January 2016

The Anti Muslim Comments Of Donald Trump Criticized By George Soros

The rights of every individual to live a free and happy life has always been close to the heart of billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros. The former refugee and Holocaust survivor has mae it his personal mission to work with his Open Society Foundations in a bid to provide freedom and democracy for the people of the world as a charitable effort. The views of George Soros have now brought him into direct conflict with prospective Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, who has called for a total travel ban for people of the Muslim faith.

George Soros has used an interview published by Forbes to explain his feelings towards the views of Donald Trump, which the Hungarian born Soros has claimed act as the perfect recruitment tool for ISIS and other extremist groups. Trump has called for people of the Muslim faith to be barred from traveling in and out of the U.S. until acts of terror are wiped out; George Soros is opposed to these views and used his interview to explain just how dangerous the views of Trump could be for the world. George Soros believes the governments of the world have been working within the Middle East to drive ISIS back from lands they had gained in initial fighting.

George Soros has brought his own personal experience as a refugee to the comments of Donald Trump, which saw his rescue from a Nazi concentration camp result in a move to London followed by a financial career in New York. In his Forbes interview Soros explains the views of the people of the world towards refugees have changed in the 21st century. The negative view of refugees has resulted in areas of the world like Europe considering closing their borders to migrants entering from Syria, which Soros believes could cause the collapse of the European Union if governments go back on their agreement to open borders for citizens of member states.

Compassion and Music Can Bring People Together

Music is many things to many people. But one only need go into a concert to see just how effective it can be in bringing people together. Music can move crowds in a literal way. The tone and speed of a song will always influence the dancing. But the most impressive unifying factor in a concert involves feelings. The tone and style of the music can invoke a myriad of different emotions in the entire crowd. But what many people might not realize is that it can also be the lead in inspiring charity. And in one particular case it’s helping people suffering from autism. The Autism Rocks campaign is using private rock performances to help finance autism research.

But if it’s music that’s helping lead people to charity, it’s Sanjay Shah who’s leading the music. Sanjay Shah is the the president and CEO of Solo Capital. And that’s easily what he’s known best for in the business world. He’s one of those people who combine charisma and talent in a way that instantly builds up an amazing portfolio of contacts. And every now and then one of those contacts reaches out in friendship. One of those was international superstar Snoop Dogg. His family was amazed to learn that the renowned performer was going to be coming to their home.

Obviously Sanjay himself was moved by the experience, but so was his family. And this led him to realize something that would change countless lives for the better. Sanjay realized that he could use that feeling to help fund charity. The feelings of being in the presence of a musical legend can be amazingly influential. And Sanjay’s contacts would help him get in touch with some of the most compassionate and charitable people in the music industry. As for the exact nature of the charity, there was never any question in Sanjay’s mind. One of his children is autistic and that was one of the biggest issues for Sanjay. Every parent wants to understand their child better. And autism research is one of the best ways of understanding the very different, and very special, worldview that people with autism have.

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Status Labs Restoring Your Online Reputation Today!

Status Labs announced a 939 percent increase in its revenue from 39 percent from 2014 since the company was started. They are known for online reputation management, public relations and in digital marketing. The growth of the company has been achieved through the relentless efforts by the team of digital gurus, through their innovations and dynamic digital strategy offerings as well as the focus on client acquisitions and retention. This year 2015, Status Labs enrolled over 160 clients across all forms of industries including beauty, healthcare, finance, real estate, philanthropy among others. According to the President of Status Labs, Darius Fisher, they can solve all digital communications that you will bring them. He further emphasizes that his team is the top of the line in offering solutions like restoring of online reputation after defamation, advertising on social media and or in the development of a strategic public relations campaign.
The company acts as an online management form that makes it easy for their clients to interact with their audiences online with compelling information that will boost sales and participation. Status Labs offers solutions to what a client needs whether it is an increase in brand’s digital footprint or image management. With effective procedures and measures, they help their customers look their very best in searches online which in turn improves the growth scales through effective digital marketing and public relations strategy. Status Labs headquarters are in Austin with branches in New York and Sao Paulo. They also work with over 1500 customers in 35 or more countries.
The company also offers some security tips on how you can prevent your data from unwanted access. You are advised to make sure that all personal data that you have published online to be removed. This will prevent your information from leaking out to the public. Ensure that you change the social media privacy settings of the many accounts that you have. Finally, ensure that you constantly change your password in the sites and also in online banking and if something goes wrong then visit Status Labs for the restoration of your online reputation.

Sanjay Shah’s Charity Was Created to Benefit the Study of Autism

Many people are familiar with the term autism, but they don’t understand the specifics of the disorder. Some research foundations are currently looking at the link between autism and genetics. Autism Rocks is a charity that was created to raise money for Autism Research Trust. This is a firm that turns money over to the Autism Research Center at Cambridge University. Autism Research Center might be the most comprehensive laboratory for autism research in the world. This research center has produced many peer reviewed publications that study autism’s genetic origins. ARC has devised numerous tests to assist in diagnosing young children, adolescents and adults with autism.

