Miraculous Gel Stops Bleeding Almost Instantly

The common wisdom in stopping bleeding is to apply pressure. Sometimes, if the bleeding is relatively heavy, this may not be a quick enough solution before the person has lost quite a bit of blood. There has been a medical breakthrough in quickly stopping bleeding, and it has come from an unlikely place. A 17 year old named Joe Landolina invented a gel that stops bleeding almost instantly and then actually helps heal the wound incredibly quickly as well. He is 22 now and is working with a partner to bring this incredible product to market.

Currently, the gel is being prepared for use by veterinarians, but approval for use on humans is expected to not be far behind in many countries. Bruce Levenson has learned that the gel uses an algae that instantly forms a mesh-like structure to stop the bleeding, and it is such an ingenious concept that it won him second place in a business competition that he entered when he was a freshman at New York University. He and his partner are expecting to start shipping to vets this summer from their startup named Suneris. VetiGel as it’s called is expected to fly off the company’s shelves, and hopefully it will be available soon for use on people because a fast way to stop bleeding would save a lot of lives in many situations. This gel should be on every ambulance in every country of the world.