Agora Financial

Agora Financial’s Alan Knuckman” bond rates to relax”

Founded in 1979, Agora Financial has from the beginning always approached investing from a different standpoint from that of main stream investors. Agora Financial focuses on the unknown opportunities, to allow the opportunity to enter on the ground level, with the potential to ride an initial investment to the top. Agora Financial in 1984 released “Strategic Investments”, in 1992, “Plague of the Black Debt” and in 1999, “The Daily Reckoning” three ground breaking publications that lead to the reputation Agora Financial has today. Agora Financial has a proven history of predicting the best moves to make regarding financial decisions, based on aggregated economic data.

Agora Financials approach to investments is to painstakingly analyze economic data in order to find companies that are on the track to rapid growth. Agora Financial has developed secrets to generating income by using wealth protection strategies. Agora Financial, in 1999 correctly forecasted the increase in the value of gold. In 1999 gold was trading at $ 256 per ounce, today gold is trading at more than $ 1,900 per ounce. From 1998 to around 2006 housing values in the United States had increased by nearly 120%, and by 2008 the average houses value had dropped by 20%. Agora Financial, had correctly predicted these issues in 2004, giving their customers enough time to avoid huge financial losses. Agora Financial successfully predicted the historic spic in oil prices in 2007. In 2007 a barrel of oil was trading at $ 55, by 2008 it was trading at $ 147 per barrel. In 2008, Agora Financial again was able to leverage their profound experience to predict the rise in healthcare technology.

Alan Knuckman of Agora sat down with Bloomberg and shared his take on the current volatility in the financial market of late. Alan Knuckman said the trade for the Treasury Bond ETF based on March 13th the NASDAQ recovered from stock market lows, but had made a classic v neck recovery. Alan Knuckman went on to say in the past the market will gain back the losses on top of old highs. Predicts the Standard and Poor’s 500 to go to 3225, which is 15% higher than we are in the bond market measure. Alan Knuckman predicts the bonds have bottomed, looking for a short squeeze in a very crowded market, play it out looking to buy TLT $114 for June at $5.50 or less, predicting rates to relax and to know more