September 2017

The Innovative Securus Technologies CEO, Rick Smith

Richard “Rick” Smith is the CEO of Securus Technologies Inc. The company specializes in prison technology industry and is currently the biggest corporations in business. Rick is different when compared to his corporate peers. He has an extensive experience in the engineering field hence his immense contribution to the company. His expertise gives him a distinct edge over his competitors. Smith got his Associate degree from the Rochester Institute of technology. He went on to get a Bachelor’s doctorate in Engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Later on, he earned two Master Degrees in Mathematics and Engineering. One was from the State University of New York at Brockport and the other from the State University of New York. He crowned his education with a Master of Business Administration from the University of Rochester.

Rick Smith’s professional still holds more accolades. It shows his remarkable commitment in business through his tenures in multiple positions over several companies. Under his leadership belt are big firms like Securus Technologies and Eschelon Telecom. Also, Smith has had other positions in Global crossing North American Inc. He has served on many company boards as well.With this in mind, it is no hard to see how Rick Smith has helped propel Securus Technologies Inc. into a great success. The central provision of the company is telecommunication services in prisons. Through their technology, inmates can communicate with their loved ones in the outside environs. Their tech includes both audio services and advanced video calling systems. These calls are made either by directly calling Securus systems or using the company’s innovative mobile applications.

The company’s technology is spread across numerous prisons. It is Rick Smith’s ambition that soon, every prison in the United States is served by Securus Technologies services. According to Smith, his goal is not just fueled by the success of the company. He also wants to provide inmates with better means of reaching their friends and families. In my point of view, innovation coupled with his empathy towards his primary clients are the main reasons behind his tremendous success in the industry.Rick and his company have been receiving positive feedback through the mails. They mainly thank Securus for adequate provision of services. Also, the letters attest to the enterprise role in keeping the inmates and their families safer. Smith responds by reassuring the public that it is part of their job and it will continue and improve over time.The company was founded in 1986, and it is situated in Texas and Georgia. It employs over 1000 employees that serve the 2,600 contracts it reports to hold. In the United States and Canada, the company has a client base of over 2,200 Correctional Facilities. In 2016 they announced to have invested $600 million in technologies and patents over three years.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho- Brazilian Legal Practice

The role of lawyers in the society is very important. It is one of the professions that benefit the society in a great way. Lawyers play a crucial; role in disputes resolution. They are also an important pillar in supporting the development of legal frameworks in the society. The profession is widely accepted and is admired by many young people. They are among the best earners all over the world.

In Brazil, there are over half a million lawyers that are allowed to practice law. Most of the lawyers have offices in the biggest cities of Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Sao Paulo. For one to become a lawyer in Brazil, there is a rigorous process that one must go through. The first step is to attend a recognized university for an undergraduate program. Afterwards, one has to go to a law school, sit and pass the bar examination known as Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil. It is only after going through this process that one is allowed to practice law.

In Brazil, the Constitution is the supreme law. The Brazilian Constitution was established in 1988. However, most of Brazil laws are derived from legal systems of European countries that include Portugal, Germany, and France. One of the best ways to find a lawyer in Brazil is via the internet. Most lawyers or law firms have online profiles where you can view the services they provide as well as contacts via which you can reach them. When looking for a lawyer, it is prudent to ask for things such as cost and how long a lawyer has been practicing.

About Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is probably the best lawyer one can find in Brazil for litigation in business cases. He formed his law firm through which he represents his clients. His law firm is listed as one of the best in the Latin America region. Ricardo Tosto is also listed as one of the best lawyers in Brazil by the Who is Who magazine. Ricardo Tosto is known for representing big entities such as governments, NGO’s politicians, and multinationals. His law firm is known as Tosto e Barros Advogados.


