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Solo Capital Partners A Treasure Chest! Is It Really The Source Of Sanjay Shah Wealth Or Not?

Retired investment trader, Sanjay Shah, owns an empire of financial services brokerage, including Solo Capital. Now, Shah didn’t have heart set on becoming an entrepreneur. In fact, he actually attended King’s College where he got his medical degree. While healthcare is a highly coveted industry today, Shah had no regrets in abandoning a profession in medicine. In pursuit of a comfortable life in the city’s downtown core, Shah secured an accounting position. Merrill Lynch was the first institutional bank to hire him before Rabobank, Credit Suisse, and Morgan Stanley. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a lasting career as Shah had eyes on a grander vision. The collapse of the financial industry ruined any possibility of long-term job opportunities. With this new stumbling block and no income, Shah decided to launch a private brokerage. Under Solo Group Holdings, he runs a collection of financial services advisory. Solo Capital, a full-time financial services startup founded by Sanjay Shah in 2011 stands out as a top-grossing brokerage today.

The multi-million dollar investment banking specialist, Solo Capital, recently acquired Old Park Lane-Capital, a private UK stockbroker. With this expansion, it’s planning to penetrate other market segments such as natural resources, of which, Old Park Lane-Capital is a specialist. The firm’s chief executive and president, Sanjay Shah, believes it’s an advantageous consolidation for both Solo Capital and natural resources manager, Old Park Lane-Capital. Today, Solo Capital operates in Dubai and London. The consulting firm is a specialist of proprietary stock trading. Sanjay Shah takes care of the day-to-day operations of the consultancy. Additionally, he’s spending a considerable amount of time sponsoring philanthropic endeavors. In 2011, he learned of his youngest son’s autistic condition. This shocking reality later motivated him to establish Autism Rocks. It’s a privately-funded organization that stages music concerts to raise money for autism research.

The beneficiary, ART (Autism Research Trust) has appointed Sanjay Shah as a board trustee. ART funds the studies undertaken by the ARC (Autism Research Center), a component of Cambridge University. Autism Rocks is an independent sponsor of the projects these organizations mastermind. In 2014, Autism Rocks staged its first private concert showcasing Snoop Dogg, Lenny Kravitz, Drake, Michael Buble and more. Additionally, Shah successfully secured an entertainment promotions contract with Done Events, a celebrated Dubai-based agency. A passionate music lover, Shah’s grand vision is to host reggae music concerts such as “Blended,” annually. The millionaire businessman owns over 36 different investment brokerages, including Aesa Sarl.

Now valued at $280 million, Shah ranks among some of the volatile investment banking industry thriving new brands. Today, Sanjay Shah spends time doing charity work, managing his large empire and entertaining the family. He has lovely three children with Usha, his wife. His presence as a sponsor to charities such as Plan International dates back a decade ago. With his generous contributions, the organization’s effort to support needy children in the remote corners of India is possible.

Mr. Sanjay Making The World A Better Place

Solo Capital Partners LLP is a global financial company based in London. It was officially started on !3th September 2011 and its CEO is Mr. Sanjay Shah. This financial firm is not only run by one but three active directors and no other subsidiaries. All the same, this company is led by Mr. Sanjay and the Solo Group Holders. Additionally, there are forty employees to add to the members of this company.
This financial company is famous for its reliable advice that it offers its customers regarding investment management strategies, agency brokerage and security lending. Their loyalty, sincerity and will to help their clients have helped them climb the success ladder at a faster pace than anticipated. By the year 2015, this company’s value had risen to 5.45million Euros with 67.45million Euros worth of property and a fine amount of 30.26 million Euros in cash flow.
The business was divided into smaller sections to increase efficiency. These segments dealt with various parts of the business. These subdivisions are as follows:
1. There is the professional investment that is poured into activities related to sport. This area ensures to help their clients in asset management and performance as well as acquiring new talent that can assist in the presentation of a commercial advisory. In the end, the clients all receive wonderful customer service.
2. There is the consultation section that deals with the opportunities available for investment, the performance of different investment plans as well as the use of human capital.
3. There is also a segment that is involved in trading with other properties that include Forex and other commodities.
Mr. Sanjay Shah had a son who was later diagnosed with Autism. He was caught quite off guard and did not appreciate the shock that accompanied the diagnosis. In this case, he decided to take the research of this condition into his hands. During this time, he founded the Autism Rocks Organization that dealt with further study and awareness of the condition as an attempt to let others in the society to come to terms with the situation and know how to deal with it.
He did not feel the pinch of starting off the organization by donating $100,000 for a quality web site for the research. He goes ahead and gives to the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University to intensify the investigation giving him the chance to become a director of the learning institution.
Apart from funding the research on Autism and continuing his career as the CEO of Solo Capital Partners, Shah is also the owner of another thirty-six companies across the globe in cities such as London, Luxemburg, Dubai, Malta as well as the Cayman Islands. Least but not least has been sponsoring Indian students for the last ten years.

