July 2017

Talos Energy Continues its Expansion

Talos Energy is an American Company that offers its services in the Oil Industry. This means that it specializes in activities such as oil and gas exploration as well as drilling. The company uses a management team that has years of experience in the oil industry. This means that they have also specialized in the acquisition of assets in the oil industry focusing on the Gulf of Mexico. To achieve this, they use the latest technology and state of the art equipment. Talos Energy owes its existence to a company called Gryphon Exploration Co. Another company that has played a major role in the establishment of Talos Energy is Phoenix Exploration.

Talos Energy is also concerned about the environment and puts in place the necessary measures. Other companies that have played a crucial role in the establishment of the company include Riverstone Holdings as well as Apollo Global Management. To the surprise of many, the Mexican government mentioned that it would allow international companies to drill oil in the country. This was an unexpected move as the Mexican oil was nationalized 80 years ago meaning that only the Mexican government could control the oil. However, reports in Mexico say that the company resulted in these measures to rescue their ailing oil industry.

This new move has seen three companies move into the country for the project that will cost them $16 million. These three companies are from the United Kingdom, the United States and Mexico. Talos Energy is the company from the US while Premier Oil is the UK based company. On the other hand, Sierra Oil & Gas is the Mexican based company. Petroleos Mexicanos is the government owned company that has been drilling oil for the last 80 years. This new coalition will be used as a benchmark for future deals. This is according to Edison Investment which is a research company from the United Kingdom. Ownership of this deal is in the ratio of 35: 40: 25 to Talos, Sierra and Premier respectively. They will be involved in the project for a period of three months. During this period, they will drill over 100 barrels of oil.

Omar Yunes Driving Success and Prominence in Sushi Itto

Omar Yunes as a businessman has gained international fame as a result of his success. He gained critical acclaim once he joined Sushi Itto which is a Japanese food service network. Omar in his entrepreneurial undertakings has managed to enable a subsidiary of the company located in Mexico. Through him and the subsidiary he enabled, Sushi Itto won the Best Franchisee of the World award (BFW) in the year 2015. The ceremony where the company received the award took place in Florence, Italy and the main focus was to honor brands that are doing well in the franchising industry. Receiving the award gives a clear impression that as an entrepreneur he is giving his best and ensures that nothing less than success is achieved under his leadership.
Through hard work by Omar Yunes, Sushi Itto as a company currently has other offices in Veracruz as well as Puebla, amounting to 13 franchise units. Omar has worked hard since he started with one unit, making certain that his business expands even in other regions and not Mexico alone. This fact shows that he has an entrepreneurial mind and works hard to make the best out of what he is doing. Yunes ensures that his team of 400 employees develops innovative strategies and unique products at all times. Business in the present times is competitive and Yunes ensures that his company offers unique services for them to maintain their clients and attract even more.
Sushi Itto has generally done well because of Yunes and his commitment to business. He is an aggressive person when it comes to marketing his products. As a result of his commitment to serve all clients he has in the food industry. His brand has created job opportunities within the 13 Sushi Itto units. The company through Yunes has managed to establish and adopt an effective strategy of working as well as structure. The company has also created a new board which focuses on implementing the business strategies in line with what the company is dealing with and the industry under which it operates. Omar Yunes has been committed since he started dealing with business and since then he has been fully committed.


Anthony Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer, the President and the Chairman of the Board at Nabors Industries Limited. Nabors Industries Limited is a company that is based in the United States of America that is a lead industry player in the area of oil and gas. The company is one of the most profitable companies in the world. The Company has huge technological capabilities as well a qualified and trained human resource. This competitive edge has led to Nabors Industries Limited being the lead industry player in the area of oil and gas.

Anthony Petrello oversees the operating functions of Nabors Industries Limited. He also provides strategic planning for the company giving it a competitive edge in a an ever changing market environment. Prior to joining Nabors Industries Limited from 1979-1991, Anthony Petrello worked with the law firm of Baker and McKenzie where his practice areas were International Arbitration, taxation and general corporate law. His experience at the law firm laid down the foundation for his successful career in a global energy company.

