June 2016

George Soros Urges Investors to Buy Gold

US Money Reserve is a podcast dedicated to informing viewers about the overall state of the economy. In recent months, there has been a lot of conversation about the future price of gold. Gold is one of the most important investments that anyone can make.

Over the long term, gold generally does not return as much as the stock market. However, if you think that the economy is going down in the future, it is a good investment.

George Soros has been negative on the economy for some time now. He believes that the monetary and fiscal policies of the past twenty years have hurt investors. With low interest rates, it is hard for savers to earn a high return.

Buying Gold

In this podcast, US Money Reserve talked about the benefits of buying gold. Gold is a hedge against inflation. Inflation is a rise in prices across the economy. Inflation erodes the purchasing power of the dollar, and anyone who wants to invest in the economy wants inflation to be low. Inflation has been extremely high in the past in the United States. Learn more about U.S Money Reserve: https://www.youtube.com/user/usmrwebvideos

Interest rates generally have some sort of correlation to inflation. Although rates are low, this could change in the future. The Federal Reserve has indicated that they have interest in raising rates in the future.

The Economy

There are several variables in the economy that point to big issues in the future. Over the next few months, it will be interesting to see whether these trends reverse. Many people are having to deal with stagnant wages and high debt. The student loan crisis is one of the biggest issues facing the economy today.

Many students are graduating with high levels of debt and bad job prospects. This is creating an entire generation of people who will struggle to achieve financial independence. Read more: US Money Reserve | CrunchBase and US Money Reserve TV Commercials – iSpot.tv

Anyone who is looking at these trends probably sees the opportunity for bad things on the horizon. This is one of the biggest reasons why George Soros is buying into gold. With all of the recent economic data coming out, there are a lot of things to be worried about. You can aslo learn more about U.S Money Reserve:  http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-money-reserve-featured-on-epns-enterprise-radio-300213820.html

The Stock Market

The US Money Reserve Podcast also discussed investing in the stock market and strategies around that. There are a lot of people who are worried about the overall direction of the stock market in the next couple of months.

Although it has bounced off of the February lows, there are still a lot of people concerned with the overall direction of the market in general. This will take some time to sort out as we head into an election cycle.

The emergence of visual searches and their integration in our lives

Have you ever seen a picture on the web and can’t find where its from or who took it? I personally get it a lot with people posting pictures of art with a tag line “Oh my god I love this!” but there’s no artist name, no title. Mildly infuriating.

Luckily image-searches are becoming popular: Google has a well known one, and if you’re using Chrome as your browser you can right click on most images for the option “Search Google for this image” and if you’re lucky, you’ll end up with the original source and possibly some additional sizes or variants.

If you have a Facebook, you may have been surprised (or even a bit creeped out) when Facebook knew how to tag your photos based on facial recognition. From recognizing art in Google Images, to identifying your friend’s face in Facebook, the image recognition era has begun.

But what about seeing things in real life and at a moment’s notice? For instance, there’s apps out there where you can take a picture of a wine bottle label, and it will search archives for reviews and other information. Pretty cool, especially given the myriad of wine types and flavors thrown at us in liquor or grocery stores.

But what if you could do that with nearly any product? Fashion, clothes, furniture or even home improvement items? Ever see something someone is wearing and absolutely have to have it? Or at the very least see where you can get it? There’s a company called Slyce that will help you with just that. It allows users on http://slyce.it/ to take photos of things in real life and search for product recognition. When a match is found the price tag is there and an easy to use checkout is enabled.

We’re seeing a full integration between daily life and the “cloud” take place in this decade. With companies like Slyce bringing what you see out in the real world into your own home at the click of a button, it’s not far fetched that soon everything is going to be at our fingertips.

Venezuelan Civil Unrest

Reuters reports civil unrest currently in Venezuela. The civil unrest began last year when the country began to have food shortages. The food shortages became severe and unrest turned violent. The Venezuelans began looting and rioting for food. The Venezuelan security forces leader Danilo Diaz Granados responded by arresting at least four hundred people. There have been several deaths in Cumana (the capital city of the Sucre state), but the regional governor of the Sucre state denied they were related to looting. The regional governor (a member of the socialist party) went further and told by local station AtodoMomento that he believes the looters were encouraged by right wing politicians. The violence escalated so much, that in recent weeks three people were shot dead, and two suspects were arrested. Other reports of deaths surrounding the looting have been reported and deaths most likely will continue until the food shortage crisis is resolved in Venezuela.

For the Savvy Shopper – JustFab

JustFab is an online retailer that offers high end trendy fashions in addition to workout and casual gear at very reasonable prices. What they offer is an outstanding assortment of handbags, clothes, shoes, boots and jewelry. The fashion is tailored to your unique style.

Online shopping hasn’t been this fun in a very long time. This is like going through your best friend’s closet and pulling out your favorite clothes, only with a lot more choices. JustFab is not just another online retailer. They have a full in-house design team who are in touch with the newest trends but value excellent design. Based in Los Angeles, the designers not only spot trends, they create trends.

If you are a shoe junky, JustFab is where you will find an outrageous selection of shoes available in flats, mid heel and sky high. Shoes range from work to play with some unique selections for the club scene.