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Banker Ricardo Guimarães Wants Brazilian Children To Learn The Value Of Playing Soccer

Ricardo Guimarães has been around soccer players all his life. As a child growing up in the farming town of Belo Horizonte in the poor state of Minas Gerais, Ricardo Guimarães learned to play the game on the muddy dirt fields near his home. Ricardo wasn’t like some of the kids that played soccer. The Guimarães family was one of the wealthiest families in the state, according to an article written about the family by That article traced the family back to 1930. That was the year Ricardo’s grandfather opened a bank in Belo Horizonte, so the people in that poverty ridden town would have a family bank that could help them when the big government controlled banks turned them down for loans.
The Guimarães bank was called the Land Credit Bank in those days, but in 1973 the bank’s name was changed. Antonio’s son, Flávio, succeeded his father, and the bank expanded into other states. Flávio renamed the bank, the BMG Bank, according to a recent online article about Ricardo Guimarães posted by has been following the career of Ricardo for years. Guimarães was named president of BMG Bank in 1998 and in 2001 he became president of the Atlético Mineiro soccer club. The love of soccer never left Ricardo, so he decided to build his banking business around the sport. In 2008, BMG Bank sponsored the Atlético Mineiro club. The bank bought the club equipment, jerseys with the three letter BMG logo on them, and other items that soccer clubs needed to compete in Brazil’s professional league.
Almost immediately, BMG Bank started to get a return on their soccer club investment. Soccer fans started calling BMG Bank agents to apply for loans. BMG Bank was an overnight hit in other Brazilian states. It didn’t take long for the bank to sponsor other clubs and great players on clubs they didn’t sponsor. It wasn’t uncommon to see the three letter orange BMG logo on football fields in every state in the country on match days. BMG Bank’s payroll loans were a hit with fans, and according to, BMG Bank has one of the most successful advertising campaigns in the history of the banking business.
On his website, Guimarães talks about the value of playing soccer during the early years of life. He would like to see Brazil establish a soccer education program like Denmark’s soccer program. In Denmark, children learn self-responsibility, the value of team participation, and the art of being an individual while playing on a team. The soccer education program has changed the way Danish players play the game, and the results are obvious. The Danes are producing top-notch players that display character, integrity, and love for the game.

Solo Capital: Success That Grew From Chaos

When the finance market imploded several years ago, Sanjay Shah had been working for some of the companies most impacted. He had done some great work for Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch, until they downsized him to the sidelines. It was a hard blow that he managed to rise above to survive and then to thrive, with a capital ‘T’. He did not give up, he just got on with life and made the hard, risky, but ultimately successful decision to start his own business: Solo Capital.

The success of Sanjay Shah’s Solo Capital hedge fund has been phenomenal. The firm also owns the Solo Capital UK and Solo Capital Limited trademarks and is headquartered in London, England. His fund offers many services, such as business consulting, sporting team investments, and also proprietary trading. His success might not have ever come to be in the finance business had he not made a change when he was still in college.

Sanjay Shah began his career in the medical arena. He was studying medicine when he developed a much stronger interest and talent for business. His first company was Aesa S.a.r.l., which has spawned all his other ventures. He has business holdings in many countries, including Luxembourg, Malta, London, the Cayman Islands, and the British Virgin Islands. During 2011 he earned over £19 million, turning much of those profits into the purchase of Old Park Lane Capital; a natural resources investment that was his first foray into that sector. He is estimated to now be worth more than $280 million. He is now retired, yet remains very active as a philanthropist.