Autism Rocks is a very unique charity that sets up fundraising concerts. All of the proceeds from the concerts go to the Autism Research Center. Plenty of renowned artists have headlined these concerts. Famous performers include rocker Lenny Kravitz and Michael Bublé. The charity also seeks to increase autism awareness. The autism spectrum is very broad. A lot of people don’t realize just how common and widespread it is.

This charity was founded by Sanjay Shah. Sanjay is an entrepreneur who has had his hand in numerous businesses all over the world. He is the president and CEO of Solo Capital. Solo Capital was a large hedge fund. Sanjay has been working in business and marketing sectors for over 20 years. He is also the founder of Vistex. Vistex is a software company that helps businesses lower labor and infrastructure costs.

Sanjay is known around the world for his philanthropic efforts. He founded Autism Rocks because one of his three children is autistic. He currently serves as the CEO of this organization. Shah wants Autism Rocks to become more widespread over the next few years. He recently spent $100,000 on a domain name for the charity. The organization has arranged exclusive concerts in Dubai and London. Shah hopes that the brand name will improve autism’s mainstream image. Autism functions as a developmental disability. Autistic people are abstract in speech and thought. Sanjay Shah’s organization creates a positive image for the developmental disorder.

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Sergio Cortes Is The Undisputed King Of Micheal Jackson Impersonators

Ever since the world lost the great Micheal Jackson in 2009, there has been a huge void left in the entertainment industry and among celebrity advocates for universal peace. Micheal Jackson was a global ambassador that influenced millions of people from all walks of life. One of the people who loved and appreciated Micheal Jackson ever since he was a little boy in Spain was Sergio Cortes. Little did Cortes know that when he grew up he would be considered the greatest Micheal Jackson impersonator in history.

Based upon Cortes’ personal life story that was reported on R7.com, when Cortes was a small child people in his community were amazed at how much he resembled Micheal Jackson. As Cortes developed into his adolescent and teenage years, family members and locals realized that Cortes was also a gifted singer and dancer. His local celebrity status grew to the point where people paid him to dress like Jackson and perform his songs. During his teenage years, Cortes realized that his twin-like appearance to Jackson’s could land him a career as a professional impersonator.

Cortes obviously had great foresight as a child because he currently travels across the globe to put on live stage performances and to give interviews on popular syndicated talk shows. His success as an MJ impersonator is not a mystery to anyone who lays eyes on him, for Cortes and Jackson share the same physical features, such as their jawline, lips, skin tone, body structure, eyes, smile and charismatic glow.

You might assume that being regarded as the greatest impersonator to mimic the greatest hit maker of any era would make Cortes arrogant; however, this is not the case. Cortes has a humble spirit like Jackson and he shares Jackson’s desire to inspire humanity to choose peace over war and violence. This attitude in conjunction with his natural gifts to entertain electrifying crowds has garnered him tens of thousands of social media followers and fans worldwide.

When Cortes steps onto a stage, its like watching Micheal Jackson reincarnated. Cortes is an amazing dancer and singer, and he is also a talented composer and actor. The combination of all of his talents is the reason why critics give Cortes an A+ for effort, execution and inspiration. When people meet Cortes in person, they routinely ask for him for his autograph and to take pictures of him because his star power is truly magical.

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Yeonmi Park: A Survivor’s Story Under Fire

At age thirteen, Yeonmi Park, a refugee of the harsh North Korean regime, braved an escape to China. Once there, Yeonmi was sold into the sex trafficking trade. Despite her mmother’s attempt at protecting her, Yeonmi was passed around among gangs and frequently abused. After her eventual release, she and her mother crossed the Gobi Desert in search of peace and freedom. Yeonmi shared on The Guardin the chronicles of her journey in her book In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. She studies criminal justice in South Korea and has spoken at the One Young World summit in Dublin and at the UN Human Rights session on North Korea. She works as an activist to spread her story and help prevent the same thing from happening to others. Now in her early twenties, Park has begun to face backlash in the wake of her published tale. Videos have been produced in North Korea attempting to discredit Park, and the book The Puppet of the Human Rights Plot seeks to do the same. It is not only from within Park’s former country that criticisms have arisen. Some doubters have labeled her a “celebrity defector” and pointed out inaccuracies in both her personal narrative and details surrounding descriptions of North Korea. Other visitors to the country reject her claims that there were dead bodies floating in the water, daily torture and abuse by the government on its citizens. Some of this propaganda stems from the very regime Park has escaped and exposed to the world. Additionally, Park admits  on The Reason she has changed names and altered some details to protect family members and lessen the shame she feels about her sexual abuse at such a young age. Park refutes these attacks on her credibility, stating that she knows the truth and is committed to sharing it.

