August 2016

How White Shark Media’s Customer Complaints have lead to better Service Delivery

Customer complaints regarding a company can be catastrophic to its reputation and a threat to its existence. To some companies, customer complaints often precede a fall in their sales and a market-wide deterioration of reputation.

To White Shark Media, however, their critics have turned to be their best allies in making the situation better.

The company received various complaints from its customers and used them as a reference point when making corrections to their mistakes. Subsequently, they ended up improving the level and quality of services they offer to their clients.

Shark media has addressed some of the most common complaints against the company
Many customers complained that they were out of touch with their Adwords campaigns. White Shark began by acknowledging the difficulties small businesses faced to review progress reports for their campaigns.

To address the issue, the company introduced a mechanism allowing supervisors to explain to clients how and when campaigns will start and ways to review their progress. They also furnished the clients with the information on where to go if one wants to assess’ performance of his or her campaign. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

Some customers had also complained that the communication they got from the company was not good enough. To begin with, the company acknowledged that as a consultant agency, communication is core to their business. Issues on communication were resolved promptly through several avenues.

Monthly meeting with clients were scheduled to take place via GoToMeeting, an online platform that offers conferencing services. Through GoToMeeting, clients can review the performance of their campaigns for the last one month with the help of a strategist. A monthly report is availed to the customer promptly before the meeting.

Communication issue was further improved by allowing clients direct access to their contact persons and supervisors via telephone. This allows the customer to communicate seamlessly with White Shark Media Complaints tem.

Some customers insisted that their old campaigns were performing better than the newly launched campaigns. The company directed experienced supervisors to provide clients with feedback and to take them through every aspect of the campaigns.

Some customers also wanted White Shark to provide SEO services. However, the company maintained its abstinence from provision of SEO services but encouraged clients to utilize their supervisors in reviewing different SEO companies.

Performance tracking tools were also availed to clients by the company after it received complaints about customers not being able to track the performance of their campaigns. The company is keen on tracking campaign performance as it enables campaign developers to optimize the Adwords and keywords for better performance.

Sanjay Shah Brings Autism Rocks Festival To Dubai

Autism is a medical condition many people have heard of, but do not fully understand, but the launch of Autism Awareness Month in April is looking to change the way we see those affected by this neurological condition. One Dubai based couple who have invested a large amount of time into raising awareness of autism are hoping a music festival held to coincide with Autism Awareness Month will add to the success they have already seen as the leaders of the charity Autism Rocks.

Sanjay Shah Denmark and wife Usha have become experts in staging concerts since 2014 when they decided to begin hosting events to fund their own charity founded to assist those with autism and their families. Autism Rocks has been a major success over its short life and has seen the Shah family organize concerts by world renowned artists, such as Prince and Lenny Kravitz; the April 1st event will see a change in the focus of the charity from small invitation only events to a high profile music festival featuring rappers Flo Rida and Tyga.

Usha Shah was at pains to point out the festival would be a family friendly event created with children and adults in mind for a fun experience for all those who attend. Alongside the live music available the organizers have include laser tag and other games in the festivities to keep every member of the family happy throughout the day.

For the Shah family autism is a personal fight after Sanjay and Usha’s son Nikhil was diagnosed with the condition in 2014; Sanjay Shah decided to create a charity shortly after his son’s diagnosis and credits a chance meeting with rapper Snoop Dogg as the catalyst for the formation of Autism Rocks. Music was the first passion of Sanjay Shah and now takes up the majority of his time after the entrepreneur retired from investing to spend more time with his family.

Sanjay Shah is one of the best known names on the London financial markets for the role he played at some of the best known companies in the world. Shah found himself at a career crossroads following the 2008 economic collapse and decided to focus on his entrepreneurial skills with the formation of a number of boutique investment companies.


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Experience Lake Tahoe Skiing at its Best

Lake Tahoe is known for its vibrant culture in skiing given its environment and weather. This region is known to host two of the best skiing resorts in the world. Its long winter season, its mountains, peaks and the lake provide the best environment that any skier can dream of. It has a number of resorts but among the best of these are the Squaw Valley Resort and The Alpine Meadows Resort which are owned by Squaw Valley Ski Holdings at It has a large skiable acreage that is coupled with consistent snowfall that lasts the better part of the spring season. These conditions make it just perfect for Vacationers and ski lovers alike.

Squaw Valley /Alpine Meadows is owned by subsidiaries of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings which is based in Olympic Valley area in the Placer County, California. The parent company manages three subsidiaries which include Squaw Valley Resort, Alpine Meadows Ski Resort and Squaw Valley Real Estate. The Squaw Valley was voted, by the USA Today’s 10 Best, as North America’s Best Ski Resort. It even hosted the Winter Olympics of 1960. It is known for its ski culture that is complemented with magnificent views of Lake Tahoe and the Sierra mountains.

It has the longest ski and snow board season in the USA. Alex Cushing, the founder of Squaw Valley, opened it in 1949. At the time, it had the world’s largest chairlift. The Winter Olympics of 1960 changed the face of the Lake Tahoe area by bringing in increased commerce and infrastructure. Since then, it is ranked among the world’s leading resorts. It has about 3,600 skiable acres across six peaks, the most advanced lift networks, and among the best lift-accessed terrain in the world.