It was after a chance meeting with the international hip hop superstar, Snoop Dogg at Sanjay’ home in Dubai, that he founded the charity Autism Rocks. It was after Snoop learned that Sanjay’s son had been diagnosed as being autistic that he suggested the mogul get into the music business to directly fund research into the problems of autism. Sanjay took his suggestion to heart and formed Autism Rocks.

Autism Rocks has held many concerts in private venues in Dubai and London to raise funding for the Autism Research Trust. This is a fund that directly pays much of the support for a Cambridge University research project into basic autism; its causes and to search for better treatment options. The concerts have raised over $15 million from shows featuring Snoop Dogg, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Bublè, and many big name DJs.

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Kyle Bass: Making Predictions And Frightening Politicians

It’s no secret that big banking has been responsible for many scandals economically on the global stage over the last several hundred years. Perhaps this is why Kyle Bass, made famous in 2008 for predicting the sub-prime lending crisis, has taken a stand against the banking institutions of China. Bass feels that China’s banking institutions are lending too freely, and that this lending will result in financial crises within the next several years. He says: “It’s not the end of the world,” though obviously he feels confident in his assertions.

Kyle Bass may or may not be a trustworthy source as far as such predictions are concerned, however. Though he managed to successfully predict the financial crisis of 2008, since then he has made a number of predictions which didn’t follow through, and according to, his “bad calls” reveal an individual with an ulterior motive as yet not fully expressed in public perception of him.

Bass has been criticized many times for his association with Christina Fernandez de Kirchner; a well-known radical socialist in the Argentinian scene. Kyle is an Argentine himself, so perhaps this has something to do with his relationship to Kirchner. Whatever the case, he has made a number of substantially well-endowed financial institutions nervous with his activities. Kyle formed the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, which is an organization specifically aimed at diminishing profits which come from big pharmaceutical agencies. Bass’s initiatives in this regard have some measure of success, as stock values for a number of big pharmaceutical stocks have dropped since his organization got started. As a result, American politicians have been trying to find a way to “close up the loophole”. This from both sides of Congress on a bipartisan basis, according to Indeed, they make a good case for Bass having ulterior motives frightening to the United States powers-that-be; but there are also a great deal of politicians with monetary interests tied up in big pharmaceutical agencies, so this is not necessarily indicative of sour dealings on Bass’s part. Furthermore, it’s to be expected that big pharmaceutical industries would do everything in their power to silence a dissenting voice; especially if that voice had successfully devalued their stocks.

Whether or not Kyle Bass is actually a genius in finance, or whether he’s a straw-man puppet working on behalf of ulterior interests invisible to the public at large, remains to be seen. Perhaps the resolution of China’s looming financial crisis will vet Bass’s claims, perhaps not. In these situations, only the full resolution of the issue serves to vindicate or vilify an individual. In the case of Kyle Bass, only time will tell whether or not he’s on the level. Whatever the case, keep an eye on him.

Bernardo Chua: Medicinal Mushroom Master

His name is Bernardo Chua, but he goes by “Bernie” to the people who know him well. Working and thriving in the direct marketing industry requires a friendly face and an outgoing personality. Mr. Chua has both. As the founder and CEO of Organo Gold, he has become one of the most successful businessmen along the Pacific Rim. Although he was raised in the Philippines, his Chinese heritage gave him an eastern understanding of herbal medicine. He has also worked in direct marketing long enough to understand and appreciate the benefits of this type of distribution. You combine these elements, and you get one of the fastest growing direct marketing campaigns ever launched.

Magic Mushrooms? –
On his Facebook it shows that Bernardo Chua has built his impressive empire almost solely around the health benefits derived from a mushroom. Ganoderma lucidum is the scientific name for it, but it usually just goes by Ganoderma. For thousands of years, these mushrooms have been harvested from forests in the tropical regions of Asia. The purported health benefits are too numerous to list. It’s medicinal use is documented in the earliest known Asian medical journals. Although western medicine has not yet verified it’s medicinal value, it’s been an herbal fix-all remedy for over 4 thousand years.

