September 2016

DEVCO Promise To Repay $20 Million Loan In The Coming Years

New Brunswick Development Corporation (DEVCO) is a private non-profit urban real estate development company. Since its inception, Devco has overseen more than $1.6 billion for investment in New Brunswick. Redevelopment in the city has remained active because of the robust and aggressive approach of DEVCO. The firm has received many awards because of their expertise in creating strategic alliances, innovative project financing structures, and strong public-private partnership.

In an article on Press of Atlantic City, it was reported that Middlesex County Improvement Authority had failed to repay $20 million loan plus an additional interest sum of $1 million. They borrowed the loan from Casino Reinvestment Development Authority in 2005. The loan was to be used in the financing of the construction of The Heldrich. It is a New Brunswick hotel and conference center developed by DEVCO.
Attorney Chris Paladino, the President of DEVCO, said that the loan would eventually be paid, but it would take a couple of years. He is the one who arranged the $20 million Heldrich loan. The investment on The Heldrich has hit a snag since the hotel was opened in 2007. The Heldrich has struggled to attract guests to the 235-room capacity building. In 2015, its occupancy level was at 63.5 percent. Things have been difficult for the hotel as they were forced to tap about $776,000 from its money to fundraise for capital expenses such as carpet and mattress replacement.
The $20 million loan was a small part of the total budget of $107 million that was required to finance The Heldrich. There was $70 million in municipal bonds that were issued by the Middlesex County Improvement Authority. The spokesperson of Improvement Authority, Ms. Maria Prato, said that they were optimistic as economists that the project would satisfy its outstanding obligation in due time.

A Very Helpful Velvetines Youtube Beauty Vlog

The Lime Crime cosmetics brand is a known innovator that has been shaking things up in the cosmetics world since its launch in 2008. The company was created as an online brand by entrepreneur Doe Deere, who has previously had an online fashion brand before starting Lime Crime. Deere’s use of the Internet to spread the news about this colorful cosmetics line has been singular, and now there is a new Youtube video created by beauty vlogger Celia Leslie that spreads the word even more.

Ms. Leslie devotes her special Lime Crime vlog to showing off the wide range of colors available from the Velvetines lip color line from Lime Crime. Velvetines are a huge success story from the brand, as these lip colors (which go on liquid and then set to a long-staying matte finish) come in a truly stunning array of hues.

In the video Ms. Leslie applies each of the 24 Velvetines colors to her large, beautiful lips, and then removes the shade before reapplying with another one. The effect is very entertaining and very lovely. The color shades shown here are truly amazing, too. The shades range from several hues of red, from Wicked Deep Red to Fetish Plum to Deep Cranberry. Along with lots of pinks, purples and red tones, Velvetines also has very unusual colors, in tints of grey, olive, orange, and dark blue. These are colors that really make a statement for the woman who wears them, but that’s part of the fashion fun that comes with using products from this highly innovative cosmetics brand.

It’s no wonder that so many women are discovering Lime Crime. These pretty and pouty lip colors are long-lasting and appealing as can be, so why not discover Velvetines today?

Raj Fernando on Healthy Work Environment

A good work relationship is very important. Employees always want a network to belong to and become even better when such a network is in their place of work. The CEO of Chopper Trading knows this too well. In an article published on the smart business website on 1st April 2011, he is quoted as a person who supports good work relationships. The CEO, Raj Fernando has created an environment where employees connect with each other after their long day at work.

He believes that sharp brains that would make the company more money are less important compared to the one who can make others laugh. With such work environment, employees tend to be engaged more, and more engagement results increased productivity. According to Fernando, a pleasant environment is very crucial in the workplace. Employees could catch up on the things that happened at the office. They get to know what each other is going through outside the office. Managers are able to bond with their team members and learn the things that happen behind their back.

Fernando believes that the ability to bond well with employees is the “A” grade that employers should look for in their employees. Nobody wants to be a member of a team with extraordinary individuals. They all want to be part of an extraordinary team. That is a fact that Chopper trading boss has confirmed since he founded the company.

