June 2017

The Career Role of Scott Rocklage

Scott Rocklage is so far a very successful man who has made it in life. He majors in Healthcare Administration, he has spent 30 years in the industry. In his education, Scott has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from MIT and a B.S from the University of California in chemistry. He joined 5AM Ventures as a creative partner in 2003. He worked before at Cubist Pharmaceuticals as their CEO and chairman.

However, Scott has also had other responsibilities in other organizations, he was the president and CEO of Nycomed, moreover, he was a board member of firms that include; Cidara, Rennovia, Pulmatrix, and Epirus. Scott Rocklage is not only a business man but an author who has written more than 100 books. Furthermore, he is a founder and co-founder of over 30 US bonds.

5AM Ventures is an organization that specializes in matters to do with ventures capital. As a company they have various objectives to make them successful, one of them is having new science companies that will be assisting in delivering exceptional revenues to their clients. On the other hand, the company has joined hands with similar organizations for the goal of making health equipment to work on exclusive creativities of medicine and science. Their aim of also collaborating with such companies is to see, give and stop various medical calamities.

The staff members of 5AM Ventures are well experienced and have great skills when it comes investment and its areas like scientific, financial, professionalism and operational. The employees share also a unique factor which is background, this helps them to have a good understanding thus initiating the life science group. Scott Rocklage always considers his clients first, their needs are served first before other tasks. As the staff members of the firm, they are in charge of firm employment, business development, organization strategies and fundraising. The employees, on the other hand, are board members of other firms.

Since the company deals with the investment it has an organized set of strategies that have made the company prosper. They include; biopharmaceutical, medical technology, and research tools. These tactics have helped in the sector of healthcare.


Services offered at Life Line Screening

Founded in 1993, Life Line Screening is a top provider of direct-to-consumer and community-based preventive health screenings. The primary mission of the institution is to create awareness of unrecognized health problems and also to encourage people to do follow-up care with their doctors. The majority of the health conditions screened at Life Line Screening frequently identifies a person’s risk for conditions such as abdominal aortic aneurysm, stroke, carotid artery disease and many others. If detected early, these health risks can be prevented. The preventive screenings conducted by Life Line Screening are usually quick, painless, safe and non-invasive.

The Screenings carried out at Life Line are done by technicians who are highly trained, and high-quality equipment is used. The institution uses state-of-the-art equipment that incorporates the latest technology to ensure there is the accuracy of results. The results are frequently read to the clients by physicians who are board certified. The results offered by Life Line Screening provides the customer and their doctor a marker for their overall health. This ensures that treatment and also lifestyle changes begin early before any serious health problem develop. Based in the US, Life Line Screening uses the same equipment that is commonly found in the hospitals.

Since Life Line Screening established, Life Line Screening has managed to screen approximately 8 million individuals, and each year they now test almost 1 million people. Life Line Screening also holds more than 16,000nscreening events all other the country. The healthcare institution dedicated itself to offering a preventive screening of the highest quality at affordable rates. The laboratories at Life Line Screening are CLIA-certified and adhere to all regulations set by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments. The staff physicians at Life Line Screening include vascular surgeons, Cardiologists, and radiologists. The vascular screenings at the institution have been reviewed independently and also approved by researchers at the University of South Florida.

The Screenings at Life Line require minimal or no preparation. The center offers three forms of preventive health screenings namely:
• Ultrasound screenings which include abdominal aortic aneurysm screening among others
• Finger-stick blood screenings which include glucose testing among others
• Limited Electrocardiograph

A Factsheet On OSI Group’s David McDonald

OSI has curved itself a niche as a leading global brand in supply of processed protein items for retail and restaurants. Steered by the leadership of long-serving David McDonald, the company has seen tremendous growth. A testament to this is its expansive network covering 17 countries with 50 branches to its name. Below are facts about its President cum COO.

Education and Work
In 1987, ‘Dave’ graduated with a BSc in Animal Science from the Iowa State University. The ISU alumnus has held various positions in the corporate world. Currently he doubles up as the President and Chief Operating Officer at OSI Group. Also at OSI, Dave is the Director of OSI International Foods Pty Limited Australia.

Besides OSI, he is the Chairman of the North American Meat Institute. Previously, David held the Project Manager’s position at OSI and served as an independent director at Mafrig Global Foods S.A.

