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Banker Ricardo Guimarães Wants Brazilian Children To Learn The Value Of Playing Soccer

Ricardo Guimarães has been around soccer players all his life. As a child growing up in the farming town of Belo Horizonte in the poor state of Minas Gerais, Ricardo Guimarães learned to play the game on the muddy dirt fields near his home. Ricardo wasn’t like some of the kids that played soccer. The Guimarães family was one of the wealthiest families in the state, according to an article written about the family by That article traced the family back to 1930. That was the year Ricardo’s grandfather opened a bank in Belo Horizonte, so the people in that poverty ridden town would have a family bank that could help them when the big government controlled banks turned them down for loans.
The Guimarães bank was called the Land Credit Bank in those days, but in 1973 the bank’s name was changed. Antonio’s son, Flávio, succeeded his father, and the bank expanded into other states. Flávio renamed the bank, the BMG Bank, according to a recent online article about Ricardo Guimarães posted by has been following the career of Ricardo for years. Guimarães was named president of BMG Bank in 1998 and in 2001 he became president of the Atlético Mineiro soccer club. The love of soccer never left Ricardo, so he decided to build his banking business around the sport. In 2008, BMG Bank sponsored the Atlético Mineiro club. The bank bought the club equipment, jerseys with the three letter BMG logo on them, and other items that soccer clubs needed to compete in Brazil’s professional league.
Almost immediately, BMG Bank started to get a return on their soccer club investment. Soccer fans started calling BMG Bank agents to apply for loans. BMG Bank was an overnight hit in other Brazilian states. It didn’t take long for the bank to sponsor other clubs and great players on clubs they didn’t sponsor. It wasn’t uncommon to see the three letter orange BMG logo on football fields in every state in the country on match days. BMG Bank’s payroll loans were a hit with fans, and according to, BMG Bank has one of the most successful advertising campaigns in the history of the banking business.
On his website, Guimarães talks about the value of playing soccer during the early years of life. He would like to see Brazil establish a soccer education program like Denmark’s soccer program. In Denmark, children learn self-responsibility, the value of team participation, and the art of being an individual while playing on a team. The soccer education program has changed the way Danish players play the game, and the results are obvious. The Danes are producing top-notch players that display character, integrity, and love for the game.

Charity Work Becomes The Focus For Solo Capital’s Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah is perhaps best known for his role as the founder and former CEO of Solo Capital, a global investment management company headquartered in London; however, in recent years Shah has become almost as famous for his role as the head of the Autism Rocks charity. Before his own life was touched by the autism through the diagnosis of his own son with the neurological condition Sanjay Shah had already taken a step back from his leadership role with Solo Capital. The company is now staffed by professionals from across the financial and investment industry, which means the founder can spend more time with his family and focus on his important charity work.

For Sanjay Shah the charity work he now completes has as much importance as the financial work he used to concentrate on. In 2014, Shah and his family were told the youngest of their three children was affected by autism, which prompted a shift in focus from the financial sector to the philanthropy he now spends his time working on. As a music lover Sanjay Shah has looked to use the many friendships he has made over the years to benefit the Autism Rocks charity he established to fund a greater level of research into the medical condition through Cambridge University.

As Solo Capital operates across much of Europe and the Dubai area Sanjay Shah calls home the financial expert splits his time between monitoring the running of his company, and pushing on with Autism Rocks. The growth of Autism Rocks has been staggering over the short time it has been operating for, and has prompted Sanjay Shah to add new trustees to the board of the charity to help with its long term future. Autism Rocks raises funding for autism research by completing one off concerts by invitation only by major musical stars from across the world; in the past legendary performers like Prince and Joss Stone have performed for the charity.

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Sanjay Shah – Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah is a millionaire who has exhibited great success through this career. He has many years of experience in several different fields such as accounting, finance, investments, and the music industry. As a skilled professional and someone who strives to make the best out of every situation, he is known for his successful business and charity events. Sanjay Shah is the founder and owner of his brokerage firm called Solo Capital. Solo Capital started from a very small office with only a group of people and has expanded to 39 offices surrounding Dubai and Central London. With many hard-working employees with years of experience, they offer the expertise that most clients are looking for. They strive to complete success with each active client. Their reputation is extremely high and they prove their skills everyday with each transaction.