Organo Gold –
In 2003, while a top executive at Gano Excel, Chua first introduced these medicinal mushrooms to the western world . By 2008, with the growth of sales leveling out, he left Gano Excel to start Organo Gold. He believed he could better market these wonderful spores with a different sales approach. Focusing primarily on Ganoderma infused products like coffee and tea, he developed a direct marketing approach that topped $16 million it’s first year, and more than double that amount the next.

Natural vs. Processed –
The popularity and demand of the mushroom spread quickly across the globe. It didn’t take long for others to see the sales potential for it. There are actually several other companies distributing it right now. The problem is that most of these business’s cut corners. Trying to make it more profitable, they end up losing a great deal of the medicinal potency. Organo Golds methods of growing and harvesting are much more traditional. The results speak for themselves.

Whether you’re looking for herbal remedies, or a fast growing direct marketing business to get into, you need to take a closer look at Organo Gold.

Eucatex Flourishes Admist the Demise of Toxic Flooring

Floor coverings are still a sensitive issue. Most tenants don’t get a choice in the matter, and faced with costs, homeowners typically start out with carpeting, but upgrade years later to sustainable flooring. If Eucatex CEO, Flavio Maluf had his way, the demise of synthetic flooring couldn’t come sooner. It sure would solve a host of health and environmental issues.

Eucatex had a hand in the boon of sustainable eco-flooring. Nearly six decades ago, the Maluf family pioneered a method of using eucalyptus trees to manufacture wood flooring, and hard wood backing for furniture. Today, Eucatex inspires consumers to live a more authentic, eco-friendly life with sustainable products, and Eucatex president, Flavio Maluf is leading the movement.

A natural communicator, and justifiably considered one of the most significant figures in the global expansion of Eucatex products, Flavio Maluf has weathered every economic storm to build a dominant footprint in the building materials market. Ambitious and innovative, the self-professed environmentalist remains curious about what could be done with technology and materials, and this dedication keeps Eucatex on the cusp of greatness.

The Demise of Bad Flooring

It’s true, consumers habitually choose carpeting, yet most ignore the downfall of their choosing. Adhesives, dyes, lacquers and oils that are used in the treatment and laying of floors, contribute significantly to the burden of everyday living. For example, PVC floor coverings known better as Novilon, is the floor material that probably releases the most toxic substances, and absurdly very common. Surprisingly, commercially it’s still used. Particularly problematic is in homes that were built before 1982, since up to this point the PVC was often mixed with asbestos, creating carcinogenic substance.

PVC is a plastic material which is particularly harmful to the environment: it produces toxic compounds, such as phthalates – a plasticizer – and contains chlorine. Phthalates are considered particularly dangerous: it can affect the hormone balance and inhibit fertility. The EPA has placed limits on the use of phthalates in items like toys, and food ware, but not on household items like floor coverings.

So Why Buy Toxic Floor Coverings?

Price influences everything and vendors will discount those cheaper floor coverings to make the sale. In the long term, the healthier and environmentally friendly products usually win in the end.

Logically, it makes more sense to forego the old standards that have the potential of causing health issues, and simply embrace a cleaner way of life, but we tend to be a reactive society. Thanks to Eucatex, a passion for constructive action may give us a new passion for living well.

How Kenneth Griffin Runs His Company

As the founder and CEO of Citadel LLC, Kenneth Griffin is the master of his own day, own schedule and own world of finance and investment. He gets to every important project in his company and motivates his employees on a regular basis. Ken Griffin strives to meet his goals because his company is well set for investors and he does a very good job of staying on task till the work gets done.

That’s the kind of work ethic Kenneth Griffin has followed throughout his life. Kenneth Griffin has prioritized, organized and kept every venture of his on track. Additional oversight and peer pressure on from the work demand have given him the reason to stay organized as well. When employees at his company are working, he is likely to stop by to see how they are progressing. He offers valuable advice and courage to his co-workers in every stage. There has been many days that the setting sun has reminded him to call it a day. Kenneth Griffin loves his work and is dedicated to providing his clients the investment services they need.