Forex Trading and the Importance of Timing According to Greg Secker

There is a lot that factors into the success of Forex trading. Among the largest factors of someone’s success in Forex trading is timing. For one thing, there are times and seasons when it is probably better to stay away from Forex trading unless one has enough experience and a good strategy that can help him throughout all seasons of Forex. For people who are not so certain about the right time to break into Forex trading, this is the best time to break into the activity with the hopes of making huge profits according to expert traders like Greg Secker.

There are also plenty of people who have been investing but have decided that they are not sure whether Forex is something they want to get into. Greg Secker urges people to get involved because there are plenty of reasons that there Forex is one of the best markets to get involved n. One good reason that is worth considering is inflation. There is also wage growth as well as interest rates that make this a good time to get involved with Forex trading. Greg Secker gives the reasons as to why it is a good time to get involved with Forex.

One thing that Greg Secker points out is that the stock market is not as reliable as before. Therefore, traders may find more reliability in the Forex market. On top of that, it costs a lot less to make a trade in the forex market than it does to make a trade in the stock market. This gives people a much greater chance to make profits. The only thing that is needed is for them to use a lot of skill and thought as they make their trades so that they can make sure to win a lot of money and lose very little.

Wonderful Waiakea Water

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is one of the fastest growing bottled water companies in the world. It made its way to the top 500 out of 5000 fastest growing companies in America. Waiakea bottled water sales have rapidly increased in a few short years. They have recorded a growth of over 1000% from 2014 to 2016. They will be recognized for having the best water available on the market at the 2017 Inc. 5000 Conference that will take place on Oct 10th. Ryan Emmons is the founder and CEO of Wiakea, and is pleased to have made it this far in the industry. It is proven that the fastest growing water bottled company, Waiakea, can still thrive in the market today while holding its high moral value and establishing an environmental friendly business.

The company was founded in 2012 as the primary volcanic water brand in Hawaii. The water is naturally healthy because of its alkaline benefits. The body of water is found with a plentiful pond of highly nutrient-rich aqua that is nestled in the Hawaiian rainforest. Its abundant sources are fed by the snow melt and rain. It’s located on the active Mauna Loa volcano peak which filters the water through the porous lava that enriches the water with nutrients and minerals. The delicious tasting water has been recognized globally for its newest introduction to the market. Waiakea has continued to make severe strides in the water market and continues to provide ways to enhance their water. They have won many different awards such as the Best Biz Award, Best In Show, The finalist and the #2 Leading Bottled Water Brands 2016 globally.

Aside from their prestigious awards and their healthy, naturally sustained bottled water, they take great pride in working with less fortunate countries that don’t have access to clean water. They have partnered with Pump Aid, which is a company that supplies water pumps, to provide water for parts of Africa that don’t have access to healthy, clean water. With their constant efforts and donations, they have been able to supply over 1.35 million people in Africa with clean drinking water.

The Amazing Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Sleep is a very important pat of a person’s life but everyone is always so busy that most people do not get enough sleep. People who deprive their selves from sleep can have consequences both in health and appearance. Sleep apnea is more serious than people think but many people do not want to get it checked out. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a sleep apnea specialist and he provides the best and most effective sleep apnea treatment by using dentistry. Dr. Weisfogel had prioritized his mission to help patients with sleep apnea. That is what he is truly passionate about and he takes it very seriously.

Dr. Weisfogel went to school at Rutgers University and from the very beginning, he was a very determined person and achiever in anything he set out to do in his life. He is just such a dedicated person and always was. He also attended New York University, where he received his credential for Doctor of Dental Surgery. Dr. Weisfogel, then started his own dental practice and it was called Old Bridge Dental Care. He faced many challenges when he started trying to help patients struggling with sleep disorder. He had to start traveling everywhere because his dream was to find a world wide fix to sleep apnea.

