April 2016

George Soros Predicts a Financial Crisis

George Soros is a well -known individual in the United States. One of the main reasons for his popularity is the amount of wealth he possesses. He is the founder of the Soros Foundation on https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros, one of the biggest companies in the country. He has made a lot of wealth from this company because of making the right choices when doing his investments. After making enough money in the country, Gorge Soros decided to fulfill his dream of having an open society. This is when he decided to open an organization known as Open Society.

Open Society has done quite well since its introduction, and it is now in more than one hundred countries in the world. The organization helps individuals, organizations, and governments with any help they need, and it has managed to do so much since its introduction.

George Soros has gained a lot of knowledge and expertise over the years in important issues in the society. He is very knowledgeable in financial and political issues, and every time, he gives his opinions when he feels there is any need to warn people. Before the financial crisis on http://www.georgesoros.com/the-life-of-george-soros/ that hit the international community in the year 2008, George Soros had warned investors about it. Many people did not listen to him, and they ended up getting serious problems in their investments.

Recently, George Soros warned the investors to be extremely careful when making their investments. According to the billionaire, there is a potential financial crisis that might happen in the recent future. George believes that the financial crisis will be coming from one of the developing nations, China.

The first crisis that hit the world was from the developed nations. Countries like the US were getting negative interest rates, and this problem was gradually transferred to the rest of the countries in a short duration. Many countries on http://www.profitconfidential.com/economy/economic-collapse-george-soros-delivers-grim-warning-for-investors/, especially in the developing world have not managed to do well since the crisis.

Soros has warned people that the climate at the moment resembles that 2008. China has not been making a positive interest rate in the recent years, and it is evident that the country has serious economic issues. George Soros warns that this problem will be easily transferred to the rest of the world, and another crisis will happen.

China has however been promising its citizens that it will get the economy back to its original state. This has not been seen in the recent months, and the country’s currency has been losing value every now and then. Many officials from the country have not accepted the warning from the billionaire, saying that there is no need to panic. For any developing country, it is not easy to get a positive rate in a short duration, so George warns all investors to be careful.
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Dick DeVos hires Phil Dolci as the new CEO

Dick DeVos, the Chairman for The Stow Company, has hired Phil Dolci as the new CEO for DeVos’s company.

The Stow Company is “one of the biggest companies in the custom home storage and organizational products sector.” Established over 25 years ago, The Stow Company started as the Windquest Companies Inc. Since its establishment in Holland, Michigan, The Stow Company has grown to become one of the best companies for its quality and innovative storage systems.

The new CEO of The Stow Company will be a great fit for the company as Phil Dolci has “over 23 years of experience in consumer products manufacturing and marketing,” including working as a CEO of Crosman Corporation prior to the hiring. He will be replacing the previous CEO, Frank Newman, who will still be working as the member of the board of advisors after working as the company’s CEO for the last four years.

In a statement to the recent hiring, Dick DeVos has said that “Phil brings exactly the kind of experience and knowledge that will drive the continued growth and presence of The Stow Company in the home organization market.” Dick DeVos is optimistic about the future of the company and is hopeful that the new CEO will bring the leadership and the skills needed for the company to grow.

About Dick DeVos

Born on October 21, 1955, Dick DeVos is an American entrepreneur-businessman from Michigan. With a net worth of around $5.1 billion, Dick DeVos has been very successful in his business ventures, including The Stow Company, formerly known as the Windquest Companies, the Orlando Magic, a professional basketball team, and Amway.

He is married to Betsy DeVos, and they have two daughters, a daughter-in-law, and two sons. Dick and Betsy DeVos started the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, which is “a Grand Rapid-area foundation that has donated thousands of dollars to civic, artistic, religious, educational, community and free-market economic organizations.”

As a strong supporter of education, Dick and Betsy DeVos are continuously helping to improve the state’s education by providing students with scholarships, establishing charter schools, and funding scientific researches for the improvement of the understanding of pollution in the Michigan area.

