August 2017

EOS’s Crystal Clear lip balm is coming, get ready!

Boring and bland lip balms are a thing of the past. Ever since EOS (Evolution of Smooth) came on the market, consumers interest in applying the everyday essential has grown. If you are a fan of EOS then you will want to read this article.

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In August EOS is launching a new lip balm. It is called Crystal Clear and you’ll want to buy it. It is completely see through. Who doesn’t love that? It’s beautiful and eye catching. It is also wax-free and vegan. People who don’t use wax or animal products will be able to use it. It also has 5 essential oils in each orb making it healthier for your lips. It will naturally moisturized and smooth chapped and dry lips. EOS is all natural and organic making it a favorite with folks who are health orientated and do not want to put a bunch of chemicals on their bodies. The shape will be a departure from the original and will not be as round. It will be available in stores nationwide in August, so don’t forget to pick up yours. You may also buy it here at

EOS started about a decade ago as a way to shake up the lackluster choices of lip balms on the market. It is made and marketed for women (ages 25-35 who are style minded) in mind, due to the fact that mostly women, compared to men, use lip balm. EOS is fun to use, is beautifully packaged in a orb-like form, with countless delicious and exotic flavors. Some of these include Pomegranate Raspberry, Blueberry Acai, Wildberry, check more products here. This growing company has a massive social media following and is worth over $250 million dollars. EOS is growing non-stop as a company have drawn in huge A-list celebrities to promote their product like Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, and Miley Cyrus. Great deals here on


Delicious Nutritious Beneful

Introducing Beneful Dog food from Walmart! Walmart carries many brands of dog food at varying prices. The price of the dog food is determined by what volume you are looking to purchase it in and what type of dog food you are looking to buy. Walmart also carries Beneful wet dog food. Dogs love both wet and dry options as they both carry nutrient rich formulas and are made with real beef and real chicken. The prices of said products can range anywhere from a few bucks to 20 or so dollars. Walmart typically runs rollbacks every now and then so the price is certain to be discounted at some point in time depending on the season and inventory of the store.

There are many types of Beneful dog foods specific to the preference of your dogs taste buds, whether or not your dog is young and what specific nutrients you’re looking to feed your dog. As mentioned before, Walmart carries many flavors of Beneful commercial which also includes Beneful Healthy Weight with Real Salmon. Walmart also carries a wet dog food version of this as they do with many of their flavors and recipes.

Coupons can be found in many places. A quick google search will land you at a website or two offering special discounted Beneful products. They however might be limited to a certain time period so act fast! If you look through your local weekend ads you are also likely to find ads for Beneful there as well.




Investor George Soros was born in Hungary in August 1930. Billionaire George is also the founder of Soros Fund Management which prides itself with assets worth $30 billion. This year, Soros hired one of Wall Street’s most prominent women Dawn Fitzpatrick as the chief investment officer of Soros Fund Management. According to a post on Forbes, George Soros fled Hungary and went to London to pursue Economics at the London School of Economics. While here, Soros worked as a railway porter and waiter prior to working with a bank in the finance department. Soros would later relocate to New York to establish his hedge fund in 1969 that was later rebranded the Quantum Fund. Later in 1992, Soros together with Druckenmiller made history when they shorted the British pound and made away with huge profits. This earned Soros the title, “the man who broke the bank of England”.

Soro’s father Teodoro Schwartz, an Orthodox Jew who had to change his surname from Schwartz to Soros so as to conceal his identity and that of his family in order to survive Nazism. He then divided his family members to reduce the chances of them being killed together and had George given a Christian name since Jews were being transported to death camps. This is how George survived according to a post on Klamath Basin Crisis. According to a post on, 85 years old George Soros is on the rise again in politics. George donated more than $25 million in support of Hilary Clinton whom they have been friends with for over 25 years together with other Democratic candidates. He had done this after engaging in risky currency trades that earned him approximately $24.9 billion. He also donated to End Citizen United which supported candidates pledging to push campaign reforms. Together with his son Jonathan Soros, they both donated to Every Voice.

Soros has been vocal in both politics and also social affairs. Apart from investing heavily in politics, Soros is also a philanthropist and has given funds in support of various causes. He has been donating his funds to non-profit international organizations for the last thirty years. His funding goes to institutions that focus on protecting human rights and promoting democracy in Eastern Europe and health and education services in the United States and other places in the world. However, Soros has since reduced his donations for political causes and aims to concentrate more on his philanthropic works.He has supported other causes and played crucial roles in regards to electoral battles, improvement of infrastructure and also combating climate change. George has also been at the forefront giving ideas on how best the country fight terrorism.

