January 2018

Securus Technologies Is A Specialist In Criminal Investigation Technology

Securus Technologies sets the standard in the industry of criminal technology. The company has spent many years establishing itself as a viable brand in the market. Securus offers services in various areas of criminal investigation, public safety and communication. Securus Technologies also assist its clients with solving complicated matters such as inmate-on-inmate crimes in correctional facilities. Correctional facilities require special tools and skills in order to be managed properly. Securus Technologies provides support from its home base in Dallas Texas. It has served public safety organizations throughout the United States.


Managing a correctional facility is extremely stressful and complicated. Securus Technologies has been assisting with this process since 1986 and continues to introduce innovative tools to the industry. The company is based in Dallas and has offices in Atlanta Georgia as well. There are over 1,000 employees working on 2600 contracts with correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies throughout the country. Securus Technologies executives are always prepared to push the company forward. It invested more than 600 million dollars in patents and acquisitions in order to secure its position in the industry. This move provides opportunities to its employees in the future. Offender Management Systems was one of these acquisitions in 2007. Before the purchase by Securus Technologies Offender Management Systems had been the leader in the same industry.


Securus Technologies became involved in the complicated matters of cell phone security in correctional facilities due to a growing need in the market. It partnered with the Harris Corporation on Cell Defender technology. Cell Defender technology was approved by five different correctional departments by 2016. The program was made available in 2017 and will play a critical role in helping correctional facility staff prevent inmate-on-inmate crimes. The system is also designed to prevent cell phone activity in the facilities from reaching mobile networks outside of the compounds.


Securus Technologies went on to acquire JPay Incorporated. JPay Incorporated has its own clientele within the criminal technology industry. The organization specializes in email, electronic payment and communications inside of correctional facilities. The acquisition of JPay is expected to strengthen the presence of Securus Technologies within the marketplace. Securus will now be able to offer a larger selection of products and services to its clients. It will make services easier to acquire and apply to a particular operation.


Securus Technologies will allow JPay to operate as an independent organization. Doing so gives Securus Technologies a blueprint for expanding its reach within a very competitive marketplace.

Adam Milstein is an Active Philanthropist

When it comes to improving the human quality of life, and preserving the allegiance of a people to their native homeland, no one advocates for this cause more than Adam Milstein. He is a philanthropist who regularly gives support to various organizations to help strengthen Jewish communities. A native of Haifa, Israel, he is very adamant about the future of his homeland, and the people who live there. Israel is the home of the Jewish population, and Adam Milstein works diligently to ensure that these communities will prosper socially, educationally, and financially.

Adam Milstein was born in Israel, the first son of a homemaker and a real estate developer. His parents had migrated from Mexico and Argentina, respectively. Adam joined the Israeli Defense Force to serve his mandatory tour of duty. After completing his army duties, he entered the Technion Israeli Institute of Technology. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Business. He also was a Cum Laude graduate. After his higher education was completed, he joined his father in his real estate construction and development business in an expansion effort. Adam met and married his wife, Gila, in Haifu. Seven years later, they moved tto the United States with their two daughters. A third daughter was born in the United States and more

Adam Milstein is an active philanthropist, a community leader, and a real estate investor. He is currently a Managing Partner of the commercial real estate development firm, Hager Pacific Properties. He is the National Chairman, and co-founder of the Israeli American Council, and he teaches Jewish values to Israeli Jewish American who live in the United States. Adam and his wife are co-founders of the Milstein Family Foundation which supports many Pro Israel organizations which includes the American Israel Education Foundation. Adam Milstein, and the Milstein Family foundation, have been instrumental in helping students from the Israel Jewish community continue their studies in the United States by providing generous educational scholarships. He also advocates to improve and maintain a better Israeli and American relationship.