Alpine Meadows, on the other hand, is sandwiched between Truckee and the Tahoe City. It is a much sought-after playground by adventure seekers and families alike. It has a hospital environment coupled with one of the best skiing and riding experiences that one can imagine. It covers about 2,400 acres of a skiable area having about 100 trails including a chairlift which promises adventure seekers an experience of a lifetime. It was discovered in 1960 by a group of San Francisco skiers who appreciated its potential. John Riley later founded it as Ward Peak. In 2007, JMA Ventures acquired Alpine Meadows from Power Corporation and operated it until Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows merged in November 2011.

Wengie’s Get Bigger Boobs Video

We’ve all read those methods that claim to make breast grow or produce bigger boobs. However, most of those methods do not really work. Enter Wengie. Wengie is a source that millions of fans online trust. She is a popular beauty blogger and the creator of one of the most watched channels on YouTube. In fact, the “Wonderful World of Wengie” has close to a million followers on YouTube. Wengie shares with her audience an amazing way to get bigger boobs.

Get Bigger Boobs Video
The “Get Bigger Boobs Video” is a part of Wengie’s Try it series. In this series, Wengie test a product and shares her results with followers. Wengie’s goal is to share amazing products with her audience that demonstrate the effectiveness of a product before they buy it. Thus, saving them money and time. Well, most viewers might think that she has discovered some secret formula that you apply to the breast. Think again. Wengie has discovered a bra made by Victoria Secret that makes your boobs look bigger. Wengie decided to test it because a popular celebrity claimed that the reason her breast look huge is because of this miraculous bra.

Wengie shares that the bras secret is very evident in the design. Wengie would like to share another personal thought. She states that she is very happy with her boobs and would not change a thing. However, she just wanted to demonstrate to her audience the type of products that are available for anyone that would like to increase their cleavage.


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Choosing An Advertising Agency For Your PPC Campaign

Are you looking for a great advertising medium for your products or services? Want to learn how to advertise effective and promote your business? Perhaps you are aware that White Shark Media comes highly recommended in the advertising industry.

Every day business owners and entrepreneurs search the Internet looking for a reliable way to reach their target audience to generate leads or sales. Many are convinced that Adwords PPC platform offers a great way to accomplish this but they lack the skills to produce outstanding results. That’s where White Shark Media comes in – to help you succeed with your advertising camgaign.

When it comes to choosing a PPC advertising company it is extremely important to do your home work. There are many companies out there offering services in the advertising industry but keep in mind that not all advertising professionals or firms have great expertise in PPC management.

White Shark Media is a clear choice for any business owner or advertiser that wants to attract the right audience and generate significant returns on investment. The company is known for top notch service and ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Both small business owners, entrepreneurs and mid-sized businesses benefit tremendously from the services of White Shark Media and its team of highly knowledgeable professionals.

White Shark Media offers free Adwords evaluation to its clients and will ensure that you understand how the process works. Through a step by step process, using remote screen shot, these professionals can help you set up your ad campaign effectively, and also learn how to manage it yourself.

If you want them to handle your campaign management for you, the PPC specialists at White Shark Media will be glad to do so.

White Shark Media understands that setting and running a profitable campaign is not something to be taken lightly, so they will decided to help their clients get started without hassles. Many business owners and advertisers choose to have White Shark Media handle their campaign management for them while they focus on other areas of their business. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

Another great aspect of dealing with White Shark Media Review team is how they handle customer complaints. Many years ago when they began business, White Shark Media encountered customer complaints and over the years they have developed efficient system to handle such issues promptly and appropriately. Visit White Shark Media at their website to learn more about their services.

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Securus Technologies Unleashes GTL Unlawful Activities

Securus Technologies has taken the initiative to inseminate specifics, contents, discoveries and manifold reports to address the unlawful activities and integrity breaches found within services offered by GTL. Global Tel Link is an affiliate communication company that provides services to inmates. Top management in Securus Technologies has expressed its disappointment on services offered by GTL because these services are majorly focused on making money rather than providing quality to the customers. Securus Technologies is a Dallas based telecommunication company committed to providing high quality communication services and solutions to most correctional facilities nationwide. The CEO of Securus technologies Mr. Rick smith has taken a vow to continue fighting and exposing all companies within the prison communication industry alleged to have integrity breaches issues.

Fraudulent Practices by Global Tel Link

Global Tel Link has been found to engage in unlawful practices with an aim to mistreat clients by overcharging them. It was found out that the services offered by this firm were over billed thus exploiting the taxpayers using their services. The phones had been embedded with tampering software therefore tacking extra minutes to every phone call made by a customer. Additionally, these phone calls were rated highly than the expected rates. This scheme by GTL was found to have overcharged the Louisiana department of corrections by more than $1 million. This is a clear indication that the services were corrupted and aimed at firms’interests rather than providing the best for taxpayers.


Securus technologies offers telecommunication services to correctional agencies law enforcement agencies as well as inmate self-service products. This firm aims at serving clients with best interests and not exploiting them. Securus has brought the light by addressing misconduct therefore playing a vital role in the prison communication industry. GTL has been condemned of engaging in integrity breaches an act that is very unlawful and unjust.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.