February 2016

Attempt To Incorporate Olympic Valley Over

Andy Wirth, Squaw-Alpine boss is hoping for community healing after a very troublesome battle in his community. Lake Tahoe has had a tough few years, as a result of drought affecting the winter resorts. However, the weather wasn’t the only struggle that these communities faced. There was a political challenge to incorporate Olympic Valley, which happened to be the home of Squaw Valley Resort. Wirth, the president/ CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC is happy that the battle is over, as a result of the formal withdrawal efforts to incorporate Olympic Valley. Wirth was quoted recently in the Reno Gazette-Journal as saying “this has been a very, very tough four years.” Squaw Valley Ski Holdings spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to stop the incorporation efforts. He stated that it would be a fiscal disaster. After such a contentious battle, Wirth hopes that since the incorporation battle is over there will be healing in the community.
Andy Wirth is the president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and much more. He is a major contributor to the Lake Tahoe environmental and community service organizations. His concentration has been to improve the Lake Tahoe area for people of all ages. In 2013, Andy Wirth had a life altering sky diving accident. After almost losing his right arm, he was faced with stringent physical therapy. Part of his physical training was to train for the Ironman Triathlon, which he states was a vital part of his recovery process. Another vital part of his physical recovery was a friendship that resulted from a chance meeting and ultimate friendship with a group of Navy SEALS training in Squaw Valley. Wirth continues to honor these friendships as teams continue to compete in the Ironman competitions.

In July, 2015, Wirth was named as the new chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. His vast experience in international resort management and numerous airlines allowed him to bring much experience to the table. Although, he has had a very successful career, his recent achievement is at the top of his accomplishments. Back in 2011, Squaw Valley’s owners purchased Alpine Meadows. Wirth has worked tirelessly from that point to unite the two separate mountain ski areas. Now, due to the undying efforts of Andy Wirth and the cooperation of Troy Caldwell, who owns the land between the ski areas, a gondola will connect the two ski areas. Skiers and snowboarders are thrilled with the opportunity to pass from one ski area to the other using the gondola that will join the two areas. Visitors to these two ski areas owe a debt of gratitude to Andy Wirth for his relentless efforts to bring this to pass.

Fabletics Gets 100 Brick and Mortar Locations


Fabletics is opening stores in different metropolitan cities for the next 5 years. Anytime that a business can open up this many stores there has to be something being done the right way. The growth of this business is a direct result of the staggering online sales and the improved customer service. Hudson is also playing a big part of this as well because she has her name attached to this clothing line.

The marketing department for Fabletics is definitely working hard to build up the brand. When people check out the website the first thing that they see is Kate. This is a best thing about her connection to the website. She is able to market the brand, and the marketing department is able to highlight certain clothing instantly by placing Kate on the home page of the site with her favorite picks.

The marketing department certainly knows how to get the name on the minds of customers because the team started with a unique name. The store, Fabletics, is not even a word. This was something that was created by combining the words “fabulous” and “athletics.” This is how Kate Hudson describes the clothing line. It works well because it has allowed the brand to stand out in a major way. You do not forget the word “Fabletics” when you hear it. That is the sign of true marketing innovation. The team created something that did not exist in the vocabulary of the consumers and now it is a business that is flourishing on the Internet. It is set to flourish in brick and mortar stores as well because there will be a lot of locations for consumers to shop.

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The marketing has been done to make this a store that can compete with a variety of different business models. There are some clothes there that are designed for men and women. It has been a good idea to push the concept of the physical store because there are many people that work out at the spur of a moment.

When people sporadically decide to work out at the end of the day they are not going to have time to check out a website and wait for clothes. They are going to need their fitness gear right away. That is where the physical Fabletics locations will be most useful. Many people may question the idea of expanding to physical stores when there is already a booming business on the Internet, but the time is right. The research has been done and the demand is there. That is why actress Kate Hudson and her team has to take advantage of this and strike while the iron is hot.

Solo Capital: Sanjay Shah the Millionaire with a Big Heart.

