April 2018

Why Choose Dr. Jim Toner For Combating Infertility

Infertility is a word that most people won’t think twice about. On the other hand, infertility is a condition that many people seem to suffer with. For whatever the reason may be, infertility is at an all-time high, especially here in the US. There are many facts as well as many theories about the subject at hand. Heavy-smoking, the consistent consumption of processed foods, age, general health, low-sperm count and the number of miscarriages can all play a role in infertility. Did you know that one of the top doctors that specializes in the subject works at the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine Institution? That’s right! This institution has a phenomenal cast of practicing doctors that specialize in infertility, and Jim Toner ranks high on the list.

Jim Toner, Ph.D., M.D., is a man of many acts. Many of his peers have referred to him as being a philanthropist, a doctor, a scientist as well as an author. Dr. Toner has written over 50 publications that pertains to this subject, he has an overall-patient rating that’s 11 percent higher than the national average, and he works at a medical facility that has won the Outstanding Patient Experience Award for the past three years. If that doesn’t signify excellence, then nothing else will. Though he’s part of an advanced team of doctors at the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine, he is firmly affiliated with other hospitals like Atlanta’s Northside Hospital. Under Dr. Toner’s patient-review section, he earns a 4.8 star-rating on a general scale of five stars.

It would be mighty hard trying to find a more knowledgeable infertility doctor than this as this man is Dual board-certified in the fields of Obstetrics & Gynecology and in Fertility & Endocrinology. His list of accomplishments is far too long to fully elaborate in this short article, but you should have a better understanding of how important he truly is. In the end, Dr. Jim Toner will continue to push the boundaries in this dynamic field, and he will continue to change the status quo.

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Perry Mandera’s Incredible Success in Business and Philanthropic Efforts

Perry Mandera is a CEO and the founder of Custom Companies, Inc. He is well versed in field logistics and transportation. Perry Mandera has worked in Custom Companies Inc. for more than 40 years, since the year 1976. This has rendered him a lot of experience in offering shipping services to clients in Illinois and the entire country. Perry Mandera’s career began during his service at Marines where he was in charge of the troops & supplies general shipping services. After leaving the armed forces, Perry Mandera was elected as a Republican Ward Committeeman in Chicago, for a four-year term service.

Perry Mandera points out that his emphasis on charitable work is core in his life. This defines the entire philanthropic efforts in his endeavors. Perry Mandera loves and enjoys giving back to the community (http://alivenewspaper.com/2018/01/perry-mandera-gives-generously/). He donates resources to cater for the needy persons. Perry Mandera also gives time towards the programs that are designed to address the needy. Perry helps children in need through financial donations, material support like clothes, and transport facilitation. Perry Mandera also donates to charities that have been established to help such needy individuals. This does not end there, he also finds groups of people who can help venture into his philanthropic effort. Perry Mandera calls this initiative the CustomCares.

Perry Mandera has received several awards and has been recognized in various capacities within his service period. He is recognized for his expertise in the world business as one of the top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium, 2000. He is respected in the business community. Perry Mandera pursues excellence, and that is what he inspires many people to embrace. He has a variety of inspirational sources, which makes him a great motivational speaker helping many people tap into their potentials. Perry Mandera’s journey is a great one with great wisdom and many things to learn from. He is one of the individuals who has achieved so much in life but has managed to stay humble. In business, Perry Mandera delivers goods and services that satisfy the customers through quality service. He is a trusted professional whose commitment to improving the lives of people is one of its kind.


Louis Chenevert and The Leadership He Played at United Technologies

The incipient part in the career of Louis Chenevert is filled with lots of obstacles, changes, exhaustive corporate hurdles and untoward workplace dynamics that if it weren’t for his strong resolve, would’ve caused him to crack.

His role as the Former Chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation is one of the most difficult roles he played in his career, and the good thing right now is that he is able to withstand it all and create new opportunities for others to follow his path, learn from his trials and offer the same kind of dedication for a company that withstands changes.

