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Got Stuck? Try To Streamline Unimaginable Success By Duplicating Bob Reina Strategies

The role of video communication in today’s evolving industries is instrumental to keeping brands competitive and consistent. It’s a concept that Bob Reina of Talk Fusion has repeatedly exploited to consummate network marketing success. The former law enforcement professional developed Talk Fusion’s flagship video email model after launching a boutique technology conglomerate in 2007. Talk Fusion has since expanded its reach to some 140 countries. The idea to breathe life into such a patent was conceived after a failed attempt to send a spontaneous video email. He consciously engaged Dr. Jonathan Chen (Talk Fusion Director), a colleague and IT guru to bring the patent to realization. Learn more:


While Reina entertained an ambition to introduce innovative video communication tools, he’s equally solicitous about the consumer takeaway. At the time, Reina had no definite direction about advertising. With exponential success in direct selling/marketing, he summoned the discipline needed to capitalize on these skills and generate actionable results. What’s more, he’s committed to building a revolutionary brand and company that’s constantly evolving to keep relevant. As a well-cultured network marketer, Reina understands the science behind trial and error. And, even the industry’s elite players have had their share of problem-solving cycles. The advent of Talk Fusion’s rise wasn’t without challenges, but Reina commissioned and followed an unfailing implementation strategy. With a plethora of ideas at top of mind, prioritizing current markets, analyzing consumer behavior and weighing benefits was put into practice daily.


Nonetheless, success was a swift and painless process based on the Talk Fusion CEO’s account. Video email has been an integral tool assimilated during his marketing campaign to establish relationships and develop brand identity. Reina explained that doubt was never a factor on his journey to realizing dreams, having resolute determination, passion and meaningful motivation as a constant companion. With the depth of expertise and breadth of experience, he’s acquired as technology industry innovator, Reina is constantly sharing knowledge. With his newly developed Talk Fusion University, he’s enabling company associates and employees with free education. The platform extends a full library of educational materials and resources.


Lately, he’s re-established a partnership with MarTech Advisor, providing unbiased commentary on relevant technology and marketing trends. Forbes highlighted the success of his latest piece, “Video Advertising Trends of 2017.” It’s an unveiling of the most powerful video marketing strategies and techniques exploited in 2016. Forbes recognized this notable achievement seeing as “Video Advertising Trends of 2017” landed a top spot among the top ten viral publications being circulated on social media by CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) today. Learn more:


Similarly, his viral piece titled “Video Marketing Boosts Customer Engagement and Profits” submitted to the MarTech Advisor in 2016 expanded the reach of readership. He’s connected to online opinion and news platforms like, “The Huffington Post.” With a perpetual motivation for helping needy communities, animals, citizens, and organizations making meaningful contributions, Reina’s involvement in philanthropy is a selfless mission. He’s continually supporting projects endorsed by charitable movements like the HSTB (Humane Society of Tampa Bay). Learn more:



Flavio Maluf’s Tips for Ensuring Productivity at Work

Productivity at the workplace is vital for success. It brings about a good reputation and helps in the delivery of great deals and services. At the end of any year, most employees get distracted from their work due to stress and fatigue accumulated over the year and the pending festivities. Flavio Maluf, the Eucatex president, referred to some important tips that workers can use to overcome the common obstacles. The tips had earlier been listed by David Pinto, the School of Entrepreneurship Longitude’s founder.

Disengaging from Unnecessary Conversations

Engaging in unnecessary conversations takes away a lot of valuable time meant for work. Employees should ensure that they do not start casual conversations during coffee or snack breaks that could spill into work hours. When such conversations stretch too far they result in massive loss of productivity.

Reduced Use of Cell Phones at Work

Technology advancement has made it almost impossible for people to stay away from their cell phones. It is okay for employees to stay updated and well informed by using their cell phones. However, there should be a limit and employees ought to be cautious with their cell phone use at work.

