April 2019

Article Title: Susan McGalla Works Tirelessly To Empower Other Women In Business

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In today’s world, women are more inspired than ever to seek out opportunities for career advancement. While there are several resources available for advice on career advancement in entrepreneurship, most women kind this information to be generic and uninteresting.

Susan McGalla, founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC is a successful businesswoman and expert executive consultant. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from Mount Union College in 1986, she began her career at Joseph Horne Company. In late 1994, she joined American Eagle Outfitters as a divisional merchandiser for women’s clothing and eventually worked her way up to the chief merchandising officer. Under her leadership, the company’s revenue increased from $340 million to more than $3 billion.

As a child, McGalla says her parents encouraged her to work hard and to remain professional regardless of the audience, or her gender. The only girl of three, she says she never received special treatment and was expected to excel regardless of her gender. She credits her confidence and motivation to inspire other women to her upbringing, stating that her parent’s advice and influence were both instrumental to her success as a businesswoman. She has held several management positions for some of the worlds top retailers and serves as a consultant for some of the most successful people in finance.

Susan McGalla is a tireless advocate for women empowerment, using her platforms and expertise to help inspire other women to pursue their dreams in the world of business. She frequently holds discussions sharing resources and valuable information with the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh and at the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs. Her hard work has not only helped establish her in an industry dominated by men but has also inspired other women around the world to claim their own dominance in the industry.

Today, McGalla devotes her time to educating women on establishing themselves in the world of business. She is also responsible for the creative development and business strategy for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Her main goal is to help women break the barriers between establishing themselves as professionals in an industry that is historically dominated by men.

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Benefits of Using Fragrance Free Hair Sprays

There are a ton of hair care items out there which you can use for styling. One of which is hair sprays. They’re ending up progressively famous in light of the fact that there are items which don’t have any solid smell or scent. Here are a few advantages of utilizing fragrance-free hairspray:

1.           Makes it simpler to style hair – The primary advantage of hair sprays is that it makes hair styling a ton simpler. You can apply the hair sprays while you’re styling your hair, regardless of whether it’s wet or dry. You should simply splash the product on your hair at that point style according to your preference.

2.           Can also work as a finishing product – Apart from being an item for styling, hair sprays can likewise be a finishing item. It will add sparkle to your hair and make it look thicker than it is. There are even some hair splashes which additionally UV assurance have so you won’t need to stress over sun harm. When you splash these items on your hair, you can shape it as indicated by your loving. Likewise, when you’ve got done with styling, you can utilize the product to give your hair an enduring hold. What’s more, on the off chance that you pick the aroma free items, you won’t need to stress over solid fragrances meddling with your scent.

3.           Easier to work with – Hair sprays are exceptionally simple to work with. Truth be told, they are the easiest items you can use for hairstyling. Simply spray the item on your hair and style it as you wish. You can blow dry your hair or utilize diverse items and apparatuses for styling alongside the hairspray. On the off chance that you discover an item that will suit your hair type, you’ll have the capacity to get every one of the advantages of utilizing hairspray. Hair shower can likewise give your hair an increasingly characteristic, styled look. This while giving a solid hold which will keep going for quite a while.

4.           They can be useful for the hair – We’ve examined hot hair sprays may dry your hair out and maybe the reason your hair is thinning. Obviously, this isn’t valid for all items. There are some great items out there which have hydrating properties. These uniquely planned items won’t harm your hair in any capacity. Indeed, they may even contain fixings which are useful for the hair. If you want this benefit, find a product which will repair and nourish your hair. Such products can help you have healthier hair aside from being excellent styling products. Just read through the product specifications before you purchase so you know exactly what you’re getting.

5.           Holds the hair without the additional weight – Typically, most hairsprays are lightweight. Dissimilar to other hairstyling items, hair sprays are not difficult to apply, and they won’t add any additional load to your hair. This is a significant advantage particularly for the individuals who as of now have thick or wavy hair.

6.           They come in various qualities – This is a standout amongst the best advantages of hair sprays. Since they offer diverse qualities, you can pick a product which will suit your hair type. Likewise, you can pick a hairspray which will suit your requirements. From a soft hold to an extra strength one, there’s a lot for you to pick from.