About Raj Fernando
Fernando holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and History from Beloit College. He became a volunteer at Chicago Mercantile exchange, while still in college. It is from the securities exchange firm that he worked hard and got promoted to various positions, before joining the board of trade. In 2002, he started his own company, Chopper Trading. He propelled the company to success and employed over 250 workers. It traded on ICAP-Broketek, ICE, LSE, NASDAQ, and CME among others.

His leadership style has seen him support many ventures to success. His participation was very instrumental in the prosperity of the US commodity trading futures commission. Fernando supports numerous philanthropic activities. He serves on the committee of some of the organizations doing charity work.

Learn How Eric Pulier Has Impacted Social Change And Growth In Entrepreneurship

The business world has showed a lot of support for the projects and ideas Eric Pulier has presented in the various attempts he has made to solve problems. Eric is a passionate technologist and he links his knowledge in technology to the business ideas he holds to make it easier to stir growth and the attainment of success for his businesses. He also mentors young entrepreneurs and imparts important knowledge about entrepreneurship and technology and how these elements are interdependent.

More importantly, Eric Pulier has stood up for the marginalized and financially challenged communities, especially those battling chronic diseases. On this he has been active in many philanthropic organizations, something that has also motivated him to come up with programs to help the foundations implement their projects.

Computer programming and passion for the subject
It began at fourth grade when he developed passion for programming. Eric Pulier as a young boy wanted to come up with a company that would help to alleviate the problems people have been facing across the world. While in high school, he went ahead and programmed a computer database company, which marked the beginning of his journey in entrepreneurship and technology.

After high school, he was enrolled at the Harvard University to pursue American Literature and English, but most of his passion was in technology, so he enrolled for computer science at MIT College.

In 1988 when he graduated, he started designing his first company, People Doing Things (PDT), which he launched in 1991. PDT offered information about several sectors in the government and was like an eye opener to those aspiring to start businesses.

Pulier has written on different topics and distributed information touching on different aspects of life. One of his books, Understanding Enterprise SOA that was officially released in 2005 explores the interdependence between technology and business. He draws examples from actual occurrences of companies in different specialties. Eric Pulier has also authored journals and articles. His article The Enterprise Industrial Complex published in March 2012 on Forbes Magazine shows how the Cold War affected governments, economies and business.

Talk Fusion the Leader in Video Marketing

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by Chief Executive Officer Bob Reina. It is a leading company in video marketing solutions globally. The corporation creates broadcasting and video conferencing as well as the social networking products. Talk Fusion presented the first Instant Pay Compensation Plan. Its goal is to help people grow their businesses and change lives through patent-pending video technology and proprietary. Talk Fusion’s markets it’s innovative products person-to-person through independent Associates in over 140 nations. It observes and follows business morals and practices. The company is a member of the esteemed Direct Selling Association(DSA).

The company created a new video technology platform which changed the way individuals connect. The firm used this platform for a direct sales business. Talk Fusion is committed to assisting a company increase their sales and profits and also help them be competitive and attract more customers. The firm provides dynamic ways of making sells and marketing not only engaging but also outstanding and more persuasive. The corporation offers Video Newsletters which engage the client’s attention online. Live Meetings which is an online video conferencing. The company also provides Video Chat product which permits customers to set up chat rooms and video dialog. The video chat permits the customers to talk face to face using any device like the tablets or smartphones or desktops with anyone anywhere.

The chief executive officer of TMC Mr. Rich Tehrani awarded Talk Fusion the second accolade of Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. The company was awarded due to creating the best product and bringing a solution on the current market. The corporation was also acknowledged for its continued momentum in providing an online platform. Talk Fusion is dedicated to delivering more Video Marketing Solution for its customers in future. Talk Fusion has also introduced Free Trials to its Web Real-Time Communication and has launched a site with the aim of reaching and assisting more of its customers. The company has offered a one-month free trial of the all-in-one Video market solution before a customer can buy the product. It can be done without a credit card.

