December 2017

Customer Reviews and Complaints, Another Aspect of White Shark Media’s Success

Many business owners may feel like it is the end of the world when they get a complaint. After all, a complaint does have the potential to drive away customers. However, White Shark Media is aware that complaints come as part of the territory. People are always going to have something to complain about. However, White Shark Media does understand that some complaints are going to have something valuable for them to take from it. In this case, White Shark Media pays attention to the complaints to see if there is something that they can adjust in their business.

Given that White Shark Media is a marketing and advertising company, they are going to get complaints related to analytics and performance. The best thing is that they are willing to look into the issue and come up with a solution that is going to be pleasing to their clients. Given that some of their clients are also experienced marketers, they are going to have some kind of insight that is helpful to their business. In some cases, the clients just don’t have time to do their own marketing in this case. This is where White Shark Media can help with the marketing.

White Shark Media not only provides ad campaigns but also provides reviews to ad campaigns submitted to them from marketers. They provide their insight on what can be improved about the ad campaign. Given that AdWords has a limited space for advertising, it is important for the company to get the point across in the tiny space it has. SEO also matters in AdWords. The optimized ads are going to rank higher than the other ads. Also, grammar and spelling has to be perfect in order to maximize sales and give off a professional image. Customers have more trust for a company that shows effort in what it does.

Whitney Wolfe Herd Thoroughly Empowers Women

This is one of the best periods in time for women in that they are being empowered to speak out against the many different issues that they are faced with. One of the common issues that women have to deal with is that it is still a little harder for them to make the money they need to support themselves. Also, while it is believed that women have it easier in the dating world, there are still frustrations they have to put up with. Whitney Wolfe Herd has decided that it is time for her to face these frustrations head on. The way she has done it is by developing a new app that not only helps with dating but also helps with other aspects of life. This app is known as Bumble.

Bumble has gotten its start as a dating app that enables women to make the first move by disabling men’s accounts so that they can’t reach out to women. However, Whitney Wolfe Herd is not the kind of person who is easily satisfied. She is really passionate about empowering women. She wants to make sure that women have somewhere to go for all of their needs. In this case, the business owner has decided to grow the app.

One area that Whitney has decided to help women is with friendships. She understands that friendships are very important in getting through different circumstances in life. However, it can be hard for some people to find the right types of friends. In this case, she has developed the BFF extension to her Bumble dating app. Women can then use the extension known as BFF to reach out to people who have similar values to the ones they have.

Whitney Wolfe Herd understands that people generally thrive on different types of relationships they can find. The Bumble apps make it easier for women to find the right types of friends. Bumble is also a great app for men to sign up with. They get to experience a different type of dating app that may actually be more effective than the other ones that they are used to and more

Join The Exclusive EOS Lip Balm Family Today

Lips are the most delicate skin on your body and can benefit from care with organic ingredients. Sensitive skin can be affected by what’s in their beauty care products in relation to harsh by products. Maintain or maintenance your lips with the superior EOS brand reasonably priced at under $5. Why settle for traditional lip balm products who leave your lips feeling chalky? EOS lip balm products give their customers the perfect blend of vitamins and oils. Pamper your lips with a one of a kind beauty care aide with superior relief against sum exposure, UV rays, aging, and more.

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Relax with an easy to use container that won’t be hard to find at the bottom of your cluttered purse. The new Crystal line offers a complete transparent line with a buttery wax-free formula giving your lips prolonged coverage just when you need it, see this. They provide an absolute glow-up in extreme arctic temperatures. You can find their products on the beauty care aisle of select retailers, but hurry they’re sweeping off the shelves, find out more here on Get a popular flavor that delivers aromatherapy in a multi-pack. The Evolution of Smooth brand is still popular for lotion, shaving cream, and an organic body butter. Join the exclusive EOS lip balm family today.

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Jeunesse Focuses On Expansion Throughout East Asia

Jeunesse global has proven to be one of the biggest success stories to come out of the global health and beauty industry over the last nine years. Founded in 2009 by longtime health and beauty entrepreneurs Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse Global quickly took off. During its first year of operation, Jeunesse Global  was able to do nearly $1 million in total sales. By the end of its eighth year, Jeunesse was doing hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and had risen to become one of the most important direct marketers of health and beauty products the world over. (


Both Ray and Lewis had successfully developed dozens of companies in the health and beauty sector. They started Jeunesse as a way simply to pass their free time in retirement. But they were also keen on bringing some of the great opportunities that they had both enjoyed over the course of their lives, simply due to the accident of having been born in the United States, to those in other less advantaged regions of the globe.


