Dr. Jennifer Walden Highly Successful and Well-Known Plastic Surgeon

When it comes to plastic surgery, people are often afraid as to whether what would be the end result, and if the picture they have in mind about the desired result would be achieved or not. It is these insecurities that the plastic surgeon should be well-equipped to handle and provide the clients with satisfactory answers to their doubts and queries. It helps the patients to get the confidence they need to go under the knife and get that long-desired plastic surgery done. In many cases, cosmetic surgery is not only for beautification but a necessity, for example after a burn or an accident.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has an excellent reputation as a cosmetic surgeon in the United States and has practiced in the New York City for nearly a decade before moving to Austin, Texas, where she practices currently. At New York, Dr. Jennifer Walden was associated with Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital, Lenox Hill Hospital, and New York Langone Medical Center. Dr. Jennifer Walden specializes in a wide variety of plastic surgery procedures and cosmetic treatments, which includes breast augmentation, liposuction, plastic surgery, facelift, nose lift, eyelid lift, and more. Dr. Jennifer Walden has gained rave reviews from her patients, who have successfully achieved the results they desired and more

Dr. Jennifer Walden is also the co-author of a famous book on cosmetic and plastic surgery, named Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She has a unique approach to providing treatment to her patients and before she decides upon the treatment course, Dr. Jennifer Walden discusses in details what the patient has in mind and what he/she wants to get done. It helps her to understand the preferences of the patient and what he/she desires, and thus, the surgery is done accordingly. Dr. Jennifer Walden is sensitive to the needs of patients and ensures that they get the kind of result they came looking for.

Get EOS Lip Balm An Retain Your Beauty

EOS lip balm challenges wearers to retain the beauty of their youthful appearance with all natural ingredients. Their products are formulated to dig deep within your skin tissue to provide protection, and moisture. Their new Crystal line has even cuter packaging, that defines the usual EOS packaging, click now. That’s right; their new design is similar to the original packaging with no logo, but comes in a trendy frosty packaging. The EOS brand have sold millions of products without a name as a trusted brand among thousands of customers. Enjoy the ancient benefits of shea butter, and jojoba oil extracts. Click to read more related facts.

If you’re looking for one very popular brand to use for your dry, it chaff skin, Evolution of Smooth continues to lead the industry in superior beauty care products. Give your senses the rich aroma of scents like Mint Kisses, and Purple Sorbet to name a few, available here at Canadian residents have played a huge role in making EOS lip balm products popular in their region. They are impressed with the quality, and the easy to use, and store containers. You won’t have any problem finding their distinctive circular containers in the bottom of your cluttered purse. Join the EOS lip balm family today, and nourish your lips with a leading brand.

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EOS: Big Dreams in a Little Sphere

When Sanjiv Mehra and Johnathan Teller decided to create the perfect lip balm, it seemed like an easy market to tap into. As easy as it may have seemed to conquer, they knew that it was going to take hard work to make their mark on the industry. They also knew that it was going to take a unique look, catchy name, and an aggressive media campaign to get their brand to be noticed. To ensure that their product would be a success instead of a quick fad, thinking outside of the box was their only option.

Ultimately, Evolution of Smooth, better known as EOS lip balm, was created. It’s brightly colored spherical shaped lip as well as tasty flavors immediately separated them from their basic and bland competitors. There was no doubt in their minds that their lip balm was going to be a success.

Now that the product was finished, they needed an aggressive media campaign. They reached out to various fashion bloggers who would then review EOS on social media. Those reviews made their rounds on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, which ultimately led to popular celebrities using their product. The products are now being sold at the shelves of Target, Walmart, Well and even Amazon online.

Currently, EOS is the second best-selling lip balm in the world. Mehra and Teller can now look back and know that all their years of hard work and research, went into making a successful business with sales over one million weekly. After seven years of consistent sales, it’s safe to say that this innovative, organic lip balm is here to stay.


