March 2017

Fabletics have Discovered how to Compete with Amazon in the Fashion Department

Fabletics is an up and coming American fashion brand company that has been around since 2013. In that short amount of time the company has grown from a single online start-up into a $250 million-dollar retail outlet. In 2017 dominates at least 20% of the fashion industry.


This organization is powerful enough to compete with even large scale retailers such as Wal Mart and Target online. If any company or business is considering opening-up a fashion based store online; they must first contend with Amazon. This online retailer provides millions of products to consumers and fashion is just one of the many items that they sell.


Fabletics leaders realize that Amazon would be a problem simply because the company has the ability to lower prices on their products. Amazon can simply absorb the costs from lowering a particular product by selling large volumes of products within different categories. This in turn allows them to sell items at a cheaper price. This cycle never stops and small companies and businesses cannot do the same thing if they want to stay competitive.


Fabletic CEOs; Adam Godlenberg, Don Ressler and the legendary actress Kate Hudson; have figured out a way to minimize Amazon’s dominance on fashion wear. Instead of competing directly with Amazon they make it a point to focus exclusively on the customer and not just providing large volumes of products to sell.


The process of “reverse showrooming” is what helps Fabletics to be a very successful organization. This process is carried out at Fablectics brick and mortar locations. When a customer goes into one of their locations they can try on the clothing there. After a client tries on a piece of clothing it is then automatically placed into their online shopping cart. This information is then saved.


At this point a customer can then purchase the item at the store or just wait until later to purchase it online. The point is all of Fabletics purchases are funneled through their online site. This in term helps them to build up their sales as an internet competitor and as profitable store. Don’t forget that once a client purchases these items, Fabletics will then stock clothing items that are designed a client’s particular style. This is just another way that Fabletics takes the time to understand their clients and their needs.


Remember, that the process of “showrooming” allows people to browse for clothing items within a store. Then, if they choose; they can purchase these items somewhere else for a cheaper price. Fabletics just eliminates this part of the process simply by allowing customers through the reverse showrooming process. Keep in mind that consumers can purchase these products at competitive rates. Fabletics uses this model to ensure that they stay competitive against Amazon and other fashion companies within the market.

The Life and Accomplishments of Andrea McWilliams

Political fundraiser and lobbyist Andrea McWilliams is a skilled strategist, combining persuasion with patience and grit with grace. Known for her robust attention to detail, Andrea McWilliams brings her meticulous expertise to every issue she is involved in, drawing on her time in both the public and the private sector. The national media such as the BBC, Wall Street Journal, CNN, NPR, and FOX News have all reported on her role as a leading political strategist and fundraiser. Andrea McWilliams is a national political commentator, and she has received profiling in various publications in Texas.

Andrea McWilliams was the proud recipient of “Profiles in Power Award” by the Austin Business Journal and was bestowed with the “Woman of Distinction” Award by the Central Texas’ Girl Scouts. Additionally, in 2012, McWilliams was awarded the “Austin Under 40”. She has been honored as a member of The Austin American-Statesman Glossy 8 list.

A chief of staff at 21, Andrea McWilliams proceeded on to hone her grassroots skills in the private sector at the iconic public relations firm, Public Strategies, Inc. Presently, Andrea is the co-founder of McWilliams, which operates as a full-service company of governmental affair consultants. She opened its doors when the couple team of Dean and Andrea combined their experience and talents to form a robust alliance, trusted at the local, state as well as national level.

Andrea McWilliams was raised just some few steps from the Congress Avenue’s Texas Capitol and currently resides in Old Enfield, where she is raising her three kids together with her husband, Dean, in a historic home. She is a well-known community volunteer and philanthropist, and she has, on many occasions, been named to the Austin American-Statesman Fortunate 500’s “All-Stars” list. McWilliams has been a member for many other not-for-profit agencies, including Preservation Austin, Texas Lyceum, Ballet Austin, Rise Across, Mexi-Arte Museum, Arthouse, Rise Across Texas Challenge, Pease Park Conservancy, and the Waterloo President’s Council among many others. Andrea McWilliams has additionally represented the KillCancer and Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, two nonprofit organizations committed to preventing cancer.


Tidal and Desiree Perez

Tidal is a company that is quickly building its reputation regarding music streaming services. Jay-Z bought the company and re-launched it in the year 2015. Though it experienced a series of leaders defecting from their leadership positions, now it is gaining firm ground. Many fans are finding the company reliable in offering great music. For instance, the music by Kanye West, who launched a top-selling album, The Life of Pablo got a great attraction. Since the inception of the album in the Tidal app, it was ranked highly in the iTunes music store.


According to, Tidal has been able to remain firm because of focusing on the new things in the music industry. Tidal focuses on what is new and what is loved by music fans. They make sure they deliver the latest releases which are great so that the fans can remain updated with the most recent hits. Another thing that is unique with Tidal is that they showcase live performances through “Tidal X.” Jay-Z is committed concerning businesses, and that is why he has been able to succeed in a series of companies that he owns. Not many knew that the corporation would be able to succeed in the music streaming business since there are big names which are already in the firm. There are companies such as Apple Music which have established.  With reference to


So for Jay-Z to succeed in the music streaming business, he had to ensure that he is unique in the provision of the music streaming services. Among the things, Tidal did to ensure its uniqueness is providing fans with good quality music. The monthly subscription is also affordable by many music lovers, and that is why millions are already signing up with the company.