Daniel Bethelmy-Rada and His R.A.W. Brand

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is an entrepreneur who has founded a hair products company. These are no ordinary hair products. These hair products are 100% natural hair products. They are not simply natural inspired. It took a long time for Dan and his team to produce the products.

The launch was delayed because of some of the ingredients for the products were compromised. Rather than compromise the product the ingredients were being used to create, Dan pushed back the launch. The launch was a success. The company, R.A.W., was met with little hostility following its US launch.

There are a number of people who have tried R.A.W. and raved about it online. After trying the shampoo, for instance, they have stated their hair has never felt better than this. These people cannot remember what their hair felt like before. They just know that now, it feels great.

Following the success of the U.S. launch of R.A.W., Dan and his team are getting ready to launch on the other side of the Atlantic. His aspirations are that those in European countries will greet the R.A.W. hair care products equally as generous as the US market did.

The idea for R.A.W. came from the fact that everyone or nearly everyone in the world is wanting 100% natural things anymore. These are not people who want only naturally inspired things. These are the people who want 100% natural things and R.A.W. worked hard to make and test their products to be 100% natural.

Unfortunately, that did not come without a cost. The price of R.A.W. shampoo, for instance, is much higher than a bottle of shampoo that might otherwise not be 100% natural. There are people who are buying it though. They are enjoying the way their hair looks and feels after using it. Dan and his team have plans to further launch the R.A.W. line in other countries, other than the European countries. They are wanting to see the same success with each launch. They do not expect any opposition from any of the markets they try to launch the R.A.W.a products in.

Successful Ways To Get Your Story Covered By The Media

Pitching your tale is the very primary step within set on the media. Specifically how you acquire your tale turn up on blogs, journals, magazines, papers, radio terminals or on the nationwide TELEVISION relies on precisely how you pitch your tale.

If you are constantly getting “no” for a service, you have dedicated mistakes that are restraining you from obtaining the insurance protection that your brand requires. Have a look at the pointers that you can exercise to elevate your possibilities of getting promo:

Craft your tale well.

Be clear with what you wish to inform the visitors. If you’re targeting the media, make certain that your message is clear for them. They do not mean to believe something as well as you’re educating a various point. Be straight along with concise with your message. Do not go rounds and also rounds. It is something that the media do not need.

Is your story relevant?

Although you may believe that you have a fascinating tale to share, remember that no one will most certainly like review it if it is not ideal, fresh and additionally distinct. Take the “so what examination, “why will individuals care to examine my story” and likewise “that will likely benefit from my details?”

Prep job is a trick.

Prior to pitching your tale, make sure that whatever continues to be in location, consisting of the quotes, statistics, graphes and also various other info that press reporters could require. Identifying your story well as well as examining it before pitching them assures that you’re not missing out on something and additionally every little thing is right. Do not send them a story with the wrong graph or details. Those are the last factors that you do not mean to occur; or else, your story ends up in the spam folder.

Obtain your media plan good to go.

A well-written news release typically gets a nod, yet a press release distribution with total media sources will certainly excite the reporters simultaneously. Reporters are continuously active. They are on-the-go for covering details as well as likewise require to satisfy the due dates. Make sure that you have the most effective energetic ingredients prepared when sending your story. Have quotes item demos, photos, charts, study as well as your firm President newest conference clip; they will be unquestionably thankful for that.

Do not give up.

If you’re not getting signals that press reporters will cover your tale, don’t surrender. Sometimes, as a result of their active regimen, they don’t have adequate time to react. Nevertheless, if they disregarded, don’t be put off today. Advise various other manner ins which they can take a look at your story. Offer them to visit your blog, or ask if they can examine your tale which could be uploaded on your web site.

Know what exclusivity shows.

The preferred as well as big publications will definitely cover groundbreaking news. If you have a wonderful tale to educate, make certain that you identify what exclusivity means. Do never before break your words when you guaranteed a magazine or a reporter a “stoppage” notice, however your information wound up being released by their competing info electrical outlet. Doing this can finish you up being blacklisted in their magazines, or the reporter will absolutely never before cover your story.