Doe Deere and Her Thriving Makeup Business

Doe Deere has frequently stated that her love for fairy tales and makeup dates back to when she was a child. She had always dreamt of living in a fairy tale world just like the movies. Well, she made this possible through her bold makeup products that make a draw a thin line between reality and fantasy. Her history with fashion is a long and exciting one. Doe Deere was born in Russia but later moved to the US when she was seventeen years. She moved to New York City together with her mother. In the US, she enrolled to a fashion and technology school where she studied more about fashion design. While she enjoyed the course, she had to drop out early to set up her make up business.

Doe Deere has grown her makeup business idea from something small to a business that is followed by millions of Instagram users. The company has become highly popular due to its unique style of fashion. When it was launched, Lime Crime started selling most of its products online. At the start, Doe sold traditional makeup products. After a little study, she discovered how to create makeup with bold and whimsical colors. Most of the makeup products advanced by the company feature incredibly wild colors. The products are nothing like other products in the market, gaining a huge following across different social media platforms.

Doe Deere’s style of fashion is one which she comes out bold and fearless. Many other celebrities and fans have followed suit. Internet celebrity Celia Leslie recently did a YouTube video on Lime Crime’s products where she tried twenty-four different products in the Velvetine colors. Doe Deere is proud of her products because they follow animal safety policy. Lime Crime’s products are known to be cruelty-free, meeting the stringent cruelty-free rules advanced by animal protection programs. It means that products made by the company have in no way caused harm or killed animals through its use or the production process. It also means that the product is vegan and does not include any animal products.

Skin Whitening Products From Makari

Makari makes high quality products that lighten the tone of your skin. In addition to lightening the tone of your skin, it also helps you to have smooth, attractive skin. Furthermore, this manufacturer of skin lightening cream is seen as highly reputable. It has gotten exceptionally good reviews from customers, and it also is very affordable. They make a variety of different products that both serve to lighten skin and enhance skin quality. Additionally, it is possible to get a free sample of the product that Makari produces. This can help you to determine if you wish to purchase a larger quantity of their product.

Makari is considered by many people to be the best skin lightening cream that is on the market. This is due to a variety of reasons. For one, Makari is designed to be very effective at lightening skin. However, it also is very effective at helping to diminish dark spots on the skin. Furthermore, there is no hydroquinone present in the cream. This makes it a much healthier product than many other skin creams on the market that help to reduce dark spots. Additionally, their cream is useful in preventing damage to the skin that is associated with the aging process. This can help you to maintain younger looking skin. Furthermore, the skin cream helps to eliminate scars that come from having acne. Additionally, the formula has been clinically tested as being effective. This makes it superior to a lot of other creams that are on the market. Additionally, the products have an excellent scent.

There also is a variety of different types of creams you can get from them. It is possible to get a product that suits your individual needs. There is a cream that they make that also has exfoliating properties. Furthermore, they make a product that contains glycerin. Another product has properties that helps to repair skin that is damaged. These are just some examples of the products sold by Makari. You can find many more examples of products on the company website.

Superb Beauty With YouTube Millionaire Wengie

It seemed to be a day like any other, but it was not: it was the day Wendy Huang also known as Wengie became a YouTube “millionaire.” This means that Wengie has achieved the million-subscriber to her YouTube channel milestone. Wengie made many sacrifices to reach her goal, including resigning from her successful six-figure career that she had prior to Wengie beauty.

Wendy Huang Beauty

Have you ever heard of Wendy Huang? She is an Australian-Chinese powerhouse of beauty tips. She performs beauty tutorials and beauty product comparisons on YouTube so that her fans may view the strengths and weaknesses of the various products. Wengie is heavily courted by different beauty companies that long to have her highlight their products. This means that Wengie has a wide selection of brand deals available to her, but she only takes those she truly uses and legitimately recommends.

Her beauty tutorials are very informative as she presents a global vision of beauty. She often compares the differences between the makeup used by Japanese, American, Korean and Australian cultures. This cultural focus is different and is one of the things that makes Wengie unique. She also lets fans get to know about her life, such as how she recently became engaged. The beauty videos are well-produced and are really attractive and popular among young fans.