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However, concerning the success of business, it is important to have great leaders for the business to succeed. That is what Jay-Z did. He appointed one of the best managers that people least expected. Great artists are essential for music streaming company to excel, but the leadership is also paramount. Jay-Z appointed Desiree Perez to head his team. That was a well-calculated move, and that is why the company was able to regain its stability.

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Desiree Perez is widely known for her unique talent in the music business world making her among the recognized women in the globe for her extraordinary work. She is a wife and a business woman. In addition, she has worked with renowned international musicians in signing of contracts and organizing concerts for them. Desiree Perez works for Tidal company where she has utilized her experience and talent in her career and has helped musicians to sell their music through the internet.  Desiree Perez is always committed to her work and this has brought on board many musicians making the company to increase its profit margins each year.

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There are other companies that compete with Tidal but they cannot beat it because of the unique strategies, hard work and commitment. They also apply and make use of modern technologies in selling music. For this reason, many musicians prefer Tidal because it always considers the latest and trendy music which is fit for all type of age groups. The company was started by a group of famous musicians the likes of Beyoncé, Jay-z, Rihanna and others. Through their popularity they have been able to grow the company from a small unit to a recognized company globally.  Source:



The company’s role is streaming of music through the iTunes downloads. The relationship between Perez and Jay-z has also contributed to the success of the company. They have worked hand in hand to ensure that they achieve their goals of growing the company and making profit from the industry. Through this innovation, many other artists who were left out of the industry some years back are able to receive recognition through their music being played on the various internet platforms. The company is making tremendous steps in getting music subscribers from within the country and also from the rest of the world. Perez is determine to make money for any talented musician.  Check this to

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Bob Reina Is Not Waiting Around

There is a famous song out there by John Mayer called “Waiting On The World To Change.” While it is a good song, Bob Reina is not waiting on the world to change. Bob Reina wants to help make the world change right now. He is not big on waiting around or waiting for things to become better.

He is also not looking for other people to make the changes. He wants to be at the forefront of the change. He knows how many people need it and how many people are relying on it in their everyday lives. They have simply been pushed to the brink in their lives, and they can’t take another second of it, which is clearly understandable.

Right now, at this very moment, Reina is offering 30-day free trials of Talk Fusion, which is the all-in-one video communications service. He believes in what it can do and how it can transform lives in ways that many people never thought possible in the first place.

It has won two awards in the year 2016, as a matter of fact, and they have an IT team that is always looking to make it even better. They are not the kind of team that pats itself on the back.

They believe that if they become satisfied or content, they lose their edge. They don’t want to lose their edge. They know that people are relying on Talk Fusion to help change their lives. They want the life they need and want now. They don’t want to wait.

According to Business For Home, with the tools that Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion has provided, they don’t have to wait around anymore. Everything is right at their disposal. So, yes, there is no time to wait around. As soon as someone has Talk Fusion, they can get to work right now.

That is why Bob Reina has encouraged his employees to give out Talk Fusion to a charity of their choosing. He knows the types of benefits and perks that other people can get out of it, those less fortune. The work with Bob Reina is never complete.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s Dental Sleep Masters’ Program:  It is Just What the Doctor Ordered

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is quite familiar with the issue of Sleep Apnea. He has made it his life’s work to properly educate the Dental practitioner, the Physician, as well as the general public about this serious health complication. The following provides the reader with a clear definition of the condition:

An apnea is considered a certain time period when the sleeper’s breathing comes to a halt or markedly diminishes. The apnea occurs, once the individual stops breathing for a period of ten seconds, or greater.

When the individual ceases breathing, completely, or takes less than ten-percent of a standard breath, for a period of time lasting ten seconds or greater, then he is experiencing an apnea. The airflow can completely stop–temporarily.

Other sub-definitions of apnea apply too: such as when the sleep patient experiences a four percent decrease in oxygen within the blood. The preceding is the consequence of the decreased transfer of air into the blood stream, once breathing has halted.

What is important to note: according to Dr. Avi Weisfogel, is that this type of nightly issue can go on for years, with the person experiencing it, not even knowing it exists. The Sleep Apnea condition is linked to more serious health problems such as:

  • Stroke,
  • Cardiovascular Disease,
  • Diabetes,
  • Anxiety,
  • Depression,
  • Severe Headaches, and More.

It is clear to see that Dr. Weisfogel’s Dental Sleep Masters’ program is needed in order that the Dental professional or physician, has access to the proper tools and resources, in order to implement a successful program into his health practice. The issue of Sleep Apnea, if it goes untreated, can cause: more serious health issues.

Dri Avi Weisfogel’s Dental Sleep Masters’ program is a medical services organization. It specializes in providing the Dental practitioner or Physician with a sleep study center, which is operational and completely staffed; and integrated into his existing office.

The Dental Sleep Masters’ program provides management of the functional areas of the practitioner’s sleep study center. It is very flexible about how fully involved the preferred practitioner wishes to become as it pertains to the day-to-day operations of the program.

The program is very patient-centric. It assures treatment of SDB which is the acronym for Sleep Disturbed Breathing.

The compliance rate is ninety percent compared to the national average of fifty percent, with regard to therapy. The treatment options, for the patient, are unbiased and are in accord with the standards set by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). The program allows the patient to experience an HSS, or home sleep study. It does not subject the patient to the hassle of specialist referral. for more.