August 2015

A Healthy Lifestyle Aids Joseph Bismark In Business


The managing director of the QI Group, Joseph Bismark has revealed to asPire Magazine the secrets to his impressive business life and the ease with which he lives his personal life, as reported by Yahoo News. Joseph Bismark has been an important part of the QI Group for a number of years and has been in his current role since 2008, a period which has seen the QI Group embark on an impressive period of environmentally conscious products and decisions.

The life of Joseph Bismark has always seen the businessperson embark on a period of contemplation that originally led him to study at a monastery in the Philippines. Bismark has also embarked on a large number of decisions that have affected both his business and personal life. In business, Bismark is well known for being one of the most popular employers in the world, encouraging those in his employ to achieve their best. This has led the Singapore based businessperson to encourage all those around him to have respect for others and aim to be the best people they can on a daily basis.

Outside of his business life, Joseph Bismark informed Business Wire that he has looked to combine his spiritual life with his everyday practices and exercise regime. An avid cyclist, Bismark has incorporated technology into his daily rides by using an app on his mobile devices to track the length and speed of his rides. This move towards technology has also taken place in his daily meditation and contemplation with the use of the Soundcloud app to upload his favorite mantras for his own use and for the use of others. Sharing his favorite mantras with others is part of the service Joseph Bismark undertakes for others and includes his decision to train to become a teacher at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga. Bismark has embarked on a period of training and now teaches yoga on a regular basis, which allows him to also work with other teachers to continue learning new techniques.

The spiritual side of life has always been important to Joseph Bismark and allows him to make sure his life remains balanced between business success and personal happiness. The chance to continue to teach the processes of yoga and meditation are amongst the most important aspects of his life, which influences both his personal life and career.

Everyone Needs To Make The Right Dog Food Choice

Many dog owners get confused by the different products that are offered to them for their pet. They might even feel that all of the different products and brands are the same, and that it doesn’t make a difference what they feed their dog. But that is not true. There are so many differences from one brand to the next when it comes to dog food, and it is always a good idea for a pet owner to check out all of the different brands of dog food that are available to them before they go ahead and select one. Because, where dog food is concerned, cheaper is not always the better way to go.
There are some brands that make dog food out of just about anything. Those brands couldn’t care less about the health of a dog, as all that they are into is making money for themselves. They want to make as big a profit as they can, and that is why they stuff a bunch of junk into the dog food that the put out on the shelves. And that is just not right.
There are also some brands that do care about the dogs that they make their products for, though. Beneful on amazon has long cared about pets, and they are always trying to improve upon their products so that pets can be as healthy as they can be. They want to put quality ingredients into all of their dog food. They never just stuff it with a bunch of gross stuff, but instead they put in ingredients that pet owners wouldn’t mind eating, themselves. Everyone who purchases from this brand feels that they can trust it because of the way that Beneful is constantly showing quality when it comes to pet care.
It is time for pet owners to realize that not every brand of dog food that is available to them is the same. There are some that they should never go near, and there are some that will keep their pet healthy and growing stronger each day. They need to take the time to notice the differences between them, and then they need to make the right choice.

Brushing Your Dog is Good for Her Health

A good brushing not only makes your dog look and smell better, it also improves her health. Even short-haired dogs, like Beagles, benefit from having their coats brushed two to three times a week. Combine regular brushing with proper nutrition using Beneful foods and exercise and you’ll have one healthy, good-looking dog.

Prevents Matted Fur
Matted fur is not only unsightly, it’s painful for a dog. it feels very similar to a human’s ponytail which is pulled too tightly. Clumps of matted fur are also prime locations for fleas to hide and breed, causing the dog even more pain. A daily brushing prevents the dog hair from matting.

Stimulates Circulation
As the brush detangles fur and glides over the skin, the bristles provide a massaging actions that stimulates circulation. The blood rises to the surface of the skin and improves the health of your dog’s fur and skin, helping to keep them both healthy.

Beneful Nutrition
Feeding your dog a well-balanced diet, like that offered with the Beneful brand, will also keep your dog’s skin and fur healthy. What goes inside will show up on the outside and a healthy, shiny coat of fur on the outside will start with the right foods going inside. Beneful by Purina provides the right nutrition for a dog at every stage of life.

