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Ricardo Tosto: Getting Quality Advice For Your Legal Issues

When you are faced with a complex legal issue, you need to make a good decision about who will advise or represent you. There are many law firms and attorneys out there but it is important to find someone who is highly knowldgeable in the field.If you are dealing with a tough corporate or business legal case in Brazil and need a good lawyer to guide you, then contact Ricardo Tosto. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is an experienced corporate and business lawyer and comes highly recommended in the industry. Ricardo Tosto has been rendering excellent representation to clients for over 22 years and is fully aware of what it takes to stay out of trouble and operate a successful venture.

There are many situation businesses need to avoid and a good lawyer can guide you in making the right decisions. When it comes to contracts and other legal documents, it is imperative to ensure that your company is legally protected. In general, you should make sure your company is legally sound from the beginning and one of the best ways to handle this is to consult with a business law expert. An experienced lawyer will be able to provide the advice and guidance you need. Ricardo Tosto advises clients on how to handle all their business processes and transactions, from beginning to end. He is a competent and highly reliable attorney and can provide the advice and guidance you need to succeed.

Ricardo Tosto has represented a wide variety of clients in many different legal situations, including simple and complex situations. Ricardo Tosto represents and advises clients ranging from multinational organizations to corporate executives and entrepreneurs.Ricardo Tosto is passionate about providing reliable legal input and helping his clients attain the goal they desire. He helps review and draft important legal documents ensures that their interest is well protected. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is consistently ranked among Brazil’s leading litigation lawyers. His law firm routinely handles both common and complex business litigation matters, providing clients the outcome they desire.

The role of Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory in the growth of startups.

Swiss Startup Factory is a Switzerland company founded in Zurich in the year 2014. Its main role is to support budding and nascent start-up companies in the areas of digital technology. The Swiss Startup Factory has a 3 months accelerator program where budding entrepreneurs join for mentoring and coaching on the important aspects of startups growth. The main areas covered are administrative, financial, office space, human resource and investor network management.

At the Swiss Startup Factory, digital technologies companies are taken through an accelerator program that is intended to give the beginners the power to drive their companies to global level or multinational levels. After the start-up program, the best startup ideas are chosen and are developed in such a way that they can attract investors to invest in them. So, this is not only a matter of mentoring but also financial assistance is accorded to companies with brilliant concepts and which investors find attractive for their money.

Wondering why Switzerland is among the leading countries in the world in terms of employment and has a big economy that has largely invested in the technology sector. The Swiss Startup Factory is the answer. The company has supported numerous startups that have affected the economy of Switzerland in a great way. Not only have they helped the economy, they have supported in addressing some of the major issues that are not addressed by large technology companies. The startups have the advantage of being able to have the touch with the end users and who get the real experience of on the ground. Also, there are many issues that the big technology companies cannot address. The small problems members of the society face especially in small numbers which do not make economic sense for the big players gets addressed by start-ups. The Swiss Startup Factory gives these small companies also to interact with the big players who advise them accordingly on the steps they should undertake to thrive well.

Swiss startup factory is a creation of Mike Baur. Mike Baur started off as a banker working in the financial sector in various banks in Switzerland. He later dropped from the career and started his own venture, the SSUF with the aim of helping beginners deal with issues that affect start-up companies. Mike Baur uses his education and experience in the financial career to advise new entrepreneur on what it takes to grow a company. His role in revolutionizing the technology sector in Switzerland has been enormous.

Got Stuck? Try To Streamline Unimaginable Success By Duplicating Bob Reina Strategies

The role of video communication in today’s evolving industries is instrumental to keeping brands competitive and consistent. It’s a concept that Bob Reina of Talk Fusion has repeatedly exploited to consummate network marketing success. The former law enforcement professional developed Talk Fusion’s flagship video email model after launching a boutique technology conglomerate in 2007. Talk Fusion has since expanded its reach to some 140 countries. The idea to breathe life into such a patent was conceived after a failed attempt to send a spontaneous video email. He consciously engaged Dr. Jonathan Chen (Talk Fusion Director), a colleague and IT guru to bring the patent to realization. Learn more:


While Reina entertained an ambition to introduce innovative video communication tools, he’s equally solicitous about the consumer takeaway. At the time, Reina had no definite direction about advertising. With exponential success in direct selling/marketing, he summoned the discipline needed to capitalize on these skills and generate actionable results. What’s more, he’s committed to building a revolutionary brand and company that’s constantly evolving to keep relevant. As a well-cultured network marketer, Reina understands the science behind trial and error. And, even the industry’s elite players have had their share of problem-solving cycles. The advent of Talk Fusion’s rise wasn’t without challenges, but Reina commissioned and followed an unfailing implementation strategy. With a plethora of ideas at top of mind, prioritizing current markets, analyzing consumer behavior and weighing benefits was put into practice daily.


Nonetheless, success was a swift and painless process based on the Talk Fusion CEO’s account. Video email has been an integral tool assimilated during his marketing campaign to establish relationships and develop brand identity. Reina explained that doubt was never a factor on his journey to realizing dreams, having resolute determination, passion and meaningful motivation as a constant companion. With the depth of expertise and breadth of experience, he’s acquired as technology industry innovator, Reina is constantly sharing knowledge. With his newly developed Talk Fusion University, he’s enabling company associates and employees with free education. The platform extends a full library of educational materials and resources.