Mr. Sanjay Shah is a wealthy man who made his fortune from his brokerage firm Solo Capital, and he is worth about $280 million as of January 2016. The company specializes in forex markets and also bets on stocks. They also handle professional sports where they look for talent and invest in the person. It also has a team if qualified individuals who manage all logistics of money markets as well as customer services. Its headquarters are based in London, and it has a permit to operate within the United Kingdom. Other aliases that the firm runs with are Solo Capital UK, and Solo Capital Ltd. Solo Capital is worth £15.45 million, £67.45 as their assets and £30.26 million as their cash flow according to the report that was filed by the end of March 2015.
The initial capital to start Solo Capital was from Sanjay Shah bonus he received from Capiola Investment. The firm had been awarded £90 million that was to be shared among 18 executives, and Sanjay received £19 million. Shah also owns other companies that are in London, Dubai, Luxembourg, Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands. He has acquired quite a vast experience in the financial markets having worked for Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and Rabobank.
Sanjay Shah had studied biomedicine before he shifted to accounting classes in King’s College. He is also a family man and philanthropic too. After the growth of Solo Capital, he was able to create enough free time to fund families in India through Plan International. His donations were not specific till when his son Nikhil was diagnosed of Autism. The ailment is a mental disorder that disrupts the proper functioning of the brain, and the patient exhibits lacks of social skills and communication too can be complicated. He started the Autism Rock Foundation to create awareness of the ailment worldwide. He also bought two minibusses for the government funded autism center in Dubai and it was painted the picture of their son Nikhil.
Autism Rock has a website that was acquired for $100000 by Sanjay Shah so as to enlighten the world on the difficulties autism patients are going through. He utilized his Deejay skills he had acquired back in college to throw gigs with the aim of raising funds for his cause. Sanjay believed that he was in the best position to do research on the ailment through the Cambridge-based Autism Research Center since he had a medicine background and a large, wealthy client base through Solo Capital. Most of the gigs that autism rock has made have also received huge turnouts and been attended by famous musicians like the American Rapper Snoop Dogg. His research in Cambridge University aims at studying the causes of autism and how to treat children suffering from ailment so that they can enjoy their future healthy and with a sound mind.

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New York Real Estate Leveling Off

The real estate market, not just in New York City apaetments for sale but around the world, has taken a rather wild ride over the last several years. Since the housing market crash nearly 10 years ago it has been one dip and rise after another. However, now the real estate market has started to steady out, which brings about its own set of challenges and information both buyers and sellers need to know. Town Residential wants to make sure everyone knows what is going on, so they can have a better understanding of what to expect and what exactly they should do about it when it comes to their property.

As Town Residential points out, property prices have leveled off, which means it is possible for both buyers and sellers to take their time. Buyers don’t need to feel pressured into buying a house right away out of fear of properties increasing in price soon. On the flip side, sellers don’t need to feel pressure into selling their homes out of fear of the prices dropping soon. While every buyer or seller is motivated for different reasons, it all comes down to what someone is looking for and if they find the right property or if they find the right price to sell for. The only thing potential housing buyers need to be aware of is the potential change in interest rates for mortgages. It is likely the interest rate will increase slightly over the next several months. So, there is a chance a mortgage might cost a bit more at the end of the year than what it does at the beginning of the year.

The last thing to keep in mind is it is going to be a bit more difficult to land a good deal on buying a home. Sellers are not going to be super motivated just to move the property, which means someone buying is not going to be able to substantially undercut the asking price. Likewise, sellers are not able to substantially ask more than what the property is worth. It makes for a more up front buying/selling experience.

Solo Capital Sanjay Shah

When Solo Capital blossomed into a million dollar brokerage firm, Sanjay Shah, the owner, found and CEO of the company, was able to find success in breaking off from the accounting world and starting his own business. That business that he started from the ground up, was called Solo Capital. Solo Capital quickly grew into a million dollar business as more and more people trusted the firm’s financial capacity to handle their investments. The company is based out of Central London and Dubai, with over 39 operating businesses.

Sanjay Shah started out attending King’s College in Central London where he studied medicine. It didn’t take him long to decide that he didn’t want to be a doctor so he began to study accounting. Finances and accounting terms had always been of interest to him, so he graduated from college and worked as an accountant for a number of years. After several years of working in an accounting firm he began to grow tired of the everyday nine to five working world. He was not fond of the commute back and forth, and was looking for something else. That something else was Solo Capital, the brokerage business that he started. He originally hired a few college graduates that were fresh out of college looking for a job, as well as some trading partners to help him get started with the business. It grew fast, and was able to grow and expand over Central London and Dubai. Shah currently resides in Dubai where he ran his businesses, and has recently decided that since the success of the businesses have been study, he can take a back seat and retire. Allowing his trusted business partners and employees to carry on the tasks of the every day business transactions and ensure that the business runs smoothly without him there. With the ability to retire, he was able to venture into other areas that he’s passionate about, such as a charity he recently started called Autism Rocks.

The charity is based on the research and development in find a cause and a cure for Autism. It’s especially close to his heart because his son was diagnosed with Autism in 2011. Shah was able to use his talent and past history in the music industry to work with some very popular artist staging concerts around the world and raising money for the benefit. He has worked with artists such as Lenny Kravitz, Michael Buble and Prince. His hope is to continue to work with music artists by staging gigs around the world, and possibly coming to an agreement with them that they might donate a track from their album to Autism Rocks to help raise additional funds for the cause.

