Adam Milstein

The Impact of Adam Milstein in the Recreation of the State of Israel

Adam Milstein appears to be a role model of most individuals in the society. Adam is a businessman majoring in the real estate market and a very active philanthropist. His community leadership skill is well portrayed by his involvement in the Yom Kippur war when he served in the Israeli Defense Force. He managed to complete his studies in the Technion in the year 1978. From there, he went to further his studies in the United States where he joined the University of Southern California to take masters in business administration. He decided to start off his career by investing in the commercial real estate in southern California. Currently, he serves at the Hager Pacific properties in the executive team as the managing partner.

After working and establishing himself in the real estate business in the Los Angeles area, they co-founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. With the foundation, they aimed to reach out to the Jewish population and strengthen them, and the relationship between the U.S and Israel. From this point on, he has been growing the foundation toward consulting, creating partnerships and conducting fundraising in support welfare of the Jewish community. His philanthropic activities extend from simple financial supports to applying the skills he has in ensuring that the organizations can meet the goals they set.

The main effect by the foundation comes about by the creation of philanthropic synergies. The efforts of like-minded people always bring forth an amplified success in whatever action is taken in the foundation. There has been a wider reach into the Israeli community in the Diaspora with the foundation creating a pragmatic partnership. He has developed to become a thought leader in the charity world. Moreover, he gives advice to his supporters through many channels.

The foundation mainly focuses on life path impact strategy. Here, the strategy is meant to reach to the children, adolescents and the adult allowing it too busy all stages of life and more specifically be able to track them at the tender age of two. The strategy involves finding a way to make their audience engaged throughout their lives.

Adam Milstein’s Undying Pursuit To Promote The Jewish Heritage

Adam Milstein has established a solid career in the real estate industry where he worked as the managing partner for Hager Pacific Properties. Adam Milstein achieved overwhelming success at the company. The company has an asset base of $2 billion. However, Adam’s outstanding performance in the real estate did not bar him from serving his Jewish Community. Over the years, he has been supporting different Jewish initiatives through the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The organization offers support and mentorship programs to students around the world with the objective of helping them to get in touch with their Jewish culture and enhance their connection to Israel. The foundation has heavily invested in young Jewish scholars who have gotten an opportunity to gain extensive understanding of their heritage.

Owing to his intense involvement in the Jewish Community, Adam Milstein was listed among the top 200 philanthropists & social entrepreneurs. This recognition is also as a result of the pivotal role that he played in establishing the Israeli-American Council whose goal is to foster connections between the US and Israel. Adam Milstein has pushed for the council’s expansion and spearheaded the development of American foreign policy on Israel and Jewish people relations in general. The frequent contributor to various leading publications has shed light on the importance of the Jewish people to learn to read and write in Hebrew. This way, they will be able to engage deeply to their religion and culture.

Recently, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation launched a global meme competition that allowed participants to forward their pro-Israel memes. The competition aimed at supporting Israel, saw winners receive cash prizes of $2,000, as they had fun and showcased their skills. The competition featured images, videos, websites and hashtags that would go viral on the internet. Public voting started on 3rd, August 2017 and each participant was to send a maximum of five memes. A panel of six high school and college pro-Israel activists selected the finalists. Adam Milstein believes that the use of memes is the quickest and fun way of promoting a culture. The meme contest was also sponsored by other pro-Israel and Jewish organizations.