Sanjay Shah Finds Success And Shares Biggest Tip On Getting Started

Founder of Autism Rocks and Solo Capital, Sanjay Shah, recently discussed his success while doing an interview for Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio. The show itself focuses on giving advice, motivation, inspiration, and coverage of major events that are beneficial to entrepreneurs. Sanjay Shah was invited to discuss several topics, including how he created Solo Capital, advice to others looking to create their own businesses, and the motivation behind his creation of Autism Rocks as well as what can be expected at the 2016 Autism Rocks Charity Concert. His most important advice for those looking to start their own business was to never underestimate the start-up costs, and never think that you will be able to do it all on your own.

Shah, a British businessman, is the CEO and creator of Solo Capital Partners. Headquartered in London, the company offers numerous financial services that include proprietary trading, consulting, and professional sports investments. Shah originally studied medicine before deciding that the field simply wasn’t for him. He became an accountant and worked for some investment banks that included big names like Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch. Following the financial crisis in 2009, he found himself looking for a new job and decided to open his own brokerage company, Solo Capital.

Shah is also the founder and creator of Autism Rocks. In 2011, his four year old son was diagnosed with Autism, and led Shah to create Autism Rocks. The organization throws concerts to help fund research and raise awareness for Autism. The concerts have included big names in the music industry like Drake, Lenny Kravits, Michael Buble, Snoop Dogg, and many more. This years concert will be a celebration that is filled with fun things for the whole family and includes performances from numerous well-known artists including Flo Rida and Tyga.

Superb Beauty With YouTube Millionaire Wengie

It seemed to be a day like any other, but it was not: it was the day Wendy Huang also known as Wengie became a YouTube “millionaire.” This means that Wengie has achieved the million-subscriber to her YouTube channel milestone. Wengie made many sacrifices to reach her goal, including resigning from her successful six-figure career that she had prior to Wengie beauty.

Wendy Huang Beauty

Have you ever heard of Wendy Huang? She is an Australian-Chinese powerhouse of beauty tips. She performs beauty tutorials and beauty product comparisons on YouTube so that her fans may view the strengths and weaknesses of the various products. Wengie is heavily courted by different beauty companies that long to have her highlight their products. This means that Wengie has a wide selection of brand deals available to her, but she only takes those she truly uses and legitimately recommends.

Her beauty tutorials are very informative as she presents a global vision of beauty. She often compares the differences between the makeup used by Japanese, American, Korean and Australian cultures. This cultural focus is different and is one of the things that makes Wengie unique. She also lets fans get to know about her life, such as how she recently became engaged. The beauty videos are well-produced and are really attractive and popular among young fans.

Wengie’s Relationship With Her Fans

Wengie has a very close and warm relationship with her fans. She does her best to bring very cutting-edge beauty tips to the table. Her fans know they can reach out to her any number of ways. Wengie provides access to her fans through many different sources, including her several YouTube channels and her social media accounts. Most preeminent are her Tumblr and her LinkedIn avenues of communicating with her followers.

Wendy Huang’s YouTube channels are the place to be when it comes to learning from beauty tutorials. She is presently one of the foremost experts in beauty product and application on the Internet. Follow her on LinkedIn and Tumblr. Most importantly, become a subscriber now so as not to miss Wendy’s beauty tutorials on her YouTube channel.


Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Designer Plastic Surgery Options

The best thing that any woman can do is ask to have her appearance changed for the better by someone who can get the job done fast. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a brilliant plastic surgeon who came back to Austin, Texas to be where she thought her family should be. She is one of the best in the world at what she does, and she helps women change their bodies in ways that are almost imperceptible to come people.


The most popular surgeries deal with things that most people would never notice, but they are small contouring items that are going to help women feel sexy again after dealing with something that made them feel weird or ugly. The surgeries happen in the office, and they do not take that long to complete. Every surgery comes with its own set of visits so that Dr. Jennifer can explain how it is going to work when people come in for help. There is nothing more simple than this process, and she makes people feel at ease so that they will be able to have a nice body that they like.


There are a lot of people who are going to want these surgeries because they want to have a clean line for their bikini line or when they wear yoga pants, and that is very similar to what people need when they are trying to wear any tight clothing. It is important for all these people to get the surgery done so they will like what they see, and Dr. Jennifer does the work in a quiet and kind office.


