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Sergio Cortes is 47-year-old health state secretary in the state of Rio De Janeiro.He is the man charged with ensuring health matters in the state are well-taken care off. He is a very busy man but has earned a reputation for efficiency. He was recently admitted to the hospital after being involved in a fire accident. He received a minor cut on his leg and had inhaled too much smoke. He has since made a significant recovery and was recently spotted opening the Dengue Hydration Center at Xerem, Duque de Caxias, which will help flood victims. The center has 12 chairs and can serve up to 300 people in a day. He also opened a garbage management center while there. All these initiatives have seen him deliver 1000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite and 3000 tablets of antibiotics. These are part of measures the city is taking to protect itself.
Sergio Cortes also regularly posts advice on medical problems online. He in a recent article advised on medical back problems. It has been a significant issue in the state, and such complaints hurt the victims a lot. He encourages victims to ensure proper sitting and walking posture. Exercises can help one regain a healthy sitting position. Activities like walking, cycling, swimming and yoga are good for the body. Poor posture can cause neck stiffness, sciatica pain, and herniated disc. All these are a much larger problem of a serious issue.
Sergio has always advised on proactive measures to protect your life. He in his recent article be cried the alarming statistics on obesity in Brazil. The country is currently fighting a losing battle on overweight and obese people.17% of the country is obese and a staggering 50% are overweight. All this is due to poor lifestyle choices that he discourages. His state has the second highest the in Brazil, and it’s his mandate to teach people to make good decisions. On weight, he was recently featured in an article where he explored the many ways one can cut weight without starving oneself.
He urges his fellow citizens to eat a full breakfast with all the nutrients. It is the most important meal of the day since it will provide fuel for the whole day. He advises against beverages like Coffee, which is highly abused in Brazil.

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North American Spine Provides Services to New Area

People from all walks of life experience chronic pain. Unfortunately, this is something that many people have had to learn to live with for quite some time. One of the most common forms of chronic pain involves back pain that exists in one capacity or another. Typically, people suffer from lower back pain due to some type of injury or overuse, often from something that happened long ago. Still others experience pain in the upper regions of the back. In either case, the pain can easily become debilitating and it can make it virtually impossible for that individual to function as they once did. As a result, people are constantly turning to new and innovative ways to find relief. One of the places they turn to on a regular basis is North American Spine. COntinue reading about the facility’s most recent news, first seen in the PR Newswire.

North American spine is one of the most innovative facilities that has ever existed. It specializes in minimally invasive procedures that are designed to dramatically reduce or even eliminate back pain in its entirety. Instead of forcing patients to undergo invasive surgery that has the potential for a great deal of complications, the procedures performed at North American Spine take only minutes and patients are often back up and moving around within hours to the next day. Even more impressive, most of them are capable of returning to their routines that they were accustomed to before back pain began chipping away at their lives and they are capable of doing so without pain, often for the first time in years.

North American Spine has gained a reputation as one of the finest facilities of its type anywhere in the country and as such, it has started to expand to places that it has not serviced in the past. One of those places is Las Vegas, Nevada. Under the watchful eye of Dr. Sharma, the new facility will offer the same extraordinarily high level of care that every other North American Spine facility offers. With his background in pain management and anesthesiology, he is capable of helping patients that have tried virtually everything else, yet have found very little relief in the process.

Dr. Sharma explains that he will provide consultation for those who are in need of some type of medical intervention in order to regain control of their lives. In addition, the facility will offer the same type of minimally invasive surgical procedures that North American Spine has become famous for. Dr. Sharma will also provide alternative pain management programs, even for those who are suffering from chronic pain. As a result, everyone in the Las Vegas area stands to benefit from the help that this facility is capable of providing.

The Best Procedure for Instant Relief

North American Spine is a clinic that is based in Dallas, Texas. This clinic is dedicated to helping those that have suffered from neck and back pain that has originated from tissue and muscle damage. North America Spine has developed a new treatment called AccuraScope which is a procedure that provides any patient with instant relief. What AccuraScope is is a minimally invasive way of getting rid of pain.

The founders of the Procedure are proud to say that this procedure has been successful to the 8,000 patients that have come to the clinic in search of help. This procedure not only provides instant relief but also has a 82 percent rate of the patient never have back or neck issues again. Each physician who handles these cases is specially trained and is able to operate on each patient in under an hour.

One statement towards the success of the AccuraScope procedure is from Oklahoma City resident, Joe Berry. Joe Berry is a former fireman and EMT who has decades of neck problems that have been attributed to his strenuous and active career. Joe Berry, before hearing the North American Spine reviews, tried everything. Berry tried steroid shots, minor surgery, as well as pain killers. All of these treatments either did not help or did not provide permanent relief to his issue. It wasn’t until he was recommended the AccuraScope procedure that he found instant and permanent relief to his issue.

What the surgery entailed was only 45 minutes of Berry’s time. All the surgery was was making a small incision in the problem area and find the inflamed tissue or muscle with a tiny camera. Once the inflamed area was isolated, the specialized physician would take a laser. The laser, being the width of a piece of lead in a pencil, would be pointed at the inflamed area to fix it.

After the surgery, Berry raved about the instant relief that he felt. He was even able to walk out of the clinic the same day that he walked in. The best thing about the surgery to Joe Berry was the fact that the surgery did not prevent him from returning to work. Within a week after the surgery, Berry was pain free and ready to start working at full speed again. North American Spine has provided a new procedure that is both minimally invasive and provides instant relief to any individual that suffers from neck and back pain.