Staying Focused

According to David Pinto, staying focused is a challenging task and employees should remain firm. The loss of focus brings about disastrous implications like the buildup of tasks and less time to deliver them. Employees ought to organize themselves well and set goals on what they need to achieve within a certain period of time and follow them strictly.

Adopting New Methodologies

Lack of methodologies in most professions leads to lower income. According to Pinto, looking for new ways to work is the best solution to maintaining productivity in a company. Companies should adopt new methodologies at work in order to get the maximum income.

About Flavio Maluf

Maluf is the current president of Eucatex and has been with the company from 1987. He enrolled at Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) and was awarded with a degree in mechanical engineering. He went abroad where he worked while undertaking his studies in administration at the New York University. Flavio Maluf has worked in various divisions of Eucatex Group in his trajectory before assuming his current position of the group.

Adam Milstein The Real Estate Genius

Adam Milstein was born to Eva née Temkin, a homemaker, and Hillel Milstein, a real estate developer. He moved from Israel to the US in 1981 to pursue further education. After earning an MBA degree in entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California, he kicked off a career in Commercial Real Estate; as a broker for three years and then an investor thereafter. Many people had gone to campus recruiting for jobs, but he felt they did not appreciate his life experience and knowledge. After being on his own for some time, he partnered with David Hager to form Hager Pacific Properties.

Years of hard work secured Hager Pacific Properties’ partnership their fair share in the market. Today, Hager Pacific owns and manages over 100 properties throughout US – which includes 2,300 apartment units and 12 million square feet of industrial and commercial property.

Milstein, the Hagen Pacific Properties developer is not shy in admitting to a couple of mistakes in his formative years, though. Like, wanting to succeed in a very short span of time and putting all his investments into one venture hoping to strike gold. However, experience has taught him better. He is now of the opinion: there is nothing like an overnight fortune. Sometimes, it takes years before a venture can begin making money. The best traits for an entrepreneur, therefore, are persistence, consistency, and ability to follow up with every contact and lead.

From his interview with IdeaMensch, Adam Milstein does advice young entrepreneurs to seriously follow up with their contacts. This is something he personally does with his tens of thousands of contacts using the software Constant Contact. Additionally, he says self-drive and diligence do pay off. However, he advises against setting specific goals at the start-up level of business because it is limiting. Milstein says he has never had a bad job and that is because he enjoys working.

In his own words, he says “Don’t listen to criticism, and don’t let other people tell you you’re being used and abused.”

Finally, he advocates for a concerted initiative to understand issues as opposed to relying on others’ take on matters. He believes in understanding a problem, contemplating the issue, and offering solutions.

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George Soros; The Great Philanthropist

George Soros is known to many people as the founder and also the chairman of Open Society. Open Society on is actually a network of various foundations, partners and various projects in over 100 nations in the world.

He is actually very respected for his commitment to the idea of having an open society. He believes in respect for people’s rights, an accountable government which is reliable and that no one is supposed to have monopoly when it comes to the truth. His actions and believes has made his foundation different from the other philanthropic efforts ever done in history.

George Soros was born in Budapest, in the year 1930. Currently, he is also the Chairman of the Soros Fund Management On He is has a great history for being one of the most successful financiers in the whole world. This has made his ideas and views in economic and investments to be followed and respected by people all over.

Soros is believed to have started his philanthropy in the year 1979. He used to give scholarships to the black South Africans during the apartheid period. In the 1980s, George Soros started helping to undermine communism which was happening in the Eastern Bloc by giving Xerox machines which were used to copy the banned texts. He was also very vocal in supporting many cultural exchanges that happened in the west.

When the Berlin Wall fell, George Soros formed the Central European University that was supposed to enhance and also promote critical thinking. His actions did not end here. He actually went ahead and expanded his philanthropy to the other nations. These include; united states, Asia, Africa among others. His foundation has been very supportive to paralegals and lawyers so that they could represent people who were being held unlawfully. Some of them had even spent years in prison without any trial and without any legal representation to help them.

