Brian Torchin Believes Great Staff is What Makes a Practice Successful

Brian Torchin knows what it takes to have a successful health care practice. He learned through years of first hand experience in his own chiropractic practice. He has opened and managed several health care offices in the Eastern United States. Torchin now is the president of his own company, Health Care Recruitment Counselors. The aim of the company is to help health care offices find and hire quality staff as well as help health care professionals find jobs in their field. It is in essence a staffing agency, but is so much more than that as well.

DocCafe writes the company is based out of Philadelphia but offers services world wide. They also have weekend and evening hours to assist clients world wide any time of the day. Before the company officially became Health Care Recruitment Counselors, Torchin began by staffing his own offices that he managed and from there learned how important staff is to a practice. The agency is continually trying to help their clients whether it is a health care office looking for employees or a person looking for a job.

Torchin works to encourage health care workers by understanding that finding a job isn’t always easy. The health care industry is booming, and jobs are plentiful, but finding the right fit isn’t always easy, which is why Torchin started Health Care Recruitment Counselors. He also runs a blog populated with resources, information and advice for those looking for a job in the health care industry. He also includes advice on going through a staffing agency such as Health Care Recruitment Counselors. In Torchin’s blog posts, he is not just promoting his own company, he suggests that staffing companies are not for everyone. However, for people that like a change of pace and don’t mind being moved from job to job, a staffing agency would be a good choice.

Torchin’s education includes a Bachelor of Science in exercise science form University of Delaware. Then he attended New York Chiropractic College where he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Health Care Recruitment Counselors has been in business since 2007.

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