Everything started coming into play for Dr. Weisfogel when he founded the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients. He then, invested in his plans by launching the Dental Sleep Master’s Program. The point of this program was to make sleep appliances to help people suffering from sleep disorders. Dr. Weisfogel puts a lot of time and effort into reaching his goal to cure sleep apnea. He works 12 hour days or more and that just shows how dedicated he really is to this. He has been in the medical practice field for more than two decades. He is very experienced and so good at his job. He is also a great man who donates a large amount of his earnings to charity. This is why many people admire him and stay by his side through all his accomplishments. Everyone believes in him!

EOS Lip Balm Goes Above and Beyond

One of the best ways to be successful in any business is to go above and beyond the competitions. The reason this is important is that it shows a lot of things to the customers. In the case of EOS, the company has gone above and beyond with lip balm. Therefore, customers can enjoy some of the greatest benefits that come with having the most advanced form of lip balm. The company has made it a point to add some of the most moisturizing and rejuvenating ingredients into their products. They also made sure that it was natural so that it can provide better benefits to the customers.

One of the ways that EOS has exceeded expectations is by looking at the market of lip balm and seeing what the other companies are offering customers says For one thing, Chapstick offers products that only go so far in moisturizing the lips. This is one of the reasons that many people have been looking for other treatments for their lips. The business owners of EOS have decided that they can bring forth the effective treatments that people need so that they can experience even greater rejuvenation for their lips without worrying about side effects.

EOs has recently added to their products with crystal lip balm. This type of product has brought forth something new for people. For one thing, these products have been made from vegan sources. Shop and collect all lip balm flavors here on Therefore, it is expected to provide the best benefits for people who are interested in trying it. This natural form of lip balm is going to not only bring forth something new and effective, but it is also going to be very popular because of the presentation of the product. EOS is available at stores for people that are looking for something that is going to be very effective for their lips, shop here!

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Norman Pattiz Launches New Modern Features at PodcastOne

Norman J. Pattiz is an American broadcasting mogul popularly known for having founded Westwood One. Born in 1993, Mr. Pattiz has seen the American broadcasting industry grow, where he has also been an avid contributor to the tremendous success. For his commitment to the industry, Norman launched Launchpad in October 2012, which later became PodcastOne. Recently, the founder of PodcastOne and husband to Mary Turner dropped a bolt from the blue when he announced his introduction of new PodcastOne 360-degree videos and interactive functions. It is a mobile software program that gives new ways for their listeners as they catch up with the experts behind the microphones. The technology incorporates the audience because they freely connect with their hosts.



Some Unique Features of the Launched App



To begin with, this app is freely accessible on Google Play Store and allows people watch, listen, and participate in a broad range of programs. With that app on your phone, you will enjoy so many benefits like accessing fascinating pieces of writing and photos that you can never get from any other source ( That application is designed in such a way that it also allows listeners to send personal texts to each other. To attract many people, they incorporated a reward system to their mobile software program. This system counts points for active participators so that they can redeem them for bonus services and features. Again, they can leave the earnings to accumulate to the level of winning them free virtual-reality shows, discounts on products, or other special material.



Meanwhile This App; the Talk of the Day



Mandt VR fixed the refined up to date equipment in each of PodcastOne’s major recording studios. Even when show hosts are out of studio, they can still record VR footages with their mobile apps. By partnering with Mandt, Norman gave his beast considering that they are leading in virtual video production mixed, and enhanced reality formats. So far, they have successfully recorded more than 1,000 recordings, which is a significant milestone.



Facts Concerning Norman Pattiz



It is unarguable that Norman Pattiz is a darling of many people’s ears. His devotion to broadcasting is unmatched, and his competence unrivaled. It’s incredible how Pattiz keeps innovating new technologies, making America’s media fabulous. To date, even if he has to oversee his Beverly Hills company, he often dedicates time for the Pacific Council on International Relations. It is true to say that much of the success experienced behind the screens is attributable to this Jewish businessman’s great mind.