He is also known to have underwrote the largest and also the most concerted effort that has ever made in history by bringing the Roma community in Europe in to the mainstream. His foundations has also provided school fees for very many students who had proved to be promising. These young people were from Roma, others were refugees from fighting communities and other from marginalized groups on

George Soros is also believed to have helped to establish international systems which brought transparency and a lot of accountability in the natural extraction industries at, which were popular for making secret payoffs to local tycoons for very many years. This had actually brought a lot of political unrest and a lot of violence too. He also supported some of the independent organizations like Global witness and many others which proved to be helpful to the communities.

According to Soros, his great success in the financial market has actually given him a bigger degree in independence than other people. This has enabled him to be vocal and have a firm stand in the controversial matters. He is obliged to do that because other people do not have the ability to do so.

How Don Ressler Has Influenced The Growth Of Entrepreneurship

Don Ressler is a successful entrepreneur who is credited for launching several successful businesses. He has founded companies that are now serving millions of people online across different countries and his passion for entrepreneurship has placed him as a professional who young and upcoming entrepreneurs can consult on a number of issues affecting business. His success is a reflection of dedication and the pursuit of dreams without having to worry about challenges and failure.

During the first time he launched a business, Don Ressler did not have much confidence in its success but after learning few things about the market, his first company started making profits. This growth acted as motivation to him and would allow him to further pursue entrepreneurship. To direct focus to other profitable ideas, Don Ressler sold the company in 2001 to Intermix Media.

This transaction allowed him to interact with the COO of Intermix, Adam Goldenberg, who turned out to be an ambitious person interested in investing online. The two formed a partnership and decided to launch businesses together. Their first business as a partnership was Alena Media, which was tasked with solely catering for the marketing needs of customers in different specialties.

Due to the good setup they had created, Alena was able to generate a lot of revenue in the first two years. This success proved to them that they could perform better if they entered into other kinds of online-based businesses.

Intelligent Beauty

To raise capital, they sold Alena Media in 2005. The company was bought by News Corp and immediately they went on with planning for their next venture. After a long session brainstorming, the idea to establish Intelligent Beauty was born. Intelligent Beauty was founded in 2008 and the company is an online retail that deals in beauty products. Since inception, Intelligent Beauty has earned great profits and the company has continued to grow despite competition.

About JustFab

Currently called TechStyle Fashion Group, JustFab is an online retail that offers customers a chance to purchase fashion items through a subscription system. Since the company was founded in 2010 by founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, it has continually grown and developed.

JustFab has along the way acquired several companies to form divisions and currently they have three other divisions that run separately. One of the companies acquired to join JustFab is FabKids, an online retail that offers fashion items for kids through a subscription system.

Mike Baur: Banker, Entrepreneur And Founder Of Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is a Swiss entrepreneur and managing partner and co-founder of business incubator Swiss Startup Factory. He started the company with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. The company which was founded in 2014 provides mentoring, financing, office space and a wide range of other services to early stage startups. Plus they provide them with access to a vast investor and entrepreneurial network which offers them the opportunity to grow their business. The basis of the Swiss Startup Factory is a three month program during which the startups are placed in a collaborative work environment and provided with expert input sessions, mentoring sessions and expert pitch training.


Two batches of the most talented startups are selected to participate in the business accelerators offered by the Swiss Startup Factory each year. One group is chosen in January and the other in September. The startups selected are given the support they need to learn the skills necessary to build their company and reach ambitious milestones set forth by SSUF team. The team helps the startup to become a legal entity and carve out a lucrative niche. Each startup that completes the program is provided with 5-months of post-accelerator support to help them improve their product and expand their network. Swiss Startup Factory is now Switzerland’s number one rated business incubator and accelerator.


