Life Hacks by Wengie


Wengie is a beauty blogger who also makes Youtube videos. Her video Life Hacks has ten great tips on how to hack life.


Life Hack #10

Use a razor, the kind you shave your legs with, to refresh your sweaters. By gently going over it with a razor it will remove all the excess fuzz and leave your sweater looking new again.


Life Hack #9

If you are having a hard time placing or removing a key from a key ring then simply use a staple remover to get the ring to open and the key will slide right on or off with ease.


Life Hack #8

Wengie suggests When you leave and tend to forget something behind that you need this hack is for you! Stack everything you need in a pile and place something that you know you won’t forget on top like your cell phone.


Life Hack #7

If you write something down on a piece of paper and you don’t want everyone to know what it is you wrote, instead of crossing it out in straight lines draw random numbers and letters over it. This will guarantee no one will see what was originally written.


Life Hack #6

Procrastinate folding and putting away your laundry? Place all the clean laundry on your bed so you can’t go to sleep until you fold and put them all away.


Life Hack #5

To keep things from getting bent or destroyed in your bag simply place a piece of cardboard cut to size inside a zip lock bag and put important papers, receipts, or documents inside to keep them crisp.


Life Hack #4

Line the bottom of your trash can bag with some old newspaper so it absorbs any liquid waste that you might throw in. Leaving you not having to remove mystery slime later.


Life Hack #3

Use a marker to mark on the handle of your shower so you know exactly where to turn the knob to find your perfect temperature.


Life Hack #2

Use a colander to sift out all the little crumbs from your cereal into a separate bowl to eliminate them from getting soggy in your morning bowl.


Life Hack #1

Take photos from multiple angles of the stuff you have in your fridge before going grocery shopping. This stops you from buying things you already have and forgot.