Do not attach your press release.

Do never before devote the ludicrous blunder of attaching your news release to your email. Never ever make use of accessory as it is incredibly informal, as well as there’s a high opportunity that your e-mail will be sent to spam. An additional factor, make sure that you use them with multimedia resources. Reporters are attracted into visuals, so including multimedia can raise your chance that they will cover your story. Contain a web link having the multimedia, so they can inspect it or download it.

Shock your audience.

If your tale has the element of “shock,” there’s a possibility that they will certainly mention “yes” to your pitch. If they believe your story will definitely stun the visitors, it’s a great story. One more angle to look into is the element of “finding out.” Does your tale supplies something beneficial or resolves a certain concern that the target market has?

Steve Lesnard, His Qualifications, Achievements, and Passion for Sports

Steve Lesnard is prominent in the sector of sports and previously served as a high-level executive alongside an original brand of games. He has vast experience in sports’ marketing. Successfully, he has utilized huge data analytics as well as insights of technical marketing towards the delivery of the most excellent products of consumers when the time is right. His engagement in sports started when he was young. He was raised in France.

He accomplished his studies in France having focused on international business and entrepreneurship. While in school, he did a lot beyond his studies as he managed nurturing connections and talents within the industry of sports. That happened before his move to the U.S. where he pursued his masters with a specialization in entrepreneurship. Upon the completion of his France’s studies, he started his professional service as Wolford’s marketing director. The firm is a retailer with regards to luxury fashion. After a year, he made a remarkable leap into the area where his genuine passion lies that is in connection to sports.

With regards to sports, Steve Lesnard’s first serious role encompassed Nagano Olympics. The responsibilities comprised of signing the professional athletes as well as taking part in the creation of seasonal products. This happened before his whole movement to the production, and that is what he considers a key aspect of his future prosperity. He facilitated the development of products for high-grade athletes. The implication is that the experience was great.

The ensuing twenty years comprised of his work in different capacities within the sector of sports with the focus on general management and marketing. He leads various marketing campaigns for the Olympics and thus his accreditation of a prosperous management career that led to the generation of significant revenue worth billions. He understands the capability of analytics of big data. The secret lies within getting the appropriate content and optimally marketing the item to the right audience. Serious marketers should look into the best ways of maximizing such technologies so as to attain optimum efficiency. Steve Lesnard acknowledges that the brand scenery evolves fast through bringing data via artificial intelligence in addition to the rest of the ways aimed at helping the marketers and insights aimed at the delivery of satisfactory services.

Alastair Borthwick, Scotland’s Most Renown Journalist

Alastair Borthwick grew up in one of the towns in Scotland a time when the country was undergoing to much political transformations. In his adulthood, he went to study Journalism in the Glasgow University Evening Herald. Alastair had to live in a career that was faced by so much challenges and exposure to threat. While he was studying he was able to balance his education with work where he worked at Glasgow Weekly Herald as an editor and an article writer. Within the realms of journalism had to work for the outdoor activities as it gave him too much exposure to the activities that were going on in the country by that time. He worked on different section which apparently were open air. Since then his career revolved around Glasgow to other outdoor activities in Scotland.

Growing up, Alastair Borthwick saw the country transform in as much as it was undergoing to much political and economic crisis. Consequently, it was at this time that he experienced the fateful events of the World war 1 and 11. These transitional periods were hectic for him as he knew that his career in journalism could be jeopardized. As a matter of fact, Alastair Borthwick was an Investigative and Intelligence officer so he had to cover what that was happening in the fields by that time. Despite the upheavals in Scotland, Alastair did not stop working as a journalism and an investigator. He was the epicenter of consultancy to the matters regarding the military. To be noted, he produced screen hitting documentaries in Britain as well as non-fictions articles that made the readers awe.