Sanjay Shah started his career as an accountant. He studied medicine at Kings College in Central London. After working for many years in the financial industry he decided to give it up, spend more time with his family and start his own business. That’s when he opened Solo Capital. He hired a few college graduates and some trading partners to help him get Solo Capital rolling. In the beginning he told himself that he would dedicate a year to building the business. After five years, two locations and 39 offices he created a million dollar company that specializes in proprietary trading and investments as well as sports investments. His team of hard-working individuals have helped create a successful environment with an excellent reputation. The million dollar company has allowed Sanjay Shah to relax a bit and pursue other areas of interest. Specifically an area that he has invested fully is the neurological condition call autism.

Autism effects many people, and more and more people are becoming diagnosed. The sooner they become diagnosed the better the treatment and the faster they can start education. Sanjay Shah started a charity in 2014 called Autism Rocks to help with donations that aid in the cause and development of autism. Shah hopes to help with research and fully understand the condition better. He works with some of the most famous music artists in the music industry who hold concerts that are private invite only, and they help raise donations. Shah can donate the money to different universities, foundations and other research centers that focus on autism. Shah’s son was two years old when they found out he had autism in 2011. He didn’t know what to do other than help others aid in research. There is no cure for autism and raising awareness is the best way to fully attempt to understand the neurological condition called autism.

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Solo Capital: Sanjay Shah the Millionaire with a Big Heart.

Mr. Sanjay Shah is a wealthy man who made his fortune from his brokerage firm Solo Capital, and he is worth about $280 million as of January 2016. The company specializes in forex markets and also bets on stocks. They also handle professional sports where they look for talent and invest in the person. It also has a team if qualified individuals who manage all logistics of money markets as well as customer services. Its headquarters are based in London, and it has a permit to operate within the United Kingdom. Other aliases that the firm runs with are Solo Capital UK, and Solo Capital Ltd. Solo Capital is worth £15.45 million, £67.45 as their assets and £30.26 million as their cash flow according to the report that was filed by the end of March 2015.
The initial capital to start Solo Capital was from Sanjay Shah bonus he received from Capiola Investment. The firm had been awarded £90 million that was to be shared among 18 executives, and Sanjay received £19 million. Shah also owns other companies that are in London, Dubai, Luxembourg, Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands. He has acquired quite a vast experience in the financial markets having worked for Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and Rabobank.
Sanjay Shah had studied biomedicine before he shifted to accounting classes in King’s College. He is also a family man and philanthropic too. After the growth of Solo Capital, he was able to create enough free time to fund families in India through Plan International. His donations were not specific till when his son Nikhil was diagnosed of Autism. The ailment is a mental disorder that disrupts the proper functioning of the brain, and the patient exhibits lacks of social skills and communication too can be complicated. He started the Autism Rock Foundation to create awareness of the ailment worldwide. He also bought two minibusses for the government funded autism center in Dubai and it was painted the picture of their son Nikhil.
Autism Rock has a website that was acquired for $100000 by Sanjay Shah so as to enlighten the world on the difficulties autism patients are going through. He utilized his Deejay skills he had acquired back in college to throw gigs with the aim of raising funds for his cause. Sanjay believed that he was in the best position to do research on the ailment through the Cambridge-based Autism Research Center since he had a medicine background and a large, wealthy client base through Solo Capital. Most of the gigs that autism rock has made have also received huge turnouts and been attended by famous musicians like the American Rapper Snoop Dogg. His research in Cambridge University aims at studying the causes of autism and how to treat children suffering from ailment so that they can enjoy their future healthy and with a sound mind.

