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Louis Chenevert and The Leadership He Played at United Technologies

The incipient part in the career of Louis Chenevert is filled with lots of obstacles, changes, exhaustive corporate hurdles and untoward workplace dynamics that if it weren’t for his strong resolve, would’ve caused him to crack.

His role as the Former Chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation is one of the most difficult roles he played in his career, and the good thing right now is that he is able to withstand it all and create new opportunities for others to follow his path, learn from his trials and offer the same kind of dedication for a company that withstands changes.

Surrounding Yourself With Winners

There are many factors that contribute to the improvement of one’s leadership, and one of the big ways to do that is to make sure one is surrounded by winners. Many experts right now would say that when you surround yourself with the right leaders, and with people who know your vision and follow it, you imbibe the same energy, use that for your own management and improve the operations of your company simply by getting the psychological attitudes of the leaders that surround you. In the case with Louis Chenevert, his leadership at the United Technologies Corporation as CEO in April 2008 and Chairman in January 2010, he had to surround himself with executives from other companies in order to get their ideas and use them for his growth.

The Training

It might be safe to say here that the role of Louis Chenevert in the company has not been that easy to implement. However, he has already been trained in many aspects of running a business through his work at General Motors as its General Manager. He was also the President at Pratt and Whitney, and the training he got from such roles are instrumental in making sure that he knows how to run a large-scale company such as United Tech.

The formal educaiton of Louis Chenevert is also at the Universite de Montreal, majoring in Bachelor of Commerce and his formal education in that department has been outstanding in giving him the theoretical aspects of running a business

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