The Role Andrew Rolfe Plays in the operations at Ubuntu Fund Foundation

The Role Andrew Rolfe Plays in the operations at Ubuntu Fund Foundation

Every year the Ubuntu fund organizes a gala to raise finances for its campus based in Port Elizabeth in South Africa. This year the foundation held their tenth annual gala in the United Kingdom where it raised more than 972,960 euros which were past their set target. The funds generated are to support the establishment of a pediatric clinic as part of the fund’s campus in South Africa. The fund aims to offer all children receive a quality education. The events in the gala comprised of speeches and various Xhosa performances. Among the 200 attendees are two youngsters who have undergone the Ubuntu sponsorship program.

Sinesipho a young girl who just got accepted into Law school gave an emotional speech with her testimonial. Coming from a background with an abusive father who was also an alcoholic, she is grateful for the fund taking her under their wing and nurturing her both physically and mentally to reach her dream career. The Ubuntu Fund has so far touched the lives of more than 2000 children in Port Elizabeth. During the early years of its founding, the nonprofit organization thrived to give educational materials to needy children. Upon realizing the root of the problem the founder, Jacob Lief with the help of Malizole Gwaxula started addressing other chronic issues facing the community of Port Elizabeth like nutrition, hunger, medication, stability and HIV/AIDS. Through its journey the organization is achieving its goals offering health and education to more than 400,000 individuals. They have also managed to control the infections of HIV especially curbing the mother to child transmissions. During the gala, an auction overseen by Charlie Ross that involved several items including paintings, a portrait and a holiday to South Africa led to 33,000 euros accumulation.

Andrew Rolf, the chairperson at Ubuntu Fund, is a masters alumni of Harvard Business School where he per took Business Administration. Before joining Harvard, Andrew went to the University of Oxford to pursue an undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Arts. Since leaving college, Andrew has amassed experience in Finance Modeling, Investment Banking, Private equity, corporate finance and business strategy.

He gained his expertise working with Pret A manager as an executive officer of the company in the UK, Hong Kong Tokyo, and New York. Andre Rolfe facilitated the global outreach of many businesses including The Gap, PepsiCo, Restaurants, Pizza Hut, and KFC. Aside from his operations at Ubuntu Fund, Andre is the senior director at TowerBrook Capital Partners overseeing acquisition, investment and retail operations.


Rocketship Education Is Opening A New Location To Educate Children In Antioch

Rocketship Education has plans to build a new school where the Antioch bureau building is located. The old newspaper office will be torn down to make way for the 19th school in the Rocketship network. The school focuses on educating children living in the poor neighborhoods. Since the more depressed areas have less revenue for property taxes it has an affect on the funding received for education. This has resulted in poor math and English scores for the state standards from the students attending public school.

Rocketship Education has a lot of support for the improvements they have made in their students test scores but there are concerns over their new proposed location due to a high crime rate in the area. The City Council had three cameras installed at the intersection for surveillance due to the concerns of the Police Chief. Although there are apartments in the area there are also motels and a liquor store.

Rocketship Education was aware of the situation before purchasing the building but feels they can ensure the safety of their students. They plan on constructing a fence around the campus with a gate where visitors will be required to be buzzed inside. All parents will have to show identification before they will be allowed to pick up their children. Motion detectors will be installed in all rooms with windows and connected to an alarm system. Rocketship Education believes not only can they prevent burglaries but that they can help improve the neighborhood. The new school is expected to encompass 24,356 square feet.

Rocketship Education is planning in having a playground to replace the current warehouse for the newspaper. The school will feature large windows, bright skylights, and the planting of dozens of trees. Although any students living in the Antioch Unified School District will be given priority for enrollment, students do not have to be a resident to attend the school. Applications are expected to be accepted the beginning of November and attendees will be decided by a lottery in March. The newspaper will be relocating to a smaller building in the Lone Tree Way office park.


Fascinating Global Activism Initiatives of Avaaz

Background Information about Avaaz

Avaaz is a word used to mean ‘voice’ in various Asian, European and Middle Eastern languages. It is a global organization based in the United States and was established in 2007 with the primary mission of organizing citizens so that they can voice their concerns through activism. With the Citizens organized that way, it would be possible to bridge the gap between the world we live in and the world most people in the world desires.

What’s Unique about Avaaz?

The unique thing about Avaaz is its global outlook on issues and the utilization of modern technology mostly the internet to present pressing problems to relevant global authorities. Further, the campaigns are translated into fifteen different languages which ensures Avaaz reaches a huge population in the six continents where most of their volunteers stay. The structure and simplicity of the organization attracts many people since it does not matter how small or big an action is as long as it works towards the attainment of its mission and goals.

Activities Undertaken by Avaaz and attained Milestones

Avaaz offers support to worthy causes on matters like civil war, climate change, epidemics and various emergencies across different groups in the world. To know more click here.

In 2009, during the Iranian presidential protests, Avaaz set up proxy servers that would allow people on the ground to upload videos on various public websites. In 2011, Avaaz played a fundamental role in the setting up of the no-fly zone over Libya which necessitated military intervention in the country which was an important step.

Preceding the Syrian civil war, Avaaz offered internet support to the protestors as well as training activists. In fact, Avaaz sent internet and communication equipment to the protesters worth about $1.5 million. To them, the voice of the protestors was necessary, and that significant support meant something to the group.