David’s Input at OSI Group
David McDonald OSI Group has played a crucial role in the company’s growth. Under David, they branched out to China. OSI has been able to expand their production scale in huge consumption markets like India and China while expanding in emerging ones like Poland and Hungary. Rolled out a management blueprint for its multicultural global portfolio that need localized solutions to ensure success.

Under the ISU alumnus, OSI was able to supply over 113 metric tons of processed meat products during the 2008 Olympics to McDonalds, Burger King, Papa Johns and Starbucks just to mention. Under his stewardship, OSI has partnered with Chinese firms to create DaOSI while opening new branches in China making it the leading supplier of poultry in China.

On the Acquisition of Baho Food
Baho Food is a Dutch food processing and supply leader with plants in both Netherlands and Germany. The European leader owns 5 other subsidiaries serving 18 countries in Europe with a name curved since the 50s. In his words, Baho will give OSI a broader presence in Europe. He further added that the complementary and synonymous nature of activities will improve the capacity levels while better cater for the unending needs of its global customers.

Evolution of Smooth Has Thousands of Lip Balm Flavors to Choose From

Evolution of Smooth, or “EOS” for short, is one of the most respected and nationally used brands of body lotions and feminine beauty products in the U.S.

With a variety of dozens and dozens of flavors of lip balms, many types of body and hand lotions to feet specific needs and delicate perfumes, there are many options to choose from in this very well-developed group.

They have Lip Balm flavors that range from many distinct categories, but all of them are created with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter, and jojoba oil in their formula to be the best balms for your lips, see more here on ebay.com. They actually make them much smoother and vivid, and has been throughout tested to be usable for anyone who usually has an allergy of this type of product. With a combination of ingredients that catalyze the allergic reactions of many tested clients of the EOS, they have achieved a receipt where almost 100% of those patients now could use their products with ease.

The creativity of the Evolution of Smooth company led them to develop most of their balms in a sphere structure, which is usually preferred more than the stick design, proceed here. The categories of the lip balms are those that are smooth organic spheres, and those that are visibly soft. They also have a unique collection of “Shimmer Smooth Spheres,” which is intended to provide a luminous appearance to your lips.

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At one of their most useful categories, we have the balms which have protective characteristics and also look very beautiful on the wearer’s lips. Those are the Lemon Twist with SPF 15 and the pink one with grapefruit flavor that has SPF 30 with it.

For lovers of the old design of the stick balm, they have three flavors with that, coming in the raspberry, bean and mint flavors.

The best-selling ones are the Smooth Spheric Balms, in their Pomegranate Raspberry, Passion Fruit and Blueberry flavors, the most requested ones from the fans.

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Bruce Bent II: Providing Solid Leadership to the Employees and Shareholders at Double Rock

As Executive Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Corporation, Bruce Bent II realizes the importance of financial technology. His company continues to show the way in providing innovative cash management and cash-related solutions to brokers, dealers, qualified planners, and drivers of retail markets. Brent is also senior executive to many of Double Rock’s subsidiaries, including Access Control Advantage, Inc.; Intrasweep, LLC; Island Intellectual Property, LLC; Landing Rock Group, LLC; and LIDs Capital LLC. What has made Bruce so successful? It can be delineated down to a number of specific words in particular:

1. Drive.

There’s just something infectious about the way that Bruce Bent II works. He has learned his work ethic from his father, Bruce Brent Sr. His father is well-known within the financial markets for being the creator of the first-ever money market fund back in the 1970’s.

2. Determination.

Bent II is a proven manager of the Reserve Money Market fund and oversaw its spectacular growth over a 17-year period. Of course, he didn’t just cry uncle when the financial crisis of 2008 hit. Instead, he showed his stellar leadership acumen by overseeing an organization liquidation process that helped his companies recover where many other financial firms did not.

3. Respect.

Bent II has been quoted in numerous financial publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and the New York Times and many others. He also used to pen a column for the World Journal and the China Press. Bent has also been featured in the book Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful CEO’s. If that weren’t enough, Bent’s innovation is easily proven simply by the fact that he has a number of patents credited to his name.

4. Entrepreneurial.

Bent has been involved in many different ventures, including asset management, intellectual property and financial technologies. He has developed a sizable following in the fields of healthcare financing, business consulting, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare financing. Bent is a proud member of the Young Presidents’ Organization, which is a peer network that connects entrepreneur from all corners of the globe. He is definitely a man making a difference in his world.

For more information follow Bruce Bent II on Twitter.