A graduate of the University of Applied Science Bern, Universität Bern and the University of Rochester, Mike Baur has a Bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance, an M.B.A. and an Executive Master of Business Administration. He also has more than 20 years experience working in banking. He’s worked with Clariden Leu, Sallfort Privatbank AG, UBS Fribourg, UBS Wealth Management and several other financial institutions. This left him highly skilled and very knowledgeable of private banking, asset management, portfolio management, wealth management, investment banking, investment strategy and equities.


Baur then left banking and became involved in helping fledgling companies find their way. Since then he co-founded Swiss Startup Factory, become founder and managing partner of Think Reloaded AG, and CTI Invest’s deputy managing director. Baur has also led SSF through collaborations with Goldback Group and Fintech Fusion. He’s also co-founder and director of Swiss Startup Association. In September 2015 Baur became vice president of Innovation Lab Fribourg, a company helping student entrepreneurs to take new technologies into the marketplace. In 2016 Mike Baur was voted one of the Swiss Movers and Shakers.


Raj Fernando on Healthy Work Environment

A good work relationship is very important. Employees always want a network to belong to and become even better when such a network is in their place of work. The CEO of Chopper Trading knows this too well. In an article published on the smart business website on 1st April 2011, he is quoted as a person who supports good work relationships. The CEO, Raj Fernando has created an environment where employees connect with each other after their long day at work.

He believes that sharp brains that would make the company more money are less important compared to the one who can make others laugh. With such work environment, employees tend to be engaged more, and more engagement results increased productivity. According to Fernando, a pleasant environment is very crucial in the workplace. Employees could catch up on the things that happened at the office. They get to know what each other is going through outside the office. Managers are able to bond with their team members and learn the things that happen behind their back.

Fernando believes that the ability to bond well with employees is the “A” grade that employers should look for in their employees. Nobody wants to be a member of a team with extraordinary individuals. They all want to be part of an extraordinary team. That is a fact that Chopper trading boss has confirmed since he founded the company.

About Raj Fernando
Fernando holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and History from Beloit College. He became a volunteer at Chicago Mercantile exchange, while still in college. It is from the securities exchange firm that he worked hard and got promoted to various positions, before joining the board of trade. In 2002, he started his own company, Chopper Trading. He propelled the company to success and employed over 250 workers. It traded on ICAP-Broketek, ICE, LSE, NASDAQ, and CME among others.

His leadership style has seen him support many ventures to success. His participation was very instrumental in the prosperity of the US commodity trading futures commission. Fernando supports numerous philanthropic activities. He serves on the committee of some of the organizations doing charity work.

Learn How Eric Pulier Has Impacted Social Change And Growth In Entrepreneurship

The business world has showed a lot of support for the projects and ideas Eric Pulier has presented in the various attempts he has made to solve problems. Eric is a passionate technologist and he links his knowledge in technology to the business ideas he holds to make it easier to stir growth and the attainment of success for his businesses. He also mentors young entrepreneurs and imparts important knowledge about entrepreneurship and technology and how these elements are interdependent.

More importantly, Eric Pulier has stood up for the marginalized and financially challenged communities, especially those battling chronic diseases. On this he has been active in many philanthropic organizations, something that has also motivated him to come up with programs to help the foundations implement their projects.

Computer programming and passion for the subject
It began at fourth grade when he developed passion for programming. Eric Pulier as a young boy wanted to come up with a company that would help to alleviate the problems people have been facing across the world. While in high school, he went ahead and programmed a computer database company, which marked the beginning of his journey in entrepreneurship and technology.

After high school, he was enrolled at the Harvard University to pursue American Literature and English, but most of his passion was in technology, so he enrolled for computer science at MIT College.

In 1988 when he graduated, he started designing his first company, People Doing Things (PDT), which he launched in 1991. PDT offered information about several sectors in the government and was like an eye opener to those aspiring to start businesses.