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Frans Schoeman, Director at Phatsima Diamond (a law firm in Bellville, South Africa)

Frans Schoeman enjoyed a much victorious career on CMT-artists in his efforts of pursuing environmental law. Currently, he is the legal director in a TG Minster Consulting firm where he has held the position since 2010. In addition, he has overseen various tasks as the legal director for the organization that involves making sure there is full legal mergers, drafting and negotiating of contracts to favor his firm. Presently, Schoeman on is the director and MD of Phatsima Diamond a position and responsibility that he took in 2006 to oversee the operation of the mining concession. He is likewise the Phatsima Diamond Corporation MD since 2005 until today. From 2001, he acted as the attorney applying his law skills to his present position of TG Minster Group legal director. His law firm likewise has various attorneys who are qualified and provide different services related with environmental law. The Phatsima Diamond firm is more so in contact with several clients because it is a big client base that involves companies that rely on him to offer attorneys and lawyers whenever there is legal constraints.

Frans Schoeman is proud of his various skills as the attorney whereby he has earned experience from services like research, writing, legal advice, commercial litigation, arbitration, corporate governance, corporate governance and international law among several others. Indeed, Schoeman is very learned and his credentials speak well on how environmental law has been a mission rather than a task. Since year 1987 to 1990, he earned his degree from the Free State University while doing law after which he shined and became a hardworking and ambitious student. Still in campus, he portrayed early willingness in law by becoming part of the Student Legal Society. Schoeman has various certificates as an evidence of the professionalism that he has pursued. For example, he is the holder of RSA of the Law Society where he was permitted to go and exercise within the RSA high courts. Schoeman is also a member of numerous organizations where he influences his skillful knowledge completely. For example, since 1990, he has been a LSSA member.

The nature ought to be kept safe for purposes of upgrading the lives of creatures, plants and individuals. Throughout the years, the conjunction between these three species has changed altogether. Schoeman being better in those areas has taken control over the earth and made it his area. These contentions in the middle of man and nature have thus realized the development of laws that control the earth. This specific zone of law manages exercises that have an impact on widely varied vegetation, land, air or water. Lawyers like Frans Schoeman have been in the spotlight as a result of their part in ecological law. Frans is thus a celebrated South African ecological attorney who is a senior accomplice at the Joubert Schoeman law office. Throughout the years, ecological law has stayed obscure in light of the fact that individuals were very little worried about their surroundings. Most commercial enterprises for years have contributed to air contamination in nature through mechanical outflows.

Get Excellent Beauty Products From Lime Crime

The right beauty products can make all the difference in someone’s life. Many people want and need beauty products that allow them to have smoother skin, show off their large eyes and draw attention to their well manicured nails and shapely feet. The best kind of beauty products can do exactly that. A well formulated moisturizer can help anyone have softer and smoother skin as well as skin that is protected from the sun at the same time. A good brand of lipstick can help make the person’s lips look fuller and help the person feel more attractive at the same time.

When purchasing beauty products many people also need to look for items that are right for any prior condition they may have such as sensitive skin or an existing problem such as acne. The right kind of makeup can help reduce scarring that may have happened as a result of such skin conditions. It an also help someone have skin that looks and feels better. Many people want beauty products that are easy to use and will not cause any kind of skin irritation when such products are used over a long period of time. This can help people feel better and more confident as they go about their daily lives. The right kind of makeup can also make anyone feel more relaxed because they have been able to successfully hide any problems they may have. Using such makeup can also help the person know that they always have an item on hand in their purse that can be used in event of a problem such as an unexpected skin breakout or temporary bags under their eyes.

On such company that can provide people with the kind of help they need in order to look and feel better is Lime Crime. Lime Crime on tumblr is widely admired company that was started by a skilled entrepreneur who knows that her clients want beauty products that are both high quality and will be kind to those who have delicate skin or special skin care needs. Consumers can purchase high quality beauty products of all kinds here. Someone may need an eyeliner that is made from vegan ingredients yet works well to help them show off their elegant eyes. They can find it here. Another person may need to have lipstick that is boldly colored yet will not cause any kind of skin problem even when worn for several hours. Lime Crime will also find such products here.

