January 2019

“Doctor Saad Saad Embarks On Many Great Medical Missions “

There are many well-known doctors worldwide who perform significant humanitarian work out of the goodness of their hearts. Dr. Saad Saad, one of the most successful pediatric surgeons in New Jersey, is one such doctor who is widely known for his many medical missions. Throughout the years, he has dedicated his life to serving others because he believes that his acts of kindness will not only help people but also assist pediatric surgeons in training and stimulate the underprivileged country’s economy.

One of Dr. Saad Saad’s first medical missions occurred almost twenty years ago when he volunteered with the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund or PCRF. During his time volunteer with this prominent, non-profit organization, he carefully performed surgery on a teen boy who suffered from extremely severe gunshot injuries. After the surgery was successfully completed, the young boy felt much better since the injuries were fully repaired.

A full decade later, Dr. Saad Saad was approached again by PCRF to operate on a child who had extreme intestinal problems. To help the young girl overcome her painful condition, he performed surgery to cover the exposed intestines in her stomach area. The surgery only took five short hours. Learn more: https://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-saad-saad-ys6d8

As a part of his medical mission, Dr. Saad Saad also agreed to help PCRF by performing a surgery on a young child who was hit my a bomb in 2013. The bomb left the boy paralyzed, and he wanted to walk again. Dr. Saad Saad needed to perform a nerve transplant operation as soon as possible so that the young child had a chance at walking. Fortunately, the surgery was an extreme success, and the boy was walking about 11 months later.

Even though he is no longer practicing medicine, Dr. Saad Saad’s charitable work continues to benefit many underprivileged children. Due to his profound medical missions, he has received many awards to recognize his volunteer efforts abroad. He has received a reward from two prominent organizations: the Ministry of Health and PCRF. Mr. Mahmoud Abbas, the President of Palestine, has also acknowledged his contributions at his last medical missions in 2015. The President of Palestine presented him an award known as the Gold Medal of Palestine. Dr. Saad Saad is extremely happy that he had the opportunity to perform complex surgeries in Palestine, and he hopes to continue giving back to the community in a variety of ways during his retirement.

Genucel, And Chamonix, Are Helping Women Be Confident In Their Own Skin

Genucel, a product line by Chamonix, has recently donated several “beauty bags” to Women Aware. Women Aware is a non-profit organization based in New Jersey which helps women who have survived abuse. The number of women suffering from abuse is startling high with upwards of 1 in 4 women having experienced domestic abuse. It is not without noting that men also suffer from domestic abuse, with 1 in 7 men experiencing abuse in their lifetime.

Women Aware is focused on providing women and their families who have been distraught by physical or emotional abuse with food, shelter, and recovery programs. For example, Women Aware debuted their first Moving Beyond Abuse Charity and 5K walk this past year. Walking is one self-care routine that survivors of abuse use as one strategy to help them overcome feelings of depression. While this certainly isn’t the only strategy, walking has been proven effective in many ways. Walking allows survivors of abuse and those suffering abuse to get outside and experience nature. Spending more time in nature has been found to improve mental illness. Furthermore, walking is an antioxidant therapy that can boost self-esteem in addition to helping people stay active, reports chronicleweek.com

At this first 5K sponsored by Women Aware, Genucel donated “beauty bags” for the participants. These contained Genucel products such as their anti-aging products. These products use their patented PhotoCellTec technology which uses the Malus Domestica plant as an active ingredient to smooth out wrinkles and divets in skin. Women who experience physical abuse can be left with unfortunate extra wrinkles. For example, women who suffer abuse can often have more wrinkles and dark under-eye circles due to dealing with sleeplessness and depression. Genucel is helping women regain their confidence with their products. They know that a women’s worth is not in how they look, however giving yourself the self-care you need by treating your skin can be very beneficial. In addition, Genucel by Chamonix is helping women to move on from their painful past by removing abuse-inflicted appearances in their skin.

Other self-care for those who have suffered abuse includes affirming themselves. For example, reminding yourself over and over that you are beautiful, loved, and worthy can help you to start believing it, although it may take a while. In addition, women can channel negative thoughts into creative outlets. This may be different for everyone and ranges from art and music to dance.