Surrounding Yourself With Winners

There are many factors that contribute to the improvement of one’s leadership, and one of the big ways to do that is to make sure one is surrounded by winners. Many experts right now would say that when you surround yourself with the right leaders, and with people who know your vision and follow it, you imbibe the same energy, use that for your own management and improve the operations of your company simply by getting the psychological attitudes of the leaders that surround you. In the case with Louis Chenevert, his leadership at the United Technologies Corporation as CEO in April 2008 and Chairman in January 2010, he had to surround himself with executives from other companies in order to get their ideas and use them for his growth.

The Training

It might be safe to say here that the role of Louis Chenevert in the company has not been that easy to implement. However, he has already been trained in many aspects of running a business through his work at General Motors as its General Manager. He was also the President at Pratt and Whitney, and the training he got from such roles are instrumental in making sure that he knows how to run a large-scale company such as United Tech.

The formal educaiton of Louis Chenevert is also at the Universite de Montreal, majoring in Bachelor of Commerce and his formal education in that department has been outstanding in giving him the theoretical aspects of running a business


Where Does Equities First Holdings Expand to Next

Equities First Holdings (EFH) opened due to an acquisition made by the EFH office in the United States in 2012. EFH is not the original name. Before the name change in 2012, the company was called Meridian Equity Partners Limited. With over 700 transactions, it shows it is a good sign, it was the correct idea to open an office in London. There was $1 billon in transactions. The office’s performance help EFH saw the success of the expansion to London; therefore, they opened operations in Asia, Europe, and Australia.

There are nine locations around the world with offices of EFH. An equity- loan is a factor that opened new markets. Equity-loans generates a lot of revenue for EFH. The benefit of using stocks as collateral makes anyone with valuable stocks as a potential client. It is different than a traditional bank, because it has better approval rates than traditional loans

To know more visit @: uk.linkedin.com/company/equities-first-holdings-llc

Have you ever wondered who the best cosmetic surgeon was in you area? Are you around the Dallas Texas area?

Rod Rohrich has been voted to be the best one in this department for this area and this is because of the hard work and the dedication to the industry that he has. He has worked on several surgery in cosmetic and this makes him have the best experience that he is able to have when he works with the clients. He makes sure that he has answered all of the questions that they have asked and made sure that they know the risk factors that goes with the procedure. This way there is nothing they don’t know about. He walks them through what he is going to do step by step so that they know everything that is going to take place.

Dr. Rod Ronhrich works on Facelifts, Breast Surgery, and even Rhinoplasty. These are some of the services that he takes pride in. He takes joy in doing all of these services and makes sure that his clients have the answers that they need when they are going through a procedure by him. This makes him the best in his area because he works to make sure that everybody is comfortable and has all the answers that is needed. He makes sure that they are comfortable before the procedure and even after because he cares about the way his patients feel when doing something different to their bodies. He has been thought of not only the best in the area but the best in the United States more than once in his life. Many people think of him as the expert in the industry and want him when doing something different to their bodies. He has an unique skill in making older people look younger when they are starting to age. If there is something that you have been thinking about changing this is the doctor to go to! He has the best reviews and understands people.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina: Making Knowledge Of Ismaili Culture Accessible To All

Shafik Sachedina is committed to doing all he can to support the Ismaili community in the United Kingdom, Central Asia and all around the world. He currently holds an impressive array of volunteer positions within the Ismaili community. He has served consecutive terms as the UK Ismaili Council president. He is also chairman of the Humanitarian Assistance International Coordinating Committee of FOCUS, head of the Aiglemont, France based Secretariat of Aga Khan’s Department of Jamati Institutions and holds membership on the Ismaili Institute’s board of governors, the Ismaili Leaders International Forum and the Aga Khan Development Network Committee.

Born in Tanzania in the city of Dar-es-Salaam, Shafik Sachedina moved to London in the 1970s. By 1975, he had graduated from the dental school at the University of London with a DDS in dental surgery. Dr. Sachedina has gone on to have an illustrious career in dentistry. He has provided excellent dental care to thousands of patients since he began practicing dentistry over 40 years ago. During that time Dr. Shafik Sachedina has developed a reputation for being able to deftly handle even the most difficult dental surgery cases.

