October 2018

Gulf Coast Western, Oil and Gas Producer from Dallas, Texas

Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western is a company that manages joint venture explorations for the purpose of drilling oil in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Colorado and Oklahoma. Gulf Coast Western has operated thousands of acres in areas they believe contain gas and oil for major yield. Their efforts of producing oil and gas are also accompanied by their affiliations with their venture partners. Gulf Coast Western has acquired numerous drilling systems and programs in order to expand their company efforts in all areas. The goal of Gulf Coast Western is to expand their industry success with efforts in company funds.

Gulf Coast Western has been exploring and drilling for oil and gas in areas across Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Colorado and Oklahoma. The goal of the company is to expand strategically for opportunities in the market space they operate. They have engaged in development activities for their market and their industry. Gulf Coast Western has been involved in geological attributes in order to support ultimate success of their company and business growth for their sector. Gulf Coast Western has made a number of strategic decisions in order to appease their partners and continue business for more success within the industry.

Gulf Coast Western has been involved with oil and gas drilling since 1970. The company has efforts based out of Dallas, Texas. The company has been linked with many partners over the years and have been affiliated with all efforts from their parterns. The company has purchased land in areas they believe will be successful for drilling and extracting oil. The purpose of Gulf Coast Western’s partners is to advance the company’s efforts and create more business for dual success in both markets. Their partners have been influential for the company’s growth and expansion as a result of funds.

The Life of Harry Harrison                           

Harry Harrison was the head of Barclays Non-Core in London from 2014 to 2017. He has worked in trading and investing at Barclays for more than two decades. Harry holds a BS in economics from the University of Warwick. He attended the University of Cambridge where he graduated with masters of philosophy in finance. Harry is married to Amy Nauiokas, and they live in New York.

Harry shared about his life and how he ventured into his company during a recent interview. Harrison revealed that the idea behind his company was as a result of an intense curiosity about how firms operate, how they interact with macroeconomic forces, and how companies translate ideas or business models from theory to practice. Harry admits that after graduating from Cambridge University, it was difficult to imagine venturing into any other career besides the financial services sector. He worked as a derivatives trader for several years before being tasked with the role of managing teams of trading traders and fixed income sales.

When asked about how he spends his day and how he ensures that he has productive days, Harry was quick to note that he doesn’t have typical days. Harry notes that he decided to take the opportunity after the end of his job at Barclays to take a break and venture into the world without focusing on the large financial institution. Surprisingly, Harry loved staying at home looking after their children. Besides, he tried Pilates and yoga, and he plans on trying French and golf. Harry further reveals that a combination of collaboration, diversity, and humility are the ingredients he uses to bring ideas to life. He believes that a diverse and committed team innovates strong ideas. Harrison notes that he loves Waze because it is developed better than other navigation applications in the market.

Find out more about Harry Harrison Barclays: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/harry-harrison

CEO Matthew H Fleeger


Matthew H Fleeger is an incredibly skilled business professional who earned a Bachelor’s degree in business from Southern Methodist University. As he worked towards the completion of his degree, Matthew Seeger ensured that he studied both finance and marketing so that he could become a leader in the business world. His focused studies immediately paid off as he began to work on his first job.

Following his 1986 graduation from Southern Methodist University, Matthew Fleeger worked for several oil and gas companies. These experiences led him to creating his own holding company in 1993, named MedSolutions, Inc. Within nearly two decades, MedSolutions, Inc became one of the leading healthcare waste management companies in its region. Following his service as Chief Executive Office, President, and Chairman of the company, Matthew Fleeger sold MedSolutions, Inc to Stericycle, Inc for nearly $60 million.

Matthew Fleeger was essential in the development of Palm Beach Tan Inc, which is now a nationwide tanning franchise. Though he did not create the company, he served as the company’s Director from 1999 to 2000. Since his work with Palm Beach Tan Inc, the company has expanded from six stores to several hundred stores across the United States. Matthew Fleeger was also crucial in the development of Mystic Tan, which has since grown into a worldwide franchise.

Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western is an oil and gas company that was founded in 1970 by Matthew Fleeger’s father. Since its founding, Gulf Coast Western has been responsible for handling numerous oil and gas reserves in the Gulf Coast. Prior to getting a position in 1990 as the Vice President of Kinlaw Oil Company, Matthew Fleeger worked for Gulf Coast Western. After several years of completing numerous business ventures, Matthew Fleeger has returned to Gulf Coast Western where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Jason Hope, a Futurist and Tech Enthusiast

Jason Hope is a leading futurist who is very passionate about technology and giving back to the community. Jason hope is originally from Scottsdale, Arizona. Hope is an alumnus of Arizona State University where he graduated with a degree in finance. Hope also has an MBA from the W.P Carey School of Business. Hope began his entrepreneurship immediately after school where he founded a mobile communications company.