One of the areas that both Ray and Lewis had fallen in love with was East Asia. The couple understood the enormous untapped potential of the East Asia region. With an intelligent, highly educated and hard-working population, East Asia was the ideal place to focus on bringing the Jeunesse business plan to thousands of entrepreneurs and beginning to sell its highly innovative products to millions of customers. Go Here to learn more.



The Jeunesse product line has, therefore, always been focused on selling products of the variety that the East Asian markets would find most attractive. This has included a strong reliance on all-natural formulations, eschewing highly processed ingredients for completely natural extracts and other healthy substances.


One example of this approach can be seen in the company’s energy drink. Known as Nevo, the drink contains all-natural ingredients. It comes in four delicious flavors, including peach mango, lemon ginger, mixed berry and acai grape. The drink has proven to be enormously popular with the health-conscious East Asian market. Users say that it is among the best-tasting energy drinks currently on the market.


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Jeunesse Global Develops Supplement And Lifestyle-Based Wseight Loss Regimen

Jeunesse Global has quickly become one of the most attention-grabbing names in the health and beauty direct marketing industry. The company was founded in 2009 by serial entrepreneurs Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis as a way to pass their spare hours in their third attempt at retirement. But things quickly got out of hand. Both Ray and Lewis found themselves spending more and more time on growing their latest business. Before long, it was completely consuming their lives, and they loved every minute of it. (See:


Within its first year of operation, Jeunesse was doing nearly $1 million in sales. By the mid-2010s, the company had thousands of distributors, worldwide, and was doing tens of millions of dollars in global sales. Jeunesse’s remarkable rise to the position of global player in one of the most notoriously competitive industries on Earth was not the product of luck or serendipity. Both Ray and Lewis knew exactly what they were doing from the get-go. And the key to their success lies in the creation of great products that meet a real demand within a market niche. Check out their page on:



One example of this perfect-pitch in listening to the market’s needs, for which both Ray and Lewis have become legendary, is Jeunesse’s Zen 8 Project weight loss system. Jeunesse contracted with one of the leading personal trainers on the planet, devising a whole-lifestyle system that attacks the three pillars of weight loss: controlling excessive appetite, burning fat and building muscle.  Visit This Page for more information about the company.



Unlike many shaman-like, voodoo weight loss systems, which rely on some kind of magic, all-encompassing pill to do their work, the Zen 8 Project is designed around the real science of weight loss, retraining the user to not only eat right and exercise optimally, but to reprogram their entire lifestyle to one that is more conducive to maintaining an overall state of mental and physical health.



The centerpiece of the Zen 8 Project is the Zen Bodi supplement system. Using scientifically proven ingredients, Zen Bodi maximized the muscle-building and fat-burning aspects of the weight loss regime, allowing the user to achieve the quickest-possible results with a minimum of time and effort.


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Louis Chenevert: Brilliant Business Mind

Brilliant businessmen are not born every day. However, one was born in Montreal, Quebec in 1958. What was the name of this future pioneer in industry? Louis R. Chenevert. Chenevert Began his post high school education with a Bachelors in business administration from HEC Montreal in 1979. He went on to earn an honorary Doctorate from HEC Montreal in 2011 and from Concordia University later in 2014. After earning his bachelor’s degree Chenevert worked for general motors for over a decade. During his time with the company, he became the general production manager. In 1993 Chenevert left General Motors to join Pratt & Whitney Canada. By 1999 he was named the President of Pratt & Whitney. Always seeking new opportunities Chenevert became the chief operating officer, president, and director of United Technologies Corporation in March of 2006. Go To This Page for related information.



Once on board with UTC Chenevert was able to put his expertise to work. When he took over the reins at the company the country was in the worst parts of the recession. This obviously, created a unique challenge for Chenevert but not one he would bow to. During this turbulent time when many companies were going under due to the economic stress, Chenevert was able to grow the company. He was responsible for bringing share prices from $37 a share to $117. In addition to this astronomical growth, dividends were regularly paid out. In addition to providing these steep returns to investors, Chenevert impressed stockholders as well as colleagues by not obtaining these results in the traditional way.


This growth wasn’t built on steep new investments in the workforce or technology nor did he engage in the common practice of outsourcing production. In fact, in some cases, he went against traditional wisdom and even moved some production to more expensive areas. Although it seemed like madness to those unfamiliar with Louis Chenevert’s unconventional techniques, this move ultimately paid off in spades. Chenevert knew that by moving the production to this new location he would be able to capitalize on the company’s workforce being together. This allowed UTC to take advantage of having production together. Check him out on Yachtingmagazine.


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Jeunesse Global Rises To Dominance From Out Of Nowhere

When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis decided to make their third attempt at retiring, the couple was convinced that they would be able to stick with it this time around. Having founded and built a string of highly successful businesses, the couple had been independently wealthy for decades. They decided that, this time around, they would finally like to hang up their capitalist hats and focus on enjoying time with each other and their family.