In the mid-1990s, Dr. Shafik Sachedina co-founded a company called Sussex Health Care. The company operates more than two dozen care homes throughout the United Kingdom where people with neurological disorders, mental and physical illnesses, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease receive full-time quality care. Sussex Health Care also provides 24-hour personalized care for the elderly. Dr. Sachedina and the management and staff at Sussex Health Care have received a number of awards for their innovative, new therapies that have yielded wonderful results for their patients. The facilities are also known for the caring, loving way they treat their patients and the home-away-from-home atmosphere they cultivate that improves treatment outcomes.

Even with all the accolades and awards Dr. Shafik Sachedina has received for his work as a dental surgeon and for the effective treatment and loving care he provides for his patients at Sussex Health Care, the work he is doing in the Ismaili community in the United Kingdom and worldwide holds additional meaning to him. Through The Institute of Ismaili Studies Dr. Shafik Sachedina is able to give Ismaili people and people from other cultures access to information about the glories of Ismaili history. This can play a vital role in helping people to understand and appreciate this important culture and its people.

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Lawrence Bender’s Best Movies

Lawrence Bender is arguably one of the greatest movie producers of our generation. He has made notable films like An Inconvenient Truth, Pulp Fiction, and Good Will Hunting. Born in 1957 in the Bronx, New York City, New York, Lawrence Bender grew up in a Jewish family. While in high school, Bender didn’t think twice about film production. His main objective was to pursue a career in civil engineering, primarily for two reasons: his grandfather was a civil engineer and the career offered great jobs in that particular field. So, Bender decided to major in civil engineering at the University of Maine, graduating in 1979.

Shortly after college, Lawrence Bender became obsessed with dancing and wanted to become a professional dancer. Unfortunately, an injury permanently sidelined him. You could say that it was this injury that leads Bender into the film industry.

One of my most favourite films from Lawrence Bender is Good Will Hunting. In the film, Will Hunting faces an array of challenges during his youth. He is an orphan and is constantly abused by his family. However, Hunting has above average intelligence and mathematical ability. He demonstrates this ability while he is working as a janitor at the university. Hunting is able to solve a difficult problem with ease in the hallway. The faculty and students are amazed. Eventually, the teacher of that class ends up becoming his mentor. Will also faces challenges with his relationship with Skylar, his girlfriend. He has a hard time opening up about what he went through growing up, hiding his past from her. This is another challenge presented in the movie. Overall, I really like the movie because it shows how one can overcome tremendous challenges and reach success.

The second film that I liked most was An Inconvenient Truth. In this documentary, Al Gore explains how humans are accelerating global warming at a massive rate. He is very clear about how we are damaging the planet as well as the species living on it. All in all, it sheds like on a very controversial topic that affects all of us whether we want it to or not.


Samuel Strauch Has Expertise In The Real Estate World

Samuel Strauch has a lot of expertise in the earl estate world, and there are a lot of people who turn to him to learn how to manage their money. Samuel Strauch has been living and working in the Miami area, and he helps people maximize the properties they have invested in.

His Experience And Education

Samuel Strauch went to Hofstra University, and he worked for the family company in Miami before going to school. Samuel came back to the family business after graduating, and he struck out to start his own company called Metrik Real Estate.

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What Does He Do?

Metrik Real Estate is the place where people come to get information about investing in real estate in the area. There are a lot of people who use the Metrik Real Estate team to choose properties they can invest in. It is very easy for someone to use company to choose offices, homes, and industrial locations for their companies.

Making More Money

Samuel Strauch is an expert in the real estate field, and he is well-respected in the industry. Many people turn to Samuel to choose the places where they will invest, and there are a lot of clients who ask his advice before they begin to build or develop a property.

Samuel Strauch has changed the way people invest in real estate all around Florida. He knows how to help people make money from their properties, choose their dream homes, and expand their personal wealth.

