November 2016

Sweetgreen’s Alternative Technological and Decentralized Business Strategy

Nathaniel Ru co-founded Fortune Entrepreneurs with his long time business enthusiast fellows, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet. The three attended Georgetown University where they sat through the same entrepreneurship class at Georgetown University. Another coincidental information about them is that all their parents were start-up business people and immigrants of the first generation.

Their restaurant company, Sweetgreen, is an exclusive provider of salads. The products offered by the firm have earned it a name as a leading organic, fresh, healthy and local food manufacturer among its competitors. Leading investors such as Danny Meyer, Daniel Bouloud, and Steve Case support the company.



The services and food at Sweetgreen attract long lines of waiting for customers in all of their 40 branches nationwide.Nathaniel Ru, one of the Sweetgreen’s CEOs, commented that his restaurant’s long-term goal is to feed more people in a more healthy way. The motivation to set up Sweetgreen was a result of an observation noting the previous lack of a healthy eating option in Georgetown. Sweetgreen restaurant company began operating in August 2007, after its establishment by the trio. After surviving the first winter campus break in winter, the founders were positive that the business would survive any future challenges.



The three created Sweetgreen three months after graduating from the business school in October 2016.It currently has 64 stores in the United States and more than 1700 employees. Sweetgreen is also actively involved in music, philanthropy, and technology.



Sweetegreen’s unique business strategy is the integration of the website and mobile apps to process their client’s transactions. The technology is a development of the combined tech skills of the three co-founders.

Another innovative business approach involves a strategy to continually build a close relationship with Sweetegreen’s clients by closing the corporate offices five times in a year. The several local restaurant administrators are then deployed to their locations to oversee the operations personally.


Sweetegreen’s administration is bicoastal. Hence the three CEOs do not see the need to appoint a headquarter office as revealed by Nathaniel Ru in an interview with Fortune. Nathaniel Ru told Fortune that the start-up business had taught him the importance of building a team early enough, that helps in some of the company’s.

He proceeded to say that his role model CEO is Kevin Plank, who leads the firm Under Armour. Besides Sweetgreen, Nathaniel’s favorite hotel is the memorable Little Serow, owned by Johnny Monis. He complimented the restaurant’s Northern Thai food and quality services.


In addition to co-heading Sweetgreen, Nathaniel Ru is the Principal of SWTLF Ventures

Understanding Enzymes with Markus Rothkranz

Should You Take Enzymes?
You want to know if taking enzymes is going to help you? There can certainly be a lot of questions about what enzymes might help you with. Do you want to know if they will help you lose weight? Will they help you improve digestion? Will they help you build muscle?

A Reliable Source of Information
Those are excellent questions, and ones that someone who has done thorough research should answer. Enter Markus Rothkranz. A leader in the health arena, documentary creator of “Free Food and Medicine” and YouTube star. He has ample experience in the health field and uses his continuous YouTube videos to answer our questions. Which he does in a no-nonsense, informative way.

About Enzymes
In this short video: Markus explains not only what enzymes are, but how they work in your body. He also addresses the crucial factors behind how and if they will work for you. He doesn’t sugar coat the facts which is vital when it comes to your health. The truth is, if you are eating processed food, you are eating toxins. Your body cannot become healthy by taking something, there is no magic pill. You have to stop eating the processed food-like products and eat as nature intended. Once you do this, you can look at the products that can make your body its healthiest. In this body he explains why:

• Enzymes won’t help you lose weight.
• Enzymes won’t harm your body if you are eating a healthy diet.
• Enzymes are best utilized by those building muscle.
• Enzymes cannot improve your diet, you have to do that.

You can find out this, and more by watching Markus’ videos. Learning what is actually good for our health and not can be a challenge and his videos are an invaluable resource in this endeavor. If you are looking to understand when enzymes are helpful and when they are not, check out the video linked above. Take one more step towards better health, and a happier you.

