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The RealReal – A Leader in the Consignment Movement

Featured in a recent article in The Gazette, The RealReal is a luxury consignment startup founded by Julie Wainwright. Possessing an intimate knowledge of Internet merchandising, CEO Julie Wainwright, launched the consignment shop in 2011 in response to the latest fashion trend, which is second-hand designer merchandise. The RealReal sells home goods, apparel, jewelry, and watches and it is currently dominating in the luxury consignment niche.

One factor that separates The RealReal from other consignment shops is the authentication of all merchandise. The RealReal has seven valuation sites across the United States. When a customer wants to sell an item on consignment, each piece is meticulously examined and appraised for authenticity and value and not accepted if it is not approved.

Typically, when people think of a second-hand shop, they think of the traditional thrift stores, which were often seedy. The RealReal is not the typical second-hand shop. It is a new and innovative startup that sells luxury, high-end merchandise on consignment to customers with high-end tastes, but who enjoy a good bargain.

The RealReal started as an online shop, but after a successful experiment with a pop-up venture in New York, it recently opened its first store in the SoHo district of New York City. The store in SoHo has regular customers, many of whom visit daily or weekly to view new arrivals.

Every start-up needs an infusion of cash, and The RealReal has received more than $170 million in venture capital funding including $50 million in growth funding from Great Hill Partners, a private equity firm. The RealReal acquired Investment capital from Broadway Angels, Next Equity Springboard Funding, Canaan Partners,, Greycroft Partners, InterWestPartners, DBL Partners, and Industry Ventures.

The RealReal has separated itself from the pack. Most of its competitors did not survive, but The RealReal has had continued success. There are plans to open additional brick and mortar stores in other markets while maintaining its Internet presence.

Benefits of using Wen by Chaz hair conditioner.

WEN Hair by Chaz is well known for its beauty products. Recently, there has been a better hair conditioner that was released into the market. This conditioner is highly praised for the ability to cleanse your hair and improve its texture and increase its body. This is the best product you can get.

If you have been of what to use for your hair to gain back its healthy look, then look no more. This Amazon available product is said to work for all kinds of hair. However, this will depend greatly on the formulation that you are going to try for your hair.
For instance, if you try out the sephora Fig version, your hair will be moisturized, will become shiny all day, and have a bouncy look. This is something you want for your hair. Do not struggle with greasy or frizzy hair anymore. After a tiresome day, when you need something to cleanse your hair deep and make you feel relaxed, grab a pack of Wen hair by Chaz Deans conditioner and feel exactly that.
To achieve the best results, there is some instructions given about the right amount of conditioner to the application. The application is based on whether your hair is short, medium or long. Ensure that you read carefully. No matter what you think, just use the right number of pumps that is recommended on the back label. You will then achieve the best results.
Spread the conditioner evenly through your hair. Ensure you massage it into your scalp and the to the ends. Leave it for a few minutes and the rinse it off using water. Each day follows the same procedure; you will notice a great change even in a week. Leave alone a week, while you clean your hair, it will feel thicker than how it used to be.


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Superb Beauty With YouTube Millionaire Wengie

It seemed to be a day like any other, but it was not: it was the day Wendy Huang also known as Wengie became a YouTube “millionaire.” This means that Wengie has achieved the million-subscriber to her YouTube channel milestone. Wengie made many sacrifices to reach her goal, including resigning from her successful six-figure career that she had prior to Wengie beauty.

Wendy Huang Beauty

Have you ever heard of Wendy Huang? She is an Australian-Chinese powerhouse of beauty tips. She performs beauty tutorials and beauty product comparisons on YouTube so that her fans may view the strengths and weaknesses of the various products. Wengie is heavily courted by different beauty companies that long to have her highlight their products. This means that Wengie has a wide selection of brand deals available to her, but she only takes those she truly uses and legitimately recommends.

Her beauty tutorials are very informative as she presents a global vision of beauty. She often compares the differences between the makeup used by Japanese, American, Korean and Australian cultures. This cultural focus is different and is one of the things that makes Wengie unique. She also lets fans get to know about her life, such as how she recently became engaged. The beauty videos are well-produced and are really attractive and popular among young fans.

Wengie’s Relationship With Her Fans

Wengie has a very close and warm relationship with her fans. She does her best to bring very cutting-edge beauty tips to the table. Her fans know they can reach out to her any number of ways. Wengie provides access to her fans through many different sources, including her several YouTube channels and her social media accounts. Most preeminent are her Tumblr and her LinkedIn avenues of communicating with her followers.

Wendy Huang’s YouTube channels are the place to be when it comes to learning from beauty tutorials. She is presently one of the foremost experts in beauty product and application on the Internet. Follow her on LinkedIn and Tumblr. Most importantly, become a subscriber now so as not to miss Wendy’s beauty tutorials on her YouTube channel.


Wengie, a YouTube Celebrity

YouTube has become one of the most popular websites in the world. With millions upon millions of people searching this website each day, it is no wonder that many people try to become successful through YouTube. There are many people with a decent number of subscribers; however, there are a few elite YouTube users who have earned the name ‘celebrities’. These YouTube celebrities have amassed millions of subscribers. That is one million people who decided not only to watch a video, but to hit the ‘subscribe’ button to keep in touch with all of the content that is being released by that particular YouTube celebrity.

Perhaps one of the most famous YouTube celebrities is Wengie. Wengie is an Australian YouTuber who makes videos on fashion and beauty. Wengie’s real name is Wendy Huang and she is of Chinese descent but grew up and currently resides in Australia. Wengie has her own website which can be found here, but her main focus is her YouTube channel, which has just shy of 1 million subscribers. She currently has over 250 videos on topics centered on beauty and fashion.

Wengie cites that her journey began after working in the corporate world for a few years. Shen then decided that a career path with blogging and internet business would allow her the kind of lifestyle of freedom that she desired. Wengie says that her first inspiration for her website was Singaporean blogger XiaXue. With her passion and interest for beauty and fashion, paired with her desire to create an online business, the Wonderful World of Wengie was created. Here, on her YouTube channel she gives her viewers styling and makeup tips and tutorials.

One of her main areas of focus, or niche, is make up for women of Asian background. This is because Wengie, being of Asian descent herself, feels there is a large lack of information out there for beauty and fashion for Asian women. She says there is plenty coverage on European and American, but Wengie hopes to bring more information about beauty and fashion to women of Asian background.