Learn more about Samuel Strauch: http://www.homes.com/real-estate-agents/samuel-strauch/id-26096337/

Ronald Fowlkes: the face behind the tactical gear.

Ronald Fowlkes hails from St. Louis, Missouri. He works in an institution called Eagle Industries Unlimited. The company majorly focuses on producing tactical gear devices. The products are usually potent and up to the current standards. Ronald is nicknamed by his peers as Ronnie as well as by people who know him. His position in the company is being the company’s Business Development Manager. This implies that he handles and controls both commercial and law enforcement goods and services. Ronald Fowlkes has a vast knowledge in the field of tactical gear. This is because he was previously recruited to two police departments. They include the county as well as metropolitan police department of St. Louis, Missouri. He worked for the county police three years. He took a longer time in the Metropolitan police; ten years. He was also part of the military for four years having being named a Gulf War Veteran. He was deployed to Iraq by the military as a contractor from the Department Of Defense. His primary job was to mobilize Infantry dealings in war zones. From the marines, he acquired sufficient combat training. He also attended engineering classes.

He has numerous duties in the company. He acts as the company communication tool to the customers all over the world. He educates other employees on the company products for sales purposes. He trains team members of the company. He also selects suitable products to be sold by the company. He has been a member of the firm since 2008.

Eagles Industries is a branch of ATK. ATK is a company that specializes in security and sports. It has a 30 year experience in the field of military as well as sports applications. It produces high-quality products to law enforcement and games, as well as the army.

Ronald Fowlkes is a coordinator with the U.S Army in various activities including hostage situations, tactical strategies, collecting evidence as well as questioning persons of interest. This is due to his experience in law enforcement. Seven years out of the thirteen he worked in the HRT; Human Rescue Team. He was made the leader of the group in 2003. He was legally able to use and instruct rifles as well as teach Swat and URBAN warfare moves. The group dealt with high-level hostage events. They also went to violent neighborhoods after the clock to conduct personal issues affecting those neighborhoods. These issues include drug possessions, illegal firearm possession as well as gang affiliations and involvement.

Ronald Fowlkes has a great passion for hockey, and he coaches a youth league. He has a blog that talks about the current dealings ion the National Hockey League.

Adam Milstein Talks About What It’s Been Like For Israelis Living In The US

Adam Milstein has been mentioned in numerous lists about the impact of his philanthropy in the Jewish communities of the US, and he’s an author for several blogs on the Jerusalem Post and HuffPost among others. He published an article about how far his organization, the Israeli-American Council has come since its establishment and how they’ve changed perspectives in both Jewish America and Israel. He mentioned a young woman who had moved to the US back in the 1980s and when she returned home to Israel, she felt rejected by those in her home city. What Adam Milstein is doing through the Israeli-American Council is providing opportunities for Israelis living in the US to be involved in cultural and pro-Israel activities, and he’s been a spokesperson to organizations back in Israel to help them understand what’s been happening in the US. Today, Israelis back in the homeland have a much more favorable view of their brethren across the sea.

Adam Milstein himself has gone from the homeland of Israel to the US, and he’s a former soldier who fought in Ariel Sharon’s battalion during the Yom Kippur War. He moved to the US after completing a bachelor’s degree in business and economics at the Israeli Institute of Technology and then received a master’s degree from USC. He decided to go into real estate as a broker first, and after making enough money he became cofounder of Hager Pacific Properties which owns some of the US’s top commercial and luxury residential units.

Adam Milstein says philanthropy is part of how he organizes his daily routine, but he also uses it as a tool to reach out to other Jews for both political and social activism. The three keys he’s listed that drive the Milstein Family Foundation are active philanthropy that means he’s out there being physically involved with every activist group, path life impact which dictates age groups his foundation works with, and philanthropic synergy that is relationships formed between educational and religious leaders in the Jewish community. Milstein and his wife Gila have also made learning Hebrew personal and put out a guide for Jewish families through Sifriyat Pijama B’America.