Jason Hope is popularly known for his stand on the Internet of Things and his in-depth knowledge of technological innovations. Hope as a futurist can predict future technological trends. Hope believes that the Internet of Things will be the next big thing in the world of technology. Hope has written many publications and blogs on the Internet of Things. Hope has authored an eBook touching on the benefits and risk factors of the Internet of Things. The internet of things according to hope will have a significant impact on the world of technology especially in the automotive industry and the medical industry. The Internet of Things will completely revolutionize the world of technology by enhancing the inter-connectivity of devices. Visit wikipedia.org

Jason Hope is also very passionate about anti-aging research. Aging and aging-related illness has been an area of concern, especially in the medical industry. A lot of resources and time is being spent on finding the cure for age-related diseases such as Alzheimer, dementia, and diabetes. However, there is little attention to research and prevention of aging-related illness. Research on the prevention of age-related illness is something that is so dear to Hope. Hope has dedicated his time and resources towards the cause of anti-aging research. Hope as part of his philanthropic activities has donated millions of dollars to the SENS Foundation. SENS is a nonprofit organization that is committed to combating age-related diseases. SENS was founded in the year 2009 and has been on the forefront in the anti-aging campaign through research on Rejuvenation Bio-technologies. Hope in the year 2010 donated 500,000 dollars to the SENS foundation for the construction of a laboratory and fund some research initiatives. Hope does not only donate funds to SENS but is actively involved in the organization outreach programs. Read more on https://interview.net/jason-hope-offers-insight-on-his-success-in-technology/


The Chainsmokers Are Putting Things Together With New Changes To Their Music

The duo known as the Chainsmokers have released a new album that is unlike any of their other releases. The duo had been climbing the charts for sometime when they took a short break to work on the latest album. The latest album is giving fans a sneak peak into what their lives really look like. Their day to day lives can be seen by fans through the social media outlets and the posts that they share with others however, their music lets you in on the details of their lives.

It is through their new music the fans are able to better understand what the lives are like. The new music has brought in new artists to accompany the vocals of the Chainsmokers. One of the latest singles released by the Chainsmokers has vocals by Halsey. The singer lends her vocals to the song “Closer”. The song was thought of by the band and a good friend following a late night jam session on their tour bus one evening.

For the Chainsmokers, they wanted to let their fans in on their lives and knew that they would have to continue releasing new music if they wanted to stay on top of the charts. For some, it takes years to be able to release new music that puts them in the top spots in the music industry however for Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, they were able to quickly reach the top positions of the music charts.

When the new music arrived, the band wanted to make sure that everyone who was listening to their music knew their songs. They wanted an extra amount of time compared to previous releases in order for the fans to become familiar with their latest music. When they had done this and were confident that fans were happy with the changes made, they released another new single. Overall, the band had made enough changes for the fans that even more people were listening to the group. Fans were able to touch base with Alex and Andrew through social media accounts and they expressed how pleased they were to hear that people of all ages were enjoying their music.


Matt Badiali Reveals Requirements for Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali is an investor and an author of an investment newsletter known as Real Wealth Strategist. He is a specialist in natural resources investments. He is a geologist and therefore his understanding of the mining sector is good. He does not need anyone to guide him on how to make correct predictions on which metals or commodities will be good for investment. He analyzes raw data he receives from the mining companies and comes up with a conclusion on the best step to take. Looking at the Work that has been carried out by this investor, one is convinced that he means well for his followers, he strives to look for the best opportunities which he then shares with the average investor.

Matt Badiali attended Penn State University where he graduated with a degree in Earth Science. Later, he joined Florida Atlantic University and graduated masters in Geology. He has applied his expertise in analysis of the best investment opportunities. Through the initiatives he has created, Badiali has helped numerous people to create wealth passively. Many people do not consider natural resources as an investment method, but Badiali knows that it is a lucrative investment. Matt Badiali was behind the Freedom Checks investment idea. He brought up this idea after studying statute 26-F and realizing that there are companies in the United States which are exempted from taxing because of the nature of activities they involved in.

There are companies which deal with natural resources found in the United States. These companies are given special treatment when it6 comes to taxation. They are allowed to conduct their operations with tax cuts. However, they are supposed to meet some condition. These businesses are known as master limited partnerships (MLPs). These businesses are supposed to generate 90 percent of their revenue from the United States. They are also supposed to pay most of the profits they make to the investors. Matt Badiali believes this idea have been used by cartels before, keeping a majority of the people out of the loop. He has now revealed it and will no longer be a secret.

A commitment to the Texas community.

Stream Energy believes that philanthropy should be part of every company’s fabric. This is despite the fact that companies donated more than nineteen billion dollars to various causes. Through Stream Cares, stream energy has been able to put Dallas on the philanthropy map in a state that is rated as the least generous when it comes to volunteering. They are, however determined to see this change and believe that it might take time to accomplish, but at the end of the day, it will be worth more than money can buy. In doing so, Texas will be among the most generous states soon.

The company whose primary business is the sale of energy has overcome a number of hurdles to become one of the largest sellers of energy in Texas. They are among the numerous companies that benefited following the loosening of regulations on the sale of energy in Texas. The community in Texas has contributed in a big way to the success of the company. Those that work for Stream Energy are drawn from the local community as well as the most reliable customers. It was therefore essential for the Dallas based Stream Energy to make a commitment to the same people who had been and continued to be invariable to their success.


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Through Stream care, the company is involved in a number of goodwill causes. This range from disaster rescue and restoration to the fight against homelessness in Dallas. Hurricane Harvey had some devastating effects for the Houston neighborhood. The hurricane came with 56 inches of rain more than some cities receive in a year. The flooding that came with this amount of rain was devastating as it swept away homes and completely destroyed others. In areas where it was more severe, the flooding led to the loss of life. Stream Energy organized to mobilize resources for the rebuilding of homes that were lost and tried to restore the Houston communities. Hurricane Harvey had destroyed so many homes belonging to customers of Stream Energy and having had a relationship with this people before they understood that they had to do as much as they could to help them.