JustFab has a men’s line of workout gear, FL2, which is about fifty percent of the cost of other well known athletic brands. A pair of athletic shorts could cost about 65.00 from a very well known manufacturer and the comparable style from JustFab costs about 30.00.

Read more:
Did You Know that Just Fab Introduced a Plus Size Collection?

JustFab Summer Shop

The women’s dresses are easy to shop for because they are listed under four main categories: bodycon, casual day, fit and flare, and little black dress. Look through the categories, find whatever suits your fancy, then order. Most items start at 39.95 or less.

Whoever heard of getting two pairs of shows for 39.95? At JustFab, that’s exactly what they do for you if you are a VIP member. Becoming a VIP member is easy. Answer a few quick questions to find out what your style is. A boutique is created for you and suggestions based on your answers are sent to your inbox on the 1st of each month. You decide whether to shop or skip that month. Decide by the the 5th of the month or on the 6th your credit card will be charged 39.95 for that month. Really, the only thing you have to remember is to log in on the 1st of each month and then decide if you want to shop or skip. This amount will go towards member credits which can be put towards purchases. There is no minimum to buy and you can skip as many months as you like. This is a straight forward buying club with generous discounts.

All together the member benefits – mainly discounts and ease of shopping are the reason to try this out. There is nothing to lose, you may cancel at any time with a phone call. Give JustFab a trial run, I think you’ll really enjoy it.

Learn more about JustFab:


U.S. Money Reserve issues U.S. Minted coins to Individuals

On February 2nd, 2016, the current U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl had a discussion with the host Eric Dye for the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio. They discussed the future of the gold market and the astounding satisfaction that the improved customer service has brought to the firm. Learn more about US Money Reserve:  https://www.ispot.tv/brands/Iyt/us-money-reserve and https://www.youtube.com/user/usmrwebvideos

The show is a channel for executives, small business owners, and entrepreneurs who want to share their strategies, services, products and ideas in business. Diehl is one of the most successful U.S. Mint Directors proud of achieving the 50 States Quarter program and first-ever U.S. government-issued platinum coin.

Diehl’s entrepreneurial skills have transformed the US Money Reserve to a real entrepreneurial agency. They have worked incredibly hard to improve the customer service for the last six years. The firm has become one of the largest distributors of the U.S. government-issued precious metal bullion, bars, and coins.

The U.S. Money Reserve has started an IRA program directed to individuals to hold precious metals physically as a means of wealth protection. The individuals can benefit from any rise in gold prices too.

With the U.S. minted gold, silver, and platinum coins, one is guaranteed of the gold content, weight and purity. The U.S. government also backs U.S. minted coins as legal tender.

Central banks of the eastern nations like Russia, China, India, Mongolia, Thailand, and Turkey are protecting themselves through stockpiling yellow metal in their reserves.

These countries are trying to diversify from the U.S. dollar. Experts have said that the value of the dollar will begin to fall in the next five years due to geopolitical changes happening all over the world and the trillions that have been released in hopes of enhancing recovery. Buying gold will act as a hedge to preserve one’s buying power. Read more: In Recognition Of The 75th Anniversary, The U.S. Money Reserve And The U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation Combine Efforts To Raise A Bronze Lone Sailor Statue At Pearl Harbor

The demand will support the rising price of gold in future. Gold will always be relevant due to its finite amount and scarcity. Gold is more stable as compared to paper money. Paper money can collapse and become worthless if the government that supports it fails. The demand for gold has increased by 70% from 2004 to 2013.

The U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001. It has its offices in Austin, Texas. Its well trained professional personnel has excellent knowledge in the market to determine the products that offer the highest potential returns for precious metal buyers.

Source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-money-reserve-featured-on-epns-enterprise-radio-300213820.html


The Beauty of Makari Skin Lightening


Makari is a skin care line uniquely designed for people with naturally dark skin. I think that this sort of thing can’t have come to soon. For years, people of African descent have not been at all considered in the cosmetics world. Noting this need, in 2000 businessman Jack Aini, partnered with the chemist Maurice Bertrand to create Makari De Suisse. (Makari is Swahili for “beautiful.”) Bertrand combined plant extracts with caviar extracts to create one of the finest skin care lines on the market today. This formula is designed to renew epidermal cells, thus giving any dark skinned woman perfectly flawless skin through their skin whitening cream.

The huge line of Makari includes creams, lotions, cleansers, soaps, and, its specialty, make-up. Some of the top products include Caviar Face Lightening Cream, Day and Night Treatment Creams, and Body Beautifying Milk. Its overarching goal is to give African American women complete confidence in both social and business settings. Makari products help fight against acne scars, signs of aging, pigment marks, blemishes, discolorations, dark spots, liver spots, and stretch marks. In the place of these defects it creates flawless and lighter skin. It’s operations of productions are currently based in Switzerland. I highly recommend these products for African races who take pride in their dark skin and wish to give it a healthy glow.

For thorough details I recommend checking out the site which is complete with helpful videos and testimonies by past customers. The vast majority customers both recorded in these online testimonies and customers you will meet in everyday life, are very contented customers. In addition, you can order their products directly from the website or you can find their phone number and email address to order via those avenues. The site is girded with the best online security so customers can feel completely safe with their order information. They can also feel safe using the products themselves since none of them have any known side effects.