In many instances, it makes sense for someone with any kind of delicate skin to make sure that they have the right kind of makeup for their needs. Good quality makeup can make the difference between makeup that is ideal for someone’s skin tone and one that is not quite as perfect. The right makeup is out there and available for purchase with a little bit of careful investigation and some easy legwork that must about any consumer can easily do.

The Life of Fersen Lambranho


There are many people throughout the world that have been able to rise above the position that they were born in to in order to succeed greatly. In the country of Brazil, for many decades the country had a lack of stability and high crime. However, over the years the country has changed from this culture to one of growth and readiness as they step upon the world stage as a power. Fersen Lambranho is one of the most influential people in the country of Brazil. Even though he was born in to a poor family, Fersen Lambranho has been able to work hard and take chances on his way to the top. There are few people that have achieved the success of Fersen Lambranho in the country of Brazil in such a short period of time. Here is some more information about the life of Fersen Lambranho.

Early Life
Fersen Lambranho
Fersen Lambranho was born in to a poor family that lived in a small village in Brazil. From an early age, he knew that he wanted to live a different type of life than those that were around him. There were people that told him in order to succeed he would have to go to school and get an education. Even though it was hard, Fersen Lambranho was able to work to support his family and go to school at the same time. This ability to juggle several things at once would serve him greatly later in life.

Fersen Lambranho
Fersen Lambranho was always talented and good in school. However, he also had a tenacious work ethic that drove him to even higher levels of success. There are few people in the country that were able to rise as fast as he did. Although he was able to get through school, Fersen Lambranho again wanted more than what life was going to offer through his current path. He decided that he was going to start becoming his own boss through a business. Although there are many people in the country that now support this, at the time it was difficult to imagine that someone of his background would be able to run a business.

Fersen Lambranho
Fersen Lambranho has become one of the most successful business owners in the country over the past couple of years. He has a great ability to see areas that people need a product or service in, and he has been able to capitalize on the growth of the country of Brazil. Fersen Lambranho is a great example of how much a person can accomplish if they put their mind to it.

Griffin’s Focus on Opportunity

Kenneth Griffin‘s 46th birthday was a special day to himself and the rest of Citadel employees because it was the day when former President Bill Clinton delivered a thoughtful speech to the crowd gathered in a sprawling office of 8,000 sq ft. It was also the day when Griffin’s attention got diverted to the falling stock market and the well-known billionaire founder of Citadel LLC huddled for global equities. What followed was a remarkable memory in the history of the company. The chief on board was not only able to place a large bet, the firm was able to profit heavily from the quick decision that came at the right time.

Nearly seven years after escaping from the edge of collapse, Citadel LLC has taken a new shape, form and size. To top it off, Mr. Griffin is embarking on an aggressive expansion of his empire as well. As evidence suggests, Citadel’s assets have increased to $26 billion from $16 billion the previous year. An initial public offering is on the table for the second half of next year, according to people familiar with the business.

The changes that Citadel has seen are dramatic compared to other similar incidents in the hedge-fund world where bankruptcies are abound. What a powerful leader can do to a company, Kenneth Griffin may soon become living proof of this. The typical entrepreneur’s preference for risk-taking in times of market volatility is rational enough. Such enthusiasm and inertia are way beyond most people in the betting industry. How to transform a potential failure into a successful one is far too complex for a busy person ever to learn. Griffin preferred to depend on his intuition and experience. That the executive did not greatly care what others were saying blindly is also rational. There is thus a strong pioneer for other similar companies to follow.

It cannot be denied that it was Griffin’s job to make this rationality work to the benefit of the company he believes in. As these incidents show, forcing oneself to respect and have faith may well be the most effective approach to seeing the entire business from the point of market. It is usually the safest and quickest way to get outside the panic mode and into market-focused action.

