identify the product. The picture can be sent through the software, and the software will be able to identify exactly what the product is, and it can tell you the price of the product, and you’ll be able to find out where to buy the product. This may sound too good to be true, but many people who have retail stores of their own, especially big department stores, they are implementing product recognition software within their applications.

When it comes to this type of software, Slyce is number one, and they’re a leader in helping companies to implement the software. Slyce has different software that can be implemented within a current application in order for customers to utilize the image recognition engine. If a company chooses to implement the image recognition software into their current application, it works with the current application. A customer may be able to take a picture of a product that they want to buy. Once they run the product through the application, the application will return with the exact name of the product and the price. In some cases the customer may be able to purchase the product right through the application.

Slyce has other technologies that can help people to find a product that they don’t necessarily know the name of. Even billboards and printed ads can be used to identify a product using the image recognition software. It’s as easy as taking a picture of the product in order to identify exactly what the product is. It’s no longer necessary to ask a person on the street where they got their product from, especially if you can quickly snap a picture of the product. With Slyce’s image recognition software, it’s easy to find any unknown product.

The Rate That Won’t Stop Rising

It isn’t uncommon for people to grasp the knowledge that the United States is struggling with obesity. A recent study that was released would suggest that the obesity problem is a lot worse than words originally recorded. The obesity rate in an American adults grew substantially in the last 20 years. More than two-thirds of adult Americans are overweight or obese. The research was published in the JAMA internal medicine publication this past Monday. Out of adults ages 25 and older 67% of women and 75% of men struggle with an unhealthy weight. Just two decades ago only 63% of men and 55% of women struggled with these same problems. This has led many researchers to believe that the numerous and flattering campaigns to get Americans to a more healthy and manageable lifestyle are not working as well as originally thought says Shaygan Kheradpir. Data collected from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey which include that 65.2 million adult Americans were overweight. 67.6 million of American adults are obese. That would mean that 132.8 million Americans are struggling on the daily basis with weight management. This is also the first time since the data has been collected that the research shows that obese Americans outnumber overweight Americans. Equipping Americans with health conscious knowledge and stopping the propensity of being able to supersize meals is currently a national priority. The Obama administration is responsible for the Let’s Move program and the FDA has even move to ban trans fats from processed foods. Studies are proving that these actions are not enough. After giving it their all for the last 20 years, doctors are begging the question what did Americans to the healthy weight that they need to be?

Miraculous Gel Stops Bleeding Almost Instantly

The common wisdom in stopping bleeding is to apply pressure. Sometimes, if the bleeding is relatively heavy, this may not be a quick enough solution before the person has lost quite a bit of blood. There has been a medical breakthrough in quickly stopping bleeding, and it has come from an unlikely place. A 17 year old named Joe Landolina invented a gel that stops bleeding almost instantly and then actually helps heal the wound incredibly quickly as well. He is 22 now and is working with a partner to bring this incredible product to market.

Currently, the gel is being prepared for use by veterinarians, but approval for use on humans is expected to not be far behind in many countries. Bruce Levenson has learned that the gel uses an algae that instantly forms a mesh-like structure to stop the bleeding, and it is such an ingenious concept that it won him second place in a business competition that he entered when he was a freshman at New York University. He and his partner are expecting to start shipping to vets this summer from their startup named Suneris. VetiGel as it’s called is expected to fly off the company’s shelves, and hopefully it will be available soon for use on people because a fast way to stop bleeding would save a lot of lives in many situations. This gel should be on every ambulance in every country of the world.

New Gel That Speeds Healing Process

Ever have a cut that just did not seem to want to stop bleeding? There is now a product, that once it is applied, will almost instantly stop bleeding. This gel product is set for release to veterinarians in the upcoming weeks, and is soon to be released to hospitals and doctors offices.

The gel is actually based off of an algae. There are, within the algae, polymers. These are basic building blocks of the substance. Once the polymers are isolated, they are then broken down into even smaller particles. These are the items that makes the gel so effective as far as Alexei Beltyukov can make out.

The algae particles are then injected into the gel. These act as smaller little blocks that will adhere together and help promote the healing process. If they are injected into an open wound, they promote healing of the soft tissue with less scarring.

The most beneficial aspect of the gel with these polymers is the fact that they have the ability to form a mesh like guard over and around wounds. This mesh is what promotes the congealing of the blood and therefore stops bleeding faster. In tests, it has been found that the gel can stop bleeding in about 12 seconds.

This may not be instant or totally revolutionary in the process of treating buts and wounds, but it sure is a great first step on that path. The company hopes that the field results will be as successful as in lab results and sees expansion of the product in the near future.

Hear Are Several Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga

Yoga has always been known as a great way to stay in shape as well as a relaxing way to calm the mind. Many stars today use yoga as a way to relax, and one popular star that does it is Madonna. Try Yoga Today. Although there are many other stars that do yoga, even normal people use yoga as a way to stay fit, and to maintain peace in their life. There have been many testimonies to the power of yoga, and there are several reasons why Yoga is good for the body.

