Brushing Your Dog is Good for Her Health

A good brushing not only makes your dog look and smell better, it also improves her health. Even short-haired dogs, like Beagles, benefit from having their coats brushed two to three times a week. Combine regular brushing with proper nutrition using Beneful foods and exercise and you’ll have one healthy, good-looking dog.

Prevents Matted Fur
Matted fur is not only unsightly, it’s painful for a dog. it feels very similar to a human’s ponytail which is pulled too tightly. Clumps of matted fur are also prime locations for fleas to hide and breed, causing the dog even more pain. A daily brushing prevents the dog hair from matting.

Stimulates Circulation
As the brush detangles fur and glides over the skin, the bristles provide a massaging actions that stimulates circulation. The blood rises to the surface of the skin and improves the health of your dog’s fur and skin, helping to keep them both healthy.

Beneful Nutrition
Feeding your dog a well-balanced diet, like that offered with the Beneful brand, will also keep your dog’s skin and fur healthy. What goes inside will show up on the outside and a healthy, shiny coat of fur on the outside will start with the right foods going inside. Beneful by Purina provides the right nutrition for a dog at every stage of life.

Strengthens Core Muscles
Brushing triggers a reflex in dogs that causes a twitching motion to take place along the spine and that twitching engages the core muscle group in the mid-section. As the core muscles contract, they become stronger.

Fewer Hair Balls
Brushing removes loose hair before your dog has a chance to lick himself and swallow the hair. Ingested loose hair typically passes through the digestive system without causing problems, but the occasional hair ball forms from loose hairs that have lodged in the stomach or along the digestive tract.
Beneful dry dog food will help aid in the digestion process and help your dog better eliminate the occasional hairball. Dogs are usually able to pass or to get the hair ball up and out on their own, but sometimes the hairball has to be surgically removed. Regular brushing and dry kibble will help prevent the hairballs from forming.

Health Inspection
Daily brushing allows you to become familiar with what is normal on your dog’s body. You’ll be able to detect a new bump, sore, cut or other abnormality that could indicate a health problem so it can be treated early.

Happy Dog
The physical act of brushing causes your dog’s brain to release feel-good endorphins so she becomes happy and relaxed during a brushing session. Bonding time with you is also another bonus brushing provides.

Brush Type
Hand-held, mitten, long or short bristles, wire or nylon, dog brushes come in a wide assortment of styles. The best brush is the one you’ll use on a regular basis, so invest in a dog brush that fits your hand comfortably.

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