There is also some good news to customers and traders here. In order to amplify wins, the company has allowed its traders to use more leverage than its peers. This means for every $1 of the trader’s money, the company invests $7 in borrowed funds. Citadel is on the safer side as well with this new offering due to the fact that it keeps stock bets leaning towards rising and falling markets equally. 52% of the stock bets are sure to pay off, according to Mr, Griffin. Also, the highly skilled analysts are allowed to trade more than $1 billion on their own, which is an added advantage.

Business is an organization, made or broken by the quality of people it has and Mr. Griffin is the best example for a successful business executive. After all, growth is the result of success of offering what the market wants, pays for, and of using economic resources efficiently.

Is Pepsi Swapping one Evil for Another?

All trends are reporting Americans are tired of being fat.

From Gap pushing marketing dollars toward their yoga pant sales to McDonald’s reporting continuous quarterly profit losses, the signs are everywhere. Americans are becoming more cautious about what they are putting in their bodies and are asking questions explains trend analyst Ricardo Tosto.

Pepsi is the latest company to jump to the yelp of its consumers about their use of Aspartame in diet sodas. There is information suggesting the public attitude toward Aspartame is extremely negative, ranking lower than Congress. Nutritionists and doctors are blogging and writing articles on the symptoms of Aspartame poisoning, their words of caution appearing in links in our social media news feeds. There are also many websites like this one referring to Aspartame as “sweet poison.” Following profit decline, Pepsi must have figured they needed to do something as more consumers were walking away from the diet soda many have drank for so many years.

Pepsi’s solution to the wave of negative research is to swap out Aspartame for a sucralose-based artificial sweetener with less negative press called Splenda. Health industry experts are still calling foul. They say this is just swapping one evil for another and that Splenda is just as dangerous.

Likely that Pepsi will get away with this switch for a time while Americans catch up on their reading. If I were Pepsi I wouldn’t get too comfortable. Economics are showing Americans are tired of being lied to about food safety and tired of being fat and unhealthy. They will put their money where their belly is.

Dr. Rod Rohrich, An Internationally Recognized Plastic Surgeon

Dr Rod  Rohrich, M.D., F.A.C.S., is an internationally renowned plastic surgeon. He is the Chairman for the Department of Plastic Surgery and a professor currently teaching at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.

A board certified physician, Dr Rod Rohrich grew up on a ranch in North Dakota and earned degrees from North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota before going on to earn his medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine in Texas. After completing his residencies in both general surgery and plastic surgery from the University of Michigan Medical Center, Dr Rod Rohrich took the opportunity to train abroad in the United Kingdom at Oxford University. Upon returning to the United States, Dr Rod Rohrich completed a fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School before accepting a plastic surgery position at UTSW College of Medicine. His achievements and leadership are demonstrated in serving as the president of the American Society of Plastic Surgery, Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons, and Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr Rod Rohrich actively participates as Chair of the American Board of Plastic Surgery’s Resident Review Committee, and is the current President of The Rhinoplasty Society.

His accolades are robust and distinguished, and his expertise has given him international recognition. He is recognized internationally as one of the leading and best plastic surgeons, well known for authoring over 700 articles and several textbooks, and currently holds the position of Editor in Chief for the peer-reviewed medical journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Also an editor for Selected Readings in Plastic Surgery, the journal is used to teach plastic surgery all over the world. Dr Rod Rohrich’s numerous awards include the Crystal Charity Ball Distinguished Chair in Plastic Surgery, the Betty and Warren Woodward Chair in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, as well as the Dr Rod Rohrich, M.D. Distinguished Professorship in Wound Healing and Plastic Surgery. Additionally, Dr Rod Rohrich helped found the board of governors for the National Endowment for Plastic Surgery and has been a two-time recipient of the Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation Distinguished Service Award.

Dr Rod Rohrich’s expertise includes plastic and reconstructive facial surgery, breast augmentation and reduction, and abdominoplasty. Having been featured on television shows such as Oprah and newspapers including the Wall Street Journal, Dr Rod Rohrich strives for safety, efficacy tailored to the patient’s needs and desired outcomes, natural results, and is skilled at conducting secondary and corrective surgeries.