Strengthens Core Muscles
Brushing triggers a reflex in dogs that causes a twitching motion to take place along the spine and that twitching engages the core muscle group in the mid-section. As the core muscles contract, they become stronger.

Fewer Hair Balls
Brushing removes loose hair before your dog has a chance to lick himself and swallow the hair. Ingested loose hair typically passes through the digestive system without causing problems, but the occasional hair ball forms from loose hairs that have lodged in the stomach or along the digestive tract.
Beneful dry dog food will help aid in the digestion process and help your dog better eliminate the occasional hairball. Dogs are usually able to pass or to get the hair ball up and out on their own, but sometimes the hairball has to be surgically removed. Regular brushing and dry kibble will help prevent the hairballs from forming.

Health Inspection
Daily brushing allows you to become familiar with what is normal on your dog’s body. You’ll be able to detect a new bump, sore, cut or other abnormality that could indicate a health problem so it can be treated early.

Happy Dog
The physical act of brushing causes your dog’s brain to release feel-good endorphins so she becomes happy and relaxed during a brushing session. Bonding time with you is also another bonus brushing provides.

Brush Type
Hand-held, mitten, long or short bristles, wire or nylon, dog brushes come in a wide assortment of styles. The best brush is the one you’ll use on a regular basis, so invest in a dog brush that fits your hand comfortably.

First Time Pet Owners: The Basics of Caring For Your Pet

New dog or cat owners sometimes learn about pets through trial and error. Especially if you’ve never kept a pet in the past, learning about these wonderful animal companions sometimes requires more than intuition.

You can’t always depend on your pet to demonstrate common sense. Just like a child, the new dog or cat in your life will require a bit of instruction in order to learn how to “fit in” well with caregivers. You’ll need patience and the ability to meet the pet’s basic requirements in order to develop a great human-companion animal environment.

The Basics: Health Care, Nutrition, Training

Essentially, a pet owner must take charge of the pet’s life in three critical areas: health care, nutrition and training become the human being’s ownership responsibility. As domesticated animals, dogs and cats remain totally dependent on their owners to supply these important essentials.

Health Care Minimums

At a minimum, you should take your pet to a veterinarian at least once a year for a physical check-up. The vet can administer essential vaccinations for your locale.

In most places, obtaining an annual rabies vaccination for the pet constitutes one of the most important responsibilities of the pet owner. Your veterinarian may recommend other essential vaccinations, too, depending on where your reside. Some diseases occur more frequently in certain places. Veterinarians offer valuable suggestions for promoting pet health.

Basic Nutrition

In terms of nutritions, feeding a well rounded, balanced diet made especially for your pet helps promote lifelong health and vitality. Purina Beneful on twitter manufactures a number of excellent food products for pets, including Beneful, one of its most popular lines. Follow the feeding instructions on the label carefully to insure that you offer your pet complete, essential nutrition.

Pet food should fit the individual animal’s species type (dog or cat), age and health status. For example, dog food manufactured for young puppies wouldn’t suit an elderly dog with a different set of nutritional requirements.


Training includes everything from teaching your dog or cat not to defecate in the wrong places to providing adequate exercise. It sometimes surprises new pet owners to discover that cats and dogs don’t automatically learn house training skills. Yet just like infants, pets need training in order to understand your rules.

Most cats readily learn to use a litter box. Dogs sometimes require a lot of patience to house-train. One useful step if you have acquired a dog involves enrolling your pet in an obedience course. You can teach your pet many useful skills, and you’ll typically find that training improves the dog’s behavior significantly around the house, as well.

Dog parks, such as the ones Beneful has helped build in several cities, offer wonderful places to exercise your dog. Most pet owners find that spending a little time becoming better acquainted with their pet offers a rewarding way to develop a strong human-companion animal bond. The time you spend playing with your pets and investing attention in them will return benefits to you a thousand fold.