Anthony Petrello also holds several directorship positions. Petrello is also a member of the Board of Trustees of Texas Children’s Hospital. Anthony and his wife Cynthia are vocal advocates for research and Clinical programs to address the needs of children with neurological illness. This passion was driven by their own personal adversity. Anthony and Cynthia’s daughter Carena was born with Celebral Palsy which has inhibited her growth.

Anthony Petrello is fondly referred to as “Tony” by those who know and love him. Anthony Petrello is described by his freshman roommate as the Italian-American extrovert. His classmates remember how he was really good in Mathematics. He went on to get a J.D from Harvard Law school as well as B.S and M.S in Mathematics from Yale University.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Pioneers ‘Pathways’ to Custom Cancer Treatments

Clinical Pathways is a custom technical solution that combines eviti®, a clinical decision support solution, with patient information in electronic health records (EHR). It is a collaboration between Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), NantHealth and Allscripts. This solution integrates the latest cancer research available with treatment regimens and complimentary therapies. It presents a comprehensive list of treatment options to medical staff while eliminating guesswork by clinicians. It provides custom treatment regimens specific to each patient and presents comparisons between treatment options, including an average market cost of delivery. This system allows physicians to retrieve information from an unbiased source that encompasses over 2,700 of the most applicable, evidence-based treatment options covering all cancer sub types and modalities.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Southeastern Regional Medical Center, located in historic Newnan, Georgia, is now equipped with the Clinical Pathways system. Just 30 minutes outside of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the Centers for Advanced Oncology at Southeastern Hospital uses this system to provide tailored care to each patient, delivering comprehensive integrative care all in one location. Specializing in breast cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, gynecological cancer, and many other cancer types, Southeastern, is one of CTCA’s five hospitals.

The CTCA is a for-profit network of hospitals located in Boca Raton, Florida. It offers integrative therapies to help manage side effects from chemotherapy and other cancer treatments such as pain, numbness, fatigue, nausea, and anxiety. It was first foudned by Richard J. Stephenson following the death of his mother from cancer. He founded the institution out of his frustration with the lack of treatment options. Since then, this network of hospitals has earned Full Standards Compliance from the Joint Commission, the Top Performer on Key Quality Measures, and the Magnet Award. Its team of experts treat using a collaborative approach and state-of-the-art technologies.

Success Academy Takes Education To New Heights

Success Academy, a charter school network operating out of New York City, has been making a tremendous impact on the development of its students. The schools are available in the Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Bronx areas. Success Academy is the largest and highest performing public charter school network in the United States. Impressively, the schools remain free for those admitted. Operating forty-six schools with over fifteen-thousand students in attendance, Success Academy has an enormous web of passionate educators available and proven results to boot.

Success Academy has their own code of ethics, referred to as ‘Action Values.’ ‘Action’ is an acronym translating to Agency, Curiosity, ‘Try & Try,’ Integrity, Others, and No Shortcuts respectively. These values are the foundation on which Success Academy builds its devotion for the youth of the New York area. Founder Eva Moskowitz has lived these values for years; Moskowitz is a former teacher, college professor, and public school parent. This expertise has translated into huge success and intuitive insight for Success Academy.

This style of operation has tangible results as well. Success Academy is in the top one percent for their math program, two percent for their English program, and five percent for Science. Their robust educational programs have made a huge difference for students with unique needs as well. English language learners have made enormous strides in their Math program, with an incredible ninety percent pass rate. Equally impressive, the same group boasts a sixty percent pass rate in English as well. Special needs students have found similar success, with a seventy-nine percent pass rate in Math and fifty-two percent in English. It’s accomplishments like these that have led to Success Academies enormous popularity in the New York area. The charter schools are so popular, in fact, that admissions have to be held by a random poll each April. Success Academy is a tremendous opportunity for students of all walks and is an excellent choice for any potential students in New York City.



EOS Lip Balm: What Does the “EOS” Stand For?

EOS lip balm has become incredibly popular since its release – but what does “EOS” stand for?

EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth. This isn’t just a fun marketing phrase either! There’s plenty of evidence to show that EOS lip balm has made som e very impressive improvements on an age-old remedy to save chapped lips everywhere. Go to this cool site, blogwebpedia.com.

Perhaps most importantly, EOS is 95% organic. Unlike many other lip balms on the market, EOS has no gluten and no paraben, offering consumers a way to naturally moisturize and quickly, effectively heal or prevent chapped lips.


EOS Packaging Enhances Your Lip Balm Experience Too

EOS lip balm has also become recognized for its unique packaging. Rather than a simple tube like most lip balm comes in, EOS comes in a cute little sphere that fits nicely into your pocket or bag. The design choice wasn’t just about looks either, because the spherical shape actually makes it much easier to apply. Instead of “mushing” a tube shape against your lips, EOS lip balm rolls on smoothly and cleanly. Hop over to allure.com and browse products here.


I’m In! Where Should I Start With EOS Lip Balm?

Good question. EOS lip balms come in a variety of flavors, so first-timers often don’t quite know where to begin. EOS is available in flavors like mint, passion fruit, blueberry acai, honeysuckle, pomegranate raspberry (a favorite of ours), and more, see review.

If any of those flavors stood out to you in particular, that’s where you should begin! Otherwise, we suggest mint if you like a cool, refreshing feeling on your lips. If that sounds too brisk, pomegranate raspberry is perfect for fruit-fans everywhere – we can’t get enough of it.

The best possible solution? Try a variety of flavors until you find your favorite, or always get a different kind for a fun “lip balm adventure!”

See this amazing video and learn more, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0avkr4IdtM.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America Proves to be on the Forefront in the Fight Against Cancer

Late February 2017, a press release revealed details about the Cancer Treatment Centers of America partnering with both NantHealth and Allscripts to create Clinical Pathways. Clinical Pathways is a custom and comprehensive oncology treatment platform. It allows oncologists to recognize evidence-based treatment regimens for patients through a never seen before integration of Allscripts Sunrise™ and eviti® platform.

The Clinical Pathways program aids in informing the cancer treatment process without disrupting the clinical workflow of the physician. The direct interface of the clinical OS (NantOS) was developed with the help of hundreds of oncologists countrywide. It holds an extensive collection of advanced cancer care data. Additionally, Clinical Pathways combines treatment regimens, complementary therapies and the latest cancer research available into the Allscripts Sunrise EHR. This integration allows oncologists to make a curated list, especially at the point of care.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America®

Cancer Treatment Centers of America® serves as a national network made up of five hospitals that serve adult patients who are diagnosed with cancer. The Boca Ranton-based network is committed to customizing a combination of various cancer treatments to match the needs of each patient. As such, CTCA boasts of state-of-the-art technologies, genomic tumor assessments and evidence-informed supportive therapies, which target cancer-related side effects. A team of cancer professionals, who operate under a single roof, undertakes all the network’s comprehensive services.

The integrative approach utilized by CTCA involves a commitment to tapping breakthroughs in genomic testing, precision cancer treatment, personalized medicine among other scientific advances. This effort allows the network to provide patients with numerous options. CTCA has a team of oncologist that comprises of board-certified professionals with expertise and advanced training in multiple cancers such as prostate, breast, lung, throat, ovarian, cervical cancer and more. Additionally, CTCA has care managers who act as personal nurses to the patients. As such, they are available around-the-clock throughout the year.

Equity First Holdings Australia Relocates

These are hard economic times where getting a loan is very difficult. Beyond this, banks and other financial institutions have rewritten their rules on lending making it difficult for the normal person to secure a loan. This is not only happening in the United States, but it’s happening all over the world including Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe and even South America. This might have been contributed to the 2008 financial crisis that saw the collapse of several businesses, hedge funds and even the best financial institutions. For your to qualify for a loan nowadays, you require collateral/security that you will return the borrowed money.

