Algae Gel

New Gel That Speeds Healing Process

Ever have a cut that just did not seem to want to stop bleeding? There is now a product, that once it is applied, will almost instantly stop bleeding. This gel product is set for release to veterinarians in the upcoming weeks, and is soon to be released to hospitals and doctors offices.

The gel is actually based off of an algae. There are, within the algae, polymers. These are basic building blocks of the substance. Once the polymers are isolated, they are then broken down into even smaller particles. These are the items that makes the gel so effective as far as Alexei Beltyukov can make out.

The algae particles are then injected into the gel. These act as smaller little blocks that will adhere together and help promote the healing process. If they are injected into an open wound, they promote healing of the soft tissue with less scarring.

The most beneficial aspect of the gel with these polymers is the fact that they have the ability to form a mesh like guard over and around wounds. This mesh is what promotes the congealing of the blood and therefore stops bleeding faster. In tests, it has been found that the gel can stop bleeding in about 12 seconds.

This may not be instant or totally revolutionary in the process of treating buts and wounds, but it sure is a great first step on that path. The company hopes that the field results will be as successful as in lab results and sees expansion of the product in the near future.