Bruce Levenson’s Former Atlanta Hawks Files a Lawsuit Against AIG

In September of 2016, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainmet LLC motioned a  lawsuit against insurance group AIG. AHBE claims that AIG improperly handled claims, and in some cases, they outright refused to pay for claims that AHBE states they should have. In detail, AHBE claims that AIG mishandled or ignored cases involving wrongful termination and workplace conflicts. the amount of the potential damages is confidential, but AHBE added a 50 percent increase on the original damages for the unpaid losses, attorney fees and costs. AHBE also included the controlling partner Bruce Levenson in the lawsuit. Bruce Levenson was once a controlling partner for AHBE while the claims took place.

The current owners of the Atlanta Hawks acknowledge the lawsuit, but they do not have any part of it. The Atlanta Hawks ownership group sold the team in 2015 for $850 million to the co-founder of Marquis Jet, Antony Ressler.

Bruce Levenson is the co-founder and partner at United Communications Group, which he helped start in 1977. UCG is an entrepreneurial business management company that helps its customers overcome various hurdles to make them more efficient and profitable. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts from Washington University, and he also holds a Doctor of Law from American University. Levenson has also written for Observer Publishing and the Washington Star. He is also an owner of Atlanta Spirit, LLC, which is a property management company.

Bruce Levenson is also on the board of directors for Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. He is also involved with the “I Have a Dream Foundation” in Washington D.C.,serving as the organization’s president. “The I Have a Dream Foundation” works with students in underprivileged public schools and housing projects, to promote growth into being collegiate scholars. Along with providing financial resources for these students, they also provide personal development with advisors. Read:

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Doe Deere and Her Thriving Makeup Business

Doe Deere has frequently stated that her love for fairy tales and makeup dates back to when she was a child. She had always dreamt of living in a fairy tale world just like the movies. Well, she made this possible through her bold makeup products that make a draw a thin line between reality and fantasy. Her history with fashion is a long and exciting one. Doe Deere was born in Russia but later moved to the US when she was seventeen years. She moved to New York City together with her mother. In the US, she enrolled to a fashion and technology school where she studied more about fashion design. While she enjoyed the course, she had to drop out early to set up her make up business.

Doe Deere has grown her makeup business idea from something small to a business that is followed by millions of Instagram users. The company has become highly popular due to its unique style of fashion. When it was launched, Lime Crime started selling most of its products online. At the start, Doe sold traditional makeup products. After a little study, she discovered how to create makeup with bold and whimsical colors. Most of the makeup products advanced by the company feature incredibly wild colors. The products are nothing like other products in the market, gaining a huge following across different social media platforms.

Doe Deere’s style of fashion is one which she comes out bold and fearless. Many other celebrities and fans have followed suit. Internet celebrity Celia Leslie recently did a YouTube video on Lime Crime’s products where she tried twenty-four different products in the Velvetine colors. Doe Deere is proud of her products because they follow animal safety policy. Lime Crime’s products are known to be cruelty-free, meeting the stringent cruelty-free rules advanced by animal protection programs. It means that products made by the company have in no way caused harm or killed animals through its use or the production process. It also means that the product is vegan and does not include any animal products.

Markus Rothkranz on the True Cause of Diabetes

Markus Rothkranz explains the basic process of how the hormone insulin opens up cells so they can absorb sugar for fuel. However, when somebody eats saturated fat, that covers up the cellular receptors so that the cells do not open up to insulin, which science calls insulin resistance. Therefore, they cannot absorb the sugar, leaving it free in the body to fuel disease. Sugar and carbohydrates are not good, but they’re not the real cause of diabetes.

With the sugar unable to get into your cells to give you energy, it becomes available to feed yeast, fungus, mold, cancer, parasites, pathogens and bacteria. He points out that when scientists in laboratories grow bacteria and viruses in petri dishes, they feed them on sugar water. Also, the body turns unused sugar into fat, so it will be available to use for food during the next famine.

Then he switches over to discussing type one diabetes, which happens in children. Science has found that one of the reasons for children getting this type of diabetes is drinking cow’s milk. He makes the point that cow’s milk is designed by nature to turn calves into large cattle. That’s why body builders like to drink it. It contains IG-1, which encourages growth. It also makes cancer grow, especially breast, uterine and prostate cancers.

What are the three most common causes of death in the United States? Heart disease, cancer and diabetes are the top three, according to Rothkranz, and all three are related to eating animal products, as proven by The China Study conducted by scientists at Cornell University. That was a ten-year study of thousands of volunteers.

