Book review

Who Says Writing is Tough, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff?

You’ve been an actor the majority of your life and you opt for a career change: What seems likely to be at the top of the list? Director? Writer? For Sean Penn, it would seem he chose to be a writer, at least for now.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is the title of a newly created book written by Sean Penn. The book originally was an audio dictation has no found its way into print. The content of Sean’s book seems to be just as controversial as his personality. Sean has long been known for his witty “take it or leave personality.” You either love Sean, or you have a very strong discord for him and nobody will argue that point with you, not even Sean.


Sean’s book is choked full of debated social issues like #MeToo, the NRA, elections, and internet security/rights, just to name a few. If social issues are your thing, then you very possibly could love this book. Just a warning though you will need to update your phones dictionary app before you start reading this book and read slowly. Penn’s seemingly endless barrage of uncommon descriptive words may be a turn off for some readers but others will be able to just keep on trucking, either way, you will expand your vocabulary with this book if nothing else.

Many reviews of the book have stated that you might see very real parallels between Penn’s life and Bob in the book Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. If one reads too fast they might miss some of the satirical application of Bob’s life with the social issues of today, so to reiterate this book needs to be read at a pace and occasionally pause to reflect on what has been read. The book seems in certain places not to have any predictability about it and will leave you pondering modern social issues in a new and baffling way.

You will also find some poetry in the book which is sort refreshing from the normal flow of a fiction book. After all, if the book was just one rant after the next, you might find it more of a turn off than to find the seeming thought-provoking nature of the book.

If you bring the correct approach to reading this book you will find that it will leave you with a new invigorating mindset about today’s social issues. You might even go so far to say that this book could leave you with the feeling that no matter which side you find your position to be, you have something in common with someone on the other side.