Kenneth Griffin is one person who organizes more than he works, which he says is important for personal and professional growth. As a founder, he wears many hats. Being the logical kind of person that he is, he knows that reaching his goals takes extra time and effort that the rest of the world are not ready to put in. Kenneth Griffin is known for his discipline at work among his peers. His strategies have provided fascinating ways for workers to be more productive as well. His ideas offer hope for everyone in the investment arena where they will learn about the techniques and technologies that make them successful. These ideas are the ultimate guide for making the road less traveled the way to financial success. Kenneth Griffin is an authority who has received many awards and accolades in the field of finance, management and growth. He has owned and operated many successful ventures, including one of the world’s largest hedge fund management firms Citadel LLC. His business has raised billions of dollars in investment capital from institutional investors. Kenneth Griffin is an expert on the techniques that make great investments possible. As a business owner, he has learned what it takes to make money in the stock market, even during recession. In fact, his company’s strategy is a gold mine for anyone seriously considering stock market investment. Whether they want to invest their business profit, savings or other sources of fund, they will find dozens of useful insights in this wonderfully organized firm. And if you are a financial expert who wants to contribute to Citadel LLC, the company will gladly accept you to join its team. It will love you for enhancing the lives of its clients. Kenneth Griffin’s company is a unique and enlightening opportunity to open the door to financial success and improve every aspect of its clients’ lives all along the process.

S’well bottles feel the famous Oprah effect


Many small companies dream of receiving the Oprah effect, which is exactly what S’well water bottles received when the stainless steel bottles produced by the company were listed in O magazine as a must have, according to CNN. Founder Sarah Kauss states this provided her company with a sense of respectability and success that backed her decision to invest around $30,000 of her own money in the startup when she decided to take the development of a new style of water bottle seriously in 2009.

According to the S’well Wikipedia, Kauss was inspired in 2009 to develop her own line of insulated bottles that keep water cool for 24 hours and hot liquids warm for 12 hours by a talk at her five year business school reunion. As more than 50 billion plastic bottles are dumped into landfills across the US each year the chance to reduce this number with a reusable stainless steel bottle at an affordable price was something Kauss had been considering for a while. The talk by a professor on the water crisis across the world solidified the need for the more stylish bottles that could be used by executives and others who wanted a bottle more suited to city life than camping and hiking in the mind of Sarah Kauss.

The company is already in profit with revenues of around $10 million in 2014 and Kauss has expanded the environmental impact of the company to include a tree planting program. Major retailers like Starbucks now sell the S’well bottles and are making a major impact on the way people across the world use water and use bottles.

Joseph Bismark, an Inspirational Figure

I have recently read an article on the blog Bring On The Random. The article on this blog was about a refreshing businessman named Joseph Bismark. Bismark is a businessman who believes that spirituality and business combined make for positive results. He strongly believes that spirituality leads to a successful corporation. I have been convinced that Bismark’s unconventional methodology is effective with what he has done as a member of the board of directors at Qnet. 

Much of his unique mindset and expansive knowledge were gained while Bismark served as a monk in the Philippines. After studying as a monk Bismark was able to combine his spirituality with his business principles. When he applied this combination to the realm of business he found great success as the Managing Director of the QI Group and in founding his own company called Qnet. With his accomplishments Bismark has proved himself as both an intellect and a businessman.
Bismark is a prime example of a leader who is successful in leading in an unorthodox manner. He makes his employees’ happiness and satisfaction one of his top priorities, which I feel definitely sets him apart as a leader. He firmly believes that happy employees directly lead to success. 
Bismark’s talents reach far beyond the realms of spirituality and business. He is also an author, a motivational speaker, a yoga instructor, a martial artist and a philosopher. And despite only working for a single company he dedicates time to ensuring that others are aware of the benefits of combining spirituality with business. Unlike most people would assume, despite finding great success in the world of business Bismark retains his humility and continues to live a simple life such as he did when he turned his back to a life of luxury to become a monk. I have found Bismark to be a breathe of fresh air. He has produced the innovative new idea of combining spirituality and business, and he has proven with his own experiences that the combination truly does work. Overall, Bismark is an inspirational figure in both his spirituality and business practices.