Diversant: A Leader in the IT Staffing Industry with a Focus on Workplace Diversity

There is not a lot that gets done today without the right technology in place. Nearly every industry relies on information technology, with computers and networks playing an ever-increasing role in the business world. With all of that technology use and dependence in mind, today’s companies need IT staff they can depend on. That is where leading IT staffing agency Diversant comes into the equation. This company has been helping businesses to meet the demands and overcome the challenges related to complex IT needs for some time. Diversant has been recognized as one of the top IT staffing agencies, and continues to forge a path that other staffing companies would be wise to follow.

Diversity Matters in the Information Technology Staffing Industry

Diversant is a company that is proud to focus on increasing diversity in the business world. This company believes that establishing diverse environments for IT staff is crucial for success. Diversity helps to increase creative thought in team-based environments, leads to more creative problem-solving strategies and helps companies to be more efficient with regards to Information Technology best practices for business. Diversant does not just emphasize diversity for other companies; it is the largest African American owned IT staffing agency in the country.

Leadership at Diversant

No business reaches the place where it is well known within its industry without the right leadership structure. Diversant is no exception. This company has a diverse, experienced group of leaders who help the company to reach its goals and to meet customer expectations. John Goullet is the Principal Executive for this company. Mr. Goullet has been in the IT consulting/staffing industry for decades and has been recognized for his success within this industry.

With more than 30 years as a leader in IT staffing, John Goullet has proven to be a valuable asset to Diversant. To help guide the company along the right path, he is able to pull from his vast knowledge and years of experience. Information Technology is not an industry that ever slows down; there are always new things happening and changes taking place. This can prove to be daunting to companies that need qualified, effective IT staff. John Goullet, along with the rest of the team at Diversant, help the company’s clients to meet the challenges of implementing an effective IT staffing solution, while holding fast to the company’s dedication to making workplace diversity a top priority.

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