However, there is an loan institution from Indianapolis, Indiana that has come to the rescue of many people across the globe. The institution was established by Al Christy Jr. who saw an opportunity and decided to offer people the loan they require. The loan is better than the one offered by banks in many ways. First, the loan uses stocks as collateral. Second, the loan can be used for whatever reason the borrower seeks. This is unlike banks’ loans that can only be used for the purpose they are borrowed for. Finally, the stock-based loan has low interest compared to the loan that is offered by banks.

Equity First Holdings has its offices in Melbourne, Australia. Just the other day, the company announced that they were relocating these offices in downtown Melbourne to serve more Australians. This comes from the realization that their customer base in Australia was rapidly growing. Sydney and Perth are other cities in Australia where Equity First Holdings can be found in Australia. On other parts of the globe, Equity First Holdings can be found in New York, London, South Africa and Singapore. They also have an office in Hong Kong. The company works on the principle of transparency and integrity.

Source of the article : http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/ANPCY/news?id=143461

Jason Hope’s Vision for the Future

Modern day technology has already drastically changed the nature of everyday life for people globally, and these tools are advancing exponentially as time goes on. The gateway to the next great human achievements lies in 5G (5th generation) mobile networks. Anticipated to be roughly 10 times faster than current 4GLTE networks, the possibilities for the application of these networks, including potential cutting edge nanotechnologies, and even artificial intelligence increases drastically.

Common uses of mobile devices like video streaming, texting, and video chat can become instant in the literal sense. Also, 5G can widen the breadth of the Internet of Things, a term describing the growing network community of mobile devices, computers, smart T.V.’s and household appliances. With the omnipresence of 5G networks, self driving cars can navigate city streets, bypass obstacles and safely avoid pedestrians effectively, even communicating with each other with virtually no latency, reducing fatalities and traffic jams. Most notably is the potential advancement in medical biotechnology, which is a particular interest of entrepreneur and futurist Jason Hope.

Jason Hope donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation, who partly works in anti-aging technologies, in the belief that, with the use of 5G networks and nano and bio-technologies, age related disease will be a thing of the past. Also, mobile health monitoring devices for blood sugars and heart problems can deliver real time data in public places, increasing ease and quality of life for patients.

Jason hope was raised in Tempe, Arizona where he studied and got his degree in finance from Arizona State university and received his bachelors degree in business from Arizona State University’s W.P Carey School of Business. He strongly believes in giving back to the community and has an interest in the political community of Arizona. Jason hope is an investor, futurist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

Omar Yunes’ Sushi Restaurants Grabbed the Best Franchisee Award

Mexicano, the Sushi chain restaurant network of Omar Yunes, won the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) Award on Dec. 5, 2015. The franchise competition took place in Florance, Italy, and it recognized Omar’s contributions to the brand, Sushi Itto, he represents. His network comprises 13 units that are located in Puebla, Mexico City, and Veracruz. It should be noted that his units represent around 10% of the total number of the units the brand has. Yunes responded that he was extremely happy with the feat, and he was only a representative of the hard work of more than 400 employees from the 13 units. Omar also thanked the brand for giving a space for innovation that ultimately helped the units to claim the title.

The BFW edition 2015 was attended by various franchises from 34 countries including Hungary, Brazil, Portugal, France, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, and more. All the franchises were evaluated by the effects they created on the brand including their contributions to the network in terms of knowledge, influence on the network, the motivation of employees, savings that are implemented, and total improvements and their invoices suggested to the model. It should be noted that none of the brand and their value were considered as a factor in the evaluation. The CEO of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo, also elated with the achievement and commented, “we take the recognition as a sign of our collaboration to provide unique hospitality, remarkable flavor, and excellent customer service to our customers.”

Yunes started his entrepreneurial ventures at a young age, and he opened his first Sushi Itto unit at the age of 21. His vision to provide excellent customer experience helped him to quickly expand the franchise in all the major cities of Mexico. Yunes set parameters for his unit that gave a stand out in the brand network – the key factor that helped the franchise to win the award. Interestingly, the franchise won the Mexican version of BFW Award in November 2015, and that made it eligible to participate the world competition. The young entrepreneur is on a mission to expand the footprint across the country.

For more information check out Omar Yunes on crunchbase.com