Yeonmi Park is a hero

This is the heartbreaking tale shared by The Reason of a North Korean born woman named Yeomi Park, 21, who lives safely in New York now. She just wrote a book ‘ In order to live’ about her life.

Trying to escape the countries oppressive regime and hard to believe details of their life they made their way to China in a journey that few would survive from. 2007 government rations that didn’t even give them enough food to eat. As a girl she would eat insects and anything that she could find. It was not unusual to pass by a firing squad on the way to school or heaps of bodies. Growing up brainwashed many citizens never questioned what was going on due to limited tv and radio stations. She grew up under the dictatorship of Kim Jong-il and now she is trying to raise awareness of what North Korea is really like.

After her father was taken by the regime her mother left the girls for a month in hopes of trying to free him. Yeonmi and her sister were 13 and 16. By the time Mom came back the older sister tried to escape to China and disappeared so Mom, and Yeonmi ran after her and found themselves in a whole new world of trouble. The trafficker thought he could do as he wished. He brought them home to his wife showed them all the modern conveniences like toilet paper and fed them. She writes about her mother who sacrificed herself to save her daughter from the human trafficker and was raped on the floor in front of her. This was Yeonmi Park’s nightmarish introduction to sex. The man ended up marrying Yeonmi as his second wife and selling her mother. She told the man she would marry him and be his mistress if he brought her Mom back. He tried many times rape her but she fought back until they made the arrangements to get her parents to china.

Now safely tucked away in our mega metropolis with plenty of food she can speak her story but not without fear that the regime in north Korea could come after her.


Cortes On Preventing The Zika Virus


Sergio Cortes is the former Secretary of Health in Brazil and he wrote an article on his website called Sergiocortesoficial.com. On his website he gives practical information about disease prevention and health. It is possible to get in contact with Sergio Cortes through LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

The Zika virus first emerged in the 1940s and it was identified in some African countries such as Tanzania, Sierra Leone, and Uganda. Over the years the virus also spread throughout Asia and now it has began to circulate in Latin America. Brazil is a country that has seen a recent surge of the Zika virus. The World Health Organization has issued a warning about the dangers of this disease. The symptoms of Zika do not generally become very serious and they can be rapidly controlled. The main issue that is worrying Dr. Cortes is that there has been a proven link between the Zika virus and microcephaly and perhaps even Gillian- Barre syndrome.

Gillian-Barre syndrome is a very serious autoimmune and neurological disease. The World Health Organization has found that the areas that were most affected with cases of microcephaly had also received Zika outbreaks months before.

Zika is not a disease that is contagious and it can only be spread by getting bitten by the mosquito that carries the Zika disease. The mosquito that carries the disease prefers to lay her eggs in clean water, but she also can lay eggs in water that contains organic materials.

The symptoms of the Zika virus are generally not aggressive and they include fever, muscle aches, and rash. There is no specific treatment for curing the disease. The individuals that are infected with the disease could take anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers while they are under the proper medical supervision in order to get relief from their temporary symptoms. Individuals that are infected with the Zika virus should avoid aspirin or any substances that are associated with aspirin, because they have an anticoagulating effect and they can contribute to bleeding issues.

Since microcephaly is related to babies that are born from a mother that was infected with Zika virus, pregnant women do well to avoid mosquitoes. The best way to avoid mosquitoes is to wear clothes that cover the majority of the body, use mosquito repellent, use protective screens on windows and use mosquito nets when sleeping. It is also wise to eliminate all standing water in a home.

A Short Insight Into Solo Capital And Its CEO Sanjay Shah.

Sanjay Shah is the founder and owner of Solo Capital Markets, which is an international boutique for various types of financial services. This company has its headquarters in London, England, and it is regulated by the financial laws of the United Kingdom. Solo Capital became legally operational on September 2011 and is also known as Solo Capital Limited and Solo Capital UK in different business circles. Solo Capital is termed as a boutique due to the numerous types of financial services they provide such as proprietary trading, consulting, and professional sports investments. Solo Capital is one of the most successful business person entities. From the time it was incorporated in September 2011 to March 2015, Solo Capital Partners had manage to accumulate a net worth of £15.45 million, assets amounting to £67.45 million and a cash flow of £30.26 million. This is a big success in comparison with the number of years they have been operational.

