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Jeunesse Offers High Quality Cosmetics And Nutritional Products

Jeunesse is an international cosmetics and nutritional supplement company that designs and sells high-end and cutting-edge cosmetics and dietary products. Its cosmetics products are similar to ones used in leading TV studios and by celebrities. The nutritional products of Jeunesse have a focus on anti-aging properties. Below is some information about the products that Jeunesse currently makes and sells.

NV is a line of cosmetics that was launched by Jeunesse in the summer of 2017. The launching of NV represented a significant milestone for the company. It had finally expanded into the cosmetics industry which is worth over 60 billion dollars a year and growing.

The NV product line by Jeunesse consists of three separate products that are designed to be used in tandem. A primer is the first product in the line. The NV primer fills in pores and creases on the skin to create an even look all throughout the face. It also prepares for the application of the next product, which is the NV BB Perfecting Mist Foundation.

This second product comes in nine different skin shades. The spray bottle uses a patented airbrush spray nuzzle to mimic a perfect airbrush application used on some of the world’s leading hosts, celebrities, and actors. NV BB Perfecting Mist also contains APT-200. This is the unique and patented ingredient developed by Jeunesse that has powerful anti-aging properties and helps makes the skin appear more youthful. The foundation also features aloe vera gel to soothe the skin and moisturize it. This is to prevent the skin from drying out.

Jeunesse NV perfecting mist foundation is effective for up to 12 hours. It will help cover up any skin imperfections for photo shoots, presentations and live broadcasts. The formula is also lightweight and non-greasy.

The last product found in the Jeunesse NV cosmetic line is a bronzer. This powerful bronzer helps make the skin glow and shimmer with radiance. It provides a finishing touch to the primer and foundation. You can find out more about Jeunesse’s NV cosmetic line by visiting their official website. While your there, you may want to check out some of their powerful anti-aging nutritional drinks and supplements that Jeunesse also sells.

Jeunesse Global charges hard into the skincare market

For a company that has only existed for nine years, Jeunesse Global has made an incredible mark on its industry. Today, the company ranks among the most important global distributors of health and beauty products, marking a phenomenal rise from a home business that was run out of a Florida couple’s garage to one of the most successful direct-marketing companies in existence today.

Founded in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, both of whom had long track records of building successful companies, Jeunesse Global was destined to be a unique company from the outset. Ray was long regarded by many in the direct-marketing game as one of the most skillful salesman around. Lewis, for her part, had the reputation of being an excellent business manager and one of the more important figures in the realm of product development. Combined, these two forces of nature always had the upper hand when it came to building great companies.

And this time would prove to be no different. Within its first year, Jeunesse Global was already doing nearly $1 million in sales per year. By the end of its fifth year, the company was valued in the tens of millions of dollars and had hundreds of distributors worldwide selling both its products and its business plan to new independent entrepreneurs.

But the real secret behind the company’s whopping success has been its ability to quickly spot market opportunities then fill those niches with great products that get people hooked. One such product is the company’s skincare lotion. Called Luminesce, the crème is one of the most effective anti-aging products on the market today. It makes use of a special molecule called APT-200, which was developed specifically by Jeunesse solely for use in its own products. APT-200 has been scientifically proven to stave off the effects of aging, making wrinkles go away, restoring elasticity to aging skin and producing a youthful glow that makes users appear 5 to 10 years younger.

Luminesce’s effects can last an entire day, requiring only a single application early in the morning. The product is available exclusively through Jeunesse Global authorized distributors.

Dr. Mark Mofid, America’s Safest Plastic Surgeon

Meet Dr. Mofid

Dr. Mark Mofid is a board certified San Diego-based plastic surgeon who focuses on research and improvement of the gluteal augmentation procedure (butt surgery). He is certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Mark Mofid is extensively educated and highly qualified. He earned his bachelors degree from Harvard University in 1993 and his medical degree from The John Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Mofid is considered one of the safest plastic surgeons in the country.

In the plastic surgery field, it is not unheard of for patients to request unsafe surgeries. Dr. Mofid is a surgeon who is known for his strict adherence to medical safety practices–even if a patient is offering more money. One of Mark Mofid’s top priorities is making the plastic surgery industry safer for patients.

Research and Innovation

Dr. Mark Mofid has been extensively researching ways to make implants safer. He observed that the current implants on the market were substandard. They had a tendency to sag after a while and weren’t really compatible with the human body. He set out to research and develop better implants. After years of research, Dr. Mofid developed a highly improved version of the gluteal implant. It looks better and is much more durable and compatible with the body’s composition.

Dr. Mofid’s research didn’t stop there. He is still working to improve the implant as well as the plastic surgery industry by working with one of the world’s best plastic surgeons, Dr. Raul Gonzalez from Brazil. Brazil’s gluteal implant industry is considered as the world’s best and most advanced and the 20:1 ratio of implants performed in Brazil to those performed in the United States prove the superiority. Dr. Mofid is determined to continuously improve the gluteal implant industry in the United States until it is the best.

New EOS Lip Balm Products

When it comes to health and beauty, a lot of brands have emerged and given people access to products that they otherwise wouldn’t have had. By taking the time to find a brand that you resonate with, you are able to use it not only as a way to increase your health and beauty, but to also use it as a fashion statement. Head over this terrific website,

In this regard, EOS lip balm is one of those companies that has figured it out and done things the right way. You will be pleased to see that this company of innovation has taken the time to re-invent itself yet again.

Read on and consider these tips to learn exactly what they have done to change up and how you can get the best service through them.

This brand, which is already flying off store shelves, found a way to reinvent itself in a crystal clear manner.

Usually, people come to know EOS lip balm due to its colorful, super round lip balm. People find these pods totally cute and it has risen in popularity as a result. They’ve got an upgrade recently, due to the fact that the company is coming out with a see-through version.

This see-through version, called Clear as Crystal has the same great vegan, chemical free ingredients but in a sleeker design. Not only is it clear, it is also a different shape, which is slightly less round. Available here at

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The product itself is wax free and gives you access to some of the smoothest and healthiest lips you’ve ever experienced. In addition to this new crystal clear offering, you’ll enjoy that it comes into exquisitely delicious flavors. These new flavors include vanilla orchid and hibiscus peach. They were released in early August and sell for $4.99.

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