José Auriemo Neto: Taking the World of Real Estate by Storm

If there’s anybody that can be counted on in the world of real estate, it would be José Auriemo Neto. This guy has been well known in the field of real estate and has made a lot of influential change. In case you didn’t know, José Auriemo Neto is a Businessman and executive who specializes extensively in real estate. He is Brazilian and is also the current CEO and Owner of the JHSF participacoes company, SA, which is a real estate business that focuses mainly on the development and growth of commercial and residential properties all over the country of Brazil. Through this company, he has also managed to add the Brand’s interest in building public developments, office buildings, and hotels.

José Auriemo Neto graduated at the Funadacao Armando Alvares Penteado University, which is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. After completing his education, he started working for the JHSF company in 1993. Throughout his career, he has also contributed in many Brazilian Communities by innovating the business of real estate in Brazil. To give a little background about the company, the JHSF company was first formed in Sao Paolo in the year 1972 by brothers Fabio and Jose Auriemo Neto, along with two other partners. The company name was derived from the initials of their first and second names which is JHSF. At the time, the company was more into incorporation and construction services. Click here to know more.

By 1990, the company had been formed, and Fabio concentrated on the growth of the operations for the company, which is how they came up with the concept for their business. Fabio also oversees the progress of operations and construction for many in the world of real estate marketing, while his brother José Auriemo Neto focused more on the mergers.

In 2001, Finally, the company had continued to expand and grow their operations and first started in the construction of shopping malls. Since most of their primary focus is more on construction, both brothers have also constructed one of the first shopping malls in Brazil that are connected to the first Brazilian Subway Station. Two years after they have successfully constructed this, they opened retail malls, which José Auriemo Neto took over the operations of the company by the age of 27. Through his continuous management, he had leveled up his role as the co-founder, because he started going into the luxury income and high-income market.

EOS Will Keep Your Lips Nourished

If you are looking for a new way to hydrate your lips, then look no further than EOS lip balms. Not only will they keep your lips feeling soft and sensual all day, but EOS lip balms are made from natural ingredients that you can feel good about putting unto your body. EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth and are well-known for their unique orb shape and have completely changed the way we hydrates our lips.


EOS lip balms come in a variety of different flavors and types such as Pasion Fruits which is 95% organic, 100% natural, and is even paraben, petrolatum, and phthalate-free. There at even flavors like Blueberry Acai, Pomegranate Raspberry, and Sweet Mint, all of which are packed with antioxidants like vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil. See EOS facebook.com page for updates.


EOS lip balms are not only nourishing, but glide on smoothly and has a handy twist-off top to make application a breeze. EOS lip balms are available in Organic Smooth Spheres, Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres, Shimmer Smooth Spheres, and Organic Smooth Sticks. They come in flavors like Vanilla Mint, Blackberry Nectar, and Coconut Milk. The Shimmer Smooth Spheres come in Sheer Pink and Pearl and add just a hint of pink with a touch of sparkle. If you are into the stick form of lip balm then you will appreciate that EOS also has Pomegranate Raspberry, Vanilla Bean, and Sweet Mint available in their organic Smooth Sticks collection, shop here.


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EOS lip balms are nourishing and do not contain harsh chemicals. They come in many flavors and are compact. The cute orb shape makes it easy to locate in your bag and you will want to have one at home, at work or school, and in the car so you will always be able to keep your lips feeling great. Check out more here on http://www.frenchtribune.com/teneur/25365-eos-lip-balm-secret-mastering-french-girl-beauty

EOS Gives Shoppers Many Great Lip Balm Flavors

EOS is a brand name that’s short for the phrase “Evolution of Smooth.” It’s a brand that has a strong following in Canada and the United States alike. If you visit popular drugstores located throughout Canada, you’ll easily be able to find EOS products on their shelves. People who want to do away with dry and dehydrated lips regularly rely on EOS lip balms. EOS doesn’t solely manufacture lip balms, either. The brand also makes shaving creams, body lotions and hand lotions. People who appreciate lip balms that are natural routinely turn to EOS’ extensive selection.


There are many cool and diverse options in EOS lip balms available to shoppers. Shoppers can opt for Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres, Organic Smooth Spheres, Organic Smooth Sticks and Shimmer Smooth Spheres. These in-depth product lines all consist of distinctive lip balms that offer their own functions and benefits. People who desire lips that look fresh, young and devoid of dryness often reach for EOS balms. Refer to evolutionofsmooth.ca.