Genucel Is Winter Skin’s Friend

Winter is not only cold and chilly to our body, it is rough on our skin. But have no fear, we’ve got some sure fire ways to keep your skin happy and moisturized straight through til spring. After all, just think of all of those winter events you’ll need to show off your beautiful skin and let’s get started.

Remember to hydrate, and this doesn’t just mean using your favorite moisturizer, it means drinking some nourishing and hydrating H20! If you just can’t stomach plain old water, chop up a bit of your favorite fruits and pop it in for a fun treat. Or even mix in a little seltzer water to give it a little fizz, your skin will thank you for it and people will see your natural glow.

Another method to keep dryness at bay is to run a humidifier to keep the air in your home or office moisturized during those cold, dry winter days and nights. Check out options on Genucel treatment that might allow you to add in a few drops of essential oils too, then it will seem more like a spa experience. You can even boil a pot of water on the stove if the purchase of a humidifier is less appealing to you, just squeeze some lemons or oranges into the water for the same effect, just don’t forget to keep an eye on it and refill the water.

According to alivenewspaper, in the winter, you can take a break from the peroxide based acne treatments too as the summer tends to spark more of these type flare ups, this is a good time to go gentle on your skin and give it a little break. Then, slowly work back up to your normal routine to keep that beautiful skin healthy and happy. With dryer cooler air, less is more.

Additionally, be sure to cover up in that cold harsh wind, your skin on your hands and face need your help to stay hydrated and protected when you’re out and about this time of year, so don’t forget to bundle up, besides you can make a big reveal when you unwrap at that special holiday party! Don’t forget to check out Genucel and utilize their revolutionary plant stem cell therapy coupled with the tips we’ve given you above to keep your skin youthful, glowing and radiant! Learn  more about Genucel and thir skin treatment options on on trustpilot.com.

Live Nation Productions Reflects The Eclectic Tastes Of Heather Parry

In December 2015, Heather Parry took a major step in her career as an entertainment executive with her arrival as the head of Live Nation Productions. There was little fanfare about the appointment of the new executive, not because of a lack of excitement but because she hoped her work would speak for itself. Flash forward to the end of 2018 and Heather Parry sits at the top of one of most acclaimed new studios in the entertainment industry which has moved far beyond the traditional concert movie.

The evolution of Live Nation Productions has been speedy and dramatic under the leadership of Heather Parry from its first movie to the recent spate of documentaries. In 2016, Heather Parry launched the first concert movie production, “Justin Timberlake and The Tennessee Kids” which may have been a project many would have expected from the concert promoter. In recent years, the productions approved and backed by Heather Parry have become some of the most critically-acclaimed and eclectic of any major Hollywood studio. The collaborations with Lady Gaga have shown the different directions Live Nation Productions is willing to move in from documentary to major motion picture to live concert film.

“Lady Gaga: Five Foot Two” is an innovative mix of documentary and live concert film, while “S Star is Born” is a leading part of Hollywood’s awards season in 2019. Heather Parry has always sought to combine her love of cinema, TV, and music spending her career to date at MTV and Happy Madison Productions. Taking a chance is not something Parry is scared to do as she proved by backing the “Believer” documentary created by Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds. Heather Parry is far from finished with the growth of Live Nation Productions as she believes the development of the brand will continue with more documentaries and major motion pictures in the coming years.

Boraie Development is Allowing Residents to Live in The Aspire

Shaquille O’Neal grew up in a very beautiful city. This was back in the 1970s. The star did well in his career in the sports industry. The basketball player represented his nation in numerous competition, and at one point in his life, he was forced to relocate to a new city. The love for his hometown, however, has remained even when he is rich and famous. Just recently, during his visit, when he was accompanied by his mother, the star noticed that the beauty in the city was starting to fade. The buildings that were once luxurious and beautiful were no longer attractive. As a young personality who understands the needs of the millenniums, Shaquille knew that most young individuals would prefer to stay in other areas than New Brunswick. The star then started a mission to bring the beauty of the city with the help of a recognized institution that is based in this area.

