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A Very Helpful Velvetines Youtube Beauty Vlog

The Lime Crime cosmetics brand is a known innovator that has been shaking things up in the cosmetics world since its launch in 2008. The company was created as an online brand by entrepreneur Doe Deere, who has previously had an online fashion brand before starting Lime Crime. Deere’s use of the Internet to spread the news about this colorful cosmetics line has been singular, and now there is a new Youtube video created by beauty vlogger Celia Leslie that spreads the word even more.

Ms. Leslie devotes her special Lime Crime vlog to showing off the wide range of colors available from the Velvetines lip color line from Lime Crime. Velvetines are a huge success story from the brand, as these lip colors (which go on liquid and then set to a long-staying matte finish) come in a truly stunning array of hues.

In the video Ms. Leslie applies each of the 24 Velvetines colors to her large, beautiful lips, and then removes the shade before reapplying with another one. The effect is very entertaining and very lovely. The color shades shown here are truly amazing, too. The shades range from several hues of red, from Wicked Deep Red to Fetish Plum to Deep Cranberry. Along with lots of pinks, purples and red tones, Velvetines also has very unusual colors, in tints of grey, olive, orange, and dark blue. These are colors that really make a statement for the woman who wears them, but that’s part of the fashion fun that comes with using products from this highly innovative cosmetics brand.

It’s no wonder that so many women are discovering Lime Crime. These pretty and pouty lip colors are long-lasting and appealing as can be, so why not discover Velvetines today?

10 Wonderful Wengie Hair Hacks You Can Try at Home

We all love Wengie’s YouTube vlogs, and today, we’re learning 10 of her favorite hair hacks, sponsored by Sugar Bear Gummy Hair Vitamins.:

10. Proper hair vitamins build strength and shine from the inside out. Try yummy gummy bears at or

9. Use a comb to pick up stuck in hair strands and grime off your hairbrush. Then shampoo brush.

A dryer sheet makes a great hair fragrance and de-frizzer. Punch a sheet through the teeth of your hairbrush and comb through.

8. To create a longer-looking ponytail, divide hair into two tails, one slightly lower, and hide that one underneath the top ponytail.

7. A hair mask before you shampoo works wonders. Baste hair with 2 tsp. of melted coconut oil. Wash it out after 30 minutes.

6. Use a tee-shirt to dry your wet hair, because the fibers are softer. Blot your hair.

5. Hairspray on a makeup brush applied to the crown smooths frizzies. Hairspray on a toothbrush slicks back baby hairs and on a bobby pin tames strays.

4. Eliminate split ends with sharp scissors. Twist some hair with fingers and trim off the frazzled ends that stick out.

3. Only minutes to curl your hair? Make one ponytail, divide and curl three big sections.

2. Wengie try to shake baby powder or cornstarch into your mane for dry shampoo. Then blow-dry the white out in the A.M.

1. Make elastics cut horizontally out of old pantyhose strips to tie hair gently at bedtime.