How White Shark Media’s Customer Complaints have lead to better Service Delivery

Customer complaints regarding a company can be catastrophic to its reputation and a threat to its existence. To some companies, customer complaints often precede a fall in their sales and a market-wide deterioration of reputation.

To White Shark Media, however, their critics have turned to be their best allies in making the situation better.

The company received various complaints from its customers and used them as a reference point when making corrections to their mistakes. Subsequently, they ended up improving the level and quality of services they offer to their clients.

Shark media has addressed some of the most common complaints against the company
Many customers complained that they were out of touch with their Adwords campaigns. White Shark began by acknowledging the difficulties small businesses faced to review progress reports for their campaigns.

To address the issue, the company introduced a mechanism allowing supervisors to explain to clients how and when campaigns will start and ways to review their progress. They also furnished the clients with the information on where to go if one wants to assess’ performance of his or her campaign. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

Some customers had also complained that the communication they got from the company was not good enough. To begin with, the company acknowledged that as a consultant agency, communication is core to their business. Issues on communication were resolved promptly through several avenues.

Monthly meeting with clients were scheduled to take place via GoToMeeting, an online platform that offers conferencing services. Through GoToMeeting, clients can review the performance of their campaigns for the last one month with the help of a strategist. A monthly report is availed to the customer promptly before the meeting.

Communication issue was further improved by allowing clients direct access to their contact persons and supervisors via telephone. This allows the customer to communicate seamlessly with White Shark Media Complaints tem.

Some customers insisted that their old campaigns were performing better than the newly launched campaigns. The company directed experienced supervisors to provide clients with feedback and to take them through every aspect of the campaigns.

Some customers also wanted White Shark to provide SEO services. However, the company maintained its abstinence from provision of SEO services but encouraged clients to utilize their supervisors in reviewing different SEO companies.

Performance tracking tools were also availed to clients by the company after it received complaints about customers not being able to track the performance of their campaigns. The company is keen on tracking campaign performance as it enables campaign developers to optimize the Adwords and keywords for better performance.