The Boraie Development was given the role of building a complex that was sponsored by Shaquille ‘Neal and several other banks in the region. The complex would match the standards in other prominent places in the market. After several months of struggle, Boraie Development can now present the complex to the consumers. The Aspire is now free for occupation, with all the features modern generations desire when they are house hunting. The complex has the most ideal location for the working class, not forgetting the fact that it took into consideration the transport needs of the people who have their own cars. Shaquille O’Neal is a happy man. The star has made sure that his dream of having a modern complex is fulfilled in the shortest time possible.

The Aspire, which is not letting its units, is the pride of the residents in New Brunswick. There is more than just what people are used to when letting houses in this region. There are social and recreational centers that have been set up to take care of the needs of the two hundred and thirty-eight families that will be residing in the complex. Safety is one of the key aspects that was considered when the project was under construction. All the amenities that will be enjoyed in this complex are the most recent. Unlike other modern residential units, the individuals who want to live in the Aspire will not be charged extravagant prices. Boraie Development offices have announced that the units are very affordable.

JoJo Hedaya Is Tidying Up Your Inbox With Unroll.Me

Everyone has experienced a cluttered email client before, to put it lightly; the foundation of our expansive online experiences, everyone needs at least one and most have more than that. Free Wi-FI in airports and restaurants will often demand your email so they can advertise to you. When you subscribe to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the dozens of services that are commonplace, you’re bound to see your unread mail climb into the dozens, the hundreds; I’ve long since forgotten the day I hit a thousand. The junk mail can offer good sales at times, but sometimes it buries what’s really important.

This was the case with Jojo Hedaya and his partner, Josh Rosenwald. His emails sent to his business partner would go ignored, as he simply couldn’t find them under all the junk mail. They knew their had to be a better way to organize emails than the way clients and extensions offered. They created the most graceful, efficient mechanism for this purpose; the ‘Rollup.’ Unroll.me scans your email and collects all of your subscriptions into one well-organized, daily email, which is saved until the hour you want it sent to you. The magnificently simple system is a platinum, star quality in its field.

Unroll.Me was met with great reviews and high satisfaction among customers, with 100,000 subscribers at the time of a major redesign in 2013. Between 2013 and the next few years, subscriptions grew to account for 1.3 million ‘Rollers’, Jojo Hedaya’s nickname for subscribers to the service.

With all the success enjoyed by Unroll.Me, it’s no doubt that big names in the online marketplace have wanted to acquire the application. Slice, a recently purchased subsidiary of Rakuten has arranged to acquire Unroll.Me, marking the third US-based acquisition of Rakuten. While the details of the deal are private, it is known that Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald will be joining Slice and working for the company afterwards. Slice considers Unroll.me a valuable means to improve and streamline the experience for customers who patronize their e-shop, indicating the importance of the consumer experience in the online maretplace.


Steve Ritchie Apology to Papa John’s Pizza Customers

Steve Ritchie provided a comeback that was badly needed at Papa John’s. His first move was writing a letter to the customers where he apologized to them for the racist remarks of the former CEO. Steve Ritchie assured customers that the remarks were not a representation of the views of the company. He gave an assurance that Papa John’s shall not tolerate racism or insensitive language regardless of its context.

Steve Ritchie expressed that the company has 120,000 people working all over the world, who are committed and working hard to give them good services and to sell them a better pizza. In the letter, Steve Ritchie indicated the actions that Papa John’s Pizza would be taking to show the company has zero tolerance for racism. The company would be bringing in experts to do an audit on the culture of the company, they will seek the opinion of the employees and Franchisees, and ensure transparency with customers.

Ritchie’s letter was effective because it showed he was empathizing with the customers. It also made him appear vulnerable, and he offered a direct apology for the incident. Steve Ritchie also did not shy away from calling out the former CEO act of racist remarks to show that he acted as an individual and not a representative of the other people in the company. In the apology, he reminded the customers that the people working in the company are part of their community their commitment is to offer a better product to satisfy their needs. By these statements, he distanced himself and other people working under the company’s name from the racist utterances of the founder.

Steve Ritchie letter also reflected accountability because he promised to take actions that would promote inclusion and enhance the company’s diversity. It also reflected personal accountability by promising to be the leader of these efforts. Steve Ritchie had posted another letter on the company’s website where he apologized but quickly made adjustments that improved his apology by making it more sincere. His efforts of apologizing to customers was an effective move that would bring about healing and for the company’s recovery process to begin