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James Dondero Is More Than A Businessman, He’s A Humanitarian

James Dondero, calling home to Dallas, Texas, is the co-founder and current president for the company Highland Capital Management. For decades, James has been one of the key drivers in the equity and credit markets, where he has been working and gaining experience on different strategies for investments. James is also an active humanitarian, showing his constant support for giving back and helping out the community, through public policy, education, and other areas. He is also a standing chairman at Nexbank, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical to offer up his ideas.

Before getting started at Highland Capital, James Dondero was the Managing Director for a GIC subsidiary, where he was able to help build the company’s total net worth upwards of $2 billion dollars in just a few years time. More recently, James Dondero has started up a partnership with Linda Owen, who is the former Woodall Rodgers park foundation President. This was done to monitor and expand further on the humanitarian activities for Highland Capital. Linda will be primarily responsible for the charity division of the company, where she will be carrying out the charity kit laid down by Highland.

In order to increase activity for philanthropic projects, a certain professional is needed to maintain and construct the private-public partnerships. Linda Owens ended up fitting the bill perfectly, which is seen by her impressive history of success when establishing effective company relationships. This is because Linda is dedicated to her mission of making a change for the better in the community.

Highland Capital currently maintains annual contributions to charity in huge amounts through the Dallas Foundation. They are dedicated to making a contribution to veterans, education, healthcare, and the Dallas community as a whole. Many local places and organizations benefit from the contributions that are made as well, such as the Heart Association, Uplist Education, Snowbell Express, and many others. Dondero and his dedicated team are able to provide guidance and extend their humanitarian goals through their partnerships with other companies.

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Diversant: A Leader in the IT Staffing Industry with a Focus on Workplace Diversity

There is not a lot that gets done today without the right technology in place. Nearly every industry relies on information technology, with computers and networks playing an ever-increasing role in the business world. With all of that technology use and dependence in mind, today’s companies need IT staff they can depend on. That is where leading IT staffing agency Diversant comes into the equation. This company has been helping businesses to meet the demands and overcome the challenges related to complex IT needs for some time. Diversant has been recognized as one of the top IT staffing agencies, and continues to forge a path that other staffing companies would be wise to follow.

Diversity Matters in the Information Technology Staffing Industry

Diversant is a company that is proud to focus on increasing diversity in the business world. This company believes that establishing diverse environments for IT staff is crucial for success. Diversity helps to increase creative thought in team-based environments, leads to more creative problem-solving strategies and helps companies to be more efficient with regards to Information Technology best practices for business. Diversant does not just emphasize diversity for other companies; it is the largest African American owned IT staffing agency in the country.

Leadership at Diversant

No business reaches the place where it is well known within its industry without the right leadership structure. Diversant is no exception. This company has a diverse, experienced group of leaders who help the company to reach its goals and to meet customer expectations. John Goullet is the Principal Executive for this company. Mr. Goullet has been in the IT consulting/staffing industry for decades and has been recognized for his success within this industry.

With more than 30 years as a leader in IT staffing, John Goullet has proven to be a valuable asset to Diversant. To help guide the company along the right path, he is able to pull from his vast knowledge and years of experience. Information Technology is not an industry that ever slows down; there are always new things happening and changes taking place. This can prove to be daunting to companies that need qualified, effective IT staff. John Goullet, along with the rest of the team at Diversant, help the company’s clients to meet the challenges of implementing an effective IT staffing solution, while holding fast to the company’s dedication to making workplace diversity a top priority.

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10 Wonderful Wengie Hair Hacks You Can Try at Home

We all love Wengie’s YouTube vlogs, and today, we’re learning 10 of her favorite hair hacks, sponsored by Sugar Bear Gummy Hair Vitamins.:

10. Proper hair vitamins build strength and shine from the inside out. Try yummy gummy bears at or

9. Use a comb to pick up stuck in hair strands and grime off your hairbrush. Then shampoo brush.

A dryer sheet makes a great hair fragrance and de-frizzer. Punch a sheet through the teeth of your hairbrush and comb through.

8. To create a longer-looking ponytail, divide hair into two tails, one slightly lower, and hide that one underneath the top ponytail.