Lately, he’s re-established a partnership with MarTech Advisor, providing unbiased commentary on relevant technology and marketing trends. Forbes highlighted the success of his latest piece, “Video Advertising Trends of 2017.” It’s an unveiling of the most powerful video marketing strategies and techniques exploited in 2016. Forbes recognized this notable achievement seeing as “Video Advertising Trends of 2017” landed a top spot among the top ten viral publications being circulated on social media by CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) today. Learn more:


Similarly, his viral piece titled “Video Marketing Boosts Customer Engagement and Profits” submitted to the MarTech Advisor in 2016 expanded the reach of readership. He’s connected to online opinion and news platforms like, “The Huffington Post.” With a perpetual motivation for helping needy communities, animals, citizens, and organizations making meaningful contributions, Reina’s involvement in philanthropy is a selfless mission. He’s continually supporting projects endorsed by charitable movements like the HSTB (Humane Society of Tampa Bay). Learn more:



A Factsheet On OSI Group’s David McDonald

OSI has curved itself a niche as a leading global brand in supply of processed protein items for retail and restaurants. Steered by the leadership of long-serving David McDonald, the company has seen tremendous growth. A testament to this is its expansive network covering 17 countries with 50 branches to its name. Below are facts about its President cum COO.

Education and Work
In 1987, ‘Dave’ graduated with a BSc in Animal Science from the Iowa State University. The ISU alumnus has held various positions in the corporate world. Currently he doubles up as the President and Chief Operating Officer at OSI Group. Also at OSI, Dave is the Director of OSI International Foods Pty Limited Australia.

Besides OSI, he is the Chairman of the North American Meat Institute. Previously, David held the Project Manager’s position at OSI and served as an independent director at Mafrig Global Foods S.A.

David’s Input at OSI Group
David McDonald OSI Group has played a crucial role in the company’s growth. Under David, they branched out to China. OSI has been able to expand their production scale in huge consumption markets like India and China while expanding in emerging ones like Poland and Hungary. Rolled out a management blueprint for its multicultural global portfolio that need localized solutions to ensure success.

Under the ISU alumnus, OSI was able to supply over 113 metric tons of processed meat products during the 2008 Olympics to McDonalds, Burger King, Papa Johns and Starbucks just to mention. Under his stewardship, OSI has partnered with Chinese firms to create DaOSI while opening new branches in China making it the leading supplier of poultry in China.

On the Acquisition of Baho Food
Baho Food is a Dutch food processing and supply leader with plants in both Netherlands and Germany. The European leader owns 5 other subsidiaries serving 18 countries in Europe with a name curved since the 50s. In his words, Baho will give OSI a broader presence in Europe. He further added that the complementary and synonymous nature of activities will improve the capacity levels while better cater for the unending needs of its global customers.

How To Redefine Dull Dry Hair With An Award Winning Hair Care Product

Wen by Chaz gives your hair all natural luster and a healthy way to grow by eliminating excess oil and dirt. They’re infused with the perfect blend of amino acids and vitamins to transform your dull dry locks into vibrant strands from root to tip. Many women are looking for a an organic hair care therapy that is effective and costs less than their competitors.

WEN Hair offer award winning hair care products that are used by several high end hair professionals in the industry to treat and restore their clients hair from perms, dyes, and the effects of the seasonable elements.

How Is Wen By Chaz Becoming Popular

Wen by Chaz offers eleven amino acids along with vitamin C and E, well known for their hair growth agents. They saturate your hair with the necessary organic ingredients that give you the ultimate protection against heating and temperature related styling tools. You get the benefits of using organic hair care therapy that has been used to nourish the hair for centuries. Their summer peach cleansing conditioner is one of their most popular products for the season. Give your hair an impressive all natural therapy that is hypoallergenic and LEAP Bunny approved.

Wen By Chaz Products

– Deep cleansing conditioner
– 5 day hair care system
– All-in-one treatment
– Styling products
– Styling mousse
– Light cleansing conditioner
– Aromatherapy
and more…

Get your senses lifted with rich fragrances like Mandarin Italian and Almond Mint Milk. You’ll get rich fragrances that you can’t find with their competitor products. Wen by Chaz is known for their unique ingredients that have helped thousands of women around the world strengthen their hair. Visit their exclusive website for details or select retailers for more purchasing options. Get healthy hair with the benefits of Wen by Chaz today.

The Success of Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali, corporate integrity manager at and advertising agency and a lawyer FAGALI Advocacy. He is a learned individual who graduated from the University of Sao Paulo with Degree in Administrative law and proceeded to the next higher level where he did his masters of the faculty of law in USP.

His job is a dream is his dream now, in reality, he always had that vision of being a lawyer later in life since he was a kid, but despite that the profession comes all along with drawbacks Bruno Fagali overcame all odds, and now he is enjoying his fruits of success. All through he has been dealing with the whole area of anti-corruption law but of late he is dedicated to only three key areas administrative contracts, federal civil actions, and regulatory law. In Sao Paulo Fagali owns an office where he is currently working as the corporate integrity manager his firm is based on the public interest communication.

Through hard work and passion and possessing great personality Bruno Fagali has been seen to be participating actively when it comes to seminars he is there and even Congress he doesn’t miss especially if the agenda of discussion is law procurement or health he can’t miss out. Bruno Fagali is much more dedicated to his job and hard work he has dealt with many jobs like family law, domestic law and consumer law back in the days 2006. But in 2007 a revolution happened Bruno Fagali was applauded by many citizens by his act he judged on the advisory public law contract. Bruno Fagali in 2008 he settled that he was interested in regulatory law and administrative process.

During Bruno Fagali’s profession decided to post undocumented article owned by him of a particular advertising agency in Brazil. This issue showed the naked truth the advert company but this lead to Bruno Fagali being famous.