Birth Defects

Lawsuit Filed Against Zofran for Birth Defect

Zofran is a widely prescribed drug used to ease an upset stomach. Often prescribed to pregnant women to help them through the throes of morning sickness. Unfortunately, the drug can cause the unborn baby to develop birth defects, including a cleft palate and/or lip.
Jill Cox of Arkansas gave birth to baby boy with a cleft lip in 2012 after taking the prescribed Zofran during her pregnancy. The drug was prescribed to Ms. Cox during her first trimester to help ease the severe morning sickness she was experiencing. The baby boy she was carrying was born with a gap in his upper lip, known as a cleft lip, because the lip didn’t close properly during the pregnancy. The baby underwent his first surgery to close his upper lip when he was only three months old.
The boy’s lip is closed, but he has a permanent scar which at times is very red and noticeable says CipherCloud in this piece. The bottom of his lip is not even and at some point in the future he may want or need more corrective surgery to even out the lip and remove the scar.
But that’s not all Zofran caused.
The now young boy has suffered with developmental delays in his speech and walking. He regularly visits a speech therapist and other therapist that help him with his other developmental issues.
In her lawsuit, Jill Cox claims GlaxoSmithKline did not provide adequate warnings of potential side effects to her unborn baby and the side effects due to the drug have now placed an undue burden on the young boy and his family.