Making The Breasts Look Great Is Something That Dr. Jennifer Walden Specializes In

Unfortunately, not every woman grows up to have the voluptuous breasts that everyone wants to look at. Some women have underdeveloped, and they haven’t been able to get the breasts that they’ve always wanted. It’s possible that a woman has breast that are so big that they hang downward, and this can be very devastating to a lady or her self-esteem. After a woman breastfeeds, the breasts can shrink in size as well as slump, and this can also bother a lady who was used to having perky breasts that stood firm. Women can have breast issues of many kinds, and those who choose to get plastic surgery to fix any breast issues they have should go to a top Texas doctor like Dr. Jennifer Walden.

Not only does Dr. Jennifer Walden perform breast surgeries but she specializes in them. Whether a person needs breast reconstruction, breast lifts, breast enhancements or more, it’s possible for Dr. Jennifer Walden to perform the surgery. Some women may need a lift to their breasts to help them become firm, especially if they have breasts that are too heavy. No matter if the woman has oversized breasts that make them slump or breasts are slumping because of the fact that they breastfed, surgical procedures can help to correct this problem. It’s also possible that a lady wants her breasts to be bigger in size because they never made it past and A cup or a B cup, Dr. Jennifer Walden can perform any surgical procedures to boost breast size.

Since Dr. Jennifer Walden knows her work when it comes to breast surgeries, she should be the first choice of those who choose to get breast surgeries of any kind. Once Dr. Jennifer Walden as a consultation with her patient, then they can determine what procedures need to be performed to give the lady the great-looking breasts that she’s always wanted or the breasts that she wants to get back to looking the way they used to. Dr. Jennifer Walden can perform the procedures necessary to help any woman feel confident about her breasts.

Deciding on the best type of dog food for pet owners.

Freshpet Inc. factory in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is obsessed about the quality of their products. They use only fresh ingredients, eschews preservatives and limit the time meals sit on the shelves to make sure they are consumed while still bursting with flavor. Freshpet’s refrigerated dog foods are becoming very popular. Their products are being sold in their own branded refrigerated display cases inside thousands of stores, including Wal-marts, Targets and Whole Foods Markets. Freshpet Inc. is a dog food factory, of course. They provide the only industrial refrigerated pet food on the market today. Pet food is a $23.7 billion industry, with the best innovators producing healthy chow you would almost believe is as good as what you put on your dining-room table. The pet food industry is growing at an incredible rate. All corporations in the pet food industry have been stepping up their marketing games in the face of competition. Some companies have even produced dog food to help your pet lose weight. Others have websites where the pet owners can customize their own special nutritional blends. These companies are constantly trying to come up with that latest innovation that the pet owners want to have. For more information on the dog food industry, refer back to http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20151122/business/151129983/ One very well-known and high-quality dog food brand is Beneful. Beneful produces high-quality dog food with real meats and vitamin-rich vegetables. They offer one of the best selections of different flavors and textures. Benefel also produces wet dog food. It is available in prepared meals and comes in 20 different wholesome varieties. Beneful wet dog food includes a variety of proteins and vegetables. They can also be purchased in 3-ounce convenient multipacks to 10-ounce resealable tubs. Beneful also offers baked delight dog snacks. These delights will usually include your dogs favorite flavors. These flavors include bacon, cheese, beef and peanut butter. The Beneful baked delights come in many different textures as well. Including savory shortbread cookie dog snacks to crispy, airy crackers. The number of different markets for dog food is almost endless. They even have a market for senior dogs. The dog food market is becoming more competitive than ever and for a dog owner, deciding on what to feed your dog is not easy. As always, a healthier diet will be a more expensive diet.

The Advent of AI and Visual Searches

The online world has grown throughout the years with more applications and software getting into the business sector. Researchers from MIT found that there are a number of organizations that have been created to solve innovative needs that have hit the business sector in the past. Diverse tools have likewise been made to make it simple for clients to look for items and conduct other business on the web. The researchers think that with these improvements, organizations that are online-based will have an easy time selling their wares because of the advent of the AI and visual search on slyce.it technological advances. These are apps that permit clients to effortlessly find items and shop for the same without having to describe it in detail. Picture searching on Slyce permits you to take a photo of any item, which will then be used to hunt down other comparative items without essentially typing words like conventional search tools require. These applications are made with artificial intelligence properties that perceive the similarity that exists between items.

According to the developers of Slyce, shopping has been made less demanding with AI and visual search tools as the list of items will be submitted to the user faster and only the relevant items will be displayed. The Slyce app works on all smart phones and web browsers. The organization offers interesting features that can be used alongside the application. These include tips and suggestions that will allow users to get the items they require in the most accurate form. For the users, this visual search app has enabled the purchase of more items than the conventional text-based search. Slyce has worked with top programmers, and specialists in the technology arena and they have dealt with the concept of visual searches taking the way we shop to another level.

Slyce has put a lot of resources into the region of application development and improvement, mostly concerning the visual search app and AI. The organization has acquired the capacity to outline this application that allows the use of camera photos, book covers and more and many sites have received the app and attached it under their hood. Slyce offers retailers both the capacity and guidelines on the best way to adequately deal with the software for the purpose of clients. They also offer consistent support and maintenance to guarantee the visual search application matches the necessities of the clients at any given time.