Which EOS Lip Balm Boost is Right For You?

Be sure to give your smile an extra boost with EOS lip balm. When you use EOS lip balm, you can be sure you are using an organic, hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested product packed with nourishing vitamins for your care, click here.

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Whether ready to go shopping at the mall or hang out at the coffee shop, there’s an EOS fruity flavor to match the occasion. If you’re wanting something girly but classic, then the Strawberry Sorbet flavor is as pink as it is a delicious dessert. If sophisticated yet tasty is your style, then the Pomegranate Raspberry lip balm is the perfect mixture of all-natural flavor and moisture. If you’re craving that healthy boost before the gym, then the Blueberry Acai lip balm is an antioxidant-rich boost for your lips. Discover more amazing lip balm products here on

Speaking of active lifestyles, don’t go to the beach without an active lip balm. With Lemon Twist with SPF 15 or Pink Grapefruit with SPF 30, you will protect lips while having fun at the beach or going for a jog. Don’t worry if you push yourself too hard because the Cooling Chamomile lip balm will provide your sore and chapped lips with a cooling touch. No matter the occasion or need, there is an EOS lip balm for you.

Hurry and get yourself a lip balm now, buy it at!


Find YoutSelf in Fantasy Football Rankings

Sometimes colder months can give you the winter blues. You feel like you don’t want to go anywhere or do anything and the actual lack of sunlight does cause seasonal depression in some individuals. For those having that problem, a hobby might be helpful. Fantasy football rankings are really a lot of fun to look at and build your own sports team with your friends or others with the same hobby.

Find a Player to Get Interested in And Learn About

If you want an interesting player to learn about, look up Martavis Bryant. He is a 6 foot 4 inch tall player with a lot of potential but a lot of failed drug tests. He does great then screws up by failing a test. He is a gamble but worth looking at in the Fantasy football rankings.

Pick Your Own Team

When you get into fantasy football, rankings are based entirely on you and who you pick. It is the luck of the draw. You can do really well picking some newer unknown players and the fantasy football rankings are a shock or go the more traditional route and get established, known players. It’s all up to you.


Top 5 Reasons to Love EOS Lip Balm

EOS, Evolution of Smooth, is a luxurious, affordable brand of lip balm. If you don’t already own any of their products, here are 5 reasons to try them and love them.


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#5 – EOS Began as an Unpretentious Small Startup Business

After decades of boring, old fashioned, and quite tasteless tubes of lip balm, EOS hit the market in a huge way, becoming one of the top industry leaders by producing a whole new generation of unique beauty balm. How popular is EOS? They are selling around a million lip balms per week! Not bad for a small startup business that just wanted to create an attractive, pleasing lip balm that tasted and smelled good.


#4 – Totally Unique Look

Before EOS, most lip balms looked alike. EOS saw the opportunity to shine and create a product that was fun to use and pretty to look at. WIth the help of a clay artist, they created shape after shape until they found a look that inspired them, read more here at


#3 – Natural Ingredients

EOS uses no harsh chemicals like petrolatum or parabens. Instead, EOS relies on jojaba oil, antioxidant-rich Vitamin E, and shea butter to soothe and pamper lips. Their products are safe for sensitive skin, hypo-allergenic, and even gluten-free.


#2 – Delicious Flavors

Passion Fruit, Strawberry Sorbet, Blueberry Acai, Pomegranate Raspberry, Vanilla Bean… The list goes on and on, and those are just the flavors in the Organic line. They also have Visibly Soft, Crystal, Shimmer, Active, and Medicated, all with their own flavor varieties. Check them out here.


#1 – Great Prices

EOS has managed to provide excellent quality products for very little cost. Most balms are priced below four or five dollars!


Enough said, right? Time to shop! Visit EOS’ official for more details.


Discover Delectable EOS Lip Balm Brands With Evolution Of Smooth

Give your lips the advantage of having maximum protection against all natural extreme elements with EOS lip balm products. They are guaranteed to give you the protection that doesn’t come from other competitor names like Chapstick. Customers are choosing EOS lip balm products 10 to 1, over their competitors because of their contents. Experience super moist lips that will help you build your confidence against dry or chapped skin, discover more. Their competitors failed to meet the demand for organic beauty care products that are cruelty-free and safe to use every day with all skin types. Your lips will be prepared to face the sun rays for an individual who works outside. Click to read more interesting articles.

Hop over to to buy your chosen lip balm.

Are you interested in the more popular EOS lip balm brands? Evolution of Smooth is a highly preferred EOS brand that also has a line of shaving cream, hand, and body lotion with the same ingredients their customers are use to. Give your lips all day coverage that is a must have for young adults and busy professionals. They have remarkable flavors like mint and lemon for individuals who are interested in cool scents. Become a part of their millions of users worldwide by visiting your favorite EOS lip balm website,