Keith Mann agrees that one reason Yoga is good is because it can change you inside and out, and it makes you need less beauty products. Some talk about a yoga glow, and many testify that this is real. You get some type of a glow after doing yoga because your body has worked out, but the relaxation also may help your skin. Another benefit of yoga is that there’s is no equipment needed. You are your own piece of equipment, and you can add or take away tension as necessary, depending on which moves you perform.

Another great thing to think about with yoga is that if you try it, others may want to join in, especially your significant other. Do some yoga for a while, and see how well it does your body, and maybe your partner will want to join in as well. Anyone thinking of starting and exercise regimen, they should consider doing yoga.

Plague Claims Colorado Teen

According to the LA Times, a boy on Colorado, who appeared to have been suffering from a severe case of influenza, actually died from an unexpected case of the plague.

Taylor Gaes, the 16-year-old in question, didn’t display plague symptoms at first which threw doctors off. Katie O’Donnell, a spokeswoman for the Larimer County Health Department, claimed the absence of swollen lymph nodes and the feverish and muscle aches were to blame for the erroneous diagnosis.

O’Donnell was quick to point out that contracting and suffering from the plague was highly rare, which makes catching it difficult but is also not cause for wide public concern. In the case of Larimer County, only three people have contracted plague on the last thirty years. Yet O’Donnell still wanted to further appeal to the public and reassure them that those who have attended Gaes’ funeral were at minimal risk of contracting plague.

Though the strain of plague has yet to be identified in Gaes’ case, though the bubonic plague being the most common, therefore their first suspect in this case. However, bubonic is known for swelling lymph nodes, while septicemic and pneumonic plagues live in the lungs and blood of its victims says Zeca Oliveira. In either case, medical officials believe that he contracted it from a bug bite, mostly likely a flea that once lived or fed off a rodent of some kind as they are most susceptible to plague.

New Medication for Malaria Fights Drug-Resistant Strains

Good news for people living in or traveling to developing countries: scientists believe they’ve discovered an effective and inexpensive antimalarial medication, currently known as DDD107498. The University of Dundee’s Drug Discovery Unit, in conjunction with the Medicines for Malaria Venture, developed this medication. It is expected that the medication will only cost around $1 per treatment when it’s ready for public use according to Zeca Oliveira.

Merck KgAA currently has the rights to commercialize the medicine and the company plans to proceed to clinical trials by the end of 2015. These trials will test the safety and efficacy of the drug when used in the human body. The current laboratory findings, which are the result of experimenting on live mice and stored human blood, are promising. Unlike the malaria drugs in use now, DDD107498 targets protein production within parasites. This means it will likely be effective against the growing number of drug-resistant malaria strains that kill nearly 600,000 people each year, many of them children.

Chagas Disease on the Rise Due to Guinea Pigs

Chagas disease is known for being fatal, but the disease is also known for being extremely hard to actually contract. This is due to the fact that to get infected a person needs to scratch the exact spot where a kissing bug has defected and bit them. The itching causes the parasite in the feces to enter into the skin. This process generally only results in about one of every 1,700 becoming infected.

According to Mikal Watts, scientists therefore are wondering why as many as 40% of all people in certain South American communities have become infected. A study that was published today online suggests that it may be because people consume guinea pigs in the Andean region. The study took a look at Arequipa, Peru where the guinea pigs are regularly eaten. If found that many times the infected kissing bugs are attracted to the pens of guinea pigs and bite the pigs.

Therefore, the guinea pigs continually get bite leading to their eventual infection. Once they become infected they become carriers and can pass the virus onto to those that eat it. Since humans have several large holidays that involve roasting a guinea pig in the region the end result is that they too end up infected.

Women Today Weigh More Now Than Men Did In The 1960s

More Than 35. percent of U.S. Adults Are Considered Obese

There must be something in the water, or maybe it’s all those antibiotics in the chicken we eat. Whatever it is, Americans are getting bigger, and that includes women. According to Brian Torchin, the average weight of American women these days is 166.2 pounds. The average in 1960 was 140 pounds. American adults continue to gain weight even when they exercise and diet. American adults eat a lot for a variety of reasons, and that’s why 69 percent of the adult population is considered overweight or obese.

We don’t want to be obese or overweight, but we can’t stop eating. It’s not that the food tastes better than it did in the 1960s, because it doesn’t. But the added stress and anxiety we feel is at a higher level than it was in the 1960s. We didn’t have the added pressure of checking out cellphones every five minutes or those annoying airplane seats that make us feel fat when we’re not.

But the real reason we are bigger than we were 55 years ago is we want to be bigger. Big means better to us. We are educated to believe in bigness, and our weight proves we believe big should be in all things including us.