July 2015

The Best Procedure for Instant Relief

North American Spine is a clinic that is based in Dallas, Texas. This clinic is dedicated to helping those that have suffered from neck and back pain that has originated from tissue and muscle damage. North America Spine has developed a new treatment called AccuraScope which is a procedure that provides any patient with instant relief. What AccuraScope is is a minimally invasive way of getting rid of pain.

The founders of the Procedure are proud to say that this procedure has been successful to the 8,000 patients that have come to the clinic in search of help. This procedure not only provides instant relief but also has a 82 percent rate of the patient never have back or neck issues again. Each physician who handles these cases is specially trained and is able to operate on each patient in under an hour.

One statement towards the success of the AccuraScope procedure is from Oklahoma City resident, Joe Berry. Joe Berry is a former fireman and EMT who has decades of neck problems that have been attributed to his strenuous and active career. Joe Berry, before hearing the North American Spine reviews, tried everything. Berry tried steroid shots, minor surgery, as well as pain killers. All of these treatments either did not help or did not provide permanent relief to his issue. It wasn’t until he was recommended the AccuraScope procedure that he found instant and permanent relief to his issue.

What the surgery entailed was only 45 minutes of Berry’s time. All the surgery was was making a small incision in the problem area and find the inflamed tissue or muscle with a tiny camera. Once the inflamed area was isolated, the specialized physician would take a laser. The laser, being the width of a piece of lead in a pencil, would be pointed at the inflamed area to fix it.

After the surgery, Berry raved about the instant relief that he felt. He was even able to walk out of the clinic the same day that he walked in. The best thing about the surgery to Joe Berry was the fact that the surgery did not prevent him from returning to work. Within a week after the surgery, Berry was pain free and ready to start working at full speed again. North American Spine has provided a new procedure that is both minimally invasive and provides instant relief to any individual that suffers from neck and back pain.

Joseph Bismark, an Inspirational Figure

I have recently read an article on the blog Bring On The Random. The article on this blog was about a refreshing businessman named Joseph Bismark. Bismark is a businessman who believes that spirituality and business combined make for positive results. He strongly believes that spirituality leads to a successful corporation. I have been convinced that Bismark’s unconventional methodology is effective with what he has done as a member of the board of directors at Qnet. 

Much of his unique mindset and expansive knowledge were gained while Bismark served as a monk in the Philippines. After studying as a monk Bismark was able to combine his spirituality with his business principles. When he applied this combination to the realm of business he found great success as the Managing Director of the QI Group and in founding his own company called Qnet. With his accomplishments Bismark has proved himself as both an intellect and a businessman.
Bismark is a prime example of a leader who is successful in leading in an unorthodox manner. He makes his employees’ happiness and satisfaction one of his top priorities, which I feel definitely sets him apart as a leader. He firmly believes that happy employees directly lead to success. 
Bismark’s talents reach far beyond the realms of spirituality and business. He is also an author, a motivational speaker, a yoga instructor, a martial artist and a philosopher. And despite only working for a single company he dedicates time to ensuring that others are aware of the benefits of combining spirituality with business. Unlike most people would assume, despite finding great success in the world of business Bismark retains his humility and continues to live a simple life such as he did when he turned his back to a life of luxury to become a monk. I have found Bismark to be a breathe of fresh air. He has produced the innovative new idea of combining spirituality and business, and he has proven with his own experiences that the combination truly does work. Overall, Bismark is an inspirational figure in both his spirituality and business practices.

Beneful Cares about Dogs

When it comes time to choose a company that I know will be there for my dog and really give me what I am looking for when it comes to dog food, I want to choose the kind of company that can prove that it loves dogs. Beneful is one of those companies that shows off their love of dogs again and again. When I am looking for a company that shows that they care about the dogs in my life, I know that Beneful is a good option for me.

When it comes to Beneful and their advertising, they use dogs in that advertising again and again. This brand truly looks out for dogs in all that they do, and their love for the animal really shines in all that they have accomplished. This is the kind of brand that I look for when I am trying to find a dog food brand that cares about my dog as much as I do. Beneful loves dogs, and that shows in all that they do.

The Nutritional Value of Dog Food

The best dog food is one that fits its nutritional values. What makes this a difficult choice is that size, weight, age, and breed, all factor in to the choices made for your pet. They all have a direct impact on what it is your dog needs the most and least of.

The vast majority of dogs will eat almost anything put in front of them. Yet our furry friends simply will not do well on a human diet. Their diet needs to consist of protein along with beneficial fats. Surprisingly, it is the carbohydrates they need least of. Nearly 20 percent of a dogs diet should consist of protein. It may come from fish, meat, and even some vegetables. They also need amino acids along with a certain amount of fat. Fat provides your dog with what it needs for a shiny coat, good skin, dental health, and strong paw pads.

This is a lot for the average person to remember. Purina has been the leader in nutritional dog food for years. The kinds they have to choose from is phenomenal. Purinastore’s Beneful is one such product.

Beneful provides a nutritionally balanced diet available in many different flavors. It can be purchased in both dry and wet forms. It comes in lamb, beef, chicken, and pork. There are also recommended feedings for the overweight dog or the size you may own. Leave nothing to chance with Beneful dog food!

North American Spine Continues To Grow

The North American Spine is a wonderful provider of the AccuraScope procedure. This procedure helps patients that suffer from chronic back or neck pain. The exceptionally exciting thing is theta it does not involve the patient to have to go through s major surgery. This is great news for patients and potential patients. The AccuraScope procedure is to help patient relieve their neck or back pain in hopes theta they may life a better and more fuller life.

Recently, North American Spine was featured on WFAA’s Good Morning Texas. Host Carrie McClure of WFAA spoke with Dr. Basem as he explained the techniques that are used by North American Spine. Dr. Basem discussed how every patients pain is different that is why it crucial to make sure the patient is thoroughly evaluated. For most patients that receive the AccuraScope they walk out immediately feeling relief.

The North American Spine is highly recommended for people who have tissue related problems instead of bones related problems. This is because it works better on tissue related issues than bones issues. They have a success rate of 82 percent which is an outstanding accomplishment. This procedure is only performed by board certified physicians that have had special training.

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