7. A hair mask before you shampoo works wonders. Baste hair with 2 tsp. of melted coconut oil. Wash it out after 30 minutes.

6. Use a tee-shirt to dry your wet hair, because the fibers are softer. Blot your hair.

5. Hairspray on a makeup brush applied to the crown smooths frizzies. Hairspray on a toothbrush slicks back baby hairs and on a bobby pin tames strays.

4. Eliminate split ends with sharp scissors. Twist some hair with fingers and trim off the frazzled ends that stick out.

3. Only minutes to curl your hair? Make one ponytail, divide and curl three big sections.

2. Wengie try to shake baby powder or cornstarch into your mane for dry shampoo. Then blow-dry the white out in the A.M.

1. Make elastics cut horizontally out of old pantyhose strips to tie hair gently at bedtime.

Should Colleges Teach Online Reputation Management?

Colleges have courses on virtually every subject. One subject that is missing is reputation management. has published a solid article suggesting institutions of higher learning put resources into teaching young persons how to effectively manager their good names. Or, for that matter, there should be some instruction on how to improve a name that may have been sullied a bit.

The search engines reveal a lot about a person. The activities of an individual online reveal action. People are defined by both actions and interests. A search on and the internet may reveal both. Anyone who has been involved with controversies, well, this is going to be revealed via the search. Serious damage can be done to the career prospects of a recent college graduate – or anyone at any stage in his or her career – if prospective employers come across things that cast a candidate in a negative light.

The notion that colleges should start instructing students would infuse something of great practical value. Sadly, practical skills are sometimes missing from curriculums. Theoretical, technical, and other traditional approaches to learning do have their perennial value. Universities, however, sometimes do not venture outside of tradition too quickly. Online reputation management is highly important in all professional circles these days. Universities should provide some insight to students regarding how their online adventures could alter their future and not necessarily in a good way.

Online reputation management is something many people end up doing at some point. The sooner someone understands the importance of this process, the easier it becomes to deal with or avoid professional reputation damage.


IAP Worldwide Continues to Provide Global Solutions

IAP Worldwide Services is a global company with over 60 years of experience specializing in logistics, facilities management, and advanced professional and technical services. The company employs more than 2,000 people in over 25 counties working on projects in both the public and private sector.

IAP, which stands for “ingenuity” and “purpose”, prides itself on being able to respond to the unexpected. This can range from responding to natural disasters to operating military exercises, and involves creating and implementing solutions to technical and logistical obstacles. For example, in the areas of science and technology, IAP Worldwide Services helps its customers to improve healthcare or protect the environment. In the area of crisis management, IAP responds to provide emergency relief and live-saving supplies and services. Through its many global projects, IAP supports over 175,000 personnel at military installations across the globe. The company is headquartered in Cape Canaveral, Florida, and has other offices in Panama City, Florida, Virginia, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East.

IAP maintains a strong focus on corporate responsibility. Among its core principles are a commitment to veterans, the environment, and the community.

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IAP Worldwide Services Inc Panama City FL, 32405

Because of its ability to provide solutions to difficult scenarios, IAP Worldwide Services actively recruits veterans. In fact, about 30 percent of IAP’s personnel are military veterans. This commitment to veterans is evidenced by the company being listed by U.S. Veteran’s Magazine as one of the top veteran-friendly companies in 2014.

IAP has also continued to commit to improving and maintaining the environment. The company has recently emphasized the development of buildings that are certified by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. This program is considered to be one of the most recognized green certification programs in the world. Before beginning a project, IAP considers the impact that the project will have, and strives to be efficient with its use of natural resources.

Finally, IAP strives to maintain a community to the communities in which it works. One organization IAP has actively supported is the United Way. The company partnered with the United Way of Brevard, raising $45,000 for their annual campaign, as well as donating canned food, and volunteering with elementary school students. IAP has also worked with volunteers in the MacDill Air Force Base area to restore the shoreline and plant new marsh grass. These efforts demonstrate IAP’s desire to participate in the community and give back as much as possible.

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