Also known as Solo Capital Partners in full, it is controlled by Solo Group Holdings. Sanjay Shah is its founder and CEO of Solo Capital also owns Aesa S.a.r.l., which is mandated to control operations of Solo Group Holdings. Currently, Sanjay Shah owns over 35 companies spread throughout London, The British Virgin Islands, Dubai, Luxembourg, Malta and The Cayman Islands, all of which are very successful. Before Sanjay Shah formed Solo Capital, he was already a successful business person, he earned around £19 million for the financial year ending March 31, 2011. In 2014, Sanjay Shah took over the ownership and management of the Old Park Lane Capital. This is an institution whose membership is by invitation-only that specifically deals in stockbroker for natural resources. By January 2016, Sanjay Shah was said to have a net worth of US$280 million. He operates from his offices in London and Dubai, as he has retired from active business.

Before Sanjay Shah ventured in to the financial and investment industry, he was a medical student. After quitting medicine, he went on and became an accountant. His accounting career took him to big investment organizations and banks such as the Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley. Unluckily for him in 2009 during the financial crisis he lost his job, he went on and started his own brokerage company. Little did he know that this small firm would turn out to be Solo Capital.

Later Sanjay Shah started a charity organization known as Autism Rocks to fight autism. This organization raises awareness and money for research through concerts attended by various top world celebrities. He started this charity organization after his child, Nikhil, was diagnosed of neurodevelopmental disorder in 2011 at the age of 4. In 2014, the first Autism Rocks invitation only concert was held.

Wengie, a YouTube Celebrity

YouTube has become one of the most popular websites in the world. With millions upon millions of people searching this website each day, it is no wonder that many people try to become successful through YouTube. There are many people with a decent number of subscribers; however, there are a few elite YouTube users who have earned the name ‘celebrities’. These YouTube celebrities have amassed millions of subscribers. That is one million people who decided not only to watch a video, but to hit the ‘subscribe’ button to keep in touch with all of the content that is being released by that particular YouTube celebrity.

Perhaps one of the most famous YouTube celebrities is Wengie. Wengie is an Australian YouTuber who makes videos on fashion and beauty. Wengie’s real name is Wendy Huang and she is of Chinese descent but grew up and currently resides in Australia. Wengie has her own website which can be found here, but her main focus is her YouTube channel, which has just shy of 1 million subscribers. She currently has over 250 videos on topics centered on beauty and fashion.

Wengie cites that her journey began after working in the corporate world for a few years. Shen then decided that a career path with blogging and internet business would allow her the kind of lifestyle of freedom that she desired. Wengie says that her first inspiration for her website was Singaporean blogger XiaXue. With her passion and interest for beauty and fashion, paired with her desire to create an online business, the Wonderful World of Wengie was created. Here, on her YouTube channel she gives her viewers styling and makeup tips and tutorials.

One of her main areas of focus, or niche, is make up for women of Asian background. This is because Wengie, being of Asian descent herself, feels there is a large lack of information out there for beauty and fashion for Asian women. She says there is plenty coverage on European and American, but Wengie hopes to bring more information about beauty and fashion to women of Asian background.

Wikipedia Is Promoting Gender Equality Amongst Their Editors

Wikipedia, one of the internet’s most popular sources for information, has around 44,000 editors writing for it. According to Carroll Wilkinson, the Director of Strategic Library Initiatives for West Virginia University, 10 percent of Wikipedia writers are female. With such a vast gender disparity, Wikipedia has been making efforts to bring equality to the encyclopedia.

On the subject, Wilkinson says, “So 90 percent of the writers (on Wikipedia) are men, and around 30 years of age. Naturally, they’re going to have certain interests of their own. With such a tiny percentage of women, the number of articles on Wikipedia about women is not balanced, and it’s true for people of color as well. We’re taking baby steps about what’s available for West Virginia women.”

Kelly Doyle has been appointed by the Wikipedia Foundation to help improve the gender issues at Wikipedia. “Our goal here is really to just, and my position really, is about adding content about women to Wikipedia and making that information as accurate as it can be,” says Doyle. She will be holding a Wikipedia-edit-a-thon on February 12th to highlight female relationships in West Virginia.

People in the past have stressed the importance of having more diverse Wikipedia writers to avoid bias towards gender or race. The online encyclopedia is one that many internet users visit for information, so having fair and balanced content is critical for the site. Wikipedia is often a site for education, but it can also be used in business. Some businesses are able to get their Wikipedia business page creation done through sites like Get Your Wiki.

The site (found at http://www.getyourwiki.com/) allows clients to hire Wikipedia writers from such a service to create articles chronicling the client’s business or enterprise. Wikipedia can be a great way to gain exposure and inform potential customers about a company.