The Tree of Life Institute took six diabetics out into the dessert and got them off insulin by taking them off animal products. If you change your lifestyle, get off the animal products and eat healthy foods you can get over type 2 diabetes within a month. If you think you need protein for muscles, there are Olympic weightlifters who eat vegan. He promises to put links to the scientific articles, and they are in the description of the video.

Markus Rothkranz’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting

Youtube personality Markus Rothkranz has lived a fairly storied life. The 54 year old filmmaker found a new audience on Youtube by promoting a raw vegan food lifestyle. Markus promotes many forms of alternative dieting. These include intermittent fasting. Markus believes that intermittent fasting is great for human growth hormone and testosterone production. He states that it also promotes fat loss.

Markus’ diet and exercise routine obviously works because he looks decades younger than he is. He states that those who choose to try intermittent fasting eat all of their meals within an eight hour window. They use the remaining sixteen hours to allow their body to rest and sleep. This allows the body to expend less energy to digest food. He also says that you are likely to eat less when you engage in intermittent fasting. This is because you are less likely to consume an excess amount of calories within an eight hour time frame.

Markus also states that intermittent fasting is better for mental health and mood. He claims that this diet increases mental clarity. Those that do it for longer periods of time adapt better to the diet. The body can optimize its calories to benefit its maintenance processes. There is also less stress due to the energy and blood flow required to digest food across an extended period of time. He mentions a Cornell University study that found that people who fast do not catabolize muscle mass.

The best thing about Markus’ video is that he cites many sources within the description that support his claim. It is hard to dispute the facts that intermittent fasting has been demonstrated to be better for human health. He goes a bit into the science of why intermittent fasting works. The body will not burn fat unless it runs out of other calories to consume.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Has Had An Amazing Professional Career

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been named by Harper’s Bazaar magazine as on the twenty-four best beauty surgeons. She is a highly skilled and respected cosmetic surgeon that has trained with some of the best in the business. She is originally from Austin, Texas and has recently returned to open a practice there. She also has been a published author and makes contributions to both television and magazines. She is a mother of two. And she manages to be a full hands-on mother despite her hectic schedule. Even her siblings are quite successful in their chosen professions.



Dr. Jennifer Walden is well received by her patients and those that are acquainted with her personally. She is able to maintain an approachable persona that many people find refreshing in such as well known and highly skilled surgeon. She is a warm and patient person that gives every patient her full attention. She moves with ease throughout her day and makes sure to carefully control her day to day activities and the daily in and outs of her medical office.


Dr. Walden has gotten where she is today by working very hard and being very smart. She has earned every bit of recognition that she has gotten and has devoted her time to what is important. She takes great pride in her work and strives to make her patients happy. She is able to balance her time as a devoted mom and medical professional with amazing skill.


She attended the University of Texas where she earned her bachelor’s degree. She graduated as Salutatorian in her medical school and decided to pursue a career in plastic surgery. She studied plastic surgery at UT Galveston and was accepted as a fellow at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital for her post-residency. When she became pregnant with her twin sons she decided to pursue a practice in her home state.



Norka Luque: The Commencement of a Legendary Music Career

Norka Luque has an air of real self-conscious being that motivates her in everything she does. When it comes to music, there is nothing that can stop her from becoming the high-end artist. Her dreams are valid. According to her mother, music was part of her childhood life. She was born of music, raised on music, and is living by music. The word impossible does not appear among his vocabulary of terminologies. She is a dreamer. She loves to set goals. For her to achieve success in the music industry, she had a lot to sacrifice for a child. For this reason, she decided to produce music that brings hope to the listeners she wants to impact the world in a positive way.


Her parents gave her the ultimate support. She was a tale to a music school after attending average academic tuition. While she was a child, she got the exclusive opportunity to learn piano as the main music instrument in the world. For her to achieve success, her parents gave all they had. She as truly loved. For this reason, her passion for music grew stronger with each passing day.