Wengie’s Relationship With Her Fans

Wengie has a very close and warm relationship with her fans. She does her best to bring very cutting-edge beauty tips to the table. Her fans know they can reach out to her any number of ways. Wengie provides access to her fans through many different sources, including her several YouTube channels and her social media accounts. Most preeminent are her Tumblr and her LinkedIn avenues of communicating with her followers.

Wendy Huang’s YouTube channels are the place to be when it comes to learning from beauty tutorials. She is presently one of the foremost experts in beauty product and application on the Internet. Follow her on LinkedIn and Tumblr. Most importantly, become a subscriber now so as not to miss Wendy’s beauty tutorials on her YouTube channel.


Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Designer Plastic Surgery Options

The best thing that any woman can do is ask to have her appearance changed for the better by someone who can get the job done fast. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a brilliant plastic surgeon who came back to Austin, Texas to be where she thought her family should be. She is one of the best in the world at what she does, and she helps women change their bodies in ways that are almost imperceptible to come people.


The most popular surgeries deal with things that most people would never notice, but they are small contouring items that are going to help women feel sexy again after dealing with something that made them feel weird or ugly. The surgeries happen in the office, and they do not take that long to complete. Every surgery comes with its own set of visits so that Dr. Jennifer can explain how it is going to work when people come in for help. There is nothing more simple than this process, and she makes people feel at ease so that they will be able to have a nice body that they like.


There are a lot of people who are going to want these surgeries because they want to have a clean line for their bikini line or when they wear yoga pants, and that is very similar to what people need when they are trying to wear any tight clothing. It is important for all these people to get the surgery done so they will like what they see, and Dr. Jennifer does the work in a quiet and kind office.


There are many people who like to be in Dr. Jennifer’s office because it is a nice place to visit. They want to have a chance to get the help that they need, and they can come in for a consultation visit at any time. All these people are going to have a chance to make sure that they have the right look when they leave the house, and they will be able to use the office of Dr. Jennifer for all their plastic surgery needs.

Lime Crime, The Groundbreaking Cosmetics Company

Lime Crime is a progressive cosmetics company that was created by inventive founder and CEO, Doe Deere. Lime Crime and Ms. Deere are innovative because the principles on which this company was founded are based on the importance of the cosmetics that are manufactured by this company to not only cover up facial imperfections, but to also allow the wearer to convey their unique personalities through the utilization of these special cosmetics. The ability of the wearer to display their individuality by wearing these extraordinary cosmetics was Ms. Deere’s profound idea, and that came about due to her desire to express her own personality using makeup application techniques coupled with the use of vivid, unusual colors that aren’t the typical subdued colors.

The origin of Lime Crime was initially a website where Doe Deere demonstrated physically transformational makeup application techniques. Ms. Deere had proven herself to be an expert in all things that are associated with cosmetics, and that expertise garnered her a large following of makeup enthusiasts and devotees. In time, Ms. Deere realized she could have a lucrative business if she manufactured her own cosmetic products in her own tints and also demonstrated those cosmetic products using her famous application techniques on her Lime Crime website, hence, the Lime Crime cosmetics company was born. The Lime Crime website, which is also the online cosmetic store is very colorful and has an ethereal quality about it, and at the same time is very user-friendly and informative.

The cosmetic hues and tones encompass the color palette and the makeup products are groundbreaking, such as the Velvetine liquid-to-matte lipsticks. The liquid-to-matte idea is clever for effortless and flawless application of lipstick. There is the set of eye-shadows called Venus: The Grunge Palette, which consists of eight different eye-shadow shades that are actually the colors of traditional lipsticks. As shown on the website models, these colors are different as eye-shadows, but they are effective in creating the smoky-eyed look. There are also two vibrantly tinted lipstick lines titled Unicorn and Carousel Gloss. Additionally, there are brightly tinted eye liners, jewel toned Zodiac Glitter, and pastel hued nail polishes. To top off the overall marketing and presentation of these glorious cosmetics, they are packaged when they are sent to Lime Crime customers in elegant, girlish and royal-purple colored boxes with an embossed silver unicorn bearing the company name, Lime Crime, on the outside. It is truly impressive and unforgettable.