Live Nation Productions Reflects The Eclectic Tastes Of Heather Parry

In December 2015, Heather Parry took a major step in her career as an entertainment executive with her arrival as the head of Live Nation Productions. There was little fanfare about the appointment of the new executive, not because of a lack of excitement but because she hoped her work would speak for itself. Flash forward to the end of 2018 and Heather Parry sits at the top of one of most acclaimed new studios in the entertainment industry which has moved far beyond the traditional concert movie.

The evolution of Live Nation Productions has been speedy and dramatic under the leadership of Heather Parry from its first movie to the recent spate of documentaries. In 2016, Heather Parry launched the first concert movie production, “Justin Timberlake and The Tennessee Kids” which may have been a project many would have expected from the concert promoter. In recent years, the productions approved and backed by Heather Parry have become some of the most critically-acclaimed and eclectic of any major Hollywood studio. The collaborations with Lady Gaga have shown the different directions Live Nation Productions is willing to move in from documentary to major motion picture to live concert film.

“Lady Gaga: Five Foot Two” is an innovative mix of documentary and live concert film, while “S Star is Born” is a leading part of Hollywood’s awards season in 2019. Heather Parry has always sought to combine her love of cinema, TV, and music spending her career to date at MTV and Happy Madison Productions. Taking a chance is not something Parry is scared to do as she proved by backing the “Believer” documentary created by Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds. Heather Parry is far from finished with the growth of Live Nation Productions as she believes the development of the brand will continue with more documentaries and major motion pictures in the coming years.