GreenSky Credit soars to more than $4 billion valuation

Back in 2006, serial entrepreneur David Zalik bet everything he had on the future of his new startup. Called GreenSky Credit, the company represented a completely untested model that Zalik hoped would revolutionize the way that point-of-sale lending happened for big-ticket items. In fact, the business was so unproven that Zalik had difficulty finding outside financing to help him launch his business. It was for this reason that he was forced to effectively reverse mortgage his entire $12 million commercial real estate fortune, which represented the fruits of his entire life’s work to that point.

But Zalik believed strongly in the business that he was creating. Today, that $12 million bet that would have put Zalik into the poor house had he lost it has fueled what is now a company valued at more than $4 billion. This incredible rise from a tiny startup that no one had heard of to the darling of the fintech industry has made Zalik a star. But more importantly, 12 years after its founding, GreenSky Credit has introduced a completely new lending model that has proven to be eminently viable. This is especially impressive given the dismal results that so many other fintech companies have experienced. GreenSky Credit is likely to become the model upon which fintech is based well into the future.



GreenSky Credit is more evolutionary than revolutionary

One of the things that someone might notice about Zalik and his company is that both are completely devoid of the pretention and pomp that often comes with technology startups. Nowhere throughout the GreenSky Credit headquarters will one find beer dispensers, foosball tables or any of the other excesses that have become an accepted part of tech culture. At the same time, Zalik himself has never sought to violently uproot the existing banking system, unlike many of his fintech competitors. Instead, Zalik’s vision has always been to compliment the existing infrastructure through efficiency-gaining technology, connecting borrowers with lenders and adding tremendous value in the process by pushing deals through that otherwise would never have materialized.

GreenSky Credit has proved that often the biggest successes result from building on a system rather than tearing it down.

The Best Software Solutions OneLogin can Offer

Since the inception of technology solutions that help companies run faster and more efficiently, there has been an increase in cyber threat. As a result, there are a number of companies that provide technology solutions with important security features to ensure their clients do not get hacked or experience any phishing as well as data breaches. One such company is OneLogin. Airbus, Steelcase and Consort Medical are some of the companies that hired OneLogin to provide such services.

OneLogin services come with multi-factor and single-factor authentication features. As such, if an employee has forgotten their access card, they can use another alternative to get into the building without necessarily having to process another card for the day. In addition, OneLogin solution services also provide other basic programs as integration to the main cloud-based system. Some of these extra programs include SAP, Oracle and G Suite. Unlike other companies, OneLogin has designed its features in such a way that they can accommodate companies in different business levels, whether small, medium or large enterprises.

One of the exceptional features offered by OneLogin services is in the case of adaptive authentication. Take the case of an employee who has lost their access card. The system will take into consideration the risks involved if the employee accesses the building before offering alternative authentication procedures for him. In the end, the employee gets into the building and is able to work without having to involve the IT department for another permanent access card. The system is programmed in such a way that the employee will eventually get it but is currently given temporary access via the alternative authentication process. In return, this saves the company at least $50,000 per year on the time and resources that could have been used to solve this problem.

OneLogin technology solution services are also accessible on-premises and on-the-go. Being an Identity and Access Management (IAM) system, OneLogin solutions are reliable and efficient. With this system in place, the company is able to secure profile access protocols by integrating OneLogin directories with that of the security system in the company.