Get A Procedure That Can Change Your Back

Thousands of people each and every year search for relief from their back pain. Back pain can be brought on because of many different reasons, and it can come in many different forms. There are many individuals that have suffered from things such as injuries, accidents, and other issues that have caused them to have severe back pain. There are still other individuals that just suffer back pain because of problems with their genetics and issues with their posture. Whatever the reason may be, for those individuals that suffer with back pain, it can be devastating and it can completely and totally take over their lives.

Research has proven that more people are hospitalized for back pain than any other issue apart from pregnancy. Since that is the case, there are many people that are looking for the best possible way to be able to get relief from their back pain. These are individuals that may have been offered many different treatments, but not all treatments are created equal. There are many different clinics that have been created in order to help those individuals that are suffering from back pain. These clinics may offer things such as surgeries, and therapies to help a person to get their back in order. Unfortunately not all clinics are created equal, and there have been many individuals that have gone to these clinics and not seen much results.

Yelp users are saying North American Spine is a revolutionary back clinic that offers an Acurascope procedure. This procedure is unlike any other back procedure that is performed in the United States. With the Acurascope procedure there is a very small incision that is made in an individuals back, and the small scope goes directly to the area of pain to alleviate back pain right away. After the small procedure is finished, then the individual can actually leave the clinic and walk out with relief that very same day.

In reality the Acurascope procedure offers individuals something that no other back clinic can offer. It offers them a noninvasive procedure that can actually help them live a normal life after back pain. Every year hundreds of people come from all around the United States and even beyond in order to get relief from their back pain. The North American Spine clinic is one of a kind, because it helps individuals get their life back after back pain or back injuries.

The Life of Fersen Lambranho


There are many people throughout the world that have been able to rise above the position that they were born in to in order to succeed greatly. In the country of Brazil, for many decades the country had a lack of stability and high crime. However, over the years the country has changed from this culture to one of growth and readiness as they step upon the world stage as a power. Fersen Lambranho is one of the most influential people in the country of Brazil. Even though he was born in to a poor family, Fersen Lambranho has been able to work hard and take chances on his way to the top. There are few people that have achieved the success of Fersen Lambranho in the country of Brazil in such a short period of time. Here is some more information about the life of Fersen Lambranho.

Early Life
Fersen Lambranho
Fersen Lambranho was born in to a poor family that lived in a small village in Brazil. From an early age, he knew that he wanted to live a different type of life than those that were around him. There were people that told him in order to succeed he would have to go to school and get an education. Even though it was hard, Fersen Lambranho was able to work to support his family and go to school at the same time. This ability to juggle several things at once would serve him greatly later in life.

Fersen Lambranho
Fersen Lambranho was always talented and good in school. However, he also had a tenacious work ethic that drove him to even higher levels of success. There are few people in the country that were able to rise as fast as he did. Although he was able to get through school, Fersen Lambranho again wanted more than what life was going to offer through his current path. He decided that he was going to start becoming his own boss through a business. Although there are many people in the country that now support this, at the time it was difficult to imagine that someone of his background would be able to run a business.

Fersen Lambranho
Fersen Lambranho has become one of the most successful business owners in the country over the past couple of years. He has a great ability to see areas that people need a product or service in, and he has been able to capitalize on the growth of the country of Brazil. Fersen Lambranho is a great example of how much a person can accomplish if they put their mind to it.

Using Beneful to Weed Out Your Dog’s Protein Intolerance

Constant scratching, biting and rubbing may indicate fleas in dogs, but sometimes the trigger is an allergy. More often than not, your pet is allergic to a certain ingredient. Many pet owners try varying the menu for a few days, like changing from Beneful’s chicken adult dog food to Beneful’s lamb and pork. Owners forget that pet food is similar to our own menu, and certain diets are not a good fit for every dog. We’ll get to more about how to use Beneful to weed out an intolerance.

Dog food is full of various meats, processed proteins, additives, and natural dyes which can impact your dog’s immune system. The longer a dog is exposed to these foods, the sooner they can develop an allergy.

Keep in mind, many breeds also have a predisposition to allergies, like German Sheppard, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels, Irish Settlers, and Dachshunds. Certain breeds carry antigens in their bloodstream, which in turn, causes the body’s immune system to over react. It sends out antibodies that lead to inflammation. This process is called “sensitization” but it’s easy to resolve by simply removing the intolerant ingredient from your pets diet.

How do you know if your dog has a food allergy? Some of the typical symptoms include chronic recurrent inflammation of the ears, itching, skin problems, stomach problems, gas, back itching, licking feet, and yeast infections. If you notice hair loss, hot spots, or skin infections, and depending on how bad the problem is, you should have a vet run tests to see if the pet will quickly respond to antibiotics.

It takes Detective Work to Determine a Food Allergy in your Dog

80% of food allergies in dogs are caused by their predisposition to the ingredients in dog food; not the dog food itself, but a predisposition to an ingredient. Many owners are confused by that fact. Just like humans, some pets are allergic to menu items like seafood and even beef, and some have an intolerance to dairy products. For example, the German Sheppard breed has poor digestion and certain sensitivities to food, so pet owners should feed this breed lamb and brown rice, which are easier to digest.

Your vet will more than likely tell you try an elimination diet to find the guilty ingredient that’s causing your pet grief. Many pet owners stick with the same brand of food and simply try a different meal. A good example is switching from Beneful dry dog food in beef to their prepared meals in lamb stew.

One of the benefits of using Beneful’s dog food is that their menu of products work really well for an elimination diet. Pet owners can quickly switch from dry to wet meals, or vice-versa, and conveniently buy a single meal in different proteins until the allergy becomes known. Beneful also works well for digestion issues by offering different textured foods.

Once the symptoms have declined, you’ll know which of the suspect foods to eliminate from your dog’s diet.

Bear in mind that the allergic reaction can also occur from medical issues, like flea bites, dust mites, or your pet could have an intolerance to a household cleaner. What you may consider an allergy, could be a whole other problem.

An All Encompassing Approach to Psychiatry: Healthy Mind Equals Great Life

Psychiatry is a branch of medicine. Psychiatrists help people by studying what influences human behavior. It is about understanding, and treating mental and emotional illness. The most well known psychiatrist is Sigmund Freud. Dr. Freud pioneered the method of psychoanalysis – often called the talking cure – used to understand human behavior and treat the mentally ill. His theory proposed that people needed to understand their own behavior by getting past superficial thinking, and exploring the the subconscious mind. Freud believed the surface of human personality was where people rationalized their behavior, and only by accessing the subconscious could people understand the causes of their problems. Although Freud’s influence is still felt strongly, and his contributions are incalculable, many advances have occurred since his time.
Psychiatry has evolved since the days of Sigmund Freud, but still, mental illness is on the rise. Some possible reasons for this rise: over a decade of war, the relentless pace of modern life, widespread substance abuse, and increasing economic uncertainty. The good news is that psychiatry has developed increasingly effective treatments. Important advances have occurred using medications together with psychotherapy – the new name for the talking cure – to treat many mental illnesses. Psychiatry has also recognized and created a broader spectrum of definitions to classify mental illness. Broader classifications make finding proper treatment easier. The most promising advancement has come from a change in thinking about mental illness. Many experts are now looking at the whole of a person’s experience. Social, biological, and psychological aspects of one’s life are all considered when diagnosing an illness. One Psychiatrist in particular, Dr. Daniel Amen believes that a healthy mind is the key to human health in general.
Dr. Amen is the founder and director of Amen Clinics with facilities in about 10 cities around the country. He is a best selling author, and television producer. He has published numerous scientific articles in the most respected, and prestigious journals of the psychiatric, and neurological communities. Dr. Daniel Amen has the kind of credentials that demand respect among people who study, and treat mental illness. The main premise of his work is built around the belief that a healthy mind leads to a sound body, positive social relationships, and a high level of success. Dr. Amen’s mission is finding a way to make every mind right, and thus every life right. Some have even claimed that Dr. Amen is the most well known and popular psychiatrist in America. Move over Dr. Freud.

Tips on Dealing With Depression

Depression is a mental disorder that can damage the brain, cause emotional stress, and also make a person lose their sense of self-love and optimism. The hardest part about being depressed is not knowing what to do to get better. For most people, the problem is merely something they can fore come with time. However, this isn’t always the case for most people said Dr. Daniel Amen on psychcentral. Using these tips can help prepare you for when you are yelling with a very depressed and low moment.

Tips on Dealing With Depression

– Make It A Goal To Overcome Depression

Some people want to stop being depressed, but oftentimes, the struggle is usually in accepting that depression will last forever. With the right help, it doesn’t have to be something that stays with you. Simply having the mental goal in your mind that you want to overcome this disorder can already out you at ease and improve your progression rate to a normal mental state.

– Gratitude

When you wake up in the morning, or even when you feel extremely depressed, just close your eyes for a second and come up with a thing you’re grateful for. This isn’t always easy, but it’s a great start. Just be thankful for a single thing. Focus on that feeling of gratitude and just continue thinking of more things to be grateful for.

Psychiatrists Can Help

If you ever feel like you can’t handle the stress involved and you don’t find a way out of your situation, working with a psychiatrist can be your best bet for handling the condition better. A psychiatrist can help you use the right treatment and products to help you ease the depression.

Dr. Daniel Amen is a professional who can help you out. His knowledge, great experience, and success rates on his clients has proven that he knows what works. It isn’t always easy to overcome such a horrible condition. It gets tougher every time to deal with it, but the right guidance from somebody like this psychiatrist can help you achieve faster progress. You want to develop your mental health as best as you can, and working with a professional will help you succeed on beating out the condition and getting the right treatment.

Depression is always stressful, but the right person to help guide you can help you beat out the condition. Using the tips above can help you make wise choices on dealing with the problem. The struggle is usually just not knowing what to do in order to get better. Working with Dr. Daniel Amen will help you out for the future. Working on this alone can make you feel trapped and alone, so talking it out can make a difference.

Griffin’s Focus on Opportunity

Kenneth Griffin‘s 46th birthday was a special day to himself and the rest of Citadel employees because it was the day when former President Bill Clinton delivered a thoughtful speech to the crowd gathered in a sprawling office of 8,000 sq ft. It was also the day when Griffin’s attention got diverted to the falling stock market and the well-known billionaire founder of Citadel LLC huddled for global equities. What followed was a remarkable memory in the history of the company. The chief on board was not only able to place a large bet, the firm was able to profit heavily from the quick decision that came at the right time.

Nearly seven years after escaping from the edge of collapse, Citadel LLC has taken a new shape, form and size. To top it off, Mr. Griffin is embarking on an aggressive expansion of his empire as well. As evidence suggests, Citadel’s assets have increased to $26 billion from $16 billion the previous year. An initial public offering is on the table for the second half of next year, according to people familiar with the business.

The changes that Citadel has seen are dramatic compared to other similar incidents in the hedge-fund world where bankruptcies are abound. What a powerful leader can do to a company, Kenneth Griffin may soon become living proof of this. The typical entrepreneur’s preference for risk-taking in times of market volatility is rational enough. Such enthusiasm and inertia are way beyond most people in the betting industry. How to transform a potential failure into a successful one is far too complex for a busy person ever to learn. Griffin preferred to depend on his intuition and experience. That the executive did not greatly care what others were saying blindly is also rational. There is thus a strong pioneer for other similar companies to follow.

It cannot be denied that it was Griffin’s job to make this rationality work to the benefit of the company he believes in. As these incidents show, forcing oneself to respect and have faith may well be the most effective approach to seeing the entire business from the point of market. It is usually the safest and quickest way to get outside the panic mode and into market-focused action.

There is also some good news to customers and traders here. In order to amplify wins, the company has allowed its traders to use more leverage than its peers. This means for every $1 of the trader’s money, the company invests $7 in borrowed funds. Citadel is on the safer side as well with this new offering due to the fact that it keeps stock bets leaning towards rising and falling markets equally. 52% of the stock bets are sure to pay off, according to Mr, Griffin. Also, the highly skilled analysts are allowed to trade more than $1 billion on their own, which is an added advantage.

Business is an organization, made or broken by the quality of people it has and Mr. Griffin is the best example for a successful business executive. After all, growth is the result of success of offering what the market wants, pays for, and of using economic resources efficiently.