Norka got an opportunity to study in France after completing her high school education in Venezuela. She proceeded to study a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Culinary Arts. While in France, her music destiny kept knocking at her door. Her heart was never fulfilled with the education. She felt she needed something more. For her to keep up with her dream, she decided to join a local band named Bad Moon Rising. For this reason, Norka kept the dream to become an influential singer alive. The group gave her an exclusive opportunity to sing as a soloist. Her talent was seen. However, the people in France did not value her. She was dismayed. Norka decided to come back to the United States upon graduation


For more than four years, the name Emilio Estefan would pass in her ears. Numerous artists talked about the legendary producer from Venezuela. He is responsible for successful careers in music. To this fateful morning, she had the opportunity to meet with him. Norka had no idea that Emilio was present in that meeting. When the meeting ended, she approached him and explained her music passion to him. He was satisfied with his song and decided to extend an invitation to the studio. For long hours, she was practicing with Emilio. She became a perfect vocalist.

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Why Makari is a leading skin care brand

For many years, Makari has established itself as a leading skin care brand. According to the company, their main aim is to help customers to boost their level of confidence based on the way they look. Creating smooth, glowing and beautiful skins has been the company’s core business for over ten years. This can be seen in their range of beauty products. Products such as NEW Makari or Rose 24K Gold Skincare are quite popular. This is company that believes that someone can only walk with more confidence if their skin radiant and flawless.

High-quality skin care products

For Makari, supplying high quality products is a major factor. For instance, they have the Makari Exclusive Toning Gel that is selling so fast. There is no doubt that there are people who find it difficult to get the skin tone that suits them and so, this comes as a major relief. The products are manufactured in Switzerland. They are made from specially selected materials. After the selection, they are manufactures under unique and special processes to ensure that they stand out from the others that are likely to be found in the store.

Worldwide supply

One thing that puts the company ahead of the pack is the way that they supply their products to a worldwide customer base. If a customer wants the Makari Skin Starter Kit, they will only need to place an order order and it will be delivered to them regardless of where they live. This makes shopping an awesome experience. Being a multicultural skin care company, they understand perfectly what every type of client wants, and that is exactly what they give them.

Makari’s reputation as a quality skin lightening brand has never been questioned. A look at some of the people who regularly use this products underlines the value that one is likely to get when they buy them. The loyal customers range from celebrities to prominent women who believe in looking good in all aspects. They keep coming back for more because they know that they can hardly find such products anywhere else. If you are not using Makari products, you just do not know what you are missing.

How Don Ressler Has Influenced The Growth Of Entrepreneurship

Don Ressler is a successful entrepreneur who is credited for launching several successful businesses. He has founded companies that are now serving millions of people online across different countries and his passion for entrepreneurship has placed him as a professional who young and upcoming entrepreneurs can consult on a number of issues affecting business. His success is a reflection of dedication and the pursuit of dreams without having to worry about challenges and failure.

During the first time he launched a business, Don Ressler did not have much confidence in its success but after learning few things about the market, his first company started making profits. This growth acted as motivation to him and would allow him to further pursue entrepreneurship. To direct focus to other profitable ideas, Don Ressler sold the company in 2001 to Intermix Media.

This transaction allowed him to interact with the COO of Intermix, Adam Goldenberg, who turned out to be an ambitious person interested in investing online. The two formed a partnership and decided to launch businesses together. Their first business as a partnership was Alena Media, which was tasked with solely catering for the marketing needs of customers in different specialties.

Due to the good setup they had created, Alena was able to generate a lot of revenue in the first two years. This success proved to them that they could perform better if they entered into other kinds of online-based businesses.

Intelligent Beauty

To raise capital, they sold Alena Media in 2005. The company was bought by News Corp and immediately they went on with planning for their next venture. After a long session brainstorming, the idea to establish Intelligent Beauty was born. Intelligent Beauty was founded in 2008 and the company is an online retail that deals in beauty products. Since inception, Intelligent Beauty has earned great profits and the company has continued to grow despite competition.

About JustFab

Currently called TechStyle Fashion Group, JustFab is an online retail that offers customers a chance to purchase fashion items through a subscription system. Since the company was founded in 2010 by founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, it has continually grown and developed.

JustFab has along the way acquired several companies to form divisions and currently they have three other divisions that run separately. One of the companies acquired to join JustFab is FabKids, an online retail that offers fashion items for kids through a subscription system.