Besides mastering in journalism, he was an author where he wrote several books while in Scotland including the History of the 5th Battalion and Always a Little further to mention a few. These books primarily based themselves on the challenges that people would face to make ends meet as they lived in Scotland. Through writing, the charm could be seen as many people wanted to be given the hope they needed as Scotland was one of the countries to undergo such turbulent times. After the debilitating time was over, he had to relocate to one of the Islands in Scotland where they could settle down with his wife till when they came to pass away.


James Rivers Capital, Approaches to Effective Leadership

James Rivers Capital has its main headquarters in the US. It is a private firm that offers commodity trading and financial advisory to its clients. It also offers investment management and other services to its consumers. Leadership is a skill that one learns and develops over time. No one is ever born a natural leader because it is a science and art that needs to be taught. If you want to become an effective leader, it requires a lot of determination because it takes time. Paul Saunders who is the Principal at James River Capital is an effective leader after learning a few approaches to improve his skills.

These approaches have been developed by researchers who conducted extensive studies on leadership. The approaches have proved effective and are the best strategies to use if one wants to become effective in their leadership. According to Paul Saunders, if a leader wants to have an impact on their team and in their organization, they need to incorporate these strategies.

Work as a team

An effective leader is one that includes all team members in every task available. Such a leader should not present any favoritism or shut down the opinion of other team members. During the meeting, encourage each team member to present their opinion and speak. This not only increases the confidence of your team members but it also encourages teamwork. Make every member of the team feel valued. If you notice some quiet members in your team, ask them questions to prompt them to participate. With time you will witness small changes in your team members.

Always welcome escalation and encourage

It is not uncommon to hear of cases where employees fear their leaders and avoid them as much as possible while at work. Such leaders do not welcome escalation because when they are presented with critical feedback, they do not take it well and are harsh. As a leader, you want to create a safe environment where your team members can always share their problems with you and also the challenges they face in the organization. Always encourage them to speak on crucial matters no matter how bad it is because as a leader you can take it and respond professionally. Learn more: https://www.turtletrader.com/trader-jamesriver/

Do not lead, Support

Leadership is not about being the boss and asking team members to perform tasks with deadlines. It is about showing support to your team members so that they can be as effective as possible in carrying out their tasks. Supporting your team completely changes how you approach and interact with your team members. Support in the workplace builds teamwork and positive work synergy which creates the perfect environment for working. Many top brands use such as Facebook use this approach.

Article Title: Zeco Auriemo Maintains Work-Life Balance for Success in Business and Family

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Jose Auriemo Neto, known to his family and friends as Zeco Auriemo, is the CEO and President of JHSF the Brazilian real estate company. This is a feat he managed before turning 30 years old. An overachiever since his younger days, Zeco Auriemo joined JHSF as a teenager working in the parking administration sector. He then joined the university to pursue a degree in engineering but later on chose to focus on business instead.

Zeco Auriemo has been at the forefront of developing state-of-the-art buildings and shopping malls in Brazil. One of the developments credited to his genius is the Parque Cidade Jardim which many considered a high-risk venture. However, Zeco Auriemo has never been risk-averse in business. Once completed, Parque Cidade Jardim consisted of a luxury shopping mall, gyms, commercial and residential buildings, and luxury brand stores. One of the luxury brands currently available at the mall is the Italian shoe brand Rene Caovilla. Other brands also available at the mall are Hermes, Jimmy Choo, and Pucci.

The development changed the Brazilian social scene bringing people together in a way never seen before in the country. Additionally, it raked in plenty of profits for JHSF landing it on the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange where it trades its shares. Under Zeco Auriemo’s leadership, JHSF has also developed establishments such as the Fasano Hotel chain and the Fazenda Boa Vista condominium.

Married to Mariana Landmann Auriemo with whom he has two children, Zeco Auriemo does not like being away from his family. He strives to find the perfect work-life balance to not only succeed professionally but also to succeed in his family life. Given the demanding nature of his job, he had to relocate his family to the USA so that they could all be together because of a development he is overseeing along 5th Avenue near Central Park, New York. Zeco Auriemo’s days off are mainly spent with his family. However, he indulges in playing golf whenever he can, a sport he has grown to love.

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