There are many excellent choices in EOS lip balm flavors. These flavors can be particularly enticing to people who adore fresh fruit. If you’re drawn to flavors such as pomegranate raspberry, passion fruit, honeysuckle honeydew, summer fruit, blueberry acai and blackberry nectar, you won’t be able to forget these amazing lip balms, more here. If you’re captivated by flavors such as sweet mint, strawberry sorbet, vanilla mint and vanilla bean, you won’t be able to get your mind off them, either. Shoppers can buy multi-packs of these balms. They can go for multi-packs that consist of either two or four balms.


Move to this site for more exciting news, https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/lip-balm.html.


It isn’t at all difficult to track down EOS lip balms in drugstores everywhere. People who don’t want to have to worry and waste time, however, can also choose to purchase them on the Internet via the official EOS website.


Get additionl info here, evolutionofsmooth.com.


USHEALTH Group and its Mission to Provide World-class Insurance Solutions

USHEALTH Group, a major health insurance provider in U.S., is on a mission to provide world-class insurance experience to its customers. The firm makes sure committed and professional service to the customers by keeping in mind that sustained business needs consistency and quality in the services and solutions. With decades of experience in providing high-quality service to the customers, the firm is now credited with the trust of the people. For ensuring the continued services and great long-term relationship with customers, the insurance provider has framed a number of initiatives which can engage and make sure satisfaction of the customers. It revamped its advisor group, gave them additional resources and training, ensuring greater quality and consistency in customer service, demanded innovative solutions from the product designing team, etc.

USHEALTH Group is founded in the year 1982, and it is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. It sells its products through two subsidiaries named National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company. It has diverse solutions to address disability, accident, specified disease, life, and more. Most of the products by the insurance firm is targeting self-employed individuals, small business owners including their employees, and families. Until the date, USHEALTH Group has provided insurance solutions to more than 15 million customers with most of them are tailored plans while some of them are with more than 50 collective years. Click here to know more.

The advisor group of the firm, USHEALTH Advisors, are the backbone of its customer-centric initiatives. The company has a vision that each customer is different, and their needs are also not same. This helped the firm to frame individualized plans and options to the customers according to their needs. The USHEALTH Advisors are playing a major role by communicating with the customers and understanding their needs. The advisors then match the tailored plans that can be suitable to their concerns. It should be noted the plans are diverse, and it has vision care, dental care, income protector and more. The advisors are also helping the product designers in understanding customer needs as that is vital to the success of any new insurance plan.

The service provider is maintaining one of the largest PPO networks with coverage in every nook and corner of the country. It also runs a provider portal to help the customers to access their account and manage it from around the world easily and quickly. The world-class service offered by the firm helped it to win many prestigious industrial awards. Recently, it won Gold Stevie® Award – 2017 for providing the best customer service and sales experience. USHEALTH Group also won One Planet℠ Awards in January 2017, by competing with the insurance firms around the world, for the professional excellence it displayed in the industry.

Cleansing Conditioner…the New Kid On the Block

     We have always thought of shampooing our hair and making sure we had a lot of sudsy lather while shampooing. What if we could get the same results without the traditional lather shampoo? Well folks, guess what? There is a new kid on the block with the same results but not all the time and steps of the traditional shampoo we are used to taking.

Cleansing Conditioner is the new product that not only saves you time but is also easy on your pocket book. This product is revolutionary in that it does 5 steps at the same time. It cleanses, conditions, is a deep conditioner, detangler and a leave-in conditioner. It is a soap free non-stripping formula that enhances the hair’s shine, suppleness, and anti-static control. It can be used on a daily basis or in between your traditional shampooing. After completely saturating hair, the product is left in the hair for 5 minutes. Cleansing Conditioner is thoroughly rinsed from the hair and you’re ready for styling, saving you time. No more taking the time to shampoo, rinse, and then place the conditioner on your hair and rinsing again.

Not only does this product save you time and money but it leaves your hair looking like you just stepped out of the hair salon. What more could you ask for? Time, money, and beautiful results is what you’ll get with Conditioning Cleanser. Try it today and use the extra time for something you would normally not have time for.

Wen is a worldwide success hair company. We have all heard of the this beauty product for cleansing hair. Wen’s creator Chaz Dean started the company at the tender age of 21. But don’t let his age fool you. The man knows his business and is relentless in creating new products. Wen has become a world wide success. Created over 16 years ago, the product has sold 40 million bottles worldwide and is loved by hundreds of thousands of customer.

Wen also has a Cleansing Conditioner that leaves hair with more shine and manageability. Wen is designed for all types of hair. You’ll never have to feel left out.

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