There are many people who like to be in Dr. Jennifer’s office because it is a nice place to visit. They want to have a chance to get the help that they need, and they can come in for a consultation visit at any time. All these people are going to have a chance to make sure that they have the right look when they leave the house, and they will be able to use the office of Dr. Jennifer for all their plastic surgery needs.

Celebs Rock Light Colored Shoes for Spring


We have made it past Easter, and that means it is time for all your white (and light-colored) shoes to come out and play. Based on this article from Vogue’s best dressed list the week of April 4th, all your favorite style stars got the memo.

On March 30th, our girl Rihanna was spotted on the street in NYC rocking some fierce white Dior pumps with ankle straps. This is a great example of how accessories can transform an outfit: RiRi’s dark ensemble and middle part are anything but boring when accented with these unexpected pumps and Dior sunglasses.

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The next day, Kirsten Dunst wore some ladylike nude heels with a lovely purple Gucci dress in London. The nacy Max Mara blazer and Roger Vivier bag anchored an otherwise flowy look.

Not a heels girl? No problem. Imitate Jessica Alba. The mom of two stepped out in white oxfords in NYC on March 29th.

If you want a sportier look, make like Gigi Hadid on the 25th: the model and It girl wore People Footwear sneakers with a red suit and Komono sunglasses.

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Making Your Best Investment

When it comes to taking care of your money finding a company that you can trust to give you reliable advice and help you invest and manage your savings, the step can be a little overwhelming. Your investment portfolio will drive the choices you make after retirement and will also have an effect on the comfort you are able to live in until then. You will want to work with people that have your best interests in mind and will put your money in places that will offer you the best return. You may also need to visit StopBrokerFraud.com to ensure your choice.

Whether you’re looking for areas to place your funds that will create a lucrative IRA, enable you to create an investment solution that will result in a positive return, or someone to help you decide on a fast return or a long-term result you’ll want a company that can offer a staff with representatives you can have faith in.

Choosing a firm such as the Wealth Management Division at Laidlaw with 170 years of experience means you will be working with a company with an impressive track record and a multitude of options to consider when looking for places to put your funds. An independent CT.Gov registered investment advisor can help you consider not only traditional options, but help you create a diverse portfolio featuring rock steady options but also alternative places to put your investment.

Wall Street giant Laidlaw & Company has over 150 employees in the United States as well as in Europe, which means Laidlaw & Company stays knowledgeable in global markets and other opportunities. Sound advice for your money is exactly what you’re looking for and what the company delivers.




The U.S Money Reserve Offers Great Value and Quality

Investing in the correct asset has been a must for generations now but it is still to this day difficult to find an investment that is both safe and stable. The U.S. Money Reserve is one of those providers that time and time again have put both individuals and families alike in profitable positions.

Those clients on who have worked hard their entire lives and are now looking into a retirement option will be hard pressed to not take a good look at the IRA holding physical silver and gold provided by the U.S. Money Reserve. This type of investment on US Money Reserve will ensure that your hard work was not in vein and that the client has something to fall back on when leaving the work force. There is a great difference between a conventional IRA and a Self Directed Precious Metals IRA. Due to the fact that economies in recent years on retailmenot.com have been going through some troubled times and the threat of financial markets looming over head, the traditional IRA does not provide the safety and stability that it once offered back in the day. Investments on cbs19.tv such as mutual funds, stock and bonds are highly volatile and can greatly decrease the value of the customers IRA.

The very unique characteristic of gold is that it has always maintained its intrinsic value, meaning that the value of gold has never been zero according to US Money Reserve. Therefore there is safety in the gold investment market as gold has increased in value tremendously over the years. There have been increases of as much as 360-662 percent respectively. Precious metals in general, wether it be gold, silver or platinum can shield both retirement and savings as well as provide piece of mind as it is one of the few investment options in US Money Reserve that the client can physically hold in the hand.

The self directed IRA provides several great benefits over conventional IRA’s, one of the benefits is that the client controls the mix of assets in the account providing them with a much greater flexibility that normal IRA’s like mutual funds, bonds and stocks just do not provide. Another benefit is that the client can make calculated moves without the need or reliance of a custodian who would make the decisions for the client.

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