Dr. Jennifer Walden Really Is A Rarity, Only Eleven Others Like Her In Texas

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been a plastic surgeon for over eight years. She is known to focus on cosmetic surgery, including eyelid lifts, face lifts, and breast augmentation. Liposuction is another thing that Dr. Jennifer Walden does. She is well known because it really is rare for a female to go into plastic surgery. Only around ten percent of all board certified plastic surgeons in the United States are women. However, there are only around one hundred and eighty plastic surgeons who are women and who are members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Even more than that, only around twelve of them live in Texas, and Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of them.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is known to have not just sympathy for her patients, but also empathy. This is because as a woman, she has gone through what most of her patients have gone through. After all, most people who go for cosmetic plastic surgery are women. For example, she has seen her own body change after her pregnancy period, after which she gave birth to twins.

She worked in New York’s Upper East Side for around seven years, but then she moved back to Texas so that her sons can be closer to her family. There was no cosmetic surgery practice in Austin like there was in Manhattan, but the orders started coming in as soon as she landed. She went on to open up her own practice with offices and branches in more than one location in Texas. People often wonder why she chose to go into cosmetic surgery, but other people know that the reason is because she just wanted to help other women. For example, she was able to help out a friend who was a stay at home mom and who needed breast augmentation. It is known that doing this made her happy.


Vegan EOS Lip Balm

EOS Lip Balm Now has Vegan

EOS lip balm is a product that had critics and everyone buzzing about the unique lip balm, and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better they came out with a vegan line! These new lip balms are the same unique sphere shaped, but they are clear and vegan. EOS wanted to make a lip balm that everyone can love as mentioned in This new lip balm is all natural and is also animal by-product free. These new lip balms launched on August the fourth but was sold out on the same day! There are only two scents to choose from and only seventeen ingredients in this new lip balm product.

People fell in love with EOS lip balm products. Lip balm always was the typical cylindrical tube with the scents of cherry or peppermint. EOS brought a new and unique product to the table. They wanted to create something that everyone would love and give them a reason to smile. Therefore they created these pastel sphere shaped lip balms with unique flavors, available here at This product was selling right off of the shelves and critics were buzzing about this new product. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian were even spotted pulling this product out of their makeup bag. This lip balm was a booming success, and as you can tell by the new vegan product, they are only going to keep creating products for everyone to love.

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Some Secrets to Dr. McKenna’s Unique Success as Both a Doctor and a Real Estate Agent

Mark McKenna is both a medical doctor and a real estate agent. He started his medical practice with his father after graduating with his medical degree from Tulane University Medical School. Simultaneously, he launched his first real estate development firm, McKenna Venture Investments. Over the years, McKenna also bought out and launched Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title Inc.

When Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005, it destroyed most of Dr. McKenna’s accomplishments. However, this did not stop Dr. McKenna as he became active in helping to rebuild the New Orleans through the low-moderate income redevelopment activities. Since then, Dr. McKenna has made many accomplishments. However, his most recent is launching the medical aesthetic company, OVME, which hopes to reinvent the way that people choose healthcare.

When asked what a typical day looks like for him, Dr. McKenna replied that his day begins at 6:30am. He has breakfast with his daughter and is into work by 8am. His workday lasts until 6pm when he stops to have dinner with the family. He then goes to Jin Jitsu training until 9pm. Then he does his evening work at home. At a glance, it sounds like Dr. McKenna works practically 24/7. However, Dr. McKenna says that part of his day involves meditation, visualization and goal prioritizing and that he’s also an avid reader. When asked what the worst job he ever had was, he replied that that doesn’t apply to him because he’s always worked for himself. Dr. McKenna even admits that he has never felt like he was working in the way that most people think of it.

One thing that probably stands out the most about Dr. McKenna, though is the fact that he admits that one secret to his success in growing his businesses is surrounding himself with people “smarter than himself”. In other words, Dr. McKenna is definitely not one to suffer fools gladly and picks people who he knows are as authentic about what they do as he is about what he does.