Pulier has written on different topics and distributed information touching on different aspects of life. One of his books, Understanding Enterprise SOA that was officially released in 2005 explores the interdependence between technology and business. He draws examples from actual occurrences of companies in different specialties. Eric Pulier has also authored journals and articles. His article The Enterprise Industrial Complex published in March 2012 on Forbes Magazine shows how the Cold War affected governments, economies and business.

James Dondero Is More Than A Businessman, He’s A Humanitarian

James Dondero, calling home to Dallas, Texas, is the co-founder and current president for the company Highland Capital Management. For decades, James has been one of the key drivers in the equity and credit markets, where he has been working and gaining experience on different strategies for investments. James is also an active humanitarian, showing his constant support for giving back and helping out the community, through public policy, education, and other areas. He is also a standing chairman at Nexbank, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical to offer up his ideas.

Before getting started at Highland Capital, James Dondero was the Managing Director for a GIC subsidiary, where he was able to help build the company’s total net worth upwards of $2 billion dollars in just a few years time. More recently, James Dondero has started up a partnership with Linda Owen, who is the former Woodall Rodgers park foundation President. This was done to monitor and expand further on the humanitarian activities for Highland Capital. Linda will be primarily responsible for the charity division of the company, where she will be carrying out the charity kit laid down by Highland.

In order to increase activity for philanthropic projects, a certain professional is needed to maintain and construct the private-public partnerships. Linda Owens ended up fitting the bill perfectly, which is seen by her impressive history of success when establishing effective company relationships. This is because Linda is dedicated to her mission of making a change for the better in the community.

Highland Capital currently maintains annual contributions to charity in huge amounts through the Dallas Foundation. They are dedicated to making a contribution to veterans, education, healthcare, and the Dallas community as a whole. Many local places and organizations benefit from the contributions that are made as well, such as the Heart Association, Uplist Education, Snowbell Express, and many others. Dondero and his dedicated team are able to provide guidance and extend their humanitarian goals through their partnerships with other companies.

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Diversant: A Leader in the IT Staffing Industry with a Focus on Workplace Diversity

There is not a lot that gets done today without the right technology in place. Nearly every industry relies on information technology, with computers and networks playing an ever-increasing role in the business world. With all of that technology use and dependence in mind, today’s companies need IT staff they can depend on. That is where leading IT staffing agency Diversant comes into the equation. This company has been helping businesses to meet the demands and overcome the challenges related to complex IT needs for some time. Diversant has been recognized as one of the top IT staffing agencies, and continues to forge a path that other staffing companies would be wise to follow.

Diversity Matters in the Information Technology Staffing Industry

Diversant is a company that is proud to focus on increasing diversity in the business world. This company believes that establishing diverse environments for IT staff is crucial for success. Diversity helps to increase creative thought in team-based environments, leads to more creative problem-solving strategies and helps companies to be more efficient with regards to Information Technology best practices for business. Diversant does not just emphasize diversity for other companies; it is the largest African American owned IT staffing agency in the country.

Leadership at Diversant

No business reaches the place where it is well known within its industry without the right leadership structure. Diversant is no exception. This company has a diverse, experienced group of leaders who help the company to reach its goals and to meet customer expectations. John Goullet is the Principal Executive for this company. Mr. Goullet has been in the IT consulting/staffing industry for decades and has been recognized for his success within this industry.

With more than 30 years as a leader in IT staffing, John Goullet has proven to be a valuable asset to Diversant. To help guide the company along the right path, he is able to pull from his vast knowledge and years of experience. Information Technology is not an industry that ever slows down; there are always new things happening and changes taking place. This can prove to be daunting to companies that need qualified, effective IT staff. John Goullet, along with the rest of the team at Diversant, help the company’s clients to meet the challenges of implementing an effective IT staffing solution, while holding fast to the company’s dedication to making workplace diversity a top priority.

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John Goullet And The Leadership Team At DIVERSANT