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Jeunesse Global Develops Supplement And Lifestyle-Based Wseight Loss Regimen

Jeunesse Global has quickly become one of the most attention-grabbing names in the health and beauty direct marketing industry. The company was founded in 2009 by serial entrepreneurs Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis as a way to pass their spare hours in their third attempt at retirement. But things quickly got out of hand. Both Ray and Lewis found themselves spending more and more time on growing their latest business. Before long, it was completely consuming their lives, and they loved every minute of it. (See:


Within its first year of operation, Jeunesse was doing nearly $1 million in sales. By the mid-2010s, the company had thousands of distributors, worldwide, and was doing tens of millions of dollars in global sales. Jeunesse’s remarkable rise to the position of global player in one of the most notoriously competitive industries on Earth was not the product of luck or serendipity. Both Ray and Lewis knew exactly what they were doing from the get-go. And the key to their success lies in the creation of great products that meet a real demand within a market niche. Check out their page on:



One example of this perfect-pitch in listening to the market’s needs, for which both Ray and Lewis have become legendary, is Jeunesse’s Zen 8 Project weight loss system. Jeunesse contracted with one of the leading personal trainers on the planet, devising a whole-lifestyle system that attacks the three pillars of weight loss: controlling excessive appetite, burning fat and building muscle.  Visit This Page for more information about the company.



Unlike many shaman-like, voodoo weight loss systems, which rely on some kind of magic, all-encompassing pill to do their work, the Zen 8 Project is designed around the real science of weight loss, retraining the user to not only eat right and exercise optimally, but to reprogram their entire lifestyle to one that is more conducive to maintaining an overall state of mental and physical health.



The centerpiece of the Zen 8 Project is the Zen Bodi supplement system. Using scientifically proven ingredients, Zen Bodi maximized the muscle-building and fat-burning aspects of the weight loss regime, allowing the user to achieve the quickest-possible results with a minimum of time and effort.


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The Highly Anticipated Unicorn Hair Dyes by Lime Crime Have Arrived

A true Unicorn just isn’t a unicorn without the hair. It has taken Doe Deere and her team a whopping 3 years to formulate the highly anticipated “Unicorn Hair Dye”. It is currently available in 13 amazing colors and pairs perfectly with the line of spunky lip colors and eyeshadows available on

The Unicorn hair dye is certainly unique in more ways than one. Colors range from bubblegum pink to dark gray and are given names such as “Bunny” “Dirty Mermaid” and “Jello”. Each color is available in a full coverage and tint formula. While these colors may not be a preference amongst more modest folks, they are the perfect asset to Lime Crime followers.

While creating the product, Doe Deere has held the hair dye formulations to the same high standards as her other products. Not to mention a they are completely vegan and free of animal cruelty.

They are certainly worth a try. These hair dyes are free from harsh chemicals, such as ammonia and bleach, so they will not cause damage. They are also semi-permanent and will gradually fade after each shampoo. The hair color will last 8 to 12 washes. To speed up the removal of the hair color, it is recommended to use a clarifying shampoo.

For a super unique color, the hair dyes can be mixed according to preference. Lime Crime encourages mixing the colors for maximum creativity and self expression. At just $16 a jar, it’s worth buying a few colors.

Lime Crime was launched nearly a decade ago by Doe Deere, a Russian born native that moved to New York City when she was just 17. The colorful makeup company was born out of necessity when Doe found it difficult to spot colorful, heavy pigmented makeup to complete looks for her then fashion store on Ebay. She took matters into her own hands, created her own products. She was amazed at the amount of followers that ranted over her products and shared the same passion for true self-expression and freedom. Adding her colorful hair dyes to the product line was simply meant to be.

Cosmetic Entrepreneur, Doe Deere Inspires Lime Crime Fans Through Social Media


The CEO OF Lime Crime’s Cosmetics, Doe Deere, a successful pioneer of the internet cosmetic manufacturer trade model, introduces the “on-lip” lipstick swatch, with colors displayed on actual lips other than presenting them to you, crushed in pieces or swiped on a blank canvas.

After eight years of production, the motivated entrepreneur continues to apply that same exact creativity in making a fascinating social media experience for viewers that span the globe.

Instagram is without a doubt one of the many methods Lime Crime continues to innovate within the subject of ecommerce with the intention of creating the first class interactive shopping for those who have a passion for makeup around the world,” Deere defined. “Quite a few organizations use Instagram as simply another option to push product, but our purpose is to cultivate a enjoyable and fascinating community.”

Many of Lime Crime’s Instagram posts feature looks are pics from inspiring individuals using the hashtag ‘#limecrime,’ with starting from easy gorgeous ombre lips to difficult nail creativity. This same hashtag has been seen on Twitter as well. Sharing these portraits not only display their unique since of style, but in addition demonstrates what’s possible with just a little creativeness.

These cosmetics are from a corporation that is free of cruelty with the of hopes of sharing this kind of broad style of looks on its most widely followed social media platform will inspire their enthusiasts all over the world to be fearless in terms of hair, makeup, and trend.

“We’re always amazed by different kinds of the looks on each individual that use our products, and we like showcasing them,” Deere brought. “We’re extremely excited to see what they inspire you with next, and we hope they inspire others as much as they encourage us.”

Instagram follower snap shots are also hosted on the company’s website, so other shoppers can see what every product looks like in real life. For instance, when consumers browse a various lines of products on the website, they may be able to also view dozens of portraits of actual consumers sporting each and every color.

It’s major to us that our customers get a clear idea or image of what they think the product will look like on them, and Instagram makes it very possible for us to do this,” Deere shared. “By way of sharing our fan submitted photos straight on our web page, our fans can see our products paired with a style of different lipstick tones and hair colors.”

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Superb Beauty With YouTube Millionaire Wengie

It seemed to be a day like any other, but it was not: it was the day Wendy Huang also known as Wengie became a YouTube “millionaire.” This means that Wengie has achieved the million-subscriber to her YouTube channel milestone. Wengie made many sacrifices to reach her goal, including resigning from her successful six-figure career that she had prior to Wengie beauty.

Wendy Huang Beauty

Have you ever heard of Wendy Huang? She is an Australian-Chinese powerhouse of beauty tips. She performs beauty tutorials and beauty product comparisons on YouTube so that her fans may view the strengths and weaknesses of the various products. Wengie is heavily courted by different beauty companies that long to have her highlight their products. This means that Wengie has a wide selection of brand deals available to her, but she only takes those she truly uses and legitimately recommends.

Her beauty tutorials are very informative as she presents a global vision of beauty. She often compares the differences between the makeup used by Japanese, American, Korean and Australian cultures. This cultural focus is different and is one of the things that makes Wengie unique. She also lets fans get to know about her life, such as how she recently became engaged. The beauty videos are well-produced and are really attractive and popular among young fans.

Wengie’s Relationship With Her Fans

Wengie has a very close and warm relationship with her fans. She does her best to bring very cutting-edge beauty tips to the table. Her fans know they can reach out to her any number of ways. Wengie provides access to her fans through many different sources, including her several YouTube channels and her social media accounts. Most preeminent are her Tumblr and her LinkedIn avenues of communicating with her followers.

Wendy Huang’s YouTube channels are the place to be when it comes to learning from beauty tutorials. She is presently one of the foremost experts in beauty product and application on the Internet. Follow her on LinkedIn and Tumblr. Most importantly, become a subscriber now so as not to miss Wendy’s beauty tutorials on her YouTube channel.