While such ideas always sound good, Ray and Lewis quickly found out for the third time that the reality of retirement’s long and sedentary hours was as incompatible with their personalities as it had always been. Soon, Lewis had begun selling a few items out of the couple’s garage. It didn’t take long for Ray to jump in as well. Within a few months, Ray was using his skills as a formidable salesman and recruiter and Lewis was using her abilities to develop new products and handle business operations. By the end of the first year of the company, now called Jeunesse Global, the couple had done nearly $1 million in sales.


Today, Jeunesse is among the most quickly expanding and important distributors of health and beauty products worldwide. The company has been able to develop a highly unique product line, with all of its products being unique to Jeunesse Global and not available anywhere else.


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One example of the company’s penchant for innovation is its Reserve health drink. Containing powerful antioxidants, such as the miracle substance known as resveratrol, the drink is made from all-natural ingredients. It is able to give the full health benefits of drinking a couple glasses of wine per night but without the need to consume alcohol, which has been shown to be pernicious in many users.


Visit This Page to learn more about the company and the products they offer.


Reserve is made from a combination of natural super-fruits, giving the user a powerful dose of some of the healthiest ingredients on the planet. The drink protects against heart disease, fights oxidative stress and supports eye function. It is available in a number of different flavors, including blueberry, sweet cherry and acai grape.



Evolution of Smooth’s Gel Crystal Lip Balm

When it comes to lip balm products, there are plenty to choose from. The market is literally flooded with these unique items, but all aren’t created equal. On the other hand, Evolution of Smooth has introduced a newer lip balm product, and it’s creating huge waves within the industry. The all-new Gel Crystal lip balm comes with a revamped image and plenty of medicated power thanks to its attributes, hit this. This new product has a more mature design instead of the standard spherical shape. The Gel Crystal lip balm’s design has a sleeker appearance thanks to its pyramid shape.

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One of its best features just so happens to be its translucent appearance. Yes, you can see completely through this extraordinary lip balm, which makes it much different from anything else that’s on the market. The moisturizing benefits here are outstanding and the product is hypoallergenic. The ingredients list has some of the best organic nutrients that promotes healthy lips. There just seems to be no mistakes with this lip balm. As of now, there are only two flavors like Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchard. As the lip balm begins to get more notoriety, other flavors will definitely be added to the mix.

Evolution of Smooth has always been known for its all-natural benefits. The lip balms are organic in nature, are paraben-free, are petrolatum-free, and they’re dermatologist tested. It would be extremely hard trying to find another lip balm brand that is this progressive. Evolution of Smooth uses some of the finest of ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter, avocado, antioxidants, vitamins, coconut oil, castor and sunflower oil. The future of lip balm products is in great hands thanks to its new ambassador.

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You need to visit the Equities Firts Holdings

All over the globe the real of doing business has been so much affected by the terms of lending loans. The fact that lenders and business owners sometimes are pushed to the wall to seek financial solutions from some of the lending firms has made possible for the establishment of so many lending firms. There is one huge difference that marks how lending services are offered from one institution to another.

This is the lending rates. In the past and even now lenders have always developed clod feet when they think of tough laws and policies that are there put in place by the lenders and this had made them not to go for loans. Here is one firm that has come to their rescue and that Equities First Holdings. This firm totally understands the plights of most of the business owners and that Is why it has one of the lowest lending rates and interest rates.


David Giertz Tips for Retirement Saving

Millennials are planning for their life after retirement. Although most of them are starting their retirement preparations at the age of 22 years, a good number of them do not have the correct information on how to save their earnings for retirement. According to David Giertz, there exist several ways that millennials can use to save enough money for their retirement.

Millennials are required to evaluate their financial wealth on are a regular basis. The evaluation is essential to ensure that enough money is saved and some are put aside to cover other important things. Some of the important stuff includes paying debts. Millennials saving for their retirements should take advantage of compound interest.

David Giertz advices millennials to use the Roth IRA plan. Under the plan, money is taxed before being deposited and is tax-free when withdrawn after withdrawal. It also accrues large amounts of compound interests in several years. Millennials who start using this plan at the right time end up saving more money by the time they retire.

According to David, a better way of saving enough money for retirement is by establishing a side gig. Millennials can change their hobbies into income generating activities that would see them save money for their retirements.

David Giertz is a reputable financial advisor. He has carried out the provision of financial services for more than thirty years. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Millikin University. Mr. Giertz the proceeded to the University of Miami where he graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). He is a registered and licensed financial broker. David Giertz currently serves as the President and a financial advisor to the National Financial Distributors, Inc. He has published several reports and papers in newspapers as well as on the websites.