November 2015


Sergio Cortes is 47-year-old health state secretary in the state of Rio De Janeiro.He is the man charged with ensuring health matters in the state are well-taken care off. He is a very busy man but has earned a reputation for efficiency. He was recently admitted to the hospital after being involved in a fire accident. He received a minor cut on his leg and had inhaled too much smoke. He has since made a significant recovery and was recently spotted opening the Dengue Hydration Center at Xerem, Duque de Caxias, which will help flood victims. The center has 12 chairs and can serve up to 300 people in a day. He also opened a garbage management center while there. All these initiatives have seen him deliver 1000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite and 3000 tablets of antibiotics. These are part of measures the city is taking to protect itself.
Sergio Cortes also regularly posts advice on medical problems online. He in a recent article advised on medical back problems. It has been a significant issue in the state, and such complaints hurt the victims a lot. He encourages victims to ensure proper sitting and walking posture. Exercises can help one regain a healthy sitting position. Activities like walking, cycling, swimming and yoga are good for the body. Poor posture can cause neck stiffness, sciatica pain, and herniated disc. All these are a much larger problem of a serious issue.
Sergio has always advised on proactive measures to protect your life. He in his recent article be cried the alarming statistics on obesity in Brazil. The country is currently fighting a losing battle on overweight and obese people.17% of the country is obese and a staggering 50% are overweight. All this is due to poor lifestyle choices that he discourages. His state has the second highest the in Brazil, and it’s his mandate to teach people to make good decisions. On weight, he was recently featured in an article where he explored the many ways one can cut weight without starving oneself.
He urges his fellow citizens to eat a full breakfast with all the nutrients. It is the most important meal of the day since it will provide fuel for the whole day. He advises against beverages like Coffee, which is highly abused in Brazil.

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Lime Crime, The Groundbreaking Cosmetics Company

Lime Crime is a progressive cosmetics company that was created by inventive founder and CEO, Doe Deere. Lime Crime and Ms. Deere are innovative because the principles on which this company was founded are based on the importance of the cosmetics that are manufactured by this company to not only cover up facial imperfections, but to also allow the wearer to convey their unique personalities through the utilization of these special cosmetics. The ability of the wearer to display their individuality by wearing these extraordinary cosmetics was Ms. Deere’s profound idea, and that came about due to her desire to express her own personality using makeup application techniques coupled with the use of vivid, unusual colors that aren’t the typical subdued colors.

The origin of Lime Crime was initially a website where Doe Deere demonstrated physically transformational makeup application techniques. Ms. Deere had proven herself to be an expert in all things that are associated with cosmetics, and that expertise garnered her a large following of makeup enthusiasts and devotees. In time, Ms. Deere realized she could have a lucrative business if she manufactured her own cosmetic products in her own tints and also demonstrated those cosmetic products using her famous application techniques on her Lime Crime website, hence, the Lime Crime cosmetics company was born. The Lime Crime website, which is also the online cosmetic store is very colorful and has an ethereal quality about it, and at the same time is very user-friendly and informative.

The cosmetic hues and tones encompass the color palette and the makeup products are groundbreaking, such as the Velvetine liquid-to-matte lipsticks. The liquid-to-matte idea is clever for effortless and flawless application of lipstick. There is the set of eye-shadows called Venus: The Grunge Palette, which consists of eight different eye-shadow shades that are actually the colors of traditional lipsticks. As shown on the website models, these colors are different as eye-shadows, but they are effective in creating the smoky-eyed look. There are also two vibrantly tinted lipstick lines titled Unicorn and Carousel Gloss. Additionally, there are brightly tinted eye liners, jewel toned Zodiac Glitter, and pastel hued nail polishes. To top off the overall marketing and presentation of these glorious cosmetics, they are packaged when they are sent to Lime Crime customers in elegant, girlish and royal-purple colored boxes with an embossed silver unicorn bearing the company name, Lime Crime, on the outside. It is truly impressive and unforgettable.

Benefiting from Beneful

Beneful is made with quality assurance, a set of standards that are adhered to in order to provide a healthy, high quality pet food. As part of our commitment to quality, we follow our quality assurance standards to ensure that your dog or cat has the best, safest, and healthiest food that they can get. We not only want it to be safe to eat, but filled with ingredients that show our level of commitment to high quality pet foods that can live up to the highest of standards. We take pride in the fact that our pet foods are consistently high quality and nutritious, because we know that you love your pet just as much as they love tasty, flavorful foods.

There are countless ways that companies and products adhere to quality assurance standards. These include satisfying, or going above and beyond, the standards recommended by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), United States Department of Agriculture (ASDA) and AAFCO. Purina Beneful is one of those companies that goes above and beyond these standards. As always, we are on the look-out for ways to increase our awareness of each ingredient in our pet food. Every process we use to manufacture and distribute our pet food to store is routinely evaluated. By finding ways on to be more in depth with the way we evaluate our pet foods, we are able to ensure that our foods are always fresh, and most importantly, safe and healthy for your pet. What is our reason for exceeding industry standards for quality assurance? Purina is in the business of making healthy pet food. We want our pet food to be good for your pets, because we care about every pet. We know that its the right thing to do. The way we see it, the best way to ensure the highest of quality for our pet foods is to hire the smartest, leading experts in the industry. These experts fine tune every single part of the processes that we use. Many other companies have a small quality assurance team, yet we have 33 leading experts that work everyday to help make sure that we can guarantee that our products will satisfy you, and your pet. We use state of the art methods and processes, and our employees are among the most dedicated and passionate people in the industry. Countless time and effort is invested into their training, ensuring that our employees are as educated, thorough and safe as they can be. We even train some of our retail partners, teaching them how to properly handle our products.

Shaygan Kheradpir Drives Change that Counts The Leading Electrical Engineer

Shaygan Kheradpir is a leader that truly has been driving change that does count in every way. This is a well-respected individual who has received his impressive education from Cornell University. He holds a Ph.D. and masters in electrical engineering. The main focus is on control systems. All during his career this man has continued to build teams that are mission-driven to lead in change that really counts. This is change with a purpose. CEO and Chairman of Coriant Shaygan Kheradpir has an exceptional reputation for being a well-respected leader in every way. His current position is the CEO as well as Chairman of the Board. These positions are held at Coriant. Coriant is known as a proven supplier of highly superior and innovative networking solutions. This includes the leading network operators in well over 100 countries. This will also include 9 of the out of 10 global Tier 1 Communications Service Providers. This is number 9 from the top 10. A Man with Experience in Every Way Mr. Kheradpir offers his well-tuned experience within the technology and business area. This is a man who is indeed highly recognized in these sectors. He has over 28 years of solid executive experience. This includes experience in the following: * technology * telecom * financial service industries Experience and Shaygan Kheradpir is a combination that does drive the change that counts and truly matters in every way. Partnership with Central Working Shaygan Kheradpir is involved with a site that has high expectations and includes many companies from outside of the UK. This is a site that may assist numerous digital businesses. This help is expected to occur over the next five years. This is exciting because this partnership may support over 88,000 jobs along with an enormous amount of revenue. The partnership with Central Working is anticipated to offer a vital boost for many digital start-ups. It should be known that Tech City is filled with potential. This potential may be on its way to becoming the digital capital of Europe. It does need engagement and investment from the business community. This will then release new growth. Credible and Knowledgeable It is safe to make the claim that Shaygan Kheradpir is an individual who is credible and trustworthy. He has proven that is most definitely knowledgeable in the areas of technology and business. It is quite clear that this is a person who is driving the needed change that counts in every way.

Kyle Bass: Making Predictions And Frightening Politicians

It’s no secret that big banking has been responsible for many scandals economically on the global stage over the last several hundred years. Perhaps this is why Kyle Bass, made famous in 2008 for predicting the sub-prime lending crisis, has taken a stand against the banking institutions of China. Bass feels that China’s banking institutions are lending too freely, and that this lending will result in financial crises within the next several years. He says: “It’s not the end of the world,” though obviously he feels confident in his assertions.

Kyle Bass may or may not be a trustworthy source as far as such predictions are concerned, however. Though he managed to successfully predict the financial crisis of 2008, since then he has made a number of predictions which didn’t follow through, and according to, his “bad calls” reveal an individual with an ulterior motive as yet not fully expressed in public perception of him.

Bass has been criticized many times for his association with Christina Fernandez de Kirchner; a well-known radical socialist in the Argentinian scene. Kyle is an Argentine himself, so perhaps this has something to do with his relationship to Kirchner. Whatever the case, he has made a number of substantially well-endowed financial institutions nervous with his activities. Kyle formed the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, which is an organization specifically aimed at diminishing profits which come from big pharmaceutical agencies. Bass’s initiatives in this regard have some measure of success, as stock values for a number of big pharmaceutical stocks have dropped since his organization got started. As a result, American politicians have been trying to find a way to “close up the loophole”. This from both sides of Congress on a bipartisan basis, according to Indeed, they make a good case for Bass having ulterior motives frightening to the United States powers-that-be; but there are also a great deal of politicians with monetary interests tied up in big pharmaceutical agencies, so this is not necessarily indicative of sour dealings on Bass’s part. Furthermore, it’s to be expected that big pharmaceutical industries would do everything in their power to silence a dissenting voice; especially if that voice had successfully devalued their stocks.

Whether or not Kyle Bass is actually a genius in finance, or whether he’s a straw-man puppet working on behalf of ulterior interests invisible to the public at large, remains to be seen. Perhaps the resolution of China’s looming financial crisis will vet Bass’s claims, perhaps not. In these situations, only the full resolution of the issue serves to vindicate or vilify an individual. In the case of Kyle Bass, only time will tell whether or not he’s on the level. Whatever the case, keep an eye on him.

North American Spine Provides Services to New Area

People from all walks of life experience chronic pain. Unfortunately, this is something that many people have had to learn to live with for quite some time. One of the most common forms of chronic pain involves back pain that exists in one capacity or another. Typically, people suffer from lower back pain due to some type of injury or overuse, often from something that happened long ago. Still others experience pain in the upper regions of the back. In either case, the pain can easily become debilitating and it can make it virtually impossible for that individual to function as they once did. As a result, people are constantly turning to new and innovative ways to find relief. One of the places they turn to on a regular basis is North American Spine. COntinue reading about the facility’s most recent news, first seen in the PR Newswire.

North American spine is one of the most innovative facilities that has ever existed. It specializes in minimally invasive procedures that are designed to dramatically reduce or even eliminate back pain in its entirety. Instead of forcing patients to undergo invasive surgery that has the potential for a great deal of complications, the procedures performed at North American Spine take only minutes and patients are often back up and moving around within hours to the next day. Even more impressive, most of them are capable of returning to their routines that they were accustomed to before back pain began chipping away at their lives and they are capable of doing so without pain, often for the first time in years.

North American Spine has gained a reputation as one of the finest facilities of its type anywhere in the country and as such, it has started to expand to places that it has not serviced in the past. One of those places is Las Vegas, Nevada. Under the watchful eye of Dr. Sharma, the new facility will offer the same extraordinarily high level of care that every other North American Spine facility offers. With his background in pain management and anesthesiology, he is capable of helping patients that have tried virtually everything else, yet have found very little relief in the process.

Dr. Sharma explains that he will provide consultation for those who are in need of some type of medical intervention in order to regain control of their lives. In addition, the facility will offer the same type of minimally invasive surgical procedures that North American Spine has become famous for. Dr. Sharma will also provide alternative pain management programs, even for those who are suffering from chronic pain. As a result